The Blind Blogger has his first in studio TV interview


Hello again;

This is the latest post in my live on the inside series. This is where I share podcast, radio show, and now thankfully TV interviews.

Lets Be Honest

Now, I feel the need for some honesty here. I don’t generally believe that any one interview or experience is better than another. To me they are all special.

But I’d be lying if I told you this one wasn’t special. For heavens sake it was my first time in an honest to goodness TV studio. And my words will be going out over cable channels all over New York City. So, this was a big deal, and I hope you will help me celebrate this important milestone.

This one is also special because of how I got the TV interview. Its a good story with a great lesson. Its also a good reminder for me.

Would You Like A Cinnamon Roll?

When I think about my experience with Laurie Lawson, I’m reminded of a local fast food chain called what-a-burger.

They used to sell these little cinnamon rolls there. When you would come up to the drive through, they would always ask you if you wanted one.

Back then I was still working in the family carnival and traveling lots of miles with my dad as we moved the rides from one town to the next. We would often stop for coffee for him and milk or a soda for me. Just about every time they asked us that question, we got a cinnamon roll. Sometimes we even had them put butter on it.

Asking For More

The reason I mention this is probably obvious to marketing experts or to anyone who knows me very well. The point is if you don’t ask, you don’t get what you want and need. And quite often the most difficult time for people to make an ask is after they have already received something.

They think I don’t want to appear greedy. They are so thankful for getting what they needed, they don’t even think to ask for more. And sometimes they don’t even realize or try to find out if there is something additional they should be asking for.

As many of you know I’m not shy about asking for the things I want. I send out a lot of pitch emails primarily to hosts of podcasts and radio shows. And I had Pitched Laurie Lawson of <a href=“”>Coach Chat Radio.</a>

She agreed that I had a great story and invited me on her show. We scheduled a time and date. And back in February of 2016 we had a great conversation.

You can <a href=“”>listen to it here. </a>

After the show was over, I got the email from Laurie thanking me for coming on her show and including the link where people could listen to our conversation.

In her email I noticed her signature. For some reason I read all the way to the bottom. And I noticed that in addition to the radio show Laurie also hosts a Tv show.

So, when I wrote back to thank her for having me on; I asked about coming on her Tv show as well. She told me that her other show <a href=””>The Coaching Game, </a> was an in studio show. She did offer to have me on it if I was ever in New York City.

You Never Know

I figured you never know where life will take you. I copied her information and put it in a special folder on my laptop for interview opportunities where I would have to meet the host in person.

I didn’t have any definite plans to travel at that point. I knew I wanted to get away from behind my laptop and meet more people face to face. Obviously, this was before I had even heard about <a href=””>The Amtrak Writer in Residence program.</a> And I had no way of knowing I would be going off to the big apple later that year.

Booking The Interview

When I did find out I was going, one of the first emails I sent was to Laurie asking her if we could schedule that interview she had mentioned.

She got back to me immediately. I think she was almost as excited about it as I was. She did explain that I would have to wait a few weeks to find out what day they would be recording in the studio. I would eventually find out that we were to meet on December 27th.

Laurie met me at a coffee shop called the Olympic Flame where I had gone for breakfast. And I had to tell her about how a total stranger had just bought me breakfast. We walked over to the studio.

Preparing For The Show

When we got there, she explained everything as it was happening. She got me water, and explained the format of the show. She put me at ease and confirmed that I wouldn’t have to worry about the camera.

She told me just to look straight ahead when making a point or to turn kind of sideways and look at her like you would when having a conversation with a friend. Once we got rolling, I didn’t even think about the camera or the microphone.

Laurie did have a bit of a concern about her show’s usual format. On the Coaching Game she usually uses flash cards. But we muddled through. I’m sure it helped that I’m not one for quick easy answers.

Then the interview began and it was too good friends talking about coaching and sharing advice with the audience. Although you don’t really think about them during the taping.

Laurie gave me a great introduction and put me at ease right away. We went over my background and then went on to some of my approach to life. She mentioned that I was always trying new things and had sent her a video of my singing on the train to New York City.

The Four Questions

I really appreciate how she emphasized my four questions approach. She realized that I had made a point that was more important than I realized it was. And she took the time to repeat it in her own words more slowly.

You will have to watch the video to find out just what the four questions are and how they can help you go after those big goals and dreams in your life.

We joked about what to call my method. Since then, I have taken to calling it my four questions and I couldn’t thank Laurie enough for helping me realize just how valuable this method could be to clients and potential clients.

Once again, it took someone on the outside to make me appreciate how special something I did could be for others. Just like when friends had to convince me that my life and my willingness to overcome daily obstacles makes me an inspiration.

The interview lasts about 30 minutes, but it doesn’t go live until Valentine’s day. That day will also be the fifth anniversary of my first weigh in at <a href=””>Texas Laparoscopic Consultants.</a>

Watch Live

Even if you don’t live in the New York City area, you can <a href=””>watch it live over the internet at 8:30 EDT.</a>

It will then be available on several cable networks throughout the New York area.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait that long. She realizes that most people won’t be able to watch the interview live. She also understands just how hard it is to wait to share with your friends, family, and following.

She posts them on youtube and allows you to share them. Many of you have already seen this link by now, but I promised to write a post by the time the show goes live. I do my best to be a man of my word.

Watch our inspiring chat below


When I decided on New York City for my destination, I did so in hopes of gaining more media exposure and possibly even getting my first national interview. In spite of all my efforts to come to the attention of Good Morning America, the Today Show, Howard Stern, etc; it didn’t happen.

Thankfully, I got something even better. I got to sit down with a real person who I actually knew. I had a 30 minute interview where I got to share so many great pieces of advice with my friend Laurie and her audience. And I learned once again that just because something is new doesn’t mean it will be any more difficult.

I have done over a hundred podcast and radio show interviews. I wasn’t really nervous about doing Tv. I was actually excited and looking forward to the experience.

I had fun, and the time went by all to quickly. But then that’s because I have learned to be mindful. Mindful is a word that means you focus on what you are doing right now and tune out everything else.

I do remember mentioning to Laurie that I was disappointed my New York City trip hadn’t lead to more major interviews. She replied by saying just wait after this interview comes out you won’t have to chase them. I appreciate her positive thoughts and encouragement. And this statement is in line with something several people have been sharing with me lately. That being I need to pray more and promote less.

I hope Laurie knows how much I appreciate her, her show, and her giving me this great opportunity.

Meet Laurie

Laurie’s philosophy

Coaching is life-changing business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it.

About Laurie

She is a Certified Empowerment Coach, a Professional Credentialed Coach, a Certified EQ Mentor, a Mentor Coach for iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), President of the Board of the International Coach Federation in New York City, Executive Producer of Coach World TV, Creator/Host of Coach Chat Radio, a previous member of the ICF Global Membership & Community Committee, and a current member of the ICF Global Ethics and Standards Committee.

She facilitated a workshop at the 15th International ICF Conference in Texas, participated in Fitness Magazine’s “You Can Do It Challenge” as a Life Coach on their Panel of Experts, and appeared on ABC’s Business Week Weekend television show.

She is also a Writer/Reviewer for Electronic Link Journey, a published author, a US distributor for Points of You, The Coaching Game, and in her spare time, she dabbles in numerology.

Favorite Quote

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There’s no such thing as life in-between.”
Pat Riley

Connect with Laurie

Website: <a href=””></a>

Phone: 212-629-0699

email: <a href=””></a>

Face Book: <a href=””></a>

Twitter: <a href=””></a>

Sharing Is Caring

To me every interview is special. They are each another step towards my ultimate goals. But if its possible this one is just a little more special because its another first for me.

So, lets really get the word out there. Please share the link to the TV interview with all your friends, family, coworkers, and social media networks. Perhaps like me you will message the link to people so they can have it on their phones where they can replay it or pass it on.

I hope you will decide to visit Laurie’s website. You should follow her on face book and twitter and subscribe to her email updates for news about future shows.

But most of all let her know that she is appreciated. Make sure she understands just how much this means to me and my followers. Because as I always say the best way for me to show my thanks is to put buts in the seats and or faces behind the screens.

Thanks for continuing to support and encourage me. I really couldn’t do this without you. And I wouldn’t be as far along on my journey as I am without knowing you are all watching and being inspired by me.

No Longer Bothered By Being Called An Inspiration

Oh yes, I need to address a comment I made in this interview. Or maybe I made it in reply to a comment somewhere. I no longer mind being called an inspiration. There is just one rule. If you are going to say I have inspired you, then you have to say what I encouraged you to do or what you will do in the next 48 hours.

Inspiration and motivation without action and effort is meaningless. Quite often my progress came more from just tackling the next job in front of me rather than having some burning passion to do something big.

I hope to hear from you soon. Until next time thanks and take care out there, Max


  1. Hi Max,

    I am glad to learn of your new milestone in Studio TV interview. I congratulate you sincerely for it.

    Indeed, when we ask for more we get more, and this goes to show the power of consistency in whatever we do.

    Your relationship with Laurie Lawson is worth emulating. She is ready to assist when there is potential.

  2. Hi Maxwell,
    I love that quote from Pat Riley “There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There’s no such thing as life in-between.” It reminds me of the need to make that decision to be or not to be.

    Being on a TV show is a milestone worth celebrating. I celebrate with you. Congratulations on this Interview with Laurie Lawson.

  3. Hi Maxwell,

    Its pretty cool reading about how you went ahead to do your first TV interview. I agree that this must be too special because it is your first.

    With so many individuals wanting to their message in similar platform, I think reading this would be an “inspiration” 😉

    I agree with you that “Inspiration and motivation without action and effort is meaningless”

    So, I guess following your consistent action and doing the needful to being recognized by many talk hosts out there like Laurie Lawson will just be an inspiration on its own!

    • Hi Celine; Thanks for the kind words. I never used to think of myself as inspirational. I have had to learn that there are too many people who don’t show up in their own lives so that people like me who do their best to live every day are inspirations. I agree there are lots of people who also want exposure on tv, radio, and podcasts. Some will put in the work, and others will quit because they don’t find success quickly enough. I feel like every opportunity is special. Its only by appreciating them and being in the moment that we can be the person we are meant to be. SO, I hope you do whatever it is you do with all your heart and celebrate every special moment of your journey along the way. Blessings, Max
      maxwell ivey recently posted…Live on the inside with Laurie Lawson my first in studio TV interviewMy Profile

  4. Hi Maxwell,

    Laurie Lawson doesn’t ring a bell but I am glad I got to know her after reading your post.
    It is inspiring to learn of your progress from being a radio show interviewee to a TV show Interviewee. I am sure many would want that transition.
    I am going to follow Laurie on social media and share every positive that your blog and experience has brought to the fore!

    • Thanks James; I’m always happy to hear I have inspired people especially if I can hear something they did after seeing or hearing me. And I am especially happy about your deciding to connect with laurie and share her work. I honestly believe that being a good guest means doing whatever I can to put faces behind the screens. Blessings, Max

  5. Hi Maxwell,

    I think that the steps you have taken was a huge one. Many of your followers would readily be inspired for your decision not to give up.

    Obviously you have made a strong connection and impression on Laurie Lawson, and it is not surprising that she hosted you on the Show.

    I guess we should learn to get inspired with this method!

  6. Hi Max,

    This excerpt just about make my day reading this piece

    Thankfully, I got something even better. I got to sit down with a real person who I actually knew. I had a 30 minute interview where I got to share so many great pieces of advice with my friend Laurie and her audience. And I learned once again that just because something is new doesn’t mean it will be any more difficult.

    Its a great takeaway for me. Truly!

    • Hi Sarah; I’m glad you got such an important piece of advice or information to take away from watching. And thanks for spending your valuable time listening to me and Laurie. And we do often convince ourselves things are harder or more scary because they are different or because we are appearing in front of a larger audience. Even more people get side tracked by wishing for something and then getting a blessing that is amazing but not exactly what they were wishing for. I didn’t get to do the major national shows, but even if I had been invited on one of those; how much time would I have had. What would the hosts have known about me. Would they have taken the time to slow me down and reenforce the four questions. We all know the answers are no. So, I’m going to keep showing up and having fun and sharing my stories and message. Hope you will do the same my new friend, Max
      maxwell ivey recently posted…Live on the inside with Laurie Lawson my first in studio TV interviewMy Profile