This article looks at some of the things you can rent out for profit.

It also answers some of the important WHYs and HOW when it comes to renting things out for profit.

So yes, you can really rent out a lot of things to make good money?

You can rent out home appliances, kitchen equipment, accommodation spaces, vehicles, working equipment, and so on.

The things you can rent for money include items you use in the home, at the office, or elsewhere.

You can rent out in-season and out of season.

You can rent out to both individuals and groups including businesses and government institutions.

Below are the things you can rent out for profit.

Before going into those things, we shall first discuss reasons why people rent things


Why you will want to rent out your things?

The following are some of the reasons you may want to rent out the things you have.

  • You don’t want to sell them
  • You don’t want to leave them rusted and wasted.
  • You want to earn extra money from them
  • You still want to cling to the memories they hold for you, etc.


Why people may want to rent things from you?

People – including individuals and businesses – may like to rent things for use because of the following reasons:

  • The items are hard to find
  • The things are expensive to buy at the moment
  • You have the rare, unique, and quality model they want to use.
  • They want an item to supplement or back up what they have in short term, etc.


Things You Can Rent Out for Profit


1. Baby Products/Gears

Some parents prefer to rent out stuff that their babies have outgrown.

If you have such items, then you should consider selling them to make money.

The money you will receive from this can help you pay off debts or expenses incurred while taking care of the baby.

Some baby stuffs you can rent out include clothes, footwear, play gears, and other stuff.

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2. Boat

Do you have a boat that you don’t use often?

If yes, then consider renting it out to other people.

They can use this water vehicle for transportation, fishing, or recreation.

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3. Body/skin

You can rent out your body for adverts. Brands can pay you to leave a tattoo on a strategic part of your body.

You can use the forehead, thighs, tummy, back, arm, or legs to ink tattoos that reflect a brand or its products.


4. Books

If you have old textbooks or a collection of books that others can still read then you can make money by renting them out.

You can list these books at some websites where people who are interested in the books will come to rent them.

You can rent out novels and other works of fiction for profit.

You can also rent out books classified as non-fiction to researchers and avid readers.

To make good money with book rental, you may have to deliver the book to interested readers in a convenient way.

Also, if your books are rare to find at the local library then you should be ready to earn more.

So, make more money from renting out vintage, classic, and high-profile books.


5. Camera Equipment

If you have a camera then consider renting out this equipment for cash.

Most people who cannot buy photography equipment like cameras will prefer to rent them to accomplish the task they want.

You can also rent out reflectors, lenses, polarizing filters, speed-lite, and other equipment used with cameras.

So, rent out your camera to aspiring photographers and filmmakers to get more money.

It would interest you to know that in the United States, some people can earn $200-$400 for lenses and $20-$50 for other equipment per day.

List your camera equipment at sites where interested renters can connect with you.

It would interest you to know that some of these websites provide you equipment with an insurance policy.

This will help mitigate any loss or damage to your camera.

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6. Cars

If you have a spare car then you can rent it out and make money.

You can list the brand, model, and other essential details at car rental sites.

Those who prefer cars with a more private feel can connect with you.

You don’t have to even drive around to make money with your car.

The renters are mostly those who don’t like taxis nor traditional car rentals.

You can make a huge profit renting your car if it is still in very good condition.

Also, the location you are, how long the rental agreement is going to last, and your rental rate per hour can affect how much you make renting out cars.

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Things You Can Rent Out for Profit


7. Designer Cloth, Suits, Wedding Gowns, etc.

You can make good money if you rent out clothes in your wardrobe.

You can list your designer wears, suits, tuxedos, wedding gowns, and clothing accessories for rent.

Of course, to make the most money renting out your clothes, make sure that they are still in very good condition.

Vintage, rare, and special occasion clothes will earn you more money.

Some people will like to rent your clothes daily.


8. Drones

If you own drones then you can rent them out for profit.

Filmmakers, building contractors, and other clients can use it to capture the aerial view of a place, thing, or event.

You will be the one to control this tool and get paid for your time.

Drone rental services could be very rewarding because of the uniqueness of the vehicle.

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9. Friendship

Do you know that you can become friends with someone and get paid for it?

Yes, you can be rented by a stranger or someone to be a platonic friend – no string attached.

All you need do is accompany that person to shop, chat, play games, see tourists attractions, learn new things, and so on.

You could also teach that person a new language.  You will get paid for your time.

A website called connects you with people who can pay to rent you.


10. Furniture

If you have furniture in your home or office to rent then you can make good money doing just that.

Some people can rent your furniture for their event.

They can rent either your home or office furniture temporarily.

Your clients or customers may be homeowners who need these pieces of furniture to fill out their empty spaces temporal.

Others could be some who would like to stage those items at the homes they are selling.


11. Accommodation/ homes/rooms

You can rent your home for profit.  Whether it is an apartment, a flat, duplex, condominium, studio, etc., you can get paid by renters.

You can rent out accommodation space for a night or multiple nights.

Most people who are new to a city or have traveled to new places for business or vacation can rent your accommodation space.

You can also rent out these rooms or whole houses to individuals and families.

Sign up with websites that allow you to rent out a spare bedroom, a separate unit, or an entire floor.


12. Musical Instruments

If you are a music enthusiast and have some musical instruments you don’t use frequently, then consider making money with them.

You can start musical instrument rentals and make money from people who need them.

Musical instruments could be expensive and some people would prefer to hire or rent them for the short term.

Just list your instruments and fill that need for them.

Some people can rent these instruments to play at events, to improve their skills, or support key rhythms in a band.

Renting out musical instruments could be profitable.

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13. Study Notes

You can make money your College study or lecture notes by renting them.

Some students, teachers, facilitators will need study notes to improve their knowledge and skill.

You can upload these notes on some websites and get paid when they are downloaded by others.


14. Office Space

If you have a space that can be used as an office, meeting room, or any commercial activity, then you can rent it out and make money.

This space could be located where you live or from a separate location.

You can list this space on some websites where interested individuals or businesses can connect with you to rent it.

You can also rent out co-working spaces for others and make money.

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15. Party Rentals

If you have items that could be used for party events then you can rent them out for money.

This is a profitable way to make money with rentals because a lot of people rent organize different kinds of parties.

You can rent out canopies, chairs, tables, decorations materials, and other party items for money.

Some other things you can rent out for profit include RVs, sewing machines, storage spaces, laptops, working tools, and a van

Other things to rent include Sports and Fitness equipment, Scooters, and bicycles.


17 Sites to List Your Items for Rent

You can check out the websites listed below to list various things for rent.

Or, you can check them out to start making money with things you can rent out.

  1. Airbnb to rent out your room
  2. BabyQuip is a site that will help you rent out your baby gears.
  3. will help you rent out cameras.
  4. is a site that will help you rent out your books for profit.
  5. Desktime App allows you to list your co-working space for others to rent.
  6. is a website to rent out guitars.
  7. to rent out your car and other vehicles
  8. LiquidSpace is a platform that allows you to rent out office space, desks, or conference rooms.
  9. allows you to rent out storage space to clients.
  10. is a platform that allows you to rent out your Recreational Vehicle (RV).
  11. is a website where your ‘friendship’ could be rented.
  12. is a website you can use to list clothes or suits you want to rent.
  13. Riders Share to rent out your motorcycle
  14. ShareGrid to list and rent your camera equipment
  15. SparkPlug is a platform to rent out your musical instruments
  16. SpotHero allows you to rent out parking spaces for money.
  17. to rent out your car



As this article has shown, there are indeed things you can rent out for profit. It proceeded to answer some of the important WHYs and HOW when it comes to renting things out for profit.