If you want to know some of the things to stop buying to save money, you will be surprised with what you will learn from this article.

It reveals 28 surprising things you can stop buying right away, to save money.



As the old expression goes, “the straw that broke the camel’s back” is a perfect metaphor on how we utilize our money and how things add up.

It is not necessarily the large things that we purchase that create financial difficulty, but it is the small things, which add up, and eventually break our financial back.

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Our money is important in our lives.

It is not the ultimate important thing in our life but through our money we are able to meet our ongoing financial obligations, enjoy life a little bit more because we have the resources and, hopefully, save money for our future as well as unexpected things that happened that require emergency funding.

Therefore, as it relates to the small things in life, let us look at items that we can do away with and in the process put that money aside to be better used elsewhere to secure our financial independence.


28 Things to Stop Spending On or Buying to Save Money


1. Lawn Care

A significant way to save money and stop buying is not utilizing a professional lawn care company.

It is true that these companies will provide the cutting of the lawn, trimming the hedges, edging, etc. but, depending upon where you live, could cost you $60 a month.

For $60 a month you could do your own lawn care and get exercise in the process.

Even if you’re not willing to do that you can always hire a willing teenager at a reduced cost.


2. Dining Out

Although dining out is a nice way of relaxing, getting together with the family and not having to cook it certainly can be an expensive outing.

For an average family of four it would likely cost you $50 for the meal plus when you add on a tip, you’re looking at a considerable amount of money.

Even if you only did this on an occasional basis at $50-$60 a month times 12 months you are looking at well over $700 for the year.


3. Newspapers

An expense that most people have eliminated from their budget is a monthly subscription to their local newspaper or a national publication.

If you really need to have a paper in your hand to read the national and local news you could always go to the library and read the newspapers, there at no cost.

In addition, typically the news that you need can be obtained through your favorite Internet news channel.


4. Gym Memberships

Rather than buying a gym membership that may cost around $40 a month for a family pass, why not use that money and invest in equipment at home and get your workout there at your place of residence.

Even if you didn’t want to invest in equipment you could always get your aerobic and cardio exercise by jogging or even walking and doing basic calisthenics within the privacy of your own home.


5. Well-Known Brands

A number of years ago one of the best ways to purchase food was to go to a wholesale food store and actually purchase items that were labeled as generic.

This is still a good way to stop buying well-known brands and save money by buying off-brands or generic items that are just as nutritious as the famous brand names.

A good way to do this is to shop at wholesale stores or go to discount stores that often stock food products that are generic and yet you still get the same nutrition at a better value.


6. Home Improvement Stores

For the do-it-yourselfer or the homeowner, going to a home improvement store is like a kid going to a candy store.

Even if there is something that you weren’t planning on buying or utilizing to improve your home, the allurement of those home improvement items that are stocked can weaken the knees of even the most disciplined individual.

Therefore, it is a good idea to stay away from the do-it-yourself candy store.


7. Cell Phones

In the area of cell phones there are always upgrades that are made available to the cellular phone user.

To entice the individual cell phone companies market the new cellular as being sleeker, added features, battery longevity, more storage space, etc.

The best way to stop buying into these marketing ploys and save money is to stick with your current cell phone and not upgrade which can be additional money added to your pocket.


8. Streaming Services

Many individuals have decided to cut the cable and just enjoy specific streaming services in which their favorite channels are included.

The difficulty of choosing a streaming service is that they offer only one or two of your favorite channels and therefore many individuals end up subscribing to four, five or even six streaming services and ends up paying the same as if they had cable or more.

Therefore, to save money on things that you really don’t need it is best to reevaluate your streaming services and only choose one or two services that you conscientiously utilize.


9. Window Cleaner

Although not a major expense but a way that you can save money is not to buy brand-name window cleaners.

You can invest in a spray dispenser and make up your own window cleaning mixture.

One of the formulas can be the use of just water and perhaps a little bit of vinegar to help with the cleaning process and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

In some instances, just using microfiber cloth and water is sufficient.

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10. Books

If you are an avid reader, there are ways that you can read books without purchasing them.

One specific way is to be a member of your county library and frequent this no fee resource of books that can be read.

In addition, most libraries continually invest in new books that are being published and you can therefore read those books by checking them out through your membership.

Typically, to be a member of a public library just requires proof of residency and your ID.


11. Bottled Water

Many individuals buy bottled water and argue that it tastes better, is purified, and is healthier for you.

This may be true and perhaps you have investigated these claims and are convinced that bottled water is better.

If that is the case, why not buy a water purifier?

With this small investment you can save money through this process, not have to buy bottled water and, if needed, you can use a reusable water bottle filled with this purified water to take with you.


12. Gourmet Coffee

We certainly enjoy our caramel macchiato, mocha lattes, frappuccinos, etc.

Not to be meddling but if you buy one of these gourmet beverages once a day you will be spending upward of $5 to $6 or more per day.

In doing the math this could work out to $150 per month.

Certainly, this figure should give us pause and realize what we could do with that money rather than purchase coffee.


13. Commercial Cleaners

Rather than buying expensive commercial products for cleaning around the house why not mix together common household ingredients already purchased.

For example, the mixing of baking soda and vinegar provides a good cleaning product that can be utilized around the home to clean and in a cost-efficient manner.


14. ATM Fees

ATMs can be extremely convenient.

When you need money all you need to do is walk up to one of these machines, Automated Teller Machine, insert your plastic access card, enter your pass code, indicate how much money you wish to withdrawal from your checking or savings account, and the money will be dispensed.

The problem is that if you use one of these machines that are outside of your network you will be charged a fee.

The fee will not only be for the use of the ATM machine, but a possible fee assessed to your checking or savings account.

These are needless fees and should be done away with.


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15. Electric Air Freshener

Air fresheners will certainly create a nice fragrance for the rooms in which you plug in the electric air freshener.

However, associated with electric air fresheners and the beautiful fragrance they provide is the reality that they have to the replaced and can be expensive plus the fact that it draws on electricity and electricity translates into cost.


16. Lunches

A significant way that an individual can save money is by not eating.

This doesn’t mean that they fast or go without food but do not eat lunches at a restaurant while working during the day.

The reality is that if you eat lunch at a restaurant during the workday this can cost anywhere from $10-$15 for your meal.

It would be better spent packing her lunch and taking that lunch to work.


17. Shaving Cream

A small, but easy way of saving money is by not utilizing shaving cream.

In fact, an easy way to shave is when the man takes his shower, he can use soap rather than shaving cream and take advantage of the hot water as it softens his beard and skin.


18. Extended Warranties

Often, when you as a consumer purchase something nowadays, you are asked if you would like to take advantage of any extended warranties that may be offered.

Although it may sound like a good deal when offered, typically these extended warranties, at an extra charge cost, don’t necessarily cover everything that could go wrong with your purchase.

In addition, and if there are no issues with your product, then the extended warranty is just an added expense that has not provided you with a benefit.


19. Convenience Foods

Some of the little expenditures that can add up to a big price tag are those small foods and snacks that you buy at convenient stores that are sometimes associated with convenience stores.

It’s not necessarily about doing without these tasty snacks but rather buying in larger packages or at a food warehouse store rather than buying the small packages of chips and snacks that are expensive due the mark up to cover the cost of the convenience store.


20. Impulsive Buying

At one time or another you may have found yourself waiting in the checkout line and there as one last ditch effort for the store to sell you items, they will have a number of products displayed there in the checkout line while you are waiting.

Those items could include chocolate bars, playing cards, little gadgets, etc.

The marketing ploy behind this is that you will be tempted to buy these items as you wait for your turn to purchase the items that you have in your cart.

Your willpower will be tested and often we give in.


21. Knick Knacks

When you go shopping at a retail outlet and you have gone there for a specific purpose to buy an item of clothing, a specific tech device, bath ware item, etc. while you are shopping other things catch your eye.

These other items may not necessarily be something that you need but when you come across them you think to yourself that you could utilize that item and it could adorn your home or make your life a little bit easier.

Often these items are known as knickknacks and the purchase of these items, not necessarily on a list, can add up to dollars spent that were not planned and often can be done without.


22. Fantasy Football

Fantasy football may be a lot of fun for the average avid sports fan but can be expensive in the long run.

This is just one other possibility of an item that you could stop buying to save money and save yourself anywhere from $20-$100 and more in some professional membership leagues.


23. Washing Clothes in Hot Water

Often, we associate hot water as being the temperature choice of washing items in order to get them cleaner.

The reality today, especially when washing clothes, is that you can easily wash clothes in coldwater and still obtain the same results of having clean clothes.

This could save you, on average, two dollars or more a month by not using hot water which equates to using electricity as you draw water from your electric hot water heater.


24. Drinking Alcohol Out

Many individuals enjoy a night out and choices of where they may go to enjoy this special outing can include a restaurant or simply going to a bar.

Needless to say, when you enjoy a mixed drink as part of your meal or just enjoying unwinding with friends the drinking of a cocktail can be expensive.

In fact, for the cost of two drinks you might just be able to buy an entire bottle of your favorite alcohol.


25. Photo Albums

An expense that has gone the way of the dinosaur due to digital photography and storing of photographs on various computers and mobile devices is the purchase of printing photos and inserting them in a photo album.

It seems that with the ease and storage of photos, along with backing up these precious photographs, that the use of photographic prints and albums is an expense that can be eliminated.


26. Paper Calendars

Many individuals, as part of their time management discipline would purchase paper calendars or pocket calendars that they could carry with them.

With the various apps that are now available and having your calendar conveniently located on your smart phone, it seems that the use and purchase a paper calendars can be eliminated as a way of saving money.


27. On Credit

Certainly, a major way to stop buying or spending money needlessly can be through your credit card and specifically carrying outstanding balances.

This is a complete waste of money and in paying interest on outstanding balances is less money that you have in your pocket and more money that the card companies can add to their profit margin.


28. Premium Gas

When you pull up to the gas station the shock alone of how much it costs for a gallon of gasoline is enough to compel you to cut down on your driving.

In addition, it is important that of the three choices (regular, premium or diesel gas), that you have when pulling up to a gasoline pump, you can disregard the purchase of premium gas.

Not only is premium gas more expensive but you will find by thumbing through your owner’s manual that it provides little to no benefit when being utilized in your automobile and also a variety of tests have proven this to be a reality as well.

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Personal Story

When I was in debt, a book that dropped into my lap was about indebtedness and ways to get out of debt.

It was a practical narrative that not only discussed the ways that we think about money, and how we get ourselves into trouble financially, but offered a number of practical ways to get out from underneath the burden of indebtedness.

One of the practical suggestions that I followed faithfully and was very enlightening was to keep a financial log.

Instructions from the author was to, over a period of time, keep a written log of all of your expenditures by writing down the date, where the purchase was made, the amount, and so forth.

At the end of the month, you were to review your log sheet and see in black and white where all of your money went.

The exercise proved to be very enlightening as all of the little expenses (bag of chips, candy bar, coffee, etc.) were added up, which proved to be a significant amount of money that could have been better utilized in other ways.

The financial log proved to be a reflection of things that I could do without and save money.


Stuff to Stop Buying to Save Money FAQs


What is a Good Tip on How to Be More Aware of Spontaneous Spending?

A possible good tip for being more aware would be to keep an expenditure log.

An expenditure log is a writing down of each item that you spend money on and then review it frequently to see what your spending habits are and what your money is being spent on.

Once that has been accomplished it is then up to you on how you want to utilize that information that you have captured about your spending.


Is It Okay to Use a Credit Card for Purchases?

The use of a credit card has its advantages in that if you have a good reward’s program the purchases that you make can earn you rewards monetarily or through gifts and is dependent upon the card’s terms of agreement.

The downside of using a credit card for your purchases is if you don’t pay off your monthly balance then you will accrue interest based upon the percentage that your credit card company charges.


You Can Do It

Often the purchases that are made that may seem small or insignificant at the time can add up to quite a bit of savings for the individual during the course of a month.

These purchases can also be known as compulsive buying and, often, are made without thinking.

Therefore, if wishing to save money and eliminate some if not all of these little purchases it is important to be intentional and always go shopping with a list.



$5 here, $3 there and as much as $10 to $20 for other purchases can certainly add up.

If wishing to eliminate some of these purchases, it starts with being more aware or intentional use of your money.

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