The Blind Blogger’s 2nd Book “It’s Not the Cookie It’s the Bag” Is Finally Here


Hurray! my second book It’s Not the Cookie It’s the Bag is finished.


After months of hard work its finally here. The book I started writing during last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is now available for sale. Now, I move on to the equally hard work of promoting the book. But before I do that I do want to take a few minutes and just enjoy the moment.

For right now I want to remind myself how special it is that I completed my second novel. For a guy who never thought he would write a book this is a pleasant surprise to me. Even more surprising is that I have found I enjoy writing so much. I enjoy it to the point that I think I already have the title for my next book.

Thanking My Team

And I want to thank two very special ladies without whom this book wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it is. I did all the writing, but as a totally blind computer user; I have no way of knowing if my submission will be visually appealing. And when selling anything online you really have to grab people’s attention quickly.

Lorraine Reguly

First I want to thank Lorraine Reguly of

She is not only a talented editor and writer in her own right, she is also a great friend. She worked hard on turning my words into a more coherent book. She tamed my manuscript into a real live honest to goodness book that would look right at home on any book store or library shelf.

She also worked with the creator of the cover art to get the image just right. And this is no mean feat because she was working with a client who couldn’t give her direct feedback on the various cover ideas.

She also did the formatting and submitting to Selz, Amazon, and Create Space. And for those of you who haven’t experienced this process each website has a different submission process with very different submission guide lines.

Brenda No Last Name

And I need to thank Brenda from

She cheerfully made the seemingly endless changes that were needed to get the image just right.

And then she adjusted the image for submission to the different sites. And she also had to adjust the image for create space a few times to be in sync with changes to the length of the document we were submitting.

Celebrating My Way

You know I believe in celebrating every success. I wish I could tell you I threw a big crazy party, but that isn’t my style. But maybe I will go a little wild when I get the first printed copy in my hands.

I told my friends and family that I finished my second book. I went on social media and shared the news there too. I sent out an email to my mailing list.

Last saturday morning I sat on my bed in my pajamas and ate a bowl of cereal while watching cartoons on boom-a-rang. It wasn’t Cap’n Crunch or Lucky Charms, but it was pretty good.

And before starting work on this post I enjoyed a really good cup of coffee while listening to some of my favorite old time radio shows on my sirius xm radio.

Now, it’s time to get to work. It’s time to write this post, ask for book reviews, and send pitch emails to hosts of podcasts, radio shows, and TV programs. With your help I know that this book can help lots of people live more productive happier lives and allow me to add best selling author to my list of credits.

To make it easier for you to help me Lorraine has created this book promotion section.


Promo Info for It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag

Book Blurb for It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag: An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Weight Loss Success

Everyone knows that changing your lifestyle is not easy.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to keep it off, you need an action plan you can follow. The thing is… it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, simple, and easy!

In It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag, blind man Maxwell Ivey Jr shares the ups and downs of his weight loss — and weight maintenance — journey to good health. He also reveals the exact methods he uses in his day-to-day life to achieve and maintain his phenomenal success.

Going from 512 pounds to a 250-pound, lean, mean machine in just two years, Max tells you how YOU can replicate his success and become the person you want to be… the person you were meant to be… the person you deserve to be… one small step at a time.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Use Max’s methods to become healthy and happy for the rest of your life!

After all, if a blind man can do this, why can’t you?


Book Excerpt #1:

In this book, I will share the secrets of my weight loss. I will teach you how you can achieve the same results I did. I will be brutally honest with you about everything, too. The best part? You do not have to have gastric surgery in order to see results!

Book Excerpt #2

Atrue story that Max shares in his book about his dedication and commitment to getting healthy.

This leads me to a great story I want to share with you.

When I was first starting on my road to better health, I didn’t have any exercise equipment.

I was still traveling with my uncle’s carnival, part-time. One night, we were at a Christmas Lights festival in Lake Jackson, Texas, and my nephew, Seth, went to a church rummage sale that was part of the festival.

I don’t know if he bought it for me or for himself or just because it was something he could afford, but he bought an exercise bike for five bucks.

It was one of those old-style, torturer models with the small hard seat that very few people can ride without using a towel or a pillow on it. (I know you’ve seen them! Some of you have probably even used one!)

Well, Seth brought it home and set it outside our house on the sidewalk that runs between our house and the garage.

I live near Houston, Texas, so we don’t generally have harsh winters. However, where the bike was situated was where the wind would blow right at you.

I used that awful bike in that cold and wind. I rode it in the hot summer sun. I rode it during the day, and when the mosquitoes were biting at night.

I never missed a day.


Purchase Links for It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag

Buy It on Selz

(Note that I will receive a higher royalty amount if you purchase the book through Selz as they pay 95% to the author. Amazon and CreateSpace pay much less than this!)

And this doesn’t mean you can’t buy it on Selz and still visit Amazon to post a five star review. 😉To help with that here is the link to my Amazon author profile page.

Buy On Amazon

Create Space for print copies

Autographed Copies

If you live in the U S or Canada, you can order an autographed copy for $49.95.

If you live elsewhere, then please email me for a quote.

I should mention that there is no way for me to autograph the copy on the Create Space website. This means I have to order the book sent to me and then mail it out to you after I have signed it. That means in addition to having to get someone to help me with the processing I have to pay shipping twice.

I’m not complaining, just thought you were entitled to know about the process.

How You Can Help

I do need your help to make this second book an even bigger success than the first. And here are some ways you can do that.

Buy It For Yourself

Naturally, if you need to lose weight and get healthier, then you could of course buy a copy. In addition to suggestions about diet and exercise there are also chapters on meditation, affirmations, building your support system, and staying positive. These chapters would apply even if you are already physically healthy.

Give It As A Gift

If you know someone who has tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and keep it off; then you could purchase a copy for that friend or family member. But if you do that it might be better to have it sent to you and then offer to let the friend or family member read it now that you ar through with it.

Having been the fat person I can understand the hurt feelings that can come from when someone buys you a diet book or exercise equipment as a present. So my suggestion above would make it more likely that they see the offer positively.

Review It On Your Blog

If you have a blog focused on fitness, good health, weight loss, or the mind body spirit approach to a successful life; then I would appreciate your reviewing the book on your site. Naturally, I will provide you with a review copy of the book. I will also send you the cover art as well as my before and after photos so you can include them in your post.

I would be happy to answer questions if you feel they will help the post. I want this to be a good thing for both of us.

Interview Me

If you have a podcast, radio show, or a show on youtube or network television; I would love to be interviewed about the book and my life in general. I am a very open, honest, authentic, interview. No subject is off limits. I love having a friendly, thoughtful, wide ranging conversation that gives me the opportunity to inspire and motivate your audience.

To make it easier on the host I will not only send you my current book but I will also send you my first one Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light, a Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success.

I’m making that offer because my life lends itself to appearances on a wide variety of shows. I can talk just as easily about starting up a business and creating a blog as I can about modern meditation and how I lost the weight and how I am keeping it off. And every appearance is an opportunity to share my story, build my brand, and promote my work.

And I have been encouraged by the fact that several show hosts have already asked me back for a second interview to discuss the new book and what I’ve been doing since I was on their show.

Share On Social Media

If you don’t have a blog, podcast, or radio or TV show; you can still help. I know you have friends and family. You have social media network communities. So, you could help by sharing the links above with the people you know.

You can also help by continuing to support and encourage me online. That is a very valuable service you do for me all the time.


And if you don’t want to buy the book for yourself or someone you know; and you aren’t able to support by blogging or sharing the links online; then you could always help out by making a contribution to my work.

It won’t be tax deductible, but it will be greatly appreciated and help me to continue sharing my message of taking action and not letting excuses keep you from accomplishing your dreams, achieving your goals, and becoming the person you were meant to be.

If you have any questions about any of this, then just write and ask. I love meeting new people and making new friends. You never know where these new friendships will lead you. And you don’t have to have a reason to say hello.

I like to say that if you want to know anything about Max, JUST ASk

And I do hope you know just how much I appreciate your continued love, attention, and support. I know you have lots of demands on your time and have many choices for how you get your information, entertainment, and inspiration. I’m really honored that you choose to spend some time with me and on me. I really couldn’t do this without you.

Until next time thanks so much and take care out there, Max


  1. Hey Max,

    Congratulations again for your second book “Its not the Cookie, its the bag” What an amazing title for a weight loss novel.

    I am using this opportunity to wish you unending success in the promotion of this book as well!

    Keep it up and keep motivating your readers! 😉
    Sunday William recently posted…Why Is It Difficult For Newbies To Make Money Online?My Profile

    • Hi Sunday;

      Thanks for the generous complement. I am happy to continue to inspire and motivate people. I am hopeful that this book wil help even more people than my first one and be more financially rewarding too. I have sent out a lot of emails and made a lot of social media posts encouraging people to review my book and help promote it.

      So far, I’ve gotten two new reviews this week and they were both on my first book Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light. I am hoping that activity on amazon has value regardless of which of my books they are looking at.

      I also wish amazon’s dashboard was more accessible to blind users so I could at least find out if people are looking at my books or buying them.

      Thanks again,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

  2. Hi Max,

    From this post, one does not only get review of your book, one will also learn of the basic processes involved in publishing and promotion a written book.

    All of the steps you have taken are revealing to me. They will inspire me to write a book as well! I sure want to write a book and this post has given me the inspiration to go ahead 🙂

    Thanks for this wonderful piece!

  3. Hi Maxwell,

    I will definitely spread the word about this awesome book on Weight loss. At least, this is a niche that people will never get tired of learning from.

    You did a wonderful job by having the zeal to complete the task. This is discipline at its peak.

    You are an encouragement to many and its exciting to also learn you already have plans for your next book!

    • Hi Carl;

      Thanks for your kind words. I do my best. It helps to know I have people watching and hoping for my success. And I always love hearing that I have encouraged, inspired, motivated, uplifted, etc. I notice that your latest post is about kingged coaching. I haven’t read it yet, but I’d love any posts on coaching.

      While my story is inspiring, and people seem to love reading about my progress; I’m still not turning interest into income like I would like to be. I have recently been getting much more interest in coaching coaches on using podcasts radio shows and other online media to share their story promote their books and other products and build their brand.

      Feel free to message me your email so we can get to know each other better.

      Many blessings,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

  4. Hey Max,

    I like the fact that this book is not all about diet and weight loss.

    The other chapters on meditation, affirmations, building your support system, and staying positive should be helpful to readers who want to sustain the balance of the spirit, mind, and body.

    I think its worth reading!

    • Hi Steven;

      I’m glad you noticed that it is more than about diet and exercise. I don’t see it as a weight loss book but as a book about living a balanced healthy life. I use a total mind body spirit approach in my own life, so that’s what I put into the book.

      I would be happy to send you a copy to review and share on social media. Just message me your email address.

      Not that I’m in the same league, but if wayne dyer can give away books; then who would I be to not do the same. And you may know someone you can suggest the book to after having read it completely. I’m encouraged by the number of comments this post is getting.

      Thanks again,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

  5. Hello Max,

    I have never seen someone with so much passion online like you! The effort you put online is amazing, and I am not flattering to say that you inspire me with your passion!

    Keep the hope alive and you would be continuously be rewarded for you effort.

    Weight loss is a big issue for many and its exciting to have a book that covers so much details on it.

    I wish you better success in the sales and promotion of “Its not the Cookie, its the Bag”!

    • Hi James;

      Thanks for this wonderful comment. The positive energy you are sending me is greatly appreciated. And its not easy to know if how you feel is coming through in words on the page or especially on the internet. So, thanks for letting me know.

      Passion is something I do have. And I put it all out there. I am the guy that people see online. I do hope as you do that this book is very successful, helping a lot of people, and making lots of sales. And if you have any connections to people who host talk shows please forward them this post.

      Message me your email so I can send you a review copy and you can know the book even better and be a stronger advocate for it.

      Take care my new friend,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

  6. Hi Max,

    I just want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you! Your determination and commitment to write a second book is impressive!

    Its a kind of book that is relevant both for the physically fit and the not too healthy folks out there.

    Beginning with weight loss, one can go the extra mile with the ideas shared to remain health in body and mind!

  7. Hi Maxwell,

    You took time to share your personal experience of how you published your second book.

    Its a good one and I love the simplicity you have exhibited in the discussion.

    One thing I know for sure is that many of your readers with the intention of writing and publishing a book would borrow a leaf from your experience.

    One of my best takeaways from this post is the mention of different publishing requirement for Amazon, CreateSpace and Selz. The information is helpful so that writers can be acquainted with what these various platforms demand.

    • Hi Black;

      Thanks for the comment. I didn’t realize I had shared so much about the publishing process. 🙂

      Yes every online sales site has different requirements for text formatting and image submissions. While we haven’t submitted to ibooks, smash words, or barns and noble; they too have their own submission guide lines quirks.

      And in addition being a blind computer user many of their submission forms are not usable by a blind person. I am waiting on my friend Anna Banguiland to finish with the recording of my first book so I can submit it to audible and iTunes as an audio book.

      So, thanks for giving me a reminder to write about that process too once it is complete.

      Take care,

      maxwell ivey recently posted…my 2nd book it’s not the cookie it’s the bag is finally hereMy Profile

  8. Hi Maxwell,

    As others have said in the comments here, your story is very inspiring.

    Most of us are giving excuses after another, even though we can see, but here you are, blind but still pursuing your dreams and even achieving what most will never achieve.

    You have inspired me beyond words!

  9. Hey Maxwell,

    Congrats on your book. Since the release of your book, I hope its had plenty of success. It’s always great to read about weight loss books to help motivate others out there that struggle.

    I think anyone that’s needing a boost of confident to lose weight would benefit tremendously from this book. The success stories are always encouraging to hear about.

    Hope the book is still doing well!