There are many things kids can make and sell for good money, online and offline.

This article looks at some of the best of them, for kids to sell and make money.

If you are a kid or you have a kid who wants to make money online, then consider reading the rest of this article for tips on creating some things for sale.

There are many things that kids can make and sell online and offline. The rest of this article reveals some of these things:


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15 Best Selling Things Kids Can Make and Sell


1. Apps

Kids can develop apps and sell online.

And no, it’s not just experienced coders who make apps for money. Even kids can make apps that can be sold online.

Kids can use some coding skills and experience to create apps that can be used by individuals and groups.

Creating fun apps is one of the best ways that kids can make money online.

They can sell the apps through popular digital stores like Google Play and App Stores.

When these apps attract a lot of downloads and high ratings, it becomes easier for the developers to make money.

They can sell in-app purchases or attract brand sponsorships as ways of making huge money from the apps.

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2. Art/Décor

Kids who are creative with artwork can make money from it. They can create unique works of art like paintings, photographs, wall hangings, etc.

Lovers of artwork will pay any amount to get a fine art they can use to decorate their homes.

So, by creating selling artwork, kids can make money online and offline.

They can sell online through popular art sites like Craigslist, Etsy, eBay, and Artfire, etc.

Offline, they can sell directly to people through word of mouth.

They can also sell their works at exhibitions and studios.

Most kids can sell their Art/Décor to established artists.

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3. Games

Most kids love playing video games in the past times.

For kids with coding skills, they can develop their games to sell.

Aside from creating games from the scratch, some kids can play and stream their games to make money from popular game streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

One of the most interesting things about creating games is that you don’t need a lot of coding or programming knowledge to begin.

You can make your own game using some multiplayer gaming platforms like Robblox.

This platform has its creator program which you can use to develop a fun game of your choice.

Apart from selling your games online, you can stream them and make money from tournaments, tutorial sales, and adverts from sponsors.

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4. Cupcake & Cake Decorating

If you love baking cakes, then you can make a cupcake and decorate different cake types for sale.

People always love sweet edible things like cupcakes and if you fancy yourself making the best types of cupcakes then you can go ahead and make them.

People around you may be your first customers.

If any of your friends are celebrating any events or going for an outdoor picnic, offer to make them cupcakes or decorate their birthday cakes.

Kids can improve their baking skills by understudying professional bakers and participating in various online baking and cake decoration courses.

Kids can sell their items online and offline.

Just make sure you create delicious cupcakes and do promotions in your school, at home, in your neighborhood, via your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, and other online cake selling platforms.


5. Doormats

Kids can create doormats and make money. These are mats placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering.

They can be made of braided materials. Some people make wooden floor mats with light woods.

Doormats are unique and they can be sold at online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, eBay, Shopify, and other online marketplaces.

It would interest you to know that handmade doormats are also popular during garage sales.

So, kids can create doormats to make money online and offline.


5. Plants

Kids who love growing plants and gardening can make money with the plants they have grown.

They can grow and sell these plants at the farmer’s market. Or, they can sell to people who needed plants for their nursery and landscapes.

Kids can also be contracted by neighbors to plant a seed and grow it for them.

Yes, this can be one of the easy ways to make money within one’s neighborhood for sure.

Some plants sell well these days, and they include roots and vegetables used by those who prefer organic foods.


Things Kids Can Make and Sell


6. Homemade Jewelry

One of the best things that kids can create and sell today is handmade or homemade jewelry.

The kid can use different materials like beads, corals, metal, stones, crystal, leather, polymer clay beads, and more.

If you have a penchant for making handmade jewelry as a kid, then this is an opportunity for you to make selling them.

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Making jewelry and selling them for good money takes a lot of time, creativity, skill, and effort.

Examples of jewelry you can make to earn money these days include a locket necklace, cufflinks, ear cuffs, Viking bracelets, Buddha Bracelet, Double pearl earrings, and so on.

You can sell online and offline. The many options you have to sell your handmade jewelry include craft fairs, Etsy, and other online places.

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7. Lemonade and Homemade Drinks

Kids can make and sell lemonade offline. Lemonade is a sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice.

This drink is popular for its health benefits. You can start making lemonades in hot weather and attract customers.

You can make a stand near the school and sell during break time.

Kids that crave to run their own business can start making money selling lemonade.

They can place their stand at a strategic location in the school or on the street.

They just need to get their product, pricing, promotion, and place right.


8. Music

Kids who are talented in singing, making songs, and playing musical instruments can make music to promote and sell online and offline.

They can create songs and publish them on platforms where they attract buyers.

Most people use platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud to promote their new songs and music.

Also, they can use many other online platforms where music is promoted.

To make good money with music, the kids must show extreme knowledge and talent.

You can also promote and sell your music by tutoring others online.


9. Natural Cosmetics

You can make money as a kid if you produce natural cosmetics and beauty products.

These days people are turning to natural and organic cosmetics.

They can use natural products and ingredients instead of chemicals and preservatives that cause harm to the body.

If you have the skill of making beauty products, then consider selling natural skin care products online and offline.

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10. Paper bags

Paper bags are used to package foods like burgers or pizza.

Brown papers can be used to wrap different types of foods and light items. Some are made with handles while others are not.

Paper bags can also be printed with custom colors and logos of brands.

Kids can start doing paper bags and set the rate they want.

Paper bag ideas can be seen online and offline.


11. Photography

Kids can take photographs and sell them for good money.

You can use your digital camera and smartphone to take personal or group photos of people at their homes, at events, or outdoors.

You can sell both digital and non-digital photos and make good money.

You can start taking photos today and make money online.


12. Printed Merchandise

You can make money as a kid if you create custom merchandise with some online platforms.

You can sell the printed merchandise.

A lot of items can be printed upon and to make money. These include T-shirts, mugs, home furnishings, water bottles, and so on.

You can use Printify and other Print-on-demand platforms to create custom merchandise that you can sell.

The platform allows you to add custom texts, pictures, or logos to the items you make. You can make a profit margin on each product you sell.


13. Books

If you are a kid with a creative mind then you can write and self-publish books to make money.

You can write a book that entertains, instructs, informs, or educate readers. It could be fictional and non-fictional stuff.

If your story inspires many people then you will have many people paying or subscribing to your book.

The good thing is that you can use platforms like Amazon to do self-publishing of your books.

You can also take advantage of many online marketplaces to sell your books.

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14. Stickers

Kids can make money from stickers. Yes, they can make hand stickers, laptop stickers, door stickers, and so on.

You can search online for how to make stickers.

With a circuit machine, sticker printing paper, and simple design software like Circuit Design Space or Canva, you can get started to make stickers.

Some companies can contract you to make customized stickers for you.


15. Soap

Soap making is a venture that kids can perform to make money.

Handmade soaps can be made with the right ingredients.

They are provided to make your skin and beauty safe and glow.

Kids can learn soap making from their parents, their teachers at school, or from many online videos.

You can make soaps and set your prize. On average, soaps are retailed for between $5 and $25+.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible for kids to make money as there are things they can make and sell.

This article revealed some of these things and how most kids can get started making and selling things, online and offline.

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