Thoughts on Thoughts, Attitudes and Outlook



What if you really could control the circumstances of your life?

What if you were in complete control of every success or failure you have ever had or ever will have?

How would you deal with that?

Would you change?

If so how?

What would be the very next thing you would do, knowing that success or failure, victory or defeat was all in your hands?

I’m not saying that there are things or incidents that could pop up. Of course there are. Sometimes shit happens no matter how much we prepare. Accidents happen. Illnesses or injuries happen. We all have to deal with racial inequality, prejudice, politics, religion. Loved ones have things happen and life presents events that can pull us away from our path.

But what if…?

In fact, I believe we are in control. And I don’t necessarily mean in a physical sense. Or at least all the time. So I’m going to venture outside my little box (that comfort zone,) for a little bit and explore what’s been on my mind for awhile.

I believe that in a very basic sense, we do have control over most, if not all, aspects of our lives. We just sometimes don’t remember it. The way I see it is we do that through our thoughts, attitudes and outlook.

If we are consistently aware of our thoughts, we have a better chance of controlling them. And when we control our thoughts, we can choose their direction and hence, where we want to go with them. Or more succinctly, where we want them to take us.

The thing is, controlling how we think isn’t always as easy as going around and telling everyone we meet how great life is because we are in control of the way we think. Nope. It’s a whole bunch harder than that. You’ll figure that one out pretty quick.

Controlling your thoughts is being able to be decisive when you need to be.

It is being able to catch the negative thought that jumps up out of nowhere after you’ve come up with a plan.

It is being able to take a cold, hard look at what is going on in your life and seeing it for what it is without judgment.

It is assessing those circumstances or situations and not seeing them as good or bad, but instead as opportunities to grow in the direction you want to grow.

Gaining a foothold on controlling your thoughts leads to being able to control your attitudes about who you are and what you are about. When your attitude about yourself is strong and positive, you are better able to weather the storms of life, whether circumstantial, situation based or relational.

After Storm

Take a look: Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person? Do you self-talk (and we all do, just some of us fail to notice it for what it is,) in positives such as abundance and prosperity? Or do you self-talk about whatever lack you have in your life, such as money, a special someone, opportunities and so on.

You see it is in my mind that there truly are things in the world that are unseen and that move with our opinions, beliefs and outlook. A major one for me is what is termed as the Law of Attraction.

Now there are volumes on this subject and like most things, the more you learn, the more there is to learn. With that in mind, what the law of Attraction means to me is basically this: What you think about, you bring about.

And also, just as important, What you Feel, You Create and Bring About. If you only think about your need for more money and that you don’t have enough, then guess what you are feeling and focusing on and hence calling more of to you?

The fact that you don’t have any money. And since you think about that and feel that you need more, the Law of Attraction that you bring about by your thoughts and attitude brings you exactly what you think and feel. And in this case it is less money. So you can think about having more.

It’s a pretty vicious cycle and one that is worth being aware of. And once you are aware, you can begin to change things to your benefit.

But understand, the change begins with you and you alone. And no one can make you see, or do, or want. You are in complete control, whether to take a look at yourself and be honest or not.

That said, we all know of some that have it going on and are running strong like a fine tuned high performance motor and getting it done the way they imagine it.

Finally, if you are always looking for the negative, you will certainly find it. And the opposite is true as well. For example, I moved to Tennessee about nine years ago. I had nothing left where I had been and so decided why not? If things didn’t work out, I could always go back.

When I got here I had the mindset of experiencing first hand that legendary ‘Southern Hospitality.’ And I wasn’t disappointed. People I ran into everywhere said things like welcome and enjoy your stay in East Tennessee. Things like that. And it made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Then one day I was in a store and the cashier was a gal from the northeast. As we chatted, she mentioned how rude the people were, but she knew they would be when she decided to move here. And I just sort of stood there and said, “Huh. I find most folks to be pretty cool.”

I guess we find in life what we are looking for. In her case rude people. In mine, cool people.

So the way you look at the world also determines to a degree what you will find in the world. Keep on the sunny side of the street and you won’t walk in the shadows and all that.

What I am trying to say then, is this:

Capture your thoughts and by doing so learn to control them. It will make your journey to where you want to go smoother.

Take notice of your attitudes and how you perceive life around you. Keeping your mind open to possibilities allows you to grow in ways yet to be determined.

Having an outlook on life that is filled with wonder and curiosity will open the doors of opportunity. And opportunity opens the door to the abundance we all seek.

Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your time.



    • Hi Celine,

      Thank you for your comments. Its interesting that I find myself writing in a reflective way, but hey, it works for me right now.

      I am with you: know what you want, stay as positive as you can (even when you don’t feel like it) and keep after it. Better things will always follow.

      Thanks again,


    • HI Paul,
      Thank you for the comment. Yep, we are thinking alike with that control what we are thinking about stuff. For me the key is to recognize and capture those negative thoughts that always seem to be trying to creep in and mess up my attitude.
      Thanks again,

  1. Hi Bruce,

    This is another inspirational piece. The insights you have shared are revealing.

    One needs to reinstate the right attitudes to bring about change. Self worth is a function of the state of mind.

    If there is hope and positive insights then it becomes easier to achieve success.

  2. The thought, attitude and outlook of an individual would affect their reality.

    Indeed, being positive and open minded would bring about the appeal that would attract the needed success always!

    Thanks for sharing this Bruce!

    • Hey Amit,

      Yes sir! Keep your eyes and mind on what you are after, focus on that and not on what you lack and draw it to you. Whatever your goals, dreams, passion or purpose is, it is waiting for you to get right with yourself so it can come to you as you move toward it.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thank you for commenting. I know really well what you mean. Some days it is just so frickin’ hard to just have a positive thought, never mind being or staying positive. I just had a few days of that actually. For me, when I get in that frame of mind I remind myself:

      * I Admit to myself that I’m not on game and maybe I need to step back and try to not fret over it.

      * I get to choose how long I want to feel this way (That’s a biggie, and just telling yourself you have that choice will shift your thoughts…or at least it does for me)

      * Look to tomorrow…as the wise man (woman?) said, “with every new day, there is hope.” Or something like that.

      Then hit it again. And again. And again.

      Stay cool, and thanks,


  3. Hi Bruce,

    This is a very powerful piece. I completely agree with the ideas of controlling our thoughts. It has more benefits than we can imagine. My takeaway from this post remains what you said here:

    Gaining a foothold on controlling your thoughts leads to being able to control your attitudes about who you are and what you are about. When your attitude about yourself is strong and positive, you are better able to weather the storms of life, whether circumstantial, situation based or relational.

    There is nothing truer than this.
    Our daily reflections should be that keeping out hearts and minds open and positive endears us to to life of possibilities!

    • Sunday William,

      Thank you. You know, I never try to speak for anyone else, just myself.

      In that sense, I find that being aware of the things always popping into my mind really helps me a lot.
      For example, the other day I was struck by that little negative that crept in without me realizing it and questioning whether I really think I have anything worth trying to impart. It took most of the day of questioning myself, when suddenly it hit me that all that was going on was my subconscious was talking to me and trying to convince me to go back to my comfort zone, where he could protect me better.

      My subconscious and I had a talk and I requested he let me try and for him to try and get on board with my new way of thinking.
      It’s story in progress, but one in which I am greatly encouraged.
      Thanks again!

  4. Hi Bruce,

    What we think the most eventually becomes our reality – especially if it is done with feeling. Our thoughts and attitudes should be focused on what we want manifested in our lives. So, I agree with you on this point:

    “And also, just as important, What you Feel, You Create and Bring About. If you only think about your need for more money and that you don’t have enough, then guess what you are feeling and focusing on and hence calling more of to you?”

    • HI Winford,
      Yes I am a big believer in thinking on what I want, rather than what I lack. That said though. sometimes it is hard to not look at the lack. I struggle and wrestle with it everyday it seems. But I am getting better on focusing on the positives. It’s a journy and one that is worth taking.

  5. HI Steven,

    Yep, I am with you. It doesn’t matter if your day is going great or you’re muddling through, as long as we do the best we can we can rest easy on our efforts at the end of the day. I find it hard sometimes to have a good attitude, but even when I don’t I remind myself that I just have to give it the best I’ve got at that moment and that tomorrow will be better. I owe that to always trying to have a good attitude.

    Thanks for your comment!


  6. This is a well-articulated post. I totally believe that we are the authors of our lives and what we make of it.
    What we feed our minds and our thoughts eventually culminate into our results.
    Mind control and channeling our thought patterns positively definitely determines our circumstance. I’ve been practicing mind control in recent times and I know the difference between what was and what is in my life.
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    • Hi Jacqueline,
      Thank you for the comment. I’m also a strong believer that we are the authors of our lives and what we make of it.
      For myself I find it very important to always try and feed my mind something positive. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch the news or read things of no importance. Just that I first and foremost think about who, how and what I want to be, see and do. After that I allow myself a little down time, but that works for me and the most interesting thing is that I find the more I do this, the more I am in tune and doing more in working on myself instead of the inconsequential things.

    • Thanks for that Dave. Man I needed that reminder today of knowing my attitude is my decision.
      I a.m. aware of it daily, and yet there are still times when it’s too easy to let ones self slide a bit.
      Here’s to always being vigilant of ourselves!
      Thanks again

  7. Hey Dave,

    I agree. It’s one thing to know what do, quite another to do it.

    If it were easy I suppose we would all have these wonderful trouble free lives.

    I also think it’s about the circumstances, ones character and in the end, desire.

    Thanks man.


  8. Hi Bruce,

    I visited Tennessee when I was in Boy Scouts. We went hiking and camping a few days in the Smokey Mountains. I remember how beautiful it was and how many stars you could see at night.

    I really liked your article. For me personally it is more about a connection to God but I believe in everything you are saying and I respect everyone’s opinions.

    In fact I think God is behind the law of attraction. If people focus on blessings, they will just be more blessed. When I give thanks to God for the little thing, he blesses me with more.

    I have struggled with negative thoughts and feelings and they can really drag you down. I think Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right!”

    If we want to be successful we really need to keep on eye on those thoughts and feelings. With patience we do have control over them and what we meditate on determines our life.

    Thanks for sharing. I really like your articles.

    Enjoy a great weekend in beautiful Tennessee!

    Your friend,


    • Hello John,

      I’m glad you have good memories of the Smokies. I live about 30 miles from the park, but only a few from the foothills.

      I’m with you. If we focus on our blessings, more come or way. The opposite it’s true as well. And I do believe God is the orchestrator of it all. To my way of thinking we get what we’re after so if we think positive, we get more positive. Think negative, we get more negative.

      None of us it’s perfect though and sometimes we slip. In fact I recently slipped and it was days before I realized I was complaining about everything…and drawing more things to complain about.

      Then I remembered I didn’t have to stay in that mindset any longer than I chose.

      To me, life is choices. And knowing and understanding it seems to me to be one more piece of the puzzle of getting where we want to go.



      • Hi Bruce,

        Thank you for your reply. Yeah I guess recognizing when we are complaining, in a bad mindset, etc… is the first step. We have to recognize there is a problem before we can work on it.

        Take care my friend, look forward to getting to know you here on Kingged.


  9. Hi Bruce,
    Great thoughts on THOUGHTS!
    Well said my dear friend.
    This is the first time I am reading your post here.
    A lot of thoughts to pick!
    Yes, after all it all depends on our way of thinking or the way in which we look at things. The small incident you shared about the gal the cashier in a store… yes, two different views on the present situation. I fully go with your view! Yes, it all depends upon us how we look or take it!
    Well shared my friend.
    Keep sharing
    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.
    ~ Philip
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    • Hi Philip,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I agree that it’s not so much what happens to us but how we respond to it.

      Life is a series of choices and I recently had to remind myself of that and then own the fact that I was choosing to focus on negatives instead of the many blessings in my life.

      Once I got my head wrapped around it (again) I was able to once again move forward.

      And it all started with capturing my negative thoughts, owning and facing them, then making a conscious decision to eliminate the negative and focus on moving forward positively.

      Thanks again!


  10. Hello Bruce

    Love your post title!

    I really buy into the idea that we can have full control on our thoughts. I don’t know that we can always dictate circumstances but I know from my own experience that it is up to me what I think about them.

    So events are events but my thoughts and feelings about them are my choice. I think a lot of personal power comes from this perspective.

    For many years I have been teaching a positive thinking course and one of the main themes in it is S.O.S.

    Standback…from the circumstances, cause of disturbance etc.
    Observe…it and more importantly my thoughts and feelings about it
    Steer…my thoughts and feelings to a place that is healthier b
    and empowered.

    Ii used to actually think SOS when stuff happened, but now it’s more of an awareness that kicks in at the time of need.

    • Hi Mark,
      Nice. I seem to be familiar with the S.O.S method you describe but that may be because it is such good common sense. No matter, it is something I’m going forward with in my mind.
      There’s so much good stuff out there for any of us that are searching and you’ve just brought me one. Thank you for that, and also for the kind words.

    • Hi Mark,

      I love your comment about S.O.S

      Standback…from the circumstances, cause of disturbance etc.
      Observe…it and more importantly my thoughts and feelings about it
      Steer…my thoughts and feelings to a place that is healthier b
      and empowered.

      This the first time am reading about it, looks like an awesome concept for dealing with things that happen.

      I kingged your comment.

  11. Hi Bruce,

    I can relate to what you said about “sometimes shit happens no matter how much we prepare”, but you are also right that no matter what happens, we shouldn’t just resign to fate without doing the best we can to get back up and keep moving. That’s always up to us.

    Of course it’s excruciatingly hard sometimes to get back up and keep going, but we have to all force ourselves to do just that.

    Everyone will come to that cross-road in life where they either get up and keep moving or stay down and be counted out.

    And you are right, changing our thoughts can help us get back up and keep moving. People who keep moving forward have the right thoughts and those who stop moving had the wrong thoughts.

    Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves, our thoughts matter.

    Great motivational post this is. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Gavin,
      Great to hear from you again!
      I’m with you 100% that just because cramp happens we should give up, slow down or even back up. I say (for myself anyway) that that is the exact time to strike harder.
      I’ve been listening to an audio book and just heard that the person that absolutely refuses anything less than what they want does not compete… They find the weakness in their opponent and attack it until it’s theirs.
      But man, that is a hard lonely road sometimes. And one I’ll never leave again.
      Best to you my friend and thanks!

  12. Hello Bruce,

    Your article gives a refreshing take on one’s life. I find your article very helpful for me personally. I’m struggling to find that balance of controlling my own thoughts. You are correct it’s not easy to do at all.

    I am realizing sometimes it is hard to have a completely non-bias view point on things, and that itself tends to then take control of me.

    I love your step in suggesting to not look at things as just good or bad; rather to just see it as an opportunity as ways to grow from them.

    • Hi Tom,
      I like your comment on balance. I walk everyday, no music, phone (usually) or other distraction. And I think about balance in my life. Is a worthy pursuit in my opinion and don’t let anyone after you away from it if that’s what you seek.
      Seems to me that anything worth having our obtaining is difficult. And the harder it is the sweeter the payoff. Best of luck man.

  13. Hi Bruce,

    This article really made sense and I agree with you on every aspect.

    You are very right that if you are always looking for the negative, you will certainly find it. I have noticed this so many times in my life, and now try to focus on looking for the positives, no matter what.

    Great thoughts on thoughts, attitudes and outlook!

  14. Bruce,

    Thanks for the post. Your post reminded me of something I heard somebody say once in my life that the more you are around like minded people that you want to think like and be like the more you will be like them. This is hard in our day to day lives though when we don’t constantly have these people around us, and this is where the true tests come in like you said. What am I thinking and what is my attitude like?

    For me though it’s not hard to be positive and look on all outlooks on life if we are surrounded by others that feel the same. We have all had situations where one person can ruin the positivity like when somebody comes home angry or negative.

    So again the lesson being do all you can to be around like minded people that you want to be and think like.


  15. Hi Luke and thank you.

    Yeah, you are right on the money. I always heard it along the lines of “Be careful who you hang around with or soon you’ll be thinking and doing just like them.”

    I had a friend a long time ago who told me his dad would always tell him that if he hung around the barber shop long enough sooner or later he’d get a haircut.

    I know that I am currently working in an environment where very near everyone in the place either has really crappy attitudes, or gossips or complains and on and on. And it is a struggle to stay positive in that type of environment. I find that I need to do daily check ups on myself to make sure I’m not sliding in their direction.

    Thanks again!


  16. Bravo Bruce!

    I love, Love, LOVE your article! The Law of Attraction is a universal law. Thoughts become things. I didn’t realize how much of my self-talk was negative until I started paying attention to what I was telling myself. When I realized the negativity of my thoughts, I was able to correct them and become a lot more positive.

    It’s a lot easier for people to accept the Law of Reciprosity (Karma). We know and accept that we will get back what we send out into the universe. We need to realize that how we talk to ourselves or think about ourselves will determine who we become.

    The most important thing is to learn to control our thoughts and self-talk. For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
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