How would you like to get free twitter followers very easily and massively boost your engagement in the process?

It’s not only possible, it’s easy… as you will learn from the reading the rest of this article.

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Back to this article about getting free Twitter followers…

If you have been struggling with this for a while or don’t even know the importance of Twitter, you are not alone. I have been there too. My name is John and I can help you with this article, for free.  I have spent years learning and doing a lot of Internet marketing. Now you can benefit from all I have learned and done.

One time I tried internet marketing with good success and even built a list of over 500 people. I mostly worked with Twitter and I discovered lots of things, some of which I will share with you here.

Anyone Can Get Free Twitter Followers!

This is very true and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not rocket science getting twitter followers, even for free, and using Twitter to get great results.

In fact, I never thought that Twitter could be powerful but it is one of  the few marketing methods that worked for me.  It is especially powerful if you are in a passionate niche.

And it doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience or not, you or anyone else can still get a lot from Twitter, thanks to what you will learn from reading this article.

tip to get a lot of twitter followers

So let’s get started!

Here are my “Top Twitter Tips.”

1.) Use A Profile Image and Cover Image

I am sure you have heard the popular saying that first impression matters, right? Well that’s very true here as well. That’s why it’s good to create the right first impression with your profile image and cover image.

It’s a good idea to always appear professional, as much as you can.  Having no profile image projects a bad image. And it starts with posting a good professional profile picture.

Try to use the same one on all of your social media accounts so people can find and identify with you.

If you are using twitter for a business, posting a logo is highly recommended.  Use the same logo on all your business social media accounts so your fans can easily find you. Using different logos or pictures, especially pictures that look very different from each other, can be confusing to your potential followers.

Here is my Twitter profile picture.  Notice it is the same one I use here on Kingged.  This way people can easily find and identify with me.

twitter profile pic

Your cover image is precious real estate.  It takes up a large amount of the space on your profile.  So, go to and have a professional cover created.

And no, not all image and graphic creators on Fiverr are low quality. You can get a pretty decent cover created for $5.

Add the URL to your blog or website and a small text describing your business to the cover.

Here is an example with my cover image:

twitter cover image

2.) Fill Out The Full Description In Your Profile

Fully fill out your profile description with your interests in hashtags.  This makes it easier for people to find you on Twitter and they will know you are someone worth following.

Using myself as an example again, this is my profile description.  Notice how I add the hashtags into the description text.

twitter profile description

Add your website too! You’ll be surprised people will visit it!

And not only will they visit, they will actually engage with you because of the good impression you have created.

3.) Use The Best Hashtags In Your Tweets

You may say, “duh” I already know that but just bear with me.  Things change quickly and what worked well in the past with Hashtags might no longer work today.

I will show you new ways to use these hashtags that will…


Best Hashtags In Your Tweets

First you have to figure out the top hashtags for your niche.

You can do this manually but it will take too much time and effort. Instead, we are going to use a tool called Hashtagify.Me

In the upper right hand corner type your main niche keyword in the “Search #tag” box.  In the example I typed in “lose weight”

twitter search tag

As you can see below, I now have many relevant hashtags to work with.

relevant hashtags on twitter

It’s also very easy to use and can get you a lot of relevant hashtags for your needs, every single time.

4.) Retweet Your Tweets With Your Hashtags

Type your hashtags in the the Twitter Search in the upper right hand side.  In the example below I typed “#weightloss.”

Retweet Your Tweets With Your Hashtags

Now go through the tweets in the search results and start liking and retweeting the tweets that you think your audience will enjoy.

As you like and retweet these tweets, the authors will notice that you liked and shared their tweets and they will be likely to follow you.  This is one way to get free Twitter followers.

Add the twitter app to your phone and when you are free during the day, just retweet some relevant tweets.  I guarantee you will get extra Twitter followers

5.) Create Twitter Lists Based On Your Hashtags

In Twitter click on your profile picture on the right hand side. Once you do this click “Lists.”

Twitter Lists

On the right hand side, click “create a list”

create a list on twitter

Type a hashtag in the “List name” box.  You can click public or private.  Many people feel honored to be added to a list and will follow you.

For this purpose I prefer to keep the list private. You don’t have to.

Create lists for all of your main hashtags

list name on twitter

Now go to your “notifications” tab.  Click on the profile of people that liked or retweeted your tweets.

Add these people to the appropriate list.

To do this visit their profile page and click the three little dots next to the “follow button.” Then click “add or remove from lists.”

Then just click the appropriate list for the hashtag.

twitter add or remove lists

Now that you have the followers in a list, copy 2 or 3 every time you tweet with that hashtag.

Your will get more exposure and interactions which will in turn get you more Twitter followers for free.

6.) Tweet Lots Of Quotes

Quotes are some of the most popular tweets and will get you tons of engagement.  Most people post encouraging posts and these will ALWAYS work.

However I suggest searching for quotes on the hashtags you found in your niche.

For example I searched for “Classic Car Quotes”.  I found this one that would be perfect for people that are really into cars.

“I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite Car?’ and I’ve
always Said ‘The next one.'” -Carroll Shelby

Now, just tweeting this post will get your engagement but if you create an image for the quote it you will get even more.

There is a website that makes it easy to create images with posts.  They provide the images, you just type in the quote and hit a button.

The website is called Pablo by Buffer.

Here is an example of one I made:

twitter quotes

I then post this in Twitter.  I type the tweet, add the picture and add the hashtags #Copywriting #Quotes…

Now tell me – won’t you prefer seeing quotes in an image like this, than just plain text? Of course you would. That’s the same with most people out there.

7.) Pin Your Top Tweet

If you want extra exposure to a tweet, pin it to the top of your Twitter page.  This is great tactic for a squeeze page or an article you want to promote.

It helps you get a lot more exposure than if dropped down to the bottom with the other tweets.

To do this, click the down arrow on the upper right hand corner of any tweet. When the menu appears, click “Pin to your profile page.”

pin your top tweet

8.) Leverage The Power Of JustRetweet and ViralContentBee To Get Free Twitter Followers

Get Free Twitter Followers

The best ways to market on twitter is to do it indirectly in your blog posts. Wouldn’t it be even more powerful if you can easily get other people sharing your blog posts?

There are a couple of websites that allow you to do this.  Other bloggers post their best content and then you earn credits every time your share their content.

You use these credits to have others share your articles.

The two biggest and most reliable sites that offer this service are Just Retweet and Viral Content Bee.

They both have free options allowing you to still get benefits without paying anything. You can get started with their free options and see how it goes from there on.

9.) Try Getting Paid To Tweet

Get Paid To Tweet

This tip is powerful once you build a large following. You are able to start earning just from the privilege of having good number of followers. And it’s not even that hard to start getting paid just to tweet.

There is a site called SponsoredTweets that can help you with this.

They will pay you for tweeting about relevant products in your niche.  Many famous people with large twitter followings “secretly” use this site to earn extra and easy income.

Of course they make money when they pay you to do this. But since the products you are tweeting about are relevant and might be of interest to your followers, it can be a win win for you and your followers.

You may need a larger following though as they pay per click.

Apart from using a site like SponsoredTweets, you can sell this directly to others who may be interested.

For example, once you have a following of about 10,000 or more you always can create a gig on Fiverr and offer to tweet to your following.  It is small but very “easy” money.

Be creative with “add-ons” to earn extra income.

10.) Automatically “Recycle” Your Best Evergreen Content

boost engagement to get free twitter followers

You can recycle your best evergreen content manually but why waste so much time doing this when you can do this automatically using a special service?

I use a paid service called StatusBrew. They have a “post recycler” for paid members.

You can recycle your top evergreen posts.

You can add 100s of tweets and some of them will be recycled each day. If you have over 100 it won’t appear like you are posting the same thing over again.

This service is great for the quotes that I mentioned earlier.

With this awesome service you can also throw in articles from your blog and tweets to your lead pages and even affiliate links.

When you log in, click the Twitter profile you want to use.  Once you are logged in, click “Publish” at the top and then “Post Recycler” at the left.

11.) Follow Targeted People Each Day

follow audience on twitter

Another great feature about the aforementioned StatusBrew is that you can easily laser target twitter followers.  It is known that when you follow someone, they are very likely to follow you back.

It’s also the natural law of reciprocity as excellently explained by Sunday in a discussion post right here on Kingged.

According to Sunday and others who commented on the discussion, “this law of reciprocity correlates with the universal laws of sowing and reaping or of the law of Karma”. And it works with every social media platform, not only Twitter.

No doubts, you get more twitter followers when you also follow others.

I will show you how to use StatusBrew filters to follow only the best people with the most likelihood of following your back.

Here goes:

♦ To start off, click “Audience” and on the right you want to select “Advanced.”  This will allow you to filter your followers.

♦ I suggest for the number of followers to select at least 500.

♦ As for tweets per day, I set to at least 5.

♦ Followers to Follow ratio, I set to 80 or 90 at the highest.  (This assures you that they are likely to follow back)

♦ For Last tweeted I select at least 7 days ago. Then I select that they must have a profile image.

With these filter you will only target real, active twitter followers who are likely to follow you back!

For the best results, try to follow around 200 new people each day.  Also be sure to unfollow people that aren’t following you back.

I highly recommend you check out StatusBrew.

Apart from all the amazing features, it also has a filter to exclude people you recently followed.  I usually give people at least 3 days to follow back.

12.) Send A Welcome Video In A Welcome Tweet

Many Twitter Apps like StatusBrew allow you to send a “welcome tweet” to new followers.  I haven’t tried this technique yet but have seen others use it successfully.

You want to create a short YouTube video welcoming your new followers.  Tell them that you are happy they followed you etc…

Whatever you want…

I also suggest having a link under the video to an interesting article that also indirectly promotes you leadpage.  I am going to try to do this technique and refer people to this article.

(Bonus “Must-Read” Tip)

My Most Powerful Tip For Getting Free Twitter Followers

Most Powerful Tip For Getting Free Twitter Followers

I mentioned that I was able to build a list of over 500 subscribers using Twitter.  You can too.

Don’t forget that this tip works best for passionate niches.

You will need a service like StatusBrew that will allow you to send automatic direct messages to new followers.

I am offering this tip when you send me a message here on Kingged.

And no, you don’t have to pay anything for this. Just send me a message here and you are good to go.

Some Final Thoughts

how to become a Twitter Superstar

It will take some hard work on your part to become a Twitter Superstar.  I experimented with software that promised to automate my tweets so I didn’t have to do any work.

But did it work as promised? The answer is:

I almost got my account banned as a result!

You certainly don’t want that to happen to you.  It is not worth trying to spam twitter.

More so, you won’t get long lasting results by trying to spam. It can get you results for a short time but very likely to get you eventually banned.

Simply follow the tips I have shared in this article and you are on your way to achieving great results with Twitter.

And most importantly, take consistent action each day. It’s not a day’s action that leads to success. It’s the different actions you take that eventually culminate into success.

When you do the daily actions, eventually you are going to see results and your twitter account will be one of your greatest assets to your blog and business.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will answer ASAP.  I have been there and am writing this from experience.

Thanks for reading my article on Twitter and have an awesome day!

Looking forward to getting to know you here on Kingged!

Please add me as a friend and consider following me so we can connect!

Lastly, as I said in the beginning of this, as great as Twitter is, there are many other ways you can get highly targeted traffic. For example, if you want to get traffic from 100+ blogs and 1,000+ websites while still making a profit each month,’s “Done-For-You” Monthly Profits 30 Days To Making Money Online program is perfect for this.

They can help your content marketing efforts by helping you get quality traffic from some of the 100+ of their partner blogs and some of the 1,000+ of their partner sites.  Click here to check out this’s “Done-For-You” Monthly Profits 30 Days To Making Money Online program.


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    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Yes there are some good twitter apps and software available but I do think you have to be careful.

      Twitter doesn’t like automation.

      I used a software that automatically tweets based on hashtags. It worked great and I got hundreds of followers in a day but almost got my account banned.

      Right now I am just using Status Brew to send automatic DMs, follow targeted people, recycle me best content etc…

      Playing it really safe.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Have a great day my friend!


  1. Hi John,

    This is such a superb and well written post on how to get followers on Twitter!

    What I like best is how you obviously wrote this from experience, rather than just theory. Using your own examples to show how things ought to be done on Twitter to get good results tells a lot.

    This is one of those posts one has to bookmark to read again and again.

    Great post!

    • Hi Norma,

      Thank you so much for your compliments. Yes, I did spend a lot of time researching and testing.

      One cool trick I found for researching is watching YouTube videos but increasing the speed so I can get more information quicker.

      There is so much great free information on YouTube.

      Whenever I had a free moment I would watch a video.

      Some was complete junk but some were pure gold and gave me ideas of my own to implement.

      Thanks for reading Norma and have an awesome day!


  2. Hello John,

    I never quite got into twitter yet to promote my content on my websites. I’ve been mauling over it for awhile to try twitter and see how it works out. After that you mention twitter is working for you, then showing how. I’d be foolish not to give it a shot myself.

    Some very clever ways on using the hashtags then going and retweeting and liking similar hashtags in your niche to get targeted follows.

    Wow, that’s very clever!


  3. Awesome John,

    You really gave me a lot of excitement to try this on twitter. That was the last social media site I never really gave a shot with.

    Love the idea of sharing very popular posts on a niche, too. That’s a great idea.

  4. Hi John,

    I would say this is an awesome post on Twitter! It is quite instructive, educative and informative! It is hard not to learn anything from the points you have made here.

    I am particularly thrilled with the fact that you discussed how to use the hashtag features, and that you explained some important tools for effective Twitter engagement.

    Hashtagify.Me , Just Retweet, Viral Content Bee, and Sponsored Tweets are tools or resources that I find very helpful in this article. I am going to bookmark the entire content for future insight!

  5. Hi James,

    Thank you for reading. I am glad you found the tips clear and useful.

    Yes hashtags are extremely important on twitter.

    It is also important to create twitter lists based on your main hashtags so that you can mention other users in tweets.

    This is a very easy way to boost engagement too.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Take care,


  6. Hey John,

    If one is able to provide useful content and quality engagement then it becomes easier to succeed with Twitter marketing. Attracting followers to this social media site remains a function of quality content and promotion.

    The tips you have shared are revealing, especially to those who want to achieve success with Twitter marketing. I am going to tweak one or two features in my Twitter campaigns to increase followers and boost engagement!

  7. Hi Celine,

    Thank you so much for reading my article. Yes, quality is always important.

    If you always provide quality information in your niche people are sure to seek you out and follow.

    I’m glad I was able to give you a few ideas to tweak your twitter campaigns.

    Have an awesome weekend Celine!

    Take care,


  8. Hi John,

    This is clearly written by someone who knows what they are talking about as regards Twitter.

    I like the screenshots you included all through, they made it easier to see follow along and implement.

    I haven’t used Twitter as much but will certainly save this post for when I will need it.


  9. Hey John,

    I am glad you posted these tips on how to get free Twitter followwers to boost engagements. The tips are hands-on and one can easily implement them.
    I will like to add that Twitter engagement without the #Hashtags could be difficult. Hence, the use of the #hashtag is the real deal and must be implemented stratecally.
    Your tips numbers 3,4 & 5 discussed hashtags and they are key to succesful Twitter list engagement and followership building!

  10. Hello John,

    Your tips are impressive. I want to add that getting Twitter Followers is a function of proper engagement. The tweets that are shared must be interactive at the first instance.

    The whole idea of tweetable content must be to either instruct, entertain, educate or inform.

    Strategically using the 140 character limit on Twitter to inform and reform prospects should be concievable.

    I guess experimenting with the above tips should bring about better Twitter campaign results!

  11. Twitter followers and engagment are important. They can be boosted with the right strategies.

    From the tips you have shared, the social media marketer can create the best Twitter campaign to engage followers with ease.

    Sharing the right Tweets at the right time and for the right audience can boost your engagement and conversion.

    • Hi Winford,

      Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Yes the right audience is important.

      That is why it is very important to target the people you follow.

      As far as the right time, there are some tools that will find out your optimal time to post a tweet.

      I do think it is important to stagger your tweets throughout the day though too.

      Thanks for contributing. Have a great week!


  12. Hi John,

    I am impressed with the details you have shared with this post. Twitter marketers would no doubt find this post very useful. Getting free followers and boosting engagement are essential for social media networking. I am sure that some of the tips here can still be applied to other forms of social media networking!

  13. Hi Steven,

    Thank you for reading. I am glad you liked this post.

    Hopefully this article will help many people be successful on twitter. I’m sure some of the suggestions would work on other social media platforms too.

    Have a great day and thanks for reading!


  14. Hi John,

    I agree with what Norma said in her comment. Reading this one can see you know a lot about Twitter and you wrote this from your experience of really getting followers and boosting your engagement.

    What are your thoughts on fake or bot followers? How do you easily tell difference between fake followers and real followers?

    I see some marketers have thousands of followers but don’t get retweets or favorites. Isn’t all that because of fake or bot followers?

    Great post by the way!

    • Hi Mike,

      I missed your comment here. Sorry for the late reply.

      People can buy tens of thousands of subscribers on sites like Fiverr. I don’t know how they do it, but these people are real but haven’t used their account in years.

      They buy these subscribers as “social proof.” Basically just to say I have 50,000 subscribers.

      It makes them appear more important for networking etc…

      However, like you mentioned they are of no use if they can’t read your tweets or interact.

      By following my advice, you will be following people that will be active within one day. So when they follow back you are certain they are active.

      The other criteria also makes sure that they “stay active.”

      Some people just try twitter out and quit.

      Tools like Status Brew are great and allow you to do things like this.

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation Mike! Have an awesome day!

      Take care,


  15. Twitter users can get free followers and boost their engagement if they do what is necessary.

    This social media network is all about increased engagement for the right audience.

    It is important that we ensure steady flow of useful Tweets that would eventually lead to increased followers and engagement.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome practical tips.

  16. Hello John,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Following and interacting with other twitter users are great ways to get followers. I also use justretweet and viralcontentbee. I know with viralcontentbee your content can’t have any affiliate links in it.

    I have never heard of statusbrew before. I use Hootsuite and Buffer. I like with Buffer your images come up along with your blog post when you schedule it. If you schedule your blog post with Hootsuite the images will not come up.

    I am going to have to put into practice some of the things that you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Are You Using The Right Social Media Tools For Your Business?My Profile

  17. Hi Maketta,

    Thank you so much for your responses and for reading my article.

    You suggestions for buffer is much appreciated. I like the fact you can upload images.

    The suggestion would make a great addition to the article. Maybe if I update it, I will include it.

    Thank you so much for your time and have an awesome week!

    Be blessed,


  18. Hi John,

    Thank you for your informative article. Your tips have taught me more about Twitter than I have learned in years on my own.

    I will be putting your tips into practice so that I can grow my following on Twitter. I especially like that your tips not only tell us what to do, but also show us what to do with graphics.

    I really appreciate your article and will definitely be implementing your tips.

  19. I already used Viral Content Bee. And, I recently found Triberr (an amazing platform) and this site Kingged puts icing on the cake.

    This was an absolutely amazing article. It was so packed with gold nuggets. I went ahead and printed it out.

    I already used Twitter List to categorize people. But, you brought fresh thought into the process.

    Thanks for this contribution…

  20. Didn’t think I was ever gonna make it to the end of the thread. Some of the comments were as insightful as the actual post.

    Rarely, do I find such an value packed post. Usually, there are 3-5 tips and I already use them. But, with your post you OVER delivered!

    In fact, you now have me up all night researching more on point #9. I had never heard of this kind of service being offered!

    Who wouldn’t want to earn a few extra bucks, right?

    Bubbie Gunter recently posted…What to Do AFTER Content Syndication Using Viral Content Bee OverviewMy Profile