Yes, there are things to sell at school to make easy money!

This article reveals some of these things you or anyone can sell at school to bring in some extra easy money.


Why Sell Things at School?

Why not, right? Especially since you can make money easily!

You see, schools top the list of prominent business viable environments. You’re sure to enjoy optimum patronage if you get your research right.

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Part of the research is knowing things to sell at school, and categories of people to sell them to.

Knowing this isn’t rocket science. Thankfully reading this article will help a great deal as it  contains all that you need to know about selling things at school, including things to sell, factors to consider, and your eligibility for selling at school.


Who Can Sell Things at School?

Schools are a regulated environment with rules and conduct codes guiding them.

As such it’s not everyone that can sell at school.

The categories of people that are most eligible to sell at school are students, lecturers/teachers (as a side hustle), and individuals permitted by the management of the school.

If you fall into any of these categories, below are the factors you should consider before choosing what to sell at school.


Factors That Determine What to Sell At School

Knowing things to sell is dependent on several factors, the most essential of which includes:

Type of School

The type of school determines the type of products.

Things in high demand at universities or colleges might not be relevant for high school students or lower.

As such knowing the type of school helps make the correct decision.



Are you great at selling Products or Services?

Knowing what you know how to market best determines the type of products to sell.

If you’re the type that sells products satisfactorily, rendering paid services isn’t the best option for you.



Considering the cost and affordability of your potential audience (which are mostly students) is another important factor to consider when choosing things to sell at school.



As a student, you should ensure you’re selling a product or service that won’t jeopardize allotted time for your academics.

Also, for school staff or other sellers. It is vital to ensure that the product you decide to sell doesn’t hinder you from carrying out your primary duties.

For this article, we would take the school to be college or university, and our list will be more pertinent to that environment.


20 Things to Sell At School to Make Easy Money (Products & Services)

Things to sell can either be products or services.

Below are some of the products that can attract a high level of patronage at school:


1. Food Items

As long as humans need to feed, food items will remain top of the things to sell on school lists.

Students feed heavily, especially on junks. This makes food-related products a go-to thing to sell at school.

Some of the food items that can be sold include junks like cup noodles, waffles, toasts, pizza, etc.


2. Drinks & Beverages

Closely related to selling food-related products is selling drinks and beverages.

Coffee and Energy drinks attract a high patronage level for various reasons.

This is a good option for things to sell, considering that the cost of purchase isn’t high, it’s not time-demanding, and a larger percentage of the school population takes either coffee or other drinks daily.

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3. Pads for Girls

So far there are females at school, there’s a market for pads.

Most girls are always shy about going to the store to get a pad, and they prefer patronizing someone close by that can deliver it to their dorm.

By ensuring that you sell quality pads at affordable prices, you can win the heart of many female students and be their trusted vendor for pads supply.


4. Body Care Products

Here’s another utility product we all can do without.

Bathing soaps, deodorants, hair and body cream, toothpaste, and brush, are some of the necessary body care products everyone must-have.

You can never go wrong with selling this at school.

The need for these products is daily, which implies that there’s high demand and constant patronage for them.

This makes them an excellent choice of things to sell at school.

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5. Homework

This is a product that looks more like a service.

If you can write essays, provide solutions to class assignments, and do mini-class projects on behalf of other students, you’ll surely earn enough to pay your bills.

This is another thing you can sell at school.


6. Notes, Study Guides, and Solutions to Old tests

These are also things that can be sold at school.

The solution to old tests and class notes is always life saving for students willing to have good grades.

These commodities are always in high demand, especially at schools where competition for high grades is intense.

Therefore, they are one of the essential things you can sell at school to make money.

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7. Stationery

There’s learning without needed stationery, which may vary across a wide range of things including pen, pencils, drawing sets, gums, notepads, etc.

They are also part of the important things that can be sold at school.

The need for stationery is certain, and you can be sure of daily patronage, irrespective of the type of school it is — high school, college, university, etc.

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8. Streaming Accounts

Movies and music is the most explored method of relaxing by students.

You can make a profit from buying Netflix family packages and other streaming platforms, and renting them out at an affordable but profitable rate.


9. Clothing

Customized hoodies, designer t-shirts, Jeans, cargo pants, and other clothing types are things that generate high patronage at schools.

Every student wants to appear good based on his budget, having clothing items to sell for every student is one way to earn from selling at school.


Things to Sell At School


10. Sneakers & Shoes

Who adorns the body alone without the feet?

Nobody, I guess.

Sneakers and shoes are complementary products to clothing, they can also be sold at schools.

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11. Wallpaper & Stickers

Students love to adorn their room with wallpapers of their favorite musicians, footballers, idols, (celebrities in general).

This makes wallpapers one of the fast-selling products you can consider selling at school.

No student wants a room that looks rid of life and color, and wallpapers help them do the trick.

The same thing applies to stickers that help add beauty to personal items like laptops, phones, notepads, etc.

Selling awesome stickers is quite profitable, convenient, and doesn’t take up much space.

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12. Tickets

Tickets for shows, events, raffle draws, etc. are another example of things you can sell at school.

Students spend most of their free weekends either at the movies or their favorite musical concert.

Selling or Reselling tickets for these events at a profitable rate is another means of earning.


13. Gadgets

Technology makes the world easier, most especially it makes learning faster.

Students’ need for varying gadgets to explore the benefits of technology to the fullest is high.

As such, gadgets like phones, systems, earbuds, headphones, etc are things that can be sold at school.

Not only do they attract a high level of patronage, but they also have a high-profit margin, making them one of the best things to sell at school.


14. Makeup/Skincare Products

Here’s another thing you can sell at school.

Except when rushing for an impromptu test or trying to avoid being late to class, girls do not step out not caring about their looks or skin.

They use these products to enhance the beauty and charm, and ensure they look kept, either to class or an event.

This sums up why having these products is a necessity for some of them.

So, what happens when there’s a need/market for a product?

You supply them of course!

Hence, makeup products are one of the things to sell at school.

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15. Clothing Accessories

Exploring the fashion line is a wise decision when it comes to things to sell at school.

Apart from the necessities, the next thing students spend on is how they appear and look.

This makes the demand for clothing accessories and jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings, wristwatches, chains, and so on rampant at schools.

By selling these product types, level of patronage won’t be your problem, you’ll only bother about your supply meeting the demands for the products.


16. Sports Accessories

The sports terrain is another business viable sector to explore when it comes to what to sell at schools.

A lot of sporting activities going on in school, and students always need to train on their own.

This provides marketing opportunities for sporting accessories like bats, balls, helmets, racquets, bibs, and so on.


17. Books

You don’t sell water to the sea, but you can sell it to those at the seaside. If that quote makes sense to you, then the idea of selling books at school will do too.

Books of different kinds can be sold at school, ranging from textbooks, novels, journals, magazines, guides, DIY manuals, etc.

The most advantageous thing about selling books is that they can be in either hardcopy or softcopy format depending on your customer’s preference.

Most students, especially females, like novels, and supplying them with things they’re interested in is an efficient way to earn.

So, books (of different kinds) are also things you can sell at school.


These are lists of some of the Products you can sell at school. To complete the list, we look into three of the top services you can equally sell, making up a complete list of 20 unique things you can sell at school.


Below are the services you can sell:


18. Photography

Even with the advent of various smartphones, the patronage level of photography isn’t diminishing as predicted.

Photographers are always there to cover events and capture beautiful memories.

This makes the service a lucrative thing to sell at school.

Rendering your photography service at school exposes you to varying levels of patronage and helps you meet your needs.

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19. Cleaning Services

Most students rarely have time to take up their cleaning chores on their own, due to their tight academic schedules, or other reasons that make them unable to.

You can render cleaning services for such students, in exchange for the appropriate remuneration.

Cleaning services range from cleaning the room, shoes, clothes (laundry) amongst others.

It is a very lucrative service to render, and one of the most profitable things to sell at school.


20. Repairing Services

Gadgets and appliances wear out and get spoiled most times.

Fixing it rather than replacing it is the most economical option for most individuals.

These provide you with a market opportunity.

By rendering repair services for either phones, laptops, home appliances, and other gadgets, you can experience a high patronage level, and also earn from it.

This makes it one of the top services you can sell at school.

Taxi services are also an example of the best things you can sell, and services you can render at school to make money.


Things You shouldn’t Sell at School

Just like there are things you can sell at schools (which you should be quite familiar with by now), there are also things you shouldn’t consider selling at school.

They include:



Everything that has been labeled contrabands on the school’s established law shouldn’t be sold within the school’s jurisdiction.

Contrabands are banned for a reason (mostly due to adverse effects) and you should abide by the rules.


Illicit Drugs

These drugs are harmful to the health and have undesirable effects on users.

It is essential to ensure that at any point in time, you do not consider selling them, either consciously or unconsciously.

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You should follow the laid down guidelines and rules associated with sales of this product at school.

If it’s not allowed, abstain.

If it’s restricted to certain hours and age groups, ensure you don’t break these rules.


Toxic Substances

Poisons and other toxic chemicals are things that shouldn’t be found being sold at schools, irrespective of the use associated with them.



Now that you know the 20 things you can sell at school, things that you shouldn’t consider selling, and factors responsible for choosing what to sell at school, I believe you’re ready to start your entrepreneurship journey at your school.

Whether you’re a student looking to make extra bucks, apart from your monthly upkeep, or you belong to other categories of people looking to make extra cash from selling at school, this article is sure to guide you towards making a great choice.

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