Things You Need to Tweak in Your SEO Campaign for the Rest of 2016



Not long ago, Google changed its methods for ranking web sites. This has created an issue for many businesses, forcing them to consider their SEO (search engine optimization) approach. For enterprise companies, SEO is more important than ever. This is why I have decided to share some key factors that are now considered essential for search engine marketing.

User experience (UX) is now an imperative


In the past couple of years, user experience has managed to grow from a mere factor to a major influence when it comes to SEO. Website speed and responsiveness, cross platform compatibility and other attributes have proven to affect search results.

However, enterprise departments will need to pay attention to some other UX variables, such as constructive internal linking and proper content structure. In the past, building a website meant optimizing it for users and search engines separately. This could lead to various conflicts of interest. Nowadays, Google has closed the gap.

Keyword research

There are people that say keyword research is a dying craft. In reality, it has only become a more sophisticated art. The majority of searches are usually synonyms for keywords, not exact keywords. Google must recognize these words so that it can direct people to where they need to go.
The result of this trend is that Google has started to focus on the intent of the searches rather than specific keywords that are used in it, making the searching process more of a “conversation”.

This means that SEO professionalswill need to have closer collaboration with editorial teams in order to develop important topics that are relevant to the interests of your audience, while at the same time finding ways to design content that is inclusive of all the different things people might be searching for.

Building social networks


Building a social media influence is one of the essentials for a successful marketing strategy. However, a recently conducted study has shown that Google started to take social signals into account when it comes to search rankings. In fact, it has been proven that the amount of social signals on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ directly affects ranking in Google.

This is a clear signal for businesses: Build your social media profiles on key social platforms. This is essential when building a brand, managing reputation, increasing sales and improving search rankings.

This new data explains why some SEO campaigns are not as effective as they used to be. The best thing you can do is follow the recent trends and constantly improve your SEO knowledge to stay on top.


  1. Good post. I agree with you that user experience is now very important for ranking, not only for Google but other search engines as well.

    Website speed and responsiveness also affect search results, because all that show the good or bad user experience. If a site is too slow or not responsive, users won’t stay long and their exodus from such sites would tell of bad user experience, something Google doesn’t want.

    Constructive internal linking and proper content structure are also important. You are right about keyword research, I doubt if it will ever die. It’s not a dying craft at all. For as long as people have to search for things using the Internet, keywords will be important.

    And building social networks is very essential for getting success with ones’ marketing strategy.

    About the study you linked to which showed Google taking social signals into account for ranking, this is still hard to believe by lots of people. Do you know if Google has confirmed this yet?

  2. Hey Brandon,
    For successful SEO campaigns now and in the future, social media and user experience are very vital. Yes, you are right to mention them in this post because they help to give visibility and expansion to content.

    Content marketing is still relevant for successful SEO and this why using the right keywords come into play. However, tweaking a website/blog for user experience is very crucial for proper keyword and content delivery.

    The variables that make for effective user experience are what will help getting the website visible in the search rankings and also convertible from the leads generated.

    This is very good post!
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  3. Keywords are of the greatest importance as they are what brings people to your web site, you can have the best looking web page but if nobody ever visits it…….whats the use?

    Plus you need a lot more than one KW, along with several long tail keywords.

    Then you have to use your best keywords in the title, be specific about your article content using keywords. A willy nilly page title will not pull people in who are looking for specific information. Everyone is sick and tired of titles such as: “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HE SAW NEXT??? CLICK HERE”.

    Use key words as paragraph headers and in the content bold all your keywords so Google can see them, otherwise you will never be found.

    Increase the size of your text and don’t bunch up the sentences, have 2 or 3 lines then a space. This helps people find their place again while they scroll down.

    Good English is an absolute must, I see so many sites where Google translate has been used and it makes no sense whatsoever, GOBBLEDYGOOK!!! . People leave immediately and never return.

    Engage the reader with pleasing pictures, I use for free photo’s. Always give credit for anything you use, or Google will penalize you.

    Get the WP plugin

    This will cross link all your posts to one an other and give them solid structure, which Google loves.

  4. Hi Brandon,
    Tweaking SEO elements for 2016 is vital because of the many changes in Google’s updates.

    For the rest of 2016, social media marketers and businesses are going to keep experiencing SEO changes that will affect rankings .

    Keyword optimization, user experience, and social media networking are vital as discussed in this post .

    In addition, tweaking quality content headlines and body to meet with the reader’s need is very crucial for improved SEO in 2016.

    Thanks for this post!

  5. Tweaking of Keyword research in the SEO campaign is fundamental in 2016.

    Keyword research tweaking will cover content that would draw the attention both the search engine and the site’s visitors!

    Apart from keyword research, building social networks is also crucial. This has become necessary since we are not in mobile and social media generation!
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  6. Hello Brandon,

    Although 2016 has past since the date of this article, I can’t think these strategies won’t work in 2017 and going forward as well.

    I think building a good social media structure is someone that’s a lot more important right now, than in the old days. When just about anyone can rank a website. Now, I think google wants your site to establish more trust, and there’s no better way than doing that on social media.