The First Step For Internet Marketing Success



There is one thing that you must do in order to reach the top, no matter where you are in your Internet marketing career.

If you never do this one thing, you will never reach your true potential in your Internet business.

Now if you find yourself asking questions like,​

What do I have to do to make it in Internet Marketing?

What do I have to do get to the top?

What is the secret?

What is the one thing that I must do to be number one?

Then you will benefit from taking this first step.​

I started my career in Internet marketing back in 2010. My first company was Carbon Copy Pro. I was very thrilled with what I was learning and I thought that the leadership was top notch. But, things happened and they folded.

From there I jumped around.

I followed a few leaders from Carbon Copy Pro to other companies like it, then I tried my hand somewhere else. To this day I have only joined 4 companies, which is pretty low, but still enough to make me feel like I was chasing a shiny object.

That idea that I needed to jump companies and find a better leader who cares about me or a company that pays better was always in the back of my mind. ​

But, I also was’t really too worried about where I hung my hat because I was working for the Postal Service. Which may account for my low number of jumps.

I was in a job that, unless I really screwed up, (like really, really, really screwed up) I was going to get paid every two weeks. I had, for the longest time, in the back of my mind a pretty comfortable place to fall if things did not work out in my Internet business.

That meant that I never did that one thing that was required to actually move my business forward.

And it showed.

My Internet business was nothing more than a hobby for the longest time.

I would go on a training call and I would think about what I learned, I might write something about that call, or I might even give the strategy a try.

But, I never made a decision to really work on my Internet business.

That’s it. The big secret.

Told best by Eric Worre.

“Make a decision. A real decision that you’re not gonna look right, you’re not gonna look left, you’re looking straight forward. There is no retreat. There are no other options. You’re going to the top. You’re gonna go to the top of the mountain. They’re gonna see you waving from the top of the mountain or dead on the side of the road on the path to that summit because you’re not coming back. That that moment when you burn your bridges, that moment when you eliminate all your escape plans and all your Plan Bs and Plan Cs and Plan Ds. The thing that gets in the way of most of your success in network marketing is you have too many other options.”

No matter how I try to sum it up, Eric’s words convey the message best.

Now in his Video Eric says that he was forced to make this decision because he had no place else to go. You may be in that same situation. You may not.

You see, this secret is not so secret. I heard it many times before. I’ve read it in many books. I’ve heard it from the mouths of leaders on many training calls, and I’m sure you have too.

You may think you made a decision, but if you find that a bad call or a team member moving on can make you falter, then you have not truly made a decision.

Nothing will be able to move you, nothing will keep you from reaching the top of the mountain when you finally make a decision.

There are no excuses. If there is someone in your company who has made it to the top, than you can too. There is nothing wrong with the product, there is nothing wrong with the compensation plan. The only thing wrong is your decision.

Make the decision to be a Professional in your Internet Marketing business.