Yes, you can get good telemarketing jobs from home that pay very well – talk about working from the comfort of your home and getting paid!

This article reveals some of the best such jobs and sources to find them.


Importance of Telemarketing Jobs From Home

The phone rings and you look down at your display to see who is calling.

The display may reflect someone in your contact app, and you have the option of taking the call or sending it to voicemail.

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The other option, as reflected on your display, states an unknown caller or someone reaching out to you from another state or city within your state of residence.

You have the choice of accepting the call or rejecting someone’s efforts in reaching out to you.

Marketing and sales is a critical component in reaching out to potential new customers to talk about the company’s product.

In fact, sales and marketing are the lifeblood of a company’s existence and financial stability.

For most of us, we were taught not to be rude.

When that telemarketer calls, we don’t necessarily hang up right away or come across as belligerent.

Normally, if we take the call, we will get a grasp of what the call is about and then politely decline their offer.

Perhaps, to get a better perspective of who a telemarketer is and what their occupational role is a quick call to a telemarketer may be indicated.


Personal Story

We decided to do a telemarketing campaign around Thanksgiving time.

However, rather than asking individuals to donate to our worthy cause, we decided to have our not-for-profit advisory board call our donors to thank them for their generosity and their ongoing support.

It was always interesting to get feedback from those that participated in this event that when the individual picked up the phone the tone of their voice reflected annoyance and it seemed that they already had formulated the word no to respond to the caller.

However, as soon as we indicated who we were and why we were calling, the tone of their voice changed, and you could tell that there was genuine surprise that someone was calling and not asking for something, but hearing thank you.


What Is a Telemarketer?

Telemarketers are those individuals who can use their voices and people skills to enthusiastically and cheerfully engage individuals whom they are calling via the phone.

Telemarketers were once restricted to call centers where they would sit at one of many phones which comprised a phone bank.

With advanced technology today, often the phone calls utilize a robocalling system which helps to generate more phone calls in the hopes that someone at the other end of the line will pick up and engage the telemarketer in a conversation.


What Does It Take to Do Telemarketing Job at Home?

To be a telemarketer takes a unique skill set.

When they call, telemarketers are generally ignored.

If the individual does answer the phone, they may be confronted with a resident who is belligerent and may indicate to the telemarketer that they don’t appreciate the call.

Sometimes the individual who answers the call may be rude and indicate that they don’t appreciate the call and or just simply hang up.

Being a telemarketer is not for the faint of heart.

They must remain professional, in control, and polite at all times during the interaction with the potential customer.


Purpose of Telemarketer

Telemarketing is basically a tried and proven means of interacting with potential customers to not only make a sale but also to create a potential customer or lead.

When a telemarketer speaks to someone, they are representing a company or a brand that is trying to share with the individual what their product can do for them.

The telemarketer adheres to a script and is able to respond through a written narrative that anticipates a number of questions that may be asked.

The telemarketer simply sticks with that script and shares with the customer the answer to any potential questions or concerns raised.


Education and Experience Required to Be a Telemarketer Working From Home

To be a telemarketer requires that the individual have excellent social skills, remain detached if confronted, have good communication skills, a pleasant voice, and a cheerful disposition.

To be a telemarketer, does not require a higher education degree but as always, experience is a plus if they have performed in this area of service before.

Even though the telemarketer may be involved in cold calling, the telemarketing firm will not just sit the individual down in front of a computer with a script and have them go to work.

There will be training involved that will take in a wide variety of scenarios and how the telemarketer should respond.


Outbound Telemarketing Job From Home

The telemarketing position can be reduced to two specific areas.

The first area would be defined as outbound or when the telemarketer makes the calls to an individual or home.

This is often referred to as cold calling and is an opportunity to gain potential customers.

The success rate is low but given the dynamics of making a cold call, it is within an acceptable percentage if a telemarketer can get a few leads from the numerous calls that are made.

The telemarketing industry indicates that it takes on an average eight cold call attempts to obtain one positive prospect.

If this percentage is multiplied by the average of calls made by a telemarketer in a day, 300 to 500 calls, this would equate to 37 to 62 positive leads in a day.


Inbound Telemarketing Job From Home

The other aspect of telemarketing is defined as inbound calls.

The dynamics of an inbound call is that the customer calls the telemarketer or sales rep.

Their purpose in calling is to make an inquiry about a product or to place an order.

The role of the telemarketer is not to sell something but to provide information about the product or take down a request for an order.

The role of a telemarketer on the inbound aspect of a phone call is to provide friendly customer service, work towards resolution and accommodate, as much as possible, the wishes of the customer.


Home Setup

Many telemarketing firms today are allowing their telemarketers to fulfill their roles and job responsibilities from their homes.

To ensure that the home area is accommodating to performing their job function, they should be able to access a place of quiet and with no interruptions.

Also, it is important to have the right tools.

An individual should have a good and reliable high-speed Internet connection, a good to excellent computer, and a set of headphones that cannot only listen to the caller but that has a microphone attached so that the individual can have their hands free to better serve the customer.


Types of Telemarketing Jobs


Call Center Representative

In the overall role of a telemarketer, there are a variety of telemarketing subsets that may be available for the individual.

One of those subsets within the telemarketing job description is a call center representative.

An individual involved with this aspect of telemarketing is there to handle a significant number of calls from customers who are looking for help regarding a product that they may have purchased or are thinking about purchasing.

Also, as part of their role, they may be needed or called upon to respond through emails or a “chat” opportunity.


Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a telemarketer whose role is to deal directly with customers.

Their job description would entail answering questions, resolving issues, and addressing any concerns that the customer may have.


Telephone Survey Interviewer

Another role within the telemarketing industry is a telephone survey interviewer.

As the name implies, this individual calls customers to get their input and feedback on a variety of topics.

Some of those topics could include their buying habits, views that they may wish to share about the political scene, their customer satisfaction, etc.


10 Best Companies Offering Telemarketing Jobs Working From Home


1. Blue Zebra 

This telemarketing company has been around since 1989 and is a favorite with telemarketers due to its very competitive wage scale.

Being a telemarketer with Blue Zebra can net the individual anywhere from $15-$25 per hour.

Click here to check out Blue Zebra


2. Alorica at Home 

Is a telemarketing cop company that allows its employees to operate out of their homes.

Their locations include a presence in the United States, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

This particular company’s area of expertise is working with healthcare companies

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Requirements include the individual needing to provide customer service through a chatting platform or through the phone.

Telemarketers with this company are required to work a minimum of 10 hours a week and can earn a minimum of $10 per hour.

Click here to check out Alorica at Home


3. LiveOps 

Live Ops is a telemarketing company that allows its marketers to work from home.

The role of the telemarketer is not only to receive calls but to make calls.

Their focus is on selling insurance, managing claims, dealing with healthcare matters, and offering roadside assistance to subscribers.

The typical pay working with this company is calculated at $.25 per minute

Joining this company requires a background check and the individual must be at least 18 years old, and live within the United States.

Click here to check out LiveOps


Telemarketing Jobs from Home


4. NexRep 

This company hires inbound telemarketers and allows their employees to work from home.

The representatives earn roughly $15 an hour but based on performance can earn up to $25 per hour.

Availability of telemarketers can be over a 24 hour period 7 days a week.

The individual must commit to at least working two hours at a time.

The telemarketer with this company is classified as an independent contractor and therefore must file as self-employed.

Click here to check out NexRep


5. Working Solutions 

Working Solutions offers a variety of services such as customer care, office support, and the continuation of business operations.

A telemarketer working for this company can choose their own working hours and can work one or more programs in concert with the other.

Telemarketers can earn anywhere from $9-$30 an hour and is dependent upon the work that is performed.

Applicants must live in the United States or Canada with the exception of the states of California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Click here to check out Working Solutions


6. VIP Desk 

Having been in operation since 2014 and working with a variety of well-known brands, VIP Desk telemarketers are known as brand ambassadors.

Their primary role is to provide customer support.

These brand ambassadors can earn an hourly wage ranging anywhere from $9-$14 per hour.

To track the hours worked, the company uses tracking software that is downloaded onto one’s personal computer or laptop.

To be a brand ambassador with this company requires a commitment of working 18 hours per week.

This telemarketing firm provides both outbound and inbound opportunities for telemarketers.

Click here to check out VIP Desk

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7. Windy City 

As the name implies, this telemarketing firm is based in Illinois and was given an excellent rating as the best call center in 2018.

The primary function of a telemarketer in this role would be to speak with customers who wish to go back to school.

Requirements to be a telemarketer with this firm require a commitment of 20 hours per week for part-time work and a full 40 hours for full-time work.

The base pay starts at $9 per hour but after a 90 days evaluation, the rate may be increased.

With this company, the telemarketers are considered as employees and therefore, may be eligible for employee benefits.

Click here to check out Windy City


8. Ameridial 

Ameridial has been in operation since 1987 and works primarily with organizations that are not-for-profit.

Also, they work with healthcare companies and a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Their service includes customer response both inbound and outbound.

Flexible hours are available and can be accomplished over the weekend or during the week as well as during nighttime hours.

As employees, this telemarketing firm offers to its telemarketers a variety of good employee benefits.

To be an employee of this company requires that the individual be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Click here to check out Ameridial

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9. WAM Logistics 

Located in Michigan, this company is a logistics consulting company that facilitates the shipping of trucks both domestically and internationally.

This company often advertises for telemarketers to make outbound calls to businesses in an order to promote their company and gain new customers.

The list of potential customers that are called are not necessarily cold calls but are pre-selected prospects that actually connect with individuals within the company that can make the appropriate decisions.

The job can be fulfilled by individuals wishing to work from home, offers a flexible schedule, working Monday through Friday.

One recent listing offered a salary of $20 per hour.

Click here to check out WAM Logistics


10. Viking Cruises

Viking cruises are, at this writing, looking for an individual to assist with outbound sales.

The pay range is anywhere from $82,000 on up to $150,000 per year.

The employment opportunity is to represent Viking Cruises and reach out to individuals that have inquired about the cruises, previous passengers, and other “warm” leads.

The role of this position is to turn those prospects and contacts into customers.

Click here to check out Viking Cruises


Work From Home Telemarketing Jobs FAQs


Are Telemarketing Calls Illegal?

Telemarketing is not, on the surface, illegal.

However, due to the recent surge of recipients of telemarketing calls, there have been certain laws and policies that have been put in place.

As a result of this legislation, the telemarketer needs to provide their name, who they are representing, and contact information on how the company or individual they are representing can be contacted.

Also, telemarketers are restricted to certain hours when making their calls.

Those hours are usually between 8 AM and 9 PM.

Telemarketers should be transparent, and the calling entity should honor the individual who has been placed on a National Do Not Call Registry list.


What Is the National Do Not Call Registry List?

This list is comprised of individuals who have requested that telemarketers do not call their number.

Consequently, a telemarketer is to abide by this list and not call any numbers that have been placed on this registry within a set period of time.

That period of time is 31 days of their listing.

There are exceptions to calling an individual on the list.

Those exceptions include businesses or entities that

  • That have conducted previous business.
  • Businesses or entities that have received prior written permission.
  • Non-commercial calls.
  • Calls from tax-exempt not-for-profits.



Although telemarketers do not illicit a warm response.

from individuals who look at their caller ID usually favor on the side of ignoring.

Nevertheless, telemarketing is a successful way of reaching out to existing and potential new customers.

A telemarketer is an integral part of the sales team for a company or working through a firm that represents a company.

Despite the maltreatment of a telemarketer, they are an essential component to the success of a business and the overall economy.

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