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In the early days of civilization, our ancestors would artistically express themselves by carving their creativity on rocks.

Some of those markings are still with us today and they are fascinating, to say the least, because of the designs, portrayals of animals, and people.

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Regardless of what the intent was, the canvas that they used was a rock.

As mankind evolved so did their artistic talent and the use of a variety of canvases.

Today, a variety of creative artists still look for unique and out-of-the-ordinary ways of expressing their talent and utilizing a variety of items to place that artistic talent upon.

There still is the standard of painting on a canvas, placing designs on building walls, decorating vehicles, would, silk, glass, metal, and the old standard of rocks.

Also, some artists decorate the human body by placing a variety of beautiful designs and colorful etchings on various parts of their anatomy.

And, of course, the old standby is placing designs on clothing and specifically T-shirts.

As long as there are creative people and the need for them to display their artistry, will be a need for paints and inks and ways for all of this to come together on clothing.

Let us look therefore at a variety of platforms in which the Internet helps to facilitate the artistic talents of individuals as they look to create their designs on T-shirts.


25 Best Teespring Alternatives


1. Teespring (Spring)

This company is no longer known as Teespring but has gone through a metamorphosis along with a name change.

That name changed from Teespring is now Spring.

There are a variety of products that an individual can identify and utilize when placing their designs on these products and making them available for sale in their stores.

Some of those products include coffee mugs, different types of clothing, cases for phones, etc.

The value of Teespring is the potential of fully being engaged with the variety of social media platforms.

Those platforms would include Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube.

Click here to check out Spring


2. Redbubble

This website indicates that 700,000 people utilize Red Bubble.

They are committed to being responsible partners and providing sustainability.

With a global presence, the site allows users to upload their graphic designs and have the design printed on their choice of product.

There are a variety of products available to choose from.

With their dedication to preserving the integrity of the design process as well as staying within the parameters of the legal system, they maintain strict enforcement upon any copyright issues or potential infringements upon other people’s work.

Click here to check out Redbubble

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3. Zazzle

The individual wishing to sell their graphic design uploads those designs and, through sales, as the opportunity earn the from the royalty rates offered.

In addition, a user can be part of a rewarding process through referrals that are made on any purchase.

With this website, there are no monthly or annual fees that are required, and your profit is realized based upon the royalty rate that you sent.

With Zazzle, there is no shopfront, but your designs will be listed on the homepage

The best marketing strategy to sell your designs is through your social media presence.

Added to the benefit of utilizing this website is that the items that they have available as products for your design are of high quality.

Some of those products include T-shirts, shoes, leggings, wallets, office supplies, etc.

Click here to check out Zazzle

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4. Spreadshop 

This convenient alternative website to Teespring facilitates the service of selling to both the buyer and seller.

The design is uploaded, the identified products to sell are selected, and the dynamics of the website are then activated.

Those dynamics include selling, producing, facilitating payments, shipping, and fulfillment of the product by Spreadshop.

There are no direct expenses to you as this website wants their customers to make the highest commissions possible through their free shop,

Click here to check out Spreadshop


5. Merch by Amazon 

Similar to Spring, Merch by Amazon is a POD or print-on-demand program.

However, unlike other sites, it is not a standalone website nor print on demand website.

By its very name, it is affiliated with Amazon and as such, the broad range and spectrum of its customer base are theoretical ones that you can reach as a seller.

Designs submitted to this website will provide you with all of the options affiliated with this significant e-commerce site.

By utilizing this platform, you can set the royalties that you wish to earn per sale made.

To access this website requires that you submit a request to be part of the retail base.

Once that request is submitted then you have to be approved.

A request to be part of this platform can be obtained by clicking here.


6. Spreadshirt

This website is a one-stop center for both buyers and sellers.

The buyer of a product pays for the design selection that they choose with that money going to the artist who created that design.

You can produce your creative design which can be accomplished by easy-to-use tools available on the website.

In other words, the designers don’t need their particular software to make their design happen.

The service on the site includes the manufacturing of the product and shipping the product to the customer.

This platform is integrated with other websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Click here to check out Spreadshirt


7. Bonfire 

In addition to Bonfire being an opportunity for the designing, selling, and ordering of T-shirts, it is also a platform that is conducive to fundraising opportunities.

Through this platform, money can be raised for a particular cause that one supports.

There is a minimum quantity of T-shirts that need to be ordered to take advantage of this option, but Bonfire will ship the T-shirts to these individuals who support the cause through their purchases.

The profits are then dispersed to the organization.

Click here to check out Bonfire


8. Printful

In addition to being an on-demand print website, Printful also offers the dimension of embroidery.

Along with being a rent on-demand website they also fulfill the orders and provide warehousing services.

For the user of this website, they can resell their designs online or have their designs printed.

There are no minimum orders.

Each of the designs will be printed and shipped to consumers on a demand basis and fulfilled under your brand name.

Printful is also built to integrate its services with other e-commerce websites or apps.

Click here to check out Printful


9. Teemill

The goal of this platform is to serve their customers by creating a compelling website where the product in the display and print

For the customer, any profit that they make is entirely theirs,

The individual stores set up by the customer can be individually customized.

The actual store gives the appearance of being your particular enterprise as team L does not indicate their reflection in the process at all.

The platform is free to use and the products available for the customer to choose are made from natural materials which is a significant positive for both buyer and seller.

Added to this commitment to saving resources, Tee Mill will accept every product that is sent back to them when the product has run its course.

The product is then recycled and used once again,

Click here to check out Teemill


10. Create My Tee 

Two options of designing are available through Create My Tee.

Those two options are the ability to create your design or the option to take advantage of a professionally designed item that can be accomplished at no charge

If choosing the second option, the design idea is shared through the website, and proof is provided in one day or less.

Click here to check out Create My Tee


11. CafePress

This website has been in business and rates it as one of the older websites available and comparable to Tee Spring.

As part of their appeal, they have a significant selection of products available for your design to be utilized.

Some of those products include sweatshirts, mugs, T-shirts, posters, and much more.

In addition to the standard items is the ability availability of your creations to the placed on stuffed animals, messenger bags, calendars, and even clocks.

One of the significant features of this website is an option entitled fan portal.

This portal allows for the user to create specific and unique designs that are affiliated with movies and TV shows that are viewer favorites

The power of this portal is that copyright issues have been negotiated with Cafe Press so that there is no concern about infringement on copyright laws.

Click here to check out Cafepress & Other Sites Like Cafepress.


12. Printify

To be part of this website requires that the individual register for an account and then choose the items that they intend to sell.

Once these steps have been completed, you can upload your design and place them on each of the products selected as a visualization to see how these products appear with your design.

Printify has over 250 individuals registered as users of this website.

The products available are more than 250 different types.

Some of those products include sneakers, mugs, pillows, and more.

The pricing plans are:

  • Free
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Although similar to Teespring, what differentiates Printify from this website and others is:

  • Whitelabel branding (branding requested by the user)
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Varying shipping rates

Click here to check out Printify


13. CustomCat 

Beginning service in 1999, Custom Cat offers a vast availability, over 500 products, that can be utilized for the design submitted by the user.

Popular items include phone cases, water bottles, hoodies, jewelry, mugs, and much more.

Also, this company supports the dimensions of embroidery, digital printing, and dye sublimation printing.

There are two pricing plans affiliated with Custom Cat.

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Those plans are free and premium.

The individual just simply needs to register for an account, select the products and then upload their design.

Click here to check out CustomCat


14. Sellfy

Sellfy is a fully integrated platform to sell your designs or sell products that have your designs printed on them.

Through this website, you can set up your store and, according to the website, be able to be up and running within a matter of minutes.

The catalog may not be as expensive as the other platforms but certainly has a broad range of needed products.

Those products include clothing, posters, mugs, phone cases, stickers, and more.

This site is all about their customers and their commitment to the customer to be successful.

Therefore, they offer a variety of practical tools to help the individual to market their product.

To participate in the business plan will cost the customer $29 a month and the e-mail marketing credit is up to 10,000 annually.

There are no transaction fees associated with the use of Sellfy.

To enhance the selling process, this website is integrated with other well-known sites to help promote the member’s selling of their product.

Some of those fully integrated websites include eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.


  • Free
  • Starter
  • Business

Click here to check out Sellfy


15. Etsy 

Etsy is not a print-on-demand service per se, like Tee Spring, but it does set up stores and allows the registered users to sell items from that virtual store.

Etsy is a significant player as it relates to individuals listing their items for sale and is a well-known brand amongst hobbyists.

Although not a print-on-demand service, they are fully integrated with several other websites that can make the printing happen through the sale of merchandise.

Click here to check out Etsy


16. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane specializes in items that could be classified as products from a past era.

Subsequently, the items can have the label of being antiques, offering unique furniture, art, jewelry, and much more.

The platform asserts that over 1 million visitors visit the site

The cost for registration and setting up a store on this website will cost the individual $54 every month. In addition, if there are more than 50 items that are stocked in the store there is an additional service fee.

$250 is the most that an individual will have to pay for their monthly rental of the store and any associated fees.

The site indicates that the total revenue generated amongst its users on this website is over $125,000 a day.

Click here to check out Ruby Lane


17. PrintAura

Print Aura provides drop shipping and white label solution that will enhance the customer’s effort to sell their creation to their customers.

Providing an online shop for those who have registered with Print Aura provides an area opportunity for shoppers to review their products.

Once a purchase is made, this website will do all the printing and provide the shipping on your behalf as well.

There are no minimums or memberships fees required.

Also, the website allows your customer to track their orders to see exactly where their package is at in regards to the shipping process.

Print Aura has 15,000+ members and all it takes is a quick and easy two-minute process to become registered.

Also, this site is integrated with many other retail virtual retail operations.

Some of those operations include Shopify, Etsy, Big Commerce, and more.

The user of this platform can select what products they wish to have their design placed upon, set their prices, and add their individualized artistic flair to the product to make it unique.

Click here to check out PrintAura


18. SPOD 

SPOD has been in the business of taking care of its customers for over 20 years.

They are a website in which a customer can upload their graphic designs or artistry work and place that artistic work on those items.

SPOD offers a drop shipping print-on-demand service that helps the customer with their creations, build on their success, and move to expansion.

The value of this site is that they are dedicated to producing 95% of the orders in less than 48 hours.

They pride themselves on offering competitive prices and having available quality products.

Also, they emphasize their global reach but try to provide a local feel in their interaction with their customers.

In addition, to being printed on-demand websites they also are a fulfillment center.

Through this webpage, the individual artist can set up their store and sell their products or designs.

Click here to check out SPOD


19. Gooten

As a print-on-demand website, there are a variety of products that the users of this site can utilize to place their graphics.

Some of those products include coffee mugs and more.

Click here to check out Gooten


20. TeePublic

Over 75 products are available on this webpage along with the millions of visitors makes this site a powerful platform to display your artistic creations.

A variety of products are available to the user that they may place their design upon and have this company print and ship.

Some of those items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Stickers,
  • Notebooks
  • Laptop cases
  • Phone cases
  • And more

The commission is dependent upon the product that is sold and whether the affixed price is on sale or set at a regular price.

Click here to check out TeePublic


21. Printsome on Demand

Printsome on Demand is defined as an add-on to your online store.

This add-on allows you to print as needed or on-demand for various types of apparel.

The add-on takes care of the production which includes shipping to your customer.

This add-on can be utilized with your store that you may have a presence on with certain websites.

Some of those websites or e-commerce platforms could include Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.

They express a commitment to taking partnerships seriously and listening to input from their partners.

Their business has shipped millions of products and has experienced a less than 2% error rate and has succeeded in shipping within the designated time frame of 95%.

Click here to check out Printsome on Demand


22. Fine Art America

This particular website is considered a step above as it relates to the other print-on-demand sites.

In addition to being able to have your design placed on a variety of products, this site also allows you to sell any creations as it relates to your art or the uploading of digital creations.

Fine Art America is a print-on-demand company and reflects the participation of over 500,000 artists from around the world.

On this website, the pricing is completely up to the user, and they can you fix your price.

This website also has an option for buyers of products to be able to return the item within 30 days of the purchase.

Artists are paid after those 30 days for those items that have been sold.

With Fine Art America there is an annual fee of $30 which equates to being part of a premium membership package.

Click here to check out Fine Art America


23. Society6

This print-on-demand website allows for the printing of one or more of the products offered to customers who purchase products from your store.

As an artist, you can provide your design to the company who will then place the design on the various products of your choosing as ordered by your customer.

Some of those products available include soap bags, phone cases, coffee mugs, clothing apparel, etc.

Click here to check out Society6

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24. Threadless

Utilizing this website will allow you as the customer to set up your customized online shop at no charge.

Through your store, you can sell your artistic and creative flair and creations to others.

This particular site has been in operation for more than 20 years and has hundreds of thousands of artists available.

Also, this site is a print on demand site that helps with the printing and delivery of home decor, apparel, and accessory items

Included, are a variety of clothing as well as blankets, rugs, pillows, etc.

This website provides a significant amount of control over the prices that you affix to your products and your profit will be realized between the base cost and the sale price.

Click here to check out Threadless


25. Chairish

Registering on Chairish can be accomplished with no fee involved.

This selling and buying platform, as it relates to artwork, can be classified as vintage items as well as accessories to purchase for use around the home.

In addition, to an individual uploading graphics or decorative items for sale, there is an opportunity to list any furniture that could be classified as vintage.

The minimum price to list an item is set at $25.

Click here to check out Chairish


Personal Story

During the early years of my wife’s dementia, she would often wander around the neighborhood, and I would walk beside her.

She had this fondness for Magnolia leaves.

On her journey, she would often collect them and bring them home.

One day I decided to try to preserve one of the leaves as a memory and display it in our home.

This canvas of a Magnolia leaf was soon saturated with a strong acrylic clear nail polish that kept the natural color and prevented brittleness.

The creation now rests on our mantlepiece with the stem firmly placed in a smooth rock that has a small opening on the side, a creative symbol of the beauty and solidness of our love.

A variety of canvases are all meant to showcase our humanity.


Sites like Teespring FAQs


What is a Painting Canvas Made From?

A painting canvas is made from cotton or linen.

The value of using a cotton canvas is that it is affordable and can be stretched.


Are Print of Demand Sites Profitable?

Yes, but is dependent upon your approach strategically and maximizing your marketing options.

Print on demand profits are lower than other business models that have an E-commerce focus.

But print on demand can be more profitable because there is little overhead and very insignificant costs as far as investments are concerned.


You Can Do It

There are a variety of websites available to an individual today that will allow the showcasing of their creativity.



The value of artistry is that it is intimate, inspirational, meaningful, and an expression of certain bursts of creativity in our lives.

Through our creativity, by the very essence of the word, we create, and being part of the creation of life, is the opportunity to in turn create or give life to enhance the world around us.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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