Yes, there are indeed stupid ways to make money.

This article reveals as many as 25 such stupid but unique and workable ways to earn money.



There are two sides to everything.

A typical coin has two sides and often is distinguished as heads or tails, there is two or more side to a mountain that provide different views of the same mountain, there are two sides to an argument, etc.

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Each of the two sides comes with different perspectives.

When it comes to employment some could argue that the job is critical while others may say that the job is non-critical and even further define the job as stupid.

Additionally, the question would need to be asked as it relates to the performance of the job.

If the job is deemed as stupid is the person that performs the job stupid or is the person paying for the job to be done stupid?

In either case, let’s look at some unique jobs that are available that could also be classified as stupid or strange.


Personal Story

I took on a seasonal job at a unique gourmet food distribution site.

They are packaged together with various gourmet cheeses, sausages, and crackers.

As part of what they offered they also compiled specialty items together and utilized such products as tortes, mints, gourmet popcorn, oysters, peanut brittle, chocolate-covered toffee, and much more.

At the end of the working season, they were very generous to us and in addition to a bonus gave us each a significant sized holiday basket.

Coming from a family of seven, we devoured the entire set of goodies that were in the basket with one small exception.

The can of oysters was neglected until one day I dared my brother to eat the contents of the whole can of oysters.

Of course, he refused but then I sweetened the pot and told him I’d give him $5 if he ate the whole thing.

Well, it’s amazing what people will do for $5 as the whole can of oysters was devoured by my brother and he was $5 richer, and I was amazed.


25 Stupid But Unique Ways to Make Money

Note that some of these stupid ways to make money can make you money, no doubts about that.

It’s just that some of them don’t require too much effort and some might require too much time commitment.


1. Getting Tattoos for Money

For some, a stupid way to make money is to allow yourself to be tattooed with a marketing name or advertiser.

There was such a company that did this, but their website is no longer active.

However, not to despair, there are other ways to do this use of your body as a walking billboard and that is through such websites as or by clicking Tattoos.

If you are not averse to getting a tattoo prominently displayed somewhere on your body to advertise a company, then this is an option for you.

Also, you can work with the potential advertiser and have the tattoo either permanently done or temporarily.

There is an example of one lady who had a tattoo placed on her forehead and received $10,000.


2. Selling Your Hair

This may be a stupid way of earning money.

However, if the hair is going to be utilized by an individual who has lost their hair due to a medical illness or treatment program then this might make it worthwhile for you.

An individual’s hair can be sold if it’s over 6 inches and the value is placed upon the thickness of the hair as well as through a hair calculator that gives you a selling price.

One such website is Hair Sell On.


3. Watching Videos

Swagbucks will pay you to do several things from the comfort of your home.

Some of those ways that you can earn money are by watching videos, playing games, participating in surveys, etc.

To entice you to be involved and to register, Swagbucks and others will pay you a bonus for signing up.


4. Surveys

Survey Junkie is another website that will pay you for your time as it relates to participating in surveys.

Based on your profile you may be invited to take part in various surveys to get your feedback and help the marketing team of the companies that are conducting the survey.

By doing this you earn rewards, and the rewards can be redeemed through PayPal or the distribution of gift cards.


5. Losing Weight

Healthy Wage is a website that is devoted to helping you achieve your healthy body weight.

The process is involved your decision on how much weight you want to lose.

The website then takes you through many open-ended questions where they ask you about your height, gender, why you want to lose weight, etc.

The money that you can earn comes into play as you participate in a personal wager. In other words, you are betting on yourself.

You set your monthly fee and the more that you pay out the higher will be the prize amount.

There is a prize calculator on the website, but you need to provide your email address.


6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance website in which you can register and then offer to provide gigs that would include doing unusual things for money or looking online through their website at any job availabilities that would be classified as out of the ordinary.

Once you identify such an opportunity or are asked to perform something then you can accept or decline.

Payment is made through this freelance website, and you are then paid after the job is completed minus 20% which is their administrative fee.


7. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance website on which you register as a user.

Upon successful registration, you then can search the listing of job availabilities.

If looking to participate in something unusual you can so indicate it on your profile as well as when you do job searches.

For example, a recent job search on the word stupid came back with three responses with one of the employment opportunities asking for an individual to provide a psychic reading.


8. Wait In Line  

Some individuals either don’t have the time or not can’t be bothered waiting in line to purchase tickets for a concert event or sporting event, etc.

Therefore, they advertise for an individual to stand in line for them and hold their place.

Another opportunity that would present itself in standing in line would be when there are sales at various stores that sometimes occur on what is known as Black Friday.

These types of jobs can be found through websites such as or Task Rabbit.

You could make as much as $25 an hour doing this activity.


9. Rent a Friend

On the surface, it would seem that having to Rent a Friend seems rather silly.

However, there are a variety of reasons (last-minute social engagement, difficulty socializing, being with someone lonely – an elderly person) that you need a friend, and this service that is provided will pay you a fairly decent amount of money.

It is possible to earn $300 to $500 per week.

The relationship is non-committal. Activities of involvement could include taking in a movie, restaurant, party, etc.

Registration is free, an application is involved, and once approved you become available to befriend someone.


10. Professional Cuddler

Being involved with a website such as Cuddlist is not about romance or necessarily holding or embracing someone, it is about communication.

Communication is about asking questions, getting to know someone, talking, listening, comforting, encouraging, etc.

To be a catalyst an individual should have the qualifications of being able to communicate, listen, not be afraid of human touch, etc.

Also, being a Cuddlist means that you need to establish boundaries positively and consistently.

Hourly rates can vary from $80 to $170 per hour.

There may be costs associated with this employment position and are dependent upon which site you choose. Some of those fees could include

  • Training sessions
  • Registration fees
  • Monthly membership


11. Life Modeling

If you are not too bashful and believe that the human body is a work of art, you can offer yourself as a live model for art classes.

These types of jobs could be found on such websites as or Craigslist.

The obvious precautions would include it being a reputable art class, if it is in the school setting, a certified art class, etc.

It is important that before you possibly disrobe that you discover what the class is all about and what the expectations are from the model.


12. Rent to Campers

If you have land or even just a backyard, there’s a possibility that you could rent out your area to campers who wish to set up a tent and have a camping experience that is conducive to where your land is.

You could work out an agreement with an individual in which they pay you to utilize your land and you stipulate as to what can and cannot occur as it relates to campfires, cooking, etc.

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13. Pet Grief Counselor

Judge it is silly or not, many individuals consider the family pet to be a significant member of the family household.

When an individual loses their pet, that leaves a hole in the family unit and individuals may need help in adjusting and working through their sorrow and loss of a member of the family.

As a pet grief counselor, you will help the grieving owners to work through their grieving process so that they can move on with their lives and possibly find a new pet.

If interested in this service to help pet owners through their grief, you can log on to  and look at becoming a care coordinator.

As a veterinarian care coordinator, you are provided training and do not need to have any special degrees nor is a license required.


14. Lice Removal

A possible stupid way of making money is by helping families and households deal with any potential lice problems that they may have.

You could provide this service and utilize many over-the-counter products that are available in retail outlets.

Also, as part of your service, you could educate individuals on how these insects operate, are transmitted, prevent further outbreaks, etc.

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15. Virtual Bridesmaid

It may appear, on the surface, that one wouldn’t need to hire a bridesmaid when the wedding is so personal and such an intimate affair that involves the closest of friends.

In hiring a bridesmaid it’s more than just the day of the ceremony and the bridesmaids standing there next to the bride beautifully attired in supporting the pride through the marriage process.

In hiring a bridesmaid, for example from Bridesmaid For Hire, the bridesmaid will help plan the special event, help in preparation for the new speeches, party planning, etc.

As a bridesmaid there is a potential of earning $100-$200 per hour course, going through a website there will be fees involved.


16. Getting Paid to Wake Up

Imagine getting paid just to wake up each morning.

That is the focus of Paywake in which you deposit the sum of money anywhere from $5 to $99 a day.

The pay is realized in that the more money you deposit the more money you can realize if you wake up the routine every day.

Paywake is an app that is currently available for iOS and Google Play.

Before you finish rubbing your eyes you have three minutes to upload a photo to prove that you are indeed awake.

If you fail to wake up at the proper time, Paywake keeps 15% of the money that you deposited.

The earnings come into play when you succeed in waking up over the period designated.

You receive your money back plus a bonus.

Once your account has been created Paywake will then explain to you how the process works.

They indicate that an individual who deposits $75 and wakes up on time over 30 days can receive back $79.71.


17. Donation of Stool

There are several donations that an individual can make as it relates to giving part of their body to help others and further the cause of science.

For example, one can give a kidney, donate blood, plasma, etc.

Added to the list now is the donation of your fecal material.

If you are a healthy adult and between the ages of 18 and 50 you may be eligible to earn up to $1500 a month for your bowel movement.

There are eligibility requirements that include an individual who is of normal weight, doesn’t smoke, has no history of digestive diseases, has no drug abuse, etc.

The individual must be available to donate their specimen 3 to 4 times a week with the tests being conducted on the stool for providing therapy as it relates to gastrointestinal infections and disorders.

One such site that participates in this program can be found by clicking here.


18. Writing Dating Profiles

At an amount of $35-$52 an hour, there is the possibility of writing dating profiles.

Many individuals find it hard to write an engaging profile to talk about themselves as it relates to the dating scene and therefore hires professional writers to provide this written narrative.

As the individual wishing to have this writing done can instruct the writer that you want the tone serious, humorous, combination, etc.

There are opportunities that an individual can take on this opportunity through such freelancing websites as


19. Virtual Babysitter

Being a quality babysitter fulfills a comforting and practical need for parents wishing to get away for a little time to themselves and utilize a babysitter.

Due to the recent pandemic, the technological ease of having someone care for a child for an hour or two is through virtual babysitting with no physical interaction.

Through this service, you can earn $50 an hour and care for the child through technological means and interact with the young person by reading books, talking, playing games together, etc.

One such site is Virtual Babysitter’s Club.


20. Mascot

A fun and silly way of earning money would be to don the mascot outfit of a restaurant or other retailer to help them promote a grand opening or special event that they are holding at their store.

It is indicated by one of the employment websites that the average pay for a mascot is $30.47 per hour.

One can always look at sites such as Simply Hired or Indeed to see what the availability is of any of these fun employment opportunities.


21. Driving

By checking such websites as Craigslist and others, the possibility of landing a driving job is a possibility.

Sometimes, individuals become uncomfortable driving long distances, or maybe age requirements or driving skills aren’t what they used to be.

If a long trip needs to be taken you could get a job driving an individual to a set destination, having them do what they need to do, and return them home utilizing their vehicle.


22. Food Testers

Many companies hire individuals to taste-test various types of food that are created in their food laboratory.

In addition, to the taste test is the option of individuals testing the food as it relates to the preparation and using the microwave.

One such taste testing lab can be found at Listeria Testing Lab.

Some taste testing labs require the individual to be in the area and physically be on-site to be involved with the process. Some labs will mail out the food and have the quality of the food tested in that manner.

Some food testers getting paid to eat have reportedly earned $17 per hour.

Selection is based on the registrant’s demographics.


23. Paid to Sleep

Sleep Junkie selects individuals to sleep over two months with the pay being $250 per hour or $2000.

There is an application process and one of the important requirements is that the individual is not a sound sleeper but would define themselves as tossing and turning at the night.

The information collected is designed to help other individuals who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

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24. Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker as opposed to a non-ethical hacker is an individual that is engaged to gain access to a computer system with permission.

Many companies utilize an ethical hacker to test the system to ensure that it is difficult or next to impossible to compromise and to ensure that the security is solid.

An ethical hacker could earn a six-figure salary.

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25. Selling Feet Photos

Believe it or not, there is a market for photos but not just any photos but photos of the feet of people.

One such site is Feetify.

It is a safe and legal website and your anonymity is maintained.

At one site the photos are sold for anywhere from $5 to as much as hundreds of dollars.

Read this very detailed article for more ways of making money selling feet pictures!


Stupid Ways of Earning Money That  Work FAQs

Why Would an Individual Take a Stupid Job?

There could be many reasons. Some of those reasons could include:

  • Pay
  • Intrigued by the job
  • Sounds like fun
  • Done on a dare
  • Affinity for being different
  • Etc.


What Would Be Some Considerations Before Taking a Job That Could Be Defined as “Stupid.”

It would seem that the main considerations would be:

  • Safety
  • Clear job description
  • Expectations
  • When paid


You Can Do It

You have an opportunity to be involved in a job that maybe is classified as odd, but you need the money and don’t appear to be too involved.

It may appear to be stupid or a waste of your talent but if somebody is going to pay – why not?



There are a variety of unique jobs that match the variety and uniqueness of employees or freelancers who are up for the challenge.

Often the pay is also unique due to the qualifications needed.

When I was in the Navy it was often said that there were three ways to do something. Those three ways were the right way, the wrong way, and the Navy way.

There are no right jobs or wrong jobs just jobs and others are willing to pay to have those jobs done.

There are always two sides to everything.

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