The Importance Of Tone When Guest Blogging


Over the last few years, there were quite a few articles that spoke about the death of guest blogging and earning links at other people’s and company’s blogs. Once the hype wore out, and the smoke cleared, we were left with a different kind of reality – one where guest blogging still gets the job done.

If done properly, that is.

The New Guest Blogging

Before we get to the importance of tone in guest blogging, I feel I should say a thing or two about the “new” guest blogging, i.e. the kind of guest blogging that produces quality over quantity and that will not be smitten down the first time Google people take a better look at their algorithms.

This kind of guest blogging requires hard work, real connections with people and producing content that will not be just a 500-word rehash of something someone wrote a billion times already.

I like to think that this article of mine is a good example of what this “new” guest blogging is about – finding an already fantastic blog on a certain subject, working long and hard on finding a novel idea for an article and writing an article that would be of interest to the readers of the blog, but also other types of readers.

Or maybe I am overestimating what I had done here.

Basically, it comes down to respect. You respect the people you reach out to, you respect their readers and you respect yourself.

This will help you build real relationships and everything else will come naturally.

The Interpersonal Tone

Online communication etiquette is still in its infancy and we can all agree that people are all over the place when we are talking tone, approach and even spelling. Some people are overly polite to the point that they sound like automated emails while others think all online communication should be done in emojis and gifs.


If you want to be a successful guest blogger, you will want to hit the right tone when talking to people. This is perhaps best explained with a few examples.

For instance, you want to contribute an article on cybersecurity for a website where only experts in the field come to share their insights. These are all (for the most part) very serious people who do very serious work and who take this particular website very seriously. You do not open your first email with Yo, guyz!

You acknowledge their expertise and how they see their website. You find a respectful tone.

Conversely, if you are looking to contribute to a fashion/video game blog run by a hyper 16-old girl, you will be keeping things as simple and conversational as possible. If you are not 16 or around that age, you will also not force being cool and whatnot.

The Tone of Writing

All of the aforementioned can be translated to your writing. This time, however, you also have the readers to think about. All websites have their own readers and they know what to expect on such a website. There are plenty of websites where super-smart and educated people contribute on some very serious subjects, but which are still fun and even funny.

All websites have their own tone, or perhaps more tones than one (in the case where there are more regular contributors). Still, by spending half an hour reading their stuff, you will get the hang of it.

Of course, this does not mean you should not give your own flavor to the content you are contributing. You should never neuter your writing just because it might be slightly different from what usually gets published on the website. If the owner or the editor feels like your writing might be somewhat too different, they will tell you. Then, you will compromise.

Still, the tone is something you will probably not miss if you are at all careful and considerate.

The best way to approach this is to talk to the editors and the blog owners beforehand and see what they have to say about this. They will gladly share their expectations and some great examples. They want your content to be great too.

Closing Word

In the end, it all comes down to being respectful to people and not rushing things. Spend some time with the blog you intend to write for; read some articles; read comments.

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  1. Hello Elvis

    Great post !

    I think it’s very important to know the niche and the requirement of a blog or certain blogs before you even agree to guest blog for them. I’m sure noone wants subpar content written on their blog just because the guest blogger wanted that valuable backlink.

    I believe you should always voice your opinion but with the right tone and in a respectful way. It’s always good to bring some real world advice and value but with the correct tone.

    Thanks for sharing and have a super weekend.

    darrellantonio recently posted…51 Things to do that Will Make Your Website SoarMy Profile

  2. Hi Elvis,

    thanks for sharing this post, I found it very useful!

    I’ve never did guest blogging yet, but I’m getting such offers from time to time. It seems to me as a great amount of work that needs to be done apart from just writing a post. Exploring its style, tone of voice, audience, etc. is the only way to the successful guest blogging.

    Your post was very useful for me, thanks!
    Krystsina recently posted…The 7 Best Small Business BooksMy Profile

  3. Hi Elvis,

    Guest blogging is a strategy that demands continuous personality. It becomes important to establish clear-cut tone in the voice that is used.

    Understanding the domineering tone of the guest blog is important so that writing in alliance with the needs of the audience would become easier.

    Well, thanks for reminding us of the need for voice of tone in guest blogging!

  4. Hi Elvis,

    I completely buy into your closing remarks:

    “In the end, it all comes down to being respectful to people and not rushing things. Spend some time with the blog you intend to write for; read some articles; read comments.”

    This will surely help in creating guest post with admirable tone of voice to increase credibility!

  5. When guest posting, I believe that the blog should have a voice. This is important in the sense that he would be seen as authentic and credible.

    While its not easy creating a writing tone of voice for guest blogs overnight, it becomes paramount that prior research is made to know what the target audience wants.

    This post is a reminder of doing the needful when it comes to guest blogging and I will bookmark for future reference!

  6. Hey Elvis,

    Knowing what the blog is about in it’s entirety and what audience it’s directed to is very important.

    You want to make it a win/win/win situation where the blog owners wins, you win and the audience wins. Other than that, no one benefits.

    Whenever I’ve done guest posts, I made sure that I knew what the blog was about and I gave the blog owner the rough draft usually about a week before publishing just to make sure it falls within their criteria.

    Thanks for the share!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Thrive Content Builder Review: Best Drag And Drop Website BuilderMy Profile

  7. Hi Elvis,

    I have learned that the best way to pass your message across and to make your audience understand you better is to speak in their language.

    The tone and manner you approach your audience can either make or break the relationship.

    People deserve respect, and we need also to respect ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing, Elvis.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…The Truth About Blogging For Money – Why Passion is an Obsolete Advice In 2017My Profile

  8. Every website has its own tone. This must never be ignored. Following the tone of guest blogging audience will make the writer get the needed results.

    At least, the audience is going to enjoy full benefits if their voice is heard by the writer.

    Yes, taking time to read and comment on guest blogs will give one clue of the audience of that blog really wants.

  9. Hi Elvis,

    Indeed, if we must take advantage of the benefits of guest blogging then understand the tone of the audience becomes crucial.

    After all, what would be the point of guest blogging with results if we don’t know the mind of the audience?

    Thanks for sharing this piece. It reveals the most important thing to consider before delving into guest blogging. Tone is very important!

  10. Indeed, it’s important to understudy the blog of interest to ensure that what the guest proposes to offer matches up.
    I am not so sure how much lead guest posting brings the way of the original creator but every opportunity is worth exploring especially if it’s a post where the readers are responsive thereby creating room to interact with them in the comments.

    Great piece.
    Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha recently posted…What’s Your Blogging Purpose?My Profile

  11. Hi Elvis,

    Such wonderful tips!

    Reminding ourselves that it’s all about being human is key, I feel, something that’s easy to forget in business and marketing and the effort to achieve results.

    But, indeed, results are a consequences of connecting to people at a deeper level.

    Guest posting is a charming activity for that reason – and it’s why it’s such a powerful marketing (and portfolio-building, for writers) asset.

    I truly appreciated JDBurbank’s post and I’ll make sure to let him know. 😉

    Luana Spinetti recently posted…Google Penalized You? Here Are 6 Traffic Alternatives So You Don’t Have to Come Back (Ever)My Profile

  12. Hi Elvis,

    Great words, my friend. Tone is definitely a big deal, and it should come natural to someone that’s interested in contributing to a site. If the tone is much different, the interested party is more likely interested in leaving a commercial link or two and scaring your visitors away. Some things are just common sense, you know?… A person should already be familiar with the tone of a site before approaching the team. Once again, great words, Elvis. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…How Blogging Can Help Your Marketing EffortsMy Profile

  13. Hi Elvis,

    I have been reading a lot about copywriting lately as I know it is essential to making money online. Most material I read or listen to talks about knowing your audience and writing accordingly.

    If it is so important in writing a salesletter it makes sense that you should write in a certain tone for blog readers too!

    They talk about imagining a person you actually know that fits the typical reader and writing to that person.

    I like how you mention too that you can talk to the blog owner about who his/her typical reader is. They can give you a lot of information and you can cater your writing style to gear specifically for their readers.

    Awesome article my friend! Look forward to getting to know you here at Kingged.

    Take care,


  14. Hi Elvis

    Quality takes more time and consideration but I think it is well worth the effort spent. A quality post in which the writer has taken the time to understand his/her audience and produced content that is interesting, insightful and beneficial is great not just for the readers but also brings satisfaction to the author too.

    I think the move towards quality also reflects that I as a writer value myself and my time.

    Thanks for your post Elvis

  15. Hello Elvis,

    Very good read. Tone of writing is very important, and largely determines your niche, or your audience. Sometimes coming off to serious can be a little boring. Adding in some humor lets the reader know you’re a real person too, and makes them feel a lot more comfortable.

    I would like to get more into guest posting.

    Thanks for the Share