Why Technology Makes Your Email Marketing MORE Personal, Not Less


I’m not a big online shopper, but two months ago I took the plunge – I bought a pair of jeans online. In creating an account with this retailer, I starting receiving their daily emails, but I didn’t engage with them. Why? Like I said, I’m not much of an online shopper, and (to be totally honest) their subject lines didn’t really appeal to me. Personally, I don’t really care “What’s mandatory for spring”.

About a week later (a week of irrelevant emails, I should add) the jeans arrived. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite right. While I was checking out their return policy, I noticed a promotion for “free shipping if you purchase over $50”. This piqued my interest, so I shopped around for a bit and put a few things in my virtual shopping cart. Unfortunate news again – one of the shirts I wanted was out of stock in my size, so I couldn’t reach the minimum $50. No free shipping! I decided I wasn’t interested and moved on.


  1. The case study is really insightful! I think every E-Commerce store adopts this method and more often than not, it gets a little annoying.

    The number 2 point, “Look At Overall Behavior” is one of the best I’ve read! it’s true that companies need to take into account why their subscribers, or here, their customers aren’t reading and look to get some feedback. They could’ve made a relationship here by listening to the needs and responding to them.

    Its true that companies should look into their campaign to give them a more human touch. Nothing’s more annoying than getting more than 1 email a day from the same vendor.

  2. Many marketers are employing email automation without scaling the effect on customers. Making these emails personal can lead to better conversion rate but the mistakes identified i this post are often the bane of most marketers.

    Well, its good to know that there are many takeaways from this post. Its time to start doing email marketing rightly. The use of technology to effect the personalization would be worth achieving!
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  3. Email marketing is the thing one needs to do right or they lose on many customers. Analyzing the data and the engagement is the key to get the most out of any campaign.

    I, too subscribe but then quickly spam them if they send me emails on daily basis, one who surprises with real deals gets in my inbox.

    To understand the customer, one needs to become the customer. Great takeaway.
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  4. Hi, Courtney! 🙂

    It’s quite annoying for me to receive too many emails a day from just one website, especially when I’m not into it. So, usually I choose to unsubscribe if I feel that I don’t really need them, though it rarely happens to me because I only subscribe to blogs that I really want.

    Well, I must agree with the insights that you’ve shared. Enlisting the help of technology can make your emails feel a lot more personal.

    These three things you’ve learned from your experience are remarkable.

    Thanks a lot! 🙂
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