If you want some of the best tips for stretching your money, this article will really come handy.

It reveals the very best tips anyone can implement that will really work in helping to stretch their money, on a daily basis.


Why Stretch Your Money?

You can stretch your money beyond your imagination if you are disciplined.

What this means is that you take steps to make your money last longer than it is intended.

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If the cash you have budgeted for one month goes beyond that then it has stretched.

This is a scenario most people want. After all, we all want to have that extra money with us.

If your budget or money does not last beyond the stipulated time then it is time to take steps that will stretch it.


16 Best Tips to Stretch Your Money that Really Work


1. Start An Emergency Savings Account

You should start saving money if you want to stretch your money.

Start a savings account where you put aside a percentage or specific amount as savings.

The savings should be used to cover unexpected expenses that may affect the budget before time.

With the fund, you can easily take car or emergency expenses without having to resort to borrowings.

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2. Stick to Your Budget

You need to stick with the budget you have set from the beginning of the month.

If you have the discipline to stick with the amount you have set aside for specific projects then you can easily stretch the money you have.

For instance, if you have set aside $600 for grocery shopping stick with this. It could be tempting to buy things on impulse when you visit a grocery shop.

If you spend more than you have budgeted then your money would finish sooner than expected.


3. Cut And Unsubscribe From Cable TV

You can stretch your money if you cut the cable in your home. What this means is that you should unsubscribe from cable TV.

If possible cut down on how much you spend on digital or cable TV every month.

After all, you don’t get to watch all the channels.

If you must watch TV then you should consider free TV offers in your area.


4. Freeze Your Spending Habits

How much you spend will affect how much you have left.

If you have the habit of spending overspending then you will not have much left to save.

So, to stretch your money you need to freeze your spending habit.

There are lots of things you can do to freeze your spending.

Avoid going for things with inflated costs, consider joining a group of friends to start a reward for the biggest loser in a competition.

The bottom line is to spend less so you have more money to save. This way your money will stretch.


5. Shop With a List

When you go shopping, go with a list. This will help remind you of what to buy so you don’t go buying things you don’t need.

Also, you will avoid impulse buying and stick to your budget.

Shop with a list as it helps you stick with your budget.

You will stretch your money this way since you have less.


6.  Reduce Food Shopping Costs

Food expenses take a major part of a monthly budget.

If you reduce the amount you spend on food then you can easily stretch your money.

Some ways you can apply to reduce food expenses include shopping at grocery stores where they offer coupons and discounts.

Repurpose foods in the home so you don’t waste them and spend money on new ones.

Shop generic brands and don’t stick with brand names which are often expensive.

You will stretch your money if you reduce your food shopping cost.


7. Find Energy-Efficient Options

You can stretch your money if you utilize appliances with energy-efficient features.

These appliances don’t consume high energy.

So, your utility bill is going to reduce or remain constant if you utilize energy-saving home electronics and appliances.

Luckily, a lot of manufacturers are taking advantage of energy-efficient facilities.

Check out your heating and cooling systems to ensure they have energy-efficient capability.


Stretching Money


8. Use Bundled Services & Credit Cards With Perks

You can stretch your money if you take advantage of bundled services from stores.

This is a way of shopping whereby you get multiple items or services for a cheap price.

For instance, phone carriers in your location may decide to bundle data and landline services for one price.

You will save money this way as buying the individuals items separately would cost you more.

Also, if you are using credit cards, apply for those with perks.

Go for credit cards that would give you perks like cashback on purchases, points on travel, and interest-free transfers, etc.

With both bundling services and credit card perks, you can save and stretch your money.


9. Sell What You Don’t Need

You can stretch your money by getting extra money selling what you don’t need.

If you have items wasting away in your home or gathering dust on the shelves, why not sell them to get extra money?

You can sell books you don’t read, clothes you don’t wear, the car you don’t drive, etc., and get money.

Having more money means saving more and stretching your budget.

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10. Reduce Wasteful Spending

If you want your money to stretch then you must reduce wasteful spending.

Check all the spending you do on things that are not useful.

These are wasteful spending because you don’t need them.

Avoid the extravagant lifestyle especially on food, clothing, partying, etc, and save more.

Daily indulgences are the fast way to poverty, so you must avoid them.

You will stretch your hard-earned money in place if you do.


11. Switching From Debit Card To Cash

You can stretch your money if you use cash to shop instead of debit cards.

Using cash will give you control as you pay the exact amount of an item.

A debit card can make you spend more than necessary. You may pay interest charges for each usage.

This can affect your earnings and you will not be able to save. So, use cash instead of debit cards to make payments.

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12. Make Your Lunch

You can stretch your money if you take a lunch from home. Homemade lunch can help you save money on your food budget.

Instead of going to a fast-food eatery to grab a pack of lunch, prepare something at home and take it along to your workplace.

The cost of eating out usually adds up but you will spend less when you make your lunch.


13. Get The Things You Do Need For Cheap

To stretch your money, you need to cut down on expenses. When you shop for items, use every opportunity to find where to buy cheap.

You can check out classified ads, garage sales, flea markets, and other places to buy things for cheap.

The less money you spend to buy things the more money you save.

Ultimately, your money will stretch as you buy cheap.


14. Become A One-Car Household

If you have more than one car in your home, why not use only one and stretch your money.

The more cars you have and drive, the more money you will spend to buy gas and make repairs.

If you use one car for the whole family, you are going to save more and stretch your money.


15. Pay Cash For Everything

You should imbibe the habit of paying cash for everything.

If you cannot afford to buy what you want, forget about it. Do not go borrowing to buy the item.

Paying cash gives you the discipline to be content with what you have.

You need to follow this rule if you are on a tight budget.


16. Ditching Expensive Debt

If you are repaying debts, chances are that the interest on some of them is higher than others.

You should take steps to pay off your expensive debt so that you will have more money to spend.

Pay off your debt fast so you don’t end using your tight budget to pay high-interest rates.



If you want to stretch your money beyond now, there are things you need to do.

Some of them have been highlighted in this article.

Hopefully, you will start implementing them so you have your money last longer for you.