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In case you didn’t previously know…¬†America is built on travel.

Our early day settlers traveled to arrive here and exploration of the new land caused the early day pioneers to continually travel looking for new adventures and opportunities.

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That same genetic aspect of our American DNA is still in operation.

We as Americans are either going somewhere or coming from somewhere.

Our traveling destinations could be going to and from work, weekend outings, transporting children to recreation parks and activities, vacationing, etc.

Additionally, our system of capitalism and commerce depends upon modes of transportation.

To get our goods and supplies from one destination to another, we depend upon the railroad, the trucking industry, the airline industry, shipping, etc.

Also, personal modes of transportation include trains, taxis, buses, personal vehicles, etc.

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Importance of Moving

If it wasn’t for the transportation business in America, our system of supply and demand and moving people from one destination to another would come to a grinding halt.

Therefore, the transportation industry in America is critical to just about everything that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Also, because of the importance of transportation and our successful economic system based on competition, entering into transportation is nice would most likely be a needed and potentially successful venture.

Consequently, if considering this avenue of service, it is important to take into contemplation several critical roads to lay down the foundation of being successful.

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How to Start a Transportation Business (Tips to Help)


Which Road?

Whenever travel needs to occur from point A to point B, it takes a certain amount of planning and thinking ahead.

This is especially true if taking a vacation, road trip or even conducting errands within the city that you live.

It is important to know how long the journey will be, what roads to take and how you want to make that travel happened. Traveling options could include a car or truck, bicycle, use of public transportation, etc.

Therefore, the individual needs to determine what transportation service they wish to begin as a startup company.

This determination can be realized by assessing the needs of one’s community and what may be lacking, talking to close friends and other business-savvy man or even woman¬†to see if there is a particular niche in the transportation industry that is missing.

An example could be an economical way of providing transportation for commuters to a local airport or maybe even a limousine service.

Additionally, the transportation needs of one’s community may be identified based on other factors.

Some of those factors could be a particular emphasis on transportation that is ecologically friendly to the environment such as electric scooters or bikes.

Or, as the average age of the population increases, perhaps a senior citizen-friendly transportation service for medical appointments or daily shopping excursions.

So the basic question that needs to be answered, thought through, and researched is which road to take or which transportation service does the individual wishes to provide.

The list is almost endless and can include a trucking company, taxicab service, the renting of electric bicycles, delivery of food to individuals, etc.

The excited entrepreneur needs to do their due diligence to provide a transportation service that is needed, not just simply starting a transportation company.

Even if there is a company in Tom providing the same service, competition can be a good thing for all involved.

However, if there is no identified need for the transportation business that you are looking at then it most likely will be doomed from the start.

In other words, choose the right transportation road that you wish to embark on and plan out your journey. You don’t want to end up at a dead-end.

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Business Road Milemarkers

Often our journeys, both physically and as indicators in life, are accented by mile markers.

These mile markers on a journey or trip can be towns, significant landscape features, or actual highway signs indicating how many miles to reach a certain destination.

In life, our “mile markers” could be our birth, graduations, marriage, significant anniversaries, etc.

Mile markers help us to track time, our progress in life, the accomplishment of goals, and celebrate significant achievements.

Mile markers help us to know we are on the right track and aid in realizing our objectives and aims.

If considering the starting of a transportation business certain mile markers need to be achieved.

First of all, the prospective business owner needs to decide on what transportation service will be provided.

This may seem like a “no brainer” but in the process of deciding the service, there needs to be researched accomplished on the pros and cons of this business decision, preliminary research conducted as to its viability, and a full understanding of what the company will “look like” and do for its customers.

Experience in this industry by the owner is a plus along with any business acumen they may have.

Once the commitment to move forward has been declared, the next mile marker will be the business structure of the company.

Will the company be an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that is structured to protect the personal assets of the owner?

Or will the company be a sole proprietorship, with little protection of one’s assets, owned by a sole owner or possibly a married couple?

Understanding of the differences is critical and when decided legal documents need to be filed within one of the 50 states.

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Get a Road Map

A successful journey can be defined as reaching one’s destination safe and sound. In days gone by to arrive safely while traveling on the highway, a physical map was the traveler’s choice.

Eventually, the road map was replaced by downloaded maps from various online websites. Today, GPS systems are the choice of many when traveling from one destination to the other.

Despite the advances in our need for travel instructions, the one common denominator was the need for directions to reach our destination.

For the business owner, the need for guidelines or directions is still indicated. This road map or plan of traveling for the business can be defined as the business plan.

The business plan for the owner of a company is developed by the proprietor.

In the written plan it will relate to the owner and other stakeholders, possible investors, how the business will travel in the industry.

Specifically, it will delineate how the business will operate, what the mission of the company will be, the products and services it will offer, how the company will market itself, financial budget, and a well-thought-out executive summary.

One added caution that the business plan may want to address is what may threaten the transportation industry.

For example, there is a lot of talk and movement to automating transportation in America. It may be a long way off, but what, if any, will be the effect upon your transportation business and how will your business address the threat of using automated vehicles.

The summary will succinctly put into words the thought processes of the owner, what the owner wishes to accomplish, a thumbnail sketch of key employees, the owner’s experience, and how the company will operate.

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How to Start a Transportation Business


Get Road Ready

The final leg of the journey of starting a transportation business entails several legalities.

Specifically, it is important to select a unique name for your transportation business and then register that name with your state.

Foremost states that would be the Secretary of State’s office and steps to follow would be laid out on their webpage.

Also, it is important to file for various licenses and permits. The list may be a bit extensive because of the nature of your business being transportation which may imply the transporting of people.

Of paramount importance is to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.

This insurance coverage should not only cover your transportation fleet but any drivers as well as the cargo. That cargo could be durable goods or could be people.

Financially speaking, the business needs to have a separate banking account.

This will segregate all of the income and expenses associated with the business dealings of the business.

This makes it a much cleaner process, gives the impression of being more professional, and will be most welcome when it comes to tax season.

Finally, with your business plan in hand and all of the needed requirements accomplished to begin operations, the individual proprietor may choose to seek financial support.

This funding can come in the form of private investors or through bank or other financial institution loans to help with cash flow and getting off the ground initially to ensure your business success.

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Take to the Road

Starting a business begins with a dream. The challenging dream is about using your skillset, personality, initiative, and experience to becoming a business owner.

There are many advantages of owning and running your own business.

Some of those business advantages include working for yourself, adding to the economy of your community, providing a valuable service to others with their transportation needs, being a respected member of the business community, becoming the boss that treats their employees with respect, and so forth.

In addition to these outward advantages is the internal or personal satisfaction gained.

Some of that satisfaction comes with seeing the realization of your dreams coming true, making a positive impact on the lives of others, and the personal feeling of knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

You have the vision, you are clear about your mission, you have thoroughly researched the transportation business and you have successfully avoided all of the legal detours by completing the necessary legal requirements.

Also, others believe in you and your road map as well and have provided the needed fuel for your journey through loans or other investments.

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Personal Story

On a personal note, as I pen this, I am struck by the importance of transportation in our lives. Perhaps, transportation is taken for granted.

Where would we be without the transportation of truckers who deliver our food to grocery stores or the life and death services of those who transport others through medical transportation?

In reflection, this was brought to heightened awareness in the critical transportation of a dear friend of mine who suffered a heart attack. Just maybe his life was spared due to his being transported in an ambulance.

The transportation industry is essential. Think about the times an airline transported you to be with loved ones or a train romantically whisked you and your spouse on that dream vacation across the Canadian Rockies or that taxi took you from the airport to interview for that dream job.

The transportation industry can be practical, life-saving, and transformational.

No doubt about it transportation is essential because Americans and American commerce are always on the move and in need of quality, dependable and economical transportation.


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Starting a transportation business is both a figurative and literal journey.

Starting any business is not for the faint of heart nor is it a process that can be accomplished overnight.

The business owner will experience struggles, dry times, and questions regarding decisions made to start a business.

Like a long-haul trucker, the potential transportation business entrepreneur needs to climb up in the cab, release the parking brake, shift into first, and continue shifting gears until the business on the road is completed to its destination.

Starting any business is a journey of excitement, sacrifice, and numerous rewards. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat. Which direction do you wish to steer?

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