Yes, you can get paid to teach English language online to Japanese students!

This comprehensive article reveals exactly how it works, how you can get started and the best companies that pay or help you get paid to teach English to Japanese.


Why Teach English Online to Japanese Students?

There is a fun game that can be played with a youth group.

A sentence, from a piece of paper, would be read by an individual, and then, to the best of their ability, that person, without the paper, would whisper that sentence to the next person and then the next person, etc.

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Six people could be involved, and the final person would say out loud what they heard or thought they heard.

Consequently, the original sentence of, “The city is cold and empty, no one is around to judge me” might end up being said by the last person as, “I caught a cold in the city don’t judge me.”

The message got lost through inaccurate communication.

It is difficult to properly communicate when the same language is not spoken.

As our world becomes smaller, the need for being bilingual or multi-lingual increases to ensure proper communication.

The need for language teachers is greater and is growing.

One language that is important to learn, of many, is the learning of English by Japanese native speakers.

Good communication between these two societies is essential not only for the exchange of cultures but the important role of business ventures.


Personal Story

In 1979, I chose to accept an honorable discharge from the Navy.

My time was up, but I was 5,557 miles away from home.

Fortunately, our ship was harbored in Japan, and I was able to get public transportation from the port to Narita International Airport.

Of course, I was concerned about making the flight and not being able to understand a word of Japanese.

I was nervous about missing my flight and being stranded in Japan.

I had no idea about traveling through an international airport.

Fortunately, the signs were in multiple languages, and I was relieved to see the flight information listed in English.


The Language of the Land of the Rising Sun

English seems to be the language that a greater percentage of the world’s population either speaks or wants to learn.

It is important to be able to speak English as many Japanese colleges and universities require it as a prerequisite to be part of any of their degreed programs.

Also, English could be defined as the language spoken globally and is often the language of choice when it comes to business matters.

The importance of English and the demand for individuals to learn how to speak English is significant.


Understanding the Culture 

When thinking about teaching Japanese students how to speak English, one must understand the Japanese culture especially as it relates to Japanese students.

This understanding is important to be a more effective teacher and command a higher salary.

The people of Japan have a great concern about making mistakes and being embarrassed in public.

Consequently, they don’t often participate or speak up in class even if they don’t understand a subject or what is being taught.

Also, Japanese students come with a traditional lifestyle and are extremely hard-working.

They are polite, are very attentive, and have a great deal of respect and reverence for teachers.

Their silence should not be mistaken for not understanding what is being taught.

They are simply being respectful and listening to what you have to say.

If you understand the Japanese and their culture that will help you in getting paid to teach English to Japanese students through the online process.


How Japanese Students Learn

In their formal education setting, the teaching of English, in Japanese schools, concentrates more on grammar and being right as it relates to writing as well as speaking.

This focus is so that the students can pass their exams.

They learn English by memorization rather than by speaking or practicing the speaking of English.


How to Teach English Online to Japanese Students



A critical tip on getting paid to teach English online to Japanese students is by having a TEFL certificate.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The various requirements for the app-based or online websites to teach English to Japanese students vary as to what requirements are needed.

To obtain a TEFL certificate requires that an individual receive additional training which may amount to roughly 120 hours at a set amount of money.



To get paid to teach English online to Japanese students, it is important to have a quality Internet connection.

There is nothing worse than a sporadic Internet that crashes or is not working fast enough when the lessons are being taught.

Therefore, to earn money, sometimes one needs to spend money and in this case on quality Internet service.



The teacher to fulfill their role will also need headphones.

This can be as minimal as a set of earbuds or the teacher can upgrade their investment and get a more dynamic headset that may even allow for noise cancellation.

An important part of teaching is communication and a good audio system is paramount to providing that communication.



Another important piece of equipment set up that needs to be available is a fast speed, high memory laptop.

This is important in providing visuals to the classroom as it relates to yourself being on camera as well as providing the various teaching visuals.


No Charge

A great way to get paid to teach online is to provide a service at no charge.

This can be likened to the individual giving a free sample at a shopping mall so that the individual will sample the treat and then want to indulge and have more.

The same concept can be applied by providing a few free lessons that showcase your teaching ability, what the students will be learning, and how productive those sessions will be.

Some online websites require that the teacher provide these no-cost sessions to gauge your teaching effectiveness and connection with their students.



Social Media 

Another way to get paid to teach English online to Japanese students is by accessing your social media platforms.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, a Blog, and more to demonstrate to others what the classroom setting would be like and a brief demonstration indicating how the virtual teaching instruction would occur.


Conversational English 

In teaching English to Japanese students it is important to realize that the current process of teaching English in Japanese schools is a concentration on grammar.

Consequently, a teacher of English to Japanese students will want to separate themselves from that focus and the rest of the instruction from teachers to not only talk about grammar but how to use English in everyday life or conversation.

Also, you may wish to choose to teach Japanese business personnel how to speak English as it relates to interacting in the business world.

This specific focus might prove to be not only rewarding but provide a greater stream of revenue from corporations and businesses.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Teach English Online to Japanese Students


1. Cafetalk

Cafetalk has 46,000 students registered through its website.

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It is considered as one of the more elite English instruction to Japanese students’ online sites.

In addition, to teaching English, other teaching curriculums are presented through this website.

Examples of those other curriculum topics would include the arts, music, and other entertaining curriculums.

For the tutor to teach through this website they utilize Skype, and it can be accomplished on their PC or tablet to deliver the lessons.

Smartphones are not allowed to conduct lessons on this platform.

All the teacher needs to do is make an application for an account, fill out the appropriate questions, be interviewed, and if accepted you will begin your virtual teaching.

Click here to check out Cafetalk


2. English Everywhere

There are three steps to make an application to teach English to Japanese students utilizing this website.

Those three processes include a demonstration of your Webcam and its visual quality, being interviewed, and performing a 30-minute interview lesson.

Once you have completed this three-step process you will be invited to teach through this website.

Pay can range up to $15 per hour.


3. Eigox

This online school teaching English to Japanese students is based in Japan but hires English teachers from around the world.

The visual process that is utilized is through Skype.

This particular online website pays, on average, less than its peers, and accordingly, the application requirements are less stringent.

A typical class is 25 minutes in duration and the schedule is completely up to the tutor or the teacher.

Non-native tutors can earn $5.40 per hour.


4. E-communication

This website is one of the more lucrative paying websites with the possibility of the teacher earning $20 per hour.

Tutors or teachers must be able to commit to a minimum of 20 teaching hours a week.

Also, this website’s application process is challenging.

Additionally, the tutor must know about business and have language abilities associated with the Japanese language.

Click here to check out E-communication


5. Mainichi Eikaiwa

This online teaching website utilizes the teaching skills of English teachers to teach Japanese students and professionals wishing to speak the English language.

The teachers are all native English speakers from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

The requirements to teach on this website include:

  • To be a native-English speaker
  • Have 12 months of teaching experience
  • Have a degree from a college or university
  • Have a pleasant personality
  • Compile student lessons
  • Have a reliable computer and associated equipment
  • Work five days a week over three consecutive hours

For each 50 minute session, the teacher will be paid 1500 yen.

That is roughly $13.00 an hour.

Payments are made through PayPal.

Click here to check out Mainichi Eikaiwa


6. English Hunt

English Hunt is an online teaching website that offers two venues for teaching.

Teaching can be accomplished either through the phone or by providing video lessons to the students

As it relates to being a phone instructor there are no requirements, but a bachelor’s degree and certification are needed for video presentations.

The rate of pay is $14.50 an hour and class times range from 4 am to 7 am.

The minimum number of hours required is eight hours a week.


7. Eigo Power

The entrance requirements to be part of this online teaching website are not as complicated as other sites.

To be eligible to teach requires the individual to have a bachelor’s degree and associated teaching experience.

Their commitment to teaching should be a minimum of three hours each day over a five-day workweek.

Click here to check out Eigo Power


8. Italki

Being one of the more premier online teaching websites, this particular site has over 5 million students learning a variety of languages.

As it relates to Japanese teachers there are a staffing number of 900 individuals who can be defined as professional teachers as well as tutors.

If making an application on this website, you must either choose to be a professional teacher or a community tutor.

The pay for this site is the provision of $4.00 per lesson and community tutors can make $9 to $13 an hour while professional teachers can charge anywhere from $15-$19 an hour.

Italki charges a 15% commission from all class fees.

Classes can last anywhere from 30 to 45 to 60 on up to 90 minutes.

The individual making application to teach through the Italki must be 18 years of age or older, be a native or near-native Japanese speaker and present appropriate documents depending upon which teaching category they wish to be placed.

To make an application the individual is asked to prepare a 1 to 3-minute video that showcases their teaching skills and interaction with students.

Click here to check out Italki


9. Preply

100,000 active students are involved with this website.

English is not the only course that is taught but is certainly the most popular particularly amongst the Asian population.

On the site, the teacher can set their rates and hours.

A commission of 33% is taken by Preply and after a few classes have been taught the commission is reduced to 15%.

On this website, you can earn up to $60 per hour as a tutor.

Click here to check out Preply


10. Verbling

This site allows the teacher to set their hours and their rate of pay.

This teaching online site does not require a higher degree or TEFL certification.

However, an applicant must provide evidence of their teaching ability and experience.

Verbling also takes less of a commission for their services.

They provide a teaching platform for you to instruct others on how to speak English.

Click here to check out Verbling


Make Money Teaching English Online to Japanese FAQs


What Percentage of the Japanese Population Can Speak English?

Answer A study was conducted in 2013 to determine what percentage of the Japanese population could converse in English.

The percentage of individuals indicating that they could communicate at some level in English was 20 to 30%.

Question What are the three hardest languages for native English-speaking people to learn?

Answer According to the classifications of easiest to hardest languages to learn as determined by the Defense Language Institute, the hardest languages to learn are

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese



Teaching English to Japanese students is a unique and experience all on its own.

The richness of the culture and personality of the students can make it a most delightful experience.

In addition, you are fulfilling your significant role of being an instructor to young people and adults.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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