Yes, you can get paid to teach English language in South America!

This article reveals exactly how it works, how you can get started and the best companies that pay or help you get paid to teach English in South and Latin America.


Why Get Paid to Teach English in South America?

Through the Internet, we can be entertained by watching movies that are streamed to our laptops, PC, smart phone, and tablet.

We are also able to keep track of our finances, do a variety of social posts as it relates to social media, keep pace with what is going on in the world, etc.

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Also, Internet technology has demonstrated its effectiveness and impact in people’s lives through education.

Virtual learning spans across countries, oceans, and international boundaries around the world.

Being a teacher is a noble vocation and calling.

It takes a special kind of person to instruct others.

It takes a considerable amount of patience, being able to connect with the students, and presenting the instruction in an informative and interesting way.


Importance of Teaching

In days gone by there was a tradition in which a child would bring an apple to the teacher in appreciation for their involvement in their lives.

Also, sometimes certain crushes were developed because of the ongoing interaction between the child and the teacher as a role model.

Interestingly, in the 1700s, the tradition of bringing an apple for the teacher was started in the countries of Denmark and Sweden.

Bushels of apples were brought to the teachers as payment for their teaching services.

Interestingly, today, rather than the students bringing teachers an apple, the teacher can now reach out through an Apple to the children through virtual learning.


How to Get Paid to Teach English in South America (10 Tips to Help)


1. Start Slowly

As with all things it is best to start slowly and get a feel of what the new experience entails and how it unfolds.

Although, at first, the opportunity to teach and be paid in this convenient way may be enticing to take on as many tutoring online opportunities as possible.

It is important, though, to get a feel of how the virtual classroom is.

It is everything that you thought it would be and fulfilling to yourself as well as to the student?

There will always be enough opportunities to take on additional teaching assignments once you have a good sense of this important role in the lives of your students.


2. Be Available 

One of the powerful components of teaching virtually is the teacher’s availability to the student

This is a particularly appealing aspect of learning virtually.

Therefore, according to the terms of your teaching agreement, it is important to be available to the student at the designated times.

Also, there may be other times such as before examinations, difficulty with assignments, etc. that the student may need your specialized attention.

Therefore, it is important to be available to the student to help them through these particular special times.

It is also important to note that depending upon your time zone; the student’s time zone may be a significant difference.


3. Tale An Online Course

To be an effective online tutor it is a good idea to gain practical knowledge of what the student is experiencing.

A good way to gain this perspective is to take an online course yourself.

In this way, you can be more aware of what works and what does not.

It most likely will enhance your teaching skills and ability by giving you the student’s perspective.


4. Get Certified 

If you have a desire to teach English through online means, certain standards and qualifications need to be met.

Some online sites do not require that an individual have a degree but most often require that the individual have a teaching certification.

This can be an ESL (English Second Language) certification in which the individual has completed a course on teaching and is qualified to teach via online websites that require the certification.

Another certification that may be earned is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).


5. Resume

One of the first introductions to a potential employer is your resume.

It not only captures your work history, education and experience but it speaks volumes about you in other ways.

The resume reflects your ability to communicate in written form, speaks of your professionalism, and also reflects your command of the English language.

When applying to an Internet company so you can teach English virtually, it is important to “revise” your resume as needed to provide the best introduction of yourself and your professional qualities.


6. Interviews 

Before an individual gets hired there is usually an interview process.

The interview process may be comprised of one individual or a panel may be involved.

It is all dependent upon the operational procedures of the company and its hiring policies.

Before the interview, it would be wise to do your homework.

Part of that homework involved becoming well-acquainted with the company, their vision and mission, expectations of the company for their tutoring staff, and so forth.

Also, they may ask you questions pertinent to the teaching position.

Possible questions may be about your teaching philosophy, how you interact with students, the way you prepare for the lessons, your experience with virtual teaching, etc.?


7. Be Professional 

Despite the reality that this teaching is done remotely and from a variety of locations, it is still paramount that you maintain your professionalism.

That professionalism includes your interaction with the student and remembering that teacher/student relationship.

Your role is to teach, and that interaction should be personable but should maintain the appropriate boundaries between teacher and student.

Also, it is appropriate to dress professionally.

Of course, the company that you are interacting with while providing this service may require a dress code.

This professional attire should be presented during the interview process as well.



8. Extra Material 

You must be over-prepared.

This is especially true when preparing for the interview as well as bringing that dedication to the virtual classroom.

Therefore, if the lesson is taught ahead of schedule, you will be prepared to continue with additional instructional material.

If not prepared the student will pick up on that and it will affect the teacher and student relationship.


9. Personal & Engaged 

Being a teacher you fully realize the importance of showing up completely at the moment.

During the interview process bring your entire successful “game” to the interview process.

This will also indicate to those involved in the interview process a full picture of your teaching involvement.


10. Speak Fully 

When instructing it is a good teaching technique to be fully engaged.

Specifically, it would be easy just to sit back and teach or answer questions.

Rather, than sitting back and being casual, it may be wise to lean forward and engage the student fully.

This simple use of body language would reflect the interest and full engagement.

If the teacher appears to be bored looking off in the distance or not maintaining eye contact the student will perceive that inattention and the teaching will become less engaged and meaningful.

This full engagement during the interview process will also demonstrate to those considering your hire how your personality and abilities will be demonstrated in the virtual classroom.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Teach English in South or Latin America


1. Verbling

The qualifications to teach others through this online classroom virtual classroom setting require that the individual not only have a university degree but a TEFL.

With this online presence, you can set your prices as to what you wish to charge for the hour and are able also to manage your schedule.

The audience that accesses this online classroom setting spans the entire world so there is an ongoing demand for qualified teachers to teach English.

The teacher is paid either through PayPal, TransferWise, or Payoneer.

Click here to check out Verbling

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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2. Speaking Pro

This particular company is an English second language company that is headquartered in Mexico.

Many of their clients are from the corporate world and represent multinational corporations.

With this online teaching website, there is a fixed schedule which means that there are a minimum number of hours that need to be worked at a fixed hourly rate.

A particular benefit of working with Speaking Pro is that even if the class is canceled, teachers are still paid for their time.

This particular company is looking for native English-speaking educators that have a minimum of six months as it relates to teaching online.

Click here to check out Speaking Pro


3. Iboux

This online teaching site that provides virtual classroom training focuses on students in Mexico as well as other Latin American countries.

The website guarantees a certain number of class hours per week for the teacher.

The upside to this is that you do not have to worry about extended periods of not working.

In this way, you can have a steady paycheck that will arrive at the end of the month.

This website offers its instructors an hourly wage of $9 to $10 an hour and payments are made in Euros.

Also, the class materials and syllabus are provided by Iboux.

Click here to check out Iboux


4. LatinHire

This online virtual school platform utilizes the abilities of its teachers for a variety of online English teaching jobs.

They are very clear and concise as to their hiring process and what they are looking for in a teacher.

Specifically, they are looking for both native and non-native teachers, but they must have a neutral accent.

Latin Hire is not the employer but the individual schools that utilize your teaching services.

Therefore, the salary is variable and depends upon what the individual school is offering their teachers to instruct.

Typical pay ranges anywhere from $8 to $10 per hour.

Click here to check out LatinHire


5. Open English

In regards to impact in the virtual classroom arena, Open English is currently the largest platform for native speakers to instruct South American students.

Most of these students are adults.

To teach on this site requires that the teacher have a university degree and TEFL certificate.

Open English provides all of the necessary materials for the instructor to teach the class and those individuals who are dedicated and thorough will find that they can maintain a very robust schedule.

The starting pay on this website ranges anywhere from $8 to $13 an hour.

This site asks the teachers to commit to a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Click here to check out Open English


6. Fluentify

The focus of this virtual teaching platform on learning the English language has as its clients those in the corporate world.

Your students will be professionals representing the business world that are defined as high achievers, dedicated, and committed to achieving their learning goals.

You as the teacher will help facilitate those goals by using your teaching materials and teaching style to help them realize their goals.

The format of the class does not operate under any pre-planned classes or set style.

The format is very no rigid.

A perfect match for a teacher to teach on this platform is well acquainted with the business world.

A teacher can earn as much as €11 for a 13-minute session.

Click here to check out Fluentify


7. Tutlo

This online teaching platform employs teachers from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

They have their specific process as it pertains to teaching.

These classes are fairly short in time but occur on a more frequent basis.

For example, rather than teaching twice a week for an hour each session, the class sessions last 20 minutes daily.

Teachers need to be committed and available for these short bursts of time so that when students log on and request the class the teacher is available.

Pay for a teacher on this website is roughly $11 an hour.

Click here to check out Tutlo


8. Cambly

The teaching process through Cambly is a connection with the student through the smartphone app.

However, the actual instruction is accomplished from the individual’s or teacher’s laptop or PC.

The app is designed to allow creative activity.

The demand for interacting with students is not as robust as it is with the other sites.

Therefore, the uniqueness of this teaching opportunity is that the smartphone is a critical component of the teaching platform.

Pay is measured by the minute and on average, $.17 a minute is the typical rate that can earn an individual a little bit more than $10 an hour.

With this website, pay is weekly.

Click here to check out Cambly


9. Voxy 

Voxy requires that the teachers that apply for a virtual teaching position have a college degree or a teaching certificate.

They do not require that the teachers be native speakers of the language that they are instructing.

This company prides itself on being well organized and professional in its business dealings.

Their starting pay is $10 an hour with payment being prompt and timely.

This site asks that its teachers commit to a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Also, this virtual online class requires the teachers to use a hard Internet connection to their PC.

Click here to check out Voxy


10. Polly Lingual

New to the online classroom opportunities, this site does not require that the teacher be a native speaker of their language.

In addition, a university degree and teaching experience are not required for an individual to teach.

With this website, the teacher can set their schedule with considerable flexibility allowed.

They also set their pay rates as to what they wish to receive for remuneration.

Teachers are paid for their work through the PayPal payment network.

Click here to check out Polly Lingual

Below are some helpful related articles on making money tutoring:


Make Money Teaching English Language in South America FAQs


How Do You Get an English Second Language Certificate?

When it comes to teaching English as a second language, certification requirements vary by state and within each local school district.

If wishing to teach in a public school within a state, it is important to check with the state’s Department of Education to find out about the requirements.

Therefore, a degree may be required by your state then the individual can take separate ESL courses to satisfy the requirements of their state and then pass a certification exam.

Once these steps have been followed then you can make an application for an ESL certification from your state Department of Education.


What Is the Difference Between a TEFL And TESL Certificate?

The acronym TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language.

A TEFL certificate allows the teacher to instruct others abroad on the English language.

With this certification, the teacher can teach both children and adults whose first language isn’t English.

A TESL certificate earned by a teacher will be able to teach English to non-native English speakers living in native English-speaking countries.



Being multilingual can be a critical component in one’s life.

When people are multilingual, there is an opportunity to enhance a better exchange of ideas and a better exchange of ideas is a better form of communication.

Ultimately, communication is the greatest foundation that we can have as it speaks to listening, hearing, and understanding better each other which may lead to less chaos in the world.

An apple to you teachers!

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