If you want to know why success is the best revenge, this article will prove very helpful.

It looks deeper into the concept and provides very powerful reasons why success is indeed the best revenge!


Success Is the Best Revenge Response from US President Theodore Roosevelt

When thinking of why success is the best revenge thoughts immediately drift to a U.S. Army officer who was an engineer.

His name is George Washington Goethals. Have you heard of him or his story?

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If not, then you will find the following very interesting…

Just after the turn of the 20th century in 1907, Goethals was appointed by then-President Theodore Roosevelt to complete the construction of the Panama Canal.

Goethals was faced with many challenges.

Some of those challenges included managing a huge workforce, outbreaks of malaria and yellow fever, and being ridiculed back home for taking on the leadership role of this folly.

Imagine trying to build a canal to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

As the story goes one of his aides was exasperated with all the criticism and asked Goethals if he was going to respond to the naysayers.

He responded by saying, “In time.” When this motivated engineer was asked when he was going to say something Goethals simply responded by saying, “When the canal is finished.”


Importance of Success Is the Best Revenge Concept

Goethals was given a job to do by the president of the United States. The job had a failure and impossible written all over it.

He took up the task and to the best of his ability completed the task. He did not focus on the challenges or the problems that arose nor did he take time to address those that said it couldn’t be done.

He methodically utilized his leadership and engineering skills to complete the task that was given to him.

His success, the building of the Panama Canal, became his response to those who said it couldn’t be done or ridiculed him.

Goethals leadership and construction success was the best answer and best revenge.

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Best Revenge is Massive Success – Lessons from Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra

It’s Frank Sinatra who was is quoted as saying, “the best revenge is a massive success.”

There doesn’t appear to be much context associated with this quote attributed to old blue eyes.

However, it seems that one can assume, that at some point at the beginning of his career someone must have said something disparagingly about his talent.

Of course, show business is a competitive and rough industry and at the time may have been personally devastating to this future famous singing artist and movie actor.

It would appear, given the quote, Sinatra understood that the best way to respond to any criticism that he may have received was to be successful in his endeavors.

If any of this supposition is true, it certainly was the best revenge on any individuals who may have said anything contrary about Frank Sinatra.

He responded with extraordinary success as an exceptionally talented voice that spanned many generations.

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8 Best Reasons Why Success Is the Best Revenge

Before talking about the reasons though, note that it’s important to see this as “Reward not Revenge”!

That said, below are some of the best reasons:


1. Tasty

Our lives are filled with wonderful contrasts. For example, we don’t fully appreciate the benefits of money until we have no money coming into our household.

Another example could be that we don’t appreciate our health till something negative happens to our body and forces us to make lifestyle changes.

In other words, the more dire or bitter the circumstances of life are, the sweeter life can be to us when we’ve experienced the opposite of a quality lifestyle.

It is important to remember that a component of the successful formula of success are the variables of failures that we experience.

Not only do we know that we are successful when we’ve experienced failure but experiencing success makes the times of success even more favorable.


2. Character Growth

Another reason why success is the best revenge is the growth of personal character that can be realized.

By pushing on through to success, we learn valuable lessons, become more confident, and are more prone to success when the next challenge comes along.

By experiencing success our revenge is also positively played out against others who said that we didn’t have what it takes or that we were not smart enough or talented enough to do something.

Also, we enact our revenge on our personality, self-limitations, and possible negative family dynamics.

Our successes start to break the links of those chains that have held us back and prevented us from attaining.

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3. You Are What You Think

The principle of dieting can be encapsulated by the phrase you are what you eat.

In other words, if you eat strictly a diet of sweets, excessive carbohydrates, saturated fats, etc. your body will reflect this diet.

Typically that reflection would be the individual being overweight, unhealthy, lacking energy and perhaps having other associated illnesses attributed to a poor diet.

The same process is involved with an individual’s mental state. You are what you think.

Therefore, success begins in the mind. Through positive thinking, visualization and affirmations an individual is well on their way to being successful.

Consequently, this is the best revenge on others who would try to limit our thinking, keep us in a box or minimize our thinking individuality.

These individuals who try to control others are often insecure themselves.

By understanding that you are what you think you become the best revenge to enact on those individuals who have a controlling nature and endeavor to limit your possibilities and creativity.


Reasons Why Success Is the Best Revenge


4. Revelations

Another quality reason why success is the best answer to revenge is through the process of revelation.

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First and foremost, success helps us to reveal who we truly are.

When success is earned then comes the added understanding of what we are capable of and the gifts and talents that we have been endowed with.

In the same way, success is the perfect light to shine upon real relationships.

Success is the optimum answer to gaining revenge and that we, through the process, understand who our friends truly are.

A true friend accepts us for who we are, encourages and supports us.

A loyal friend, when the dust has settled, is still there by our side despite whether we have succeeded or not succeeded.

A false friend is one who even though they may say the right things, secretly and inwardly they hope that we will fail.

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5. Our Names Start with a Capital P

Success is also the best answer that equates to revenge as our horizons expand and our possibilities and potential becomes more focused.

With each subsequent success or learning from a failed attempt the realization of our potential increases.

Success is the best revenge enacted on others and limitations placed on ourselves. We begin to realize what we as gifted individuals are truly capable of.


6. Inspiration

As human beings, we relish the accomplishments of the underdog.

The underdog is that individual that people focus on when it is said that it can’t be done.

The underdog rises to the occasion when the odds are against them or that they are outmatched in all of the circumstances of life.

They are the David’s of life when fighting Goliaths, or the U.S. Hockey Olympic team in 1980, or Thomas Edison who didn’t fail 10,000 times but succeeded on one additional try developing the light bulb.


7. Remember triumph is try with a little umph

And so, inspirational grit and success is the perfect answer to revenge.

With our successes, we inspire others, ourselves and override the negativism of revenge.

We motivate others who are told it can’t be done or they don’t have what it takes.

Our revenge comes in that not only have we succeeded but we are helping others on their path of successful accomplishments.

Also, our success inspires us. We use one success after another as stepping stones and not stumbling stones to overcome the challenges of life.

We inspire ourselves to continual growth, meeting challenges, and continuing on the road to success.

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8. Motivation

Many things motivate us in life.

For example, if an individual wants to be rich they may be motivated by their desire to support their family, or they have experienced the opposite side of the financial coin and have been poor and don’t want to be there again.

Another example could be an individual who is addicted to alcohol.

Perhaps they want sobriety because of their love for an individual, or maybe it has taken its toll on an individual’s health or for a variety of other reasons.

However, one motivation that should not be used to attain a goal is to enact revenge on someone or something.

Revenge is like taking poison internally in hopes that it will destroy the other individual.

Revenge eats away, erodes, and takes its toll on the individual who is motivated by this negative force.

Therefore, it is never a good idea to be working towards a goal by using the motivational force of revenge.

The best way to show others what you are capable of and demonstrate your life potential can be accomplished by being successful. This is the best antidote for revenge.

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Personal Story

We all, most likely, have a story in which someone told us that we couldn’t do it or that we would fail in our attempt.

My Panama Canal story came when a job opportunity was presented to me but required a journey of 1,800 miles.

I had a few household items, clothes, and a vehicle that could best be described as having one tire in an automobile salvage yard.

Undaunted, I loaded up all of my possessions; the television became my companion in the passenger seat, and strapped to the back of my “moving van” was a bicycle.

The foolish plan was that if the car broke down, the bike would be my mode of transportation to travel the distance for the new job.

To make matters worse, my boss, as I was driving out of the company parking lot, assessed the situation and with a smirk said, “Good luck.”

She predicted I would not get very far. The car fully packed and slightly tilted upwards in the front by all of the back weight made for a humorous sight to behold.

I will not go into the gruesome challenges of the trip. Suffice it to say that despite the muffler detaching from the exhaust system, a broken headlight, and the slipping bands of the transmission, I made my destination.

I had gotten my sweet revenge on my previous boss who said that I would never make it by actually making it!

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Perhaps you can relate to the story of Goethals and the Panama Canal. Maybe you are in a situation where it seems as if it is one issue after another.

Take heart, continue to move forward, and remember that the best response to those who criticize or say that it can’t be done is to move forward doing the best that you can and answer their criticisms with success.

None of us are immune from experiencing negative comments from individuals who size us up in our situation and wrongly exclaim that there’s no way that we can do it.

These individuals may mean well and try to give us a heavy dose of reality.

However, there are those individuals who do not wish for anyone to succeed other than themselves or allow anyone else from doing something more successful than what they have done.

You, on the other hand, know what you are capable of and that you can succeed in whatever you set your mind to accomplishing.

Your goal may be to start a business, increase your cash flow, save substantially for retirement, go back to school, etc.

You know you can do this even if friends, family, or other well-meaning or not-so-well-meaning individuals say otherwise.

You have set your course, you are determined and you are sailing on.

Consequently, it is important that when success is realized that you harbor no feelings of resentment or hostility towards others.

Through your success you have learned more about yourself and the experience has been educational.

Remember that the poison of revenge is a venom that affects you and no others.

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