The Top 5 Marketing And Conversion Lessons I Have Learned From Donald Trump.



Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has always been successful at generating headlines. Whether you agree or disagree with him, there’s no denying that his candidacy has been a powerful force in the race and has commanded a great deal of media attention.

No matter what happens in the presidential polls, Donald Trump is a winner in the constant battle for public attention.

Here are a few marketing lessons from Donald Trump that any online marketer can emulate:

1.  Be Bold

Donald Trump is known for being a less than savory person. I think the apprentice did a good job of showing how much of a disagreeable person he could be. Nothing has changed during this presidential campaign. Donald Trump is saying what he wants to who he wants and he really doesn’t seem affected by what other people think of him. Sometimes it may sound like the filter between his brain and his mouth is broken, but you cannot disagree he is saying many things that his target audience want to hear.

    So, how can you be bold like Donald Trump?

  • Always say what you want to say
  • Always stand up for what you want
  • Do not give excuses for your actions
  • Don’t give weight to the opinion of others
  • Don’t give weight to the opinion of others
  • Don’t let people control you


2.  Be Yourself (regardless of what your critics say)

This is very similar as Be bold in the case of Donald Trump. Part of this is because Donald Trump has a very bold personality. Donald Trump is not straying away from the personality that people have come to expect from him because he is planning on being the leader of the United States of America. He is being himself.

Do you know how You really are?

    Here are some tips to help You keep in touch with You:

  • Get in touch with your inner child
  • Become more aware of your thoughts
  • Follow your intuition


3.  Go where you are celebrated (not where you are tolerated)

There is no denying that Donald Trump has been filling the seats where he is speaking. The Donald Trump haters are going out of their way to prevent people from attending his rallies and the seats still fill up. This is because Donald Trump is going to locations where he knows that people want to hear him.

If you have a great following of fans on twitter, share your content with them. Don’t try to find a new audience on Facebook just because every marketer and there mother are getting results there. Be present in the place that people know and love you.

4.  Be polarizing

If you bring up the name Donald Trump in conversation you will get one of two people. They either love him or they hate him. You will very rarely find a person who is in the middle. Donald Trump has found a way to get people on either end of the spectrum. It makes it much easier to go where you are celebrated when you know that your fans are really fans and not just kinda fans.

If someone doesn’t like your brand, so what. Don’t waste your time trying to get them to like you, move on and forget them. Keep the haters away and celebrate the people that love your brand. In anything you do there will be people who hate you. That is good, keep doing what you are doing because you are striking emotion.

5.  Know your Audience

Donald Trump doesn’t care if you love him or hate him. He’s playing to a very select crowd of voters who believe in his message and who want to support him. There’s something about Trump’s tough-talking “I don’t care what the experts think” attitude that appeals to Republican primary voters. Donald Trump is giving voice to feelings that are widely shared in that political party.

In the same way, your brand doesn’t have to appeal to “everyone.” Know your target market and speak to their concerns in a relevant way.

Whether you’re voting for Trump or not, there’s no denying that he’s a fascinating one-of-a-kind figure in American politics and business. There is no denying that Donald Trump can market himself, you don’t have to become Donald Trump to learn from him.


  1. Hi Adam,
    Sure, you made a nice point here: “you don’t have to become Donald Trump before learning from him”. He does his campaigns in a manner which either craves for love of hate.

    Personally, I love his bold personality. This is a trait that can help just about any leader or marketer to make informed decision decisively.

    I have been a follower of Donald Trump from The Apprentice days and I admire how he took difficult decisions to “hire” and “fire” the apprentice.

    Indeed, there are lots to learn from him whether we are polarized by love or hate. He is still a force to be reckoned with in the presidential campaign. All thanks to his unwavering personality!

  2. Hi Adam,
    For me, Donald Trump is an enigma in the American Presidential election campaign. He represents a change that is difficult for many embrace.
    The traits of boldness and uniqueness are admirable and this makes him stand out.

    Marketers can learn from these traits and at the same time ensure that their target audiences have reason(s) to follow.

    Thanks for sharing this piece. It truly makes sense and marketers must come to terms with the Trump factor as a conversion phenomenon!
    Sunday William recently posted…What Exit Strategy Do You Have in Place For Your Online Business?My Profile

    • Hello Sunday,

      I think that Donald Trump’s traits of boldness and uniqueness are so admirable with marketers because those are the toughest for them to recreate. It is difficult as a learner to be bold because the results go against what you are intending on doing.

      “If I’m that bold people won’t like me”

      Because if people don’t like you they won’t buy your widget, and that is what you really want, right?

      But, being bold and standing for something is what really drives people to a leader. They want someone who will stand for something and not get pushed over by the conventional wisdom of the rest of the crowd.

      Thank you for commenting.
      Adam D. Mason recently posted…Marketing Vs. Prospecting – What is better for your online business?My Profile

  3. Its basically two great lessons to be learned from the Trump campaign – self confidence and target recognition.

    Trump is bold because he is confidence and marketers need this to stand out.

    Trump has self recognition for his target audience because he doesn’t want to ignore those those who are going to reward him 😉 Its a good comparison and compilation of conversion lessons!

    • Hello Celine,

      The thing that I notice with marketers is they have a very hard time sending their message to the audience that is going to reward them. We see this all the time with people who think that marketing on a new social media platform is going to solve all of their problems. They end up ignoring those people who have been following them on Facebook or Twitter or whatever platform they abandoned to learn the latest and greatest shiny object.

      It is one of those “No Duh” tips but marketers seem to get it wrong os often.

      Thank you for the great insight.
      Adam D. Mason recently posted…Marketing Vs. Prospecting – What is better for your online business?My Profile

  4. It’s funny. This is really “american”. In most other parts of the world people don’t like it if you are as bold as Trump. We (for example people from Europe) care more about if something is true than how loud and nasty you talk. Also when it comes to adults we prefer people who do not talk like third graders.

    I also have to strongly disagree with the first phrase here “Love him or hate him”… Trump reached a point with his hateful rhetoric where there is no more justification for loving him.

    And a final question: Do you really want to learn anything from a scam artist like Trump? I think there are enough other successful people you can learn from, you don’t have to go down the Trump road.

    • Hello Dani,

      Your comment really proves the point that Donald Trump is polarizing. I can tell that you hate him and that is okay. There are many people who feel just as strongly as you but love Donald Trump.

      I honestly do not think that Donald Trump is a scam artist. That is really the wrong kind of phrasing in an industry like ours. Donald Trump built up a fortune buying and selling property. Donald Trump made a great fortune through real estate, and he has recently become a famous personality. I do not see the scam in that.

      Thank you for giving us an outside opinion.
      Adam D. Mason recently posted…Marketing Vs. Prospecting – What is better for your online business?My Profile

      • There is no doubt that Trump is polarizing. The same way it would be polarizing if someone would publish a racist article here on kingged. That does not make it right…

        Have you heard of “Trump University”? The so called university he created that does not have the right to call itself a university? That business that is being sued by many ex students… This is clearly a scam. Or am I wrong?

        Also, I do not hate Trump. I don’t care about him. But I worry about how the world could look like if a lunatic like him becomes president of the most powerful country in the world. That is way I speak up and try to show who this guy really is.

        • Well how’s the world looking to you now,Dani? Good luck with your efforts to save it from lunatics! I hope terrorist are also on your “to do” list. Don’t know about your country but we had a little problem here recently…

          Look, the lesson of Donald Trump is an outsider is breaking into the political class and taking fire from both parties as a result. Instead of a power hungry politician running the most powerful country in the world why not a successful businessman?

          We’re here to learn success, right? We’re not guilty of discrimination against someone just because they are rich are we?

          Another lesson I get from Trump is not being a doormat and if that’s controversial, so be it. So your “european” viewpoint is fine Dani but American’s do prefer Bold to weak.

          Why shouldn’t my country have a secure border, dare I say a Wall? I lock my doors at night.Do my social betters?

          America is still the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. It has laws culture and history. Opportunity is what one side represents Entitlement is what the other side preaches.

          and I don’t think euros have an exclusive on truth either.

          Marketing lessons, life lessons all kinds of lessons to be learned from what this article has brought up,so thanks Adam. This was all meant as a defense of my beliefs not an attack. Ready for constructive criticism.

  5. Hi Adam,

    To be Decisive & Bold is a personality trait that is quite refreshing to me. Not many people can say what’s on their mind without fear. A dominant person like Donald Trump can often be misunderstand by others as being impulsive.

    But he is not so….It’s the honesty, the Action,and Passion. These are all the criteria for great Marketing Plan.

    Donald Trump has all these marketable personality trait roll in one package. I guess that’s why he keeps on converting…oops Conversion lessons over and over again!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Patrice M Foster recently posted…Struggles Life Makes Stronger PersonMy Profile

  6. Hello Adam,

    I don’t feel one has to be nasty to be bold or speak the truth. I don’t think Donald speaks the truth when he speaks. Also, insulting people is not a good character trait in a leader. You have to treat people the way you want to be treated. Just saying anything just to get people’s attention is not good. You don’t have to be nasty or play dirty to get results. That is my opinion.
    Maketta recently posted…How To Save Money In Your Internet Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • Hello Maketta,

      I absolutely agree with you about not needing to be nasty. I don’t believe in being disrespectful, especially not for the sake of attention.

      I think that some of what Donald Trump is saying is the kind of thing that a lot of his political following wants to hear. That is gross and disgusting, but it is also the same kind of dribble I see on Facebook and Twitter and especially on the news.

      I also think that being nasty and playing dirty is par for the course in American politics, but I really know nothing of politics, so I will leave it at that.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Adam D. Mason recently posted…Marketing Vs. Prospecting – What is better for your online business?My Profile

  7. These are good insights. I mean I have heard them before but putting them in the context of Donald Trump’s campaign for Presidency really emphasizes just how effective they can be…as long as you know your audience…otherwise it could spell disaster.

  8. Hey Adam,

    Love this post. There’s a lot to learn from Trump. He’s doing very well for himself and that’s not by mistake. I intend to read The Art Of The Deal soon, but these lessons absolutely resonate with me.

    I like that you said to be polarizing, too. This is unconventional advice but it’s true. Ben Settle does this all the time. He mentions Howard Stern and says that the people who hate him listen more to him than those who love him. Ha!

    TRUMP is a brand. You can hate it or love it, but you can’t ignore it. He knows his audience and targets them with sniper precision.

    Thanks for sharing this, Adam. Hope you’re having a great week!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…Do You Leverage These Swiping Secrets To Make Your Web Copy More Effective?My Profile

  9. Hi Adam!

    I loved your post here man! 😀

    I actually like Donald Trump – because of his boldness and fearless attitude. He does say a lot of non-sense but that is just how he is and he is not afraid of being who he truly is and wants to be!

    I really like the points you made in number 2.

    This is what EVERYONE should do.

    – Get in touch with your inner child
    – Become more aware of your thoughts
    – Follow your intuition

    We all really are Kids at heart.

    Most are just trying too hard to play the Adult Role!

    And actually, because you forget you are a kid at heart, you always have been and always will be – is one of the reasons you age bad.

    Have you ever noticed those who you might say “act childish” in life (in a healthy way, of course) – tend to look younger than their age. And are most likely to age a lot slower than those who are the opposite.

    I have noticed this everywhere! …

    I don’t think many people really pay close attention to others way of living life.

    Rising your level of consciousness, loving your inner child, and just being fearless to follow your gut (intuition/heart) – can help you become successful in anything you want!

    Let me rephrase that …… this WILL help you become successful in anything you want.

    There is a lot we can definitely learn from Donald Trump – he is a character with strong energy and you can not – not notice him! LOL 😀

    You know what, I really believe he says everything he has been saying only to get as much attention as he can – so he can win easily.

    He is really doing and saying whatever the heck helps him!

    I seriously do not think he really means everything he is saying. My intuition is telling me something else about Donald Trump that most people are not really awaken to see. If you know what I mean! 🙂

    Anyways, great post, Adam!

    Thank you for sharing your point of views here and your lessons!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!My Profile