Strategies to Use for Coping Up with Your SEO Campaign Failure


There are numerous reasons that could be contributing to the failure of your SEO campaigns. However, when you are confronted with a failed SEO campaign, it is essential for you to stay calm and patient. You need to think of ways to recover. It is important for you to keep trying till you are back on top again. It surely is heart-breaking to see your SEO campaign fall flat.

The bitter truth associated with the digital marketing world is that some campaigns would succeed and numerous campaigns would be total flops due to many reasons. All marketers would need to be mentally prepared for handling both success and failure with equal calm. The point is not to get overboard with success and not get bogged down and shattered with failure. Remember not all campaigns that are launched by you are bound to succeed. You must think positive. A campaign that is not hugely successful should not be written off as a complete flop.

Remember failure does not necessarily imply that the show is over. It obviously means that you need to try again with complete dedication and increased tenacity. Now is the time to find out exactly what had gone wrong and how to overcome the blunders the next time. You could address the SEO agency which would offer effective professional advice for SEO success. There are SEO agencies that work in different parts of the world and therefore know how to build effective campaigns for regional markets as well.

Common Reasons Contributing to SEO Failure

There could be numerous reasons accounting for your SEO failure but two of the most common reasons are discussed below.


Even though it is not necessary for you to spend an astronomical amount on your SEO campaigns, remember your budget is a key factor and if it is not managed properly, you are in for trouble. Most businesses launch their SEO campaigns with unrealistic budgets and illogical timelines. They hope that they would get brilliant outcomes overnight without investing enough.

Goals & Aspirations

Often companies encounter flop SEO campaigns simply because they have been unimaginative and unrealistic about their objectives, goals, and aspirations. You simply cannot assume that you would achieve a brilliant SERP ranking for each and every relevant keyword overnight. You may not achieve that even in the next couple of months. It is not that simple and easy to get a high SERP ranking for all your keywords. That would be an unrealistic assumption.

You must think objectively while launching your SEO campaign. Instead of concentrating on several keywords simultaneously, you may initiate with just a single product or keyword for optimizing. Once the campaign is successful, consider building on it. Build on your success to achieve your objectives and aspirations. However, be realistic about timelines and keep in mind that success cannot be achieved overnight.

Effective Tips for Handling Situation When Things Go Haywire

Re-Evaluation of the Campaign Is the Key

Once your SEO campaign falls flat, you may be tempted to give it all up. But you had devoted a lot of energy, efforts, and time on the campaign. Do not let all that go to a total waste. You must reassess the situation and identify exactly what had gone wrong and what was the precise cause of the failure and think of ways to rectify the situation. First of all, examine your content and see if it was really good enough and original. You must come up with 100 % genuine, top quality and relevant content only.

You must carefully evaluate your outreach. No point shooting unsolicited emails. You need to identify the right audience and you must work on building and fortifying the bond. Communication and interaction with your target audience is the key. You could begin with engaging with your audience. Start commenting on their Facebook posts and start tweeting. Send your amazing content and keep tracking your outreach with effective tools that tell you whether your emails were opened.

Once you have identified the loopholes, you must try once more. You must think anew about the campaign based on your information regarding the factors that led to the failure of the campaign. You must use the feedback effectively when you are trying the second time.  Keep trying again if in your judgment the content is brilliant and your audience would love it. Remember you need to have faith. If your content actually is great, it is bound to work eventually.

Go for a Content Revision

If you see no positive outcomes of your SEO campaign, it is better to consider changing your content provided you feel that your campaign has the required potential. You could transform the content into a blog for your website or you could even consider making a video for your social media platform.


It is deeply disheartening to see your SEO campaign flop. But you need to realize that all marketing campaigns cannot succeed despite the potential. Examine the features that worked fine and identify the things that went terribly wrong. Take a prompt and effective decision about the way to achieve progress objectively. Always keep in mind that success is waiting for you.


  1. Hi Helen:

    The concepts emphasized in this post are very sound.

    I think that a re-definition of “failure” is in order particularly when it comes to Internet marketing.

    Your marketing efforts are only a “failure” IF YOU LEARNED NOTHING SIGNIFICANT FROM THE EFFORT.

    Disappointing results DO NOT equal failure.

    Use analytical tools like Google Search Console and to determine how best to improve poor SEO results.

    Also, I find which gives bounce rate data and “Daily time on site” data very insightful.

    Keep the faith and never give up!
    Robert A Kearse recently posted…

    Increase Website Traffic – The 12 Best
    And Most Powerful Blog Traffic Posts Of 2016
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    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you for the comment. It is for sure necessary to get experience from both positive and negative outcomes of your Internet marketing campaigns.

      But as it is business, we do consider all financial losses a failure. Especially when we talk about Internet marketers that work with the clients.

      To succeed in this field, you have to give your customers more than they have invested in their business promotion. In case you loose their money, you lose your clients and your reputation.

      Unfortunatley, in the majority of cases none cares about how much you have learned from your failure – the competitive struggle is though, so you can wait longer than you expect for the second chance.

      Nobody wants to risk their money working with marketers that fail, only in case you are the ones who proposes them to get 200% traffic increase in two months for $200. But personally i am not interested in this sector of Internet marketing.

      But in case you failed, you still have time to make the campaign successful, so I decided to collect the most effective advice here to help my colleagues and maybe even active business owners to save their brand image and customers with this information.

      I am pleased to see you have found it so interesting.

      • Hi Helen:

        I interpreted your article to be intended for self-initiated SEO campaigns by Internet marketers, small business owners, and similar organizations.

        There are so many different perspectives and strategies (with varying degrees of merit) in online SEO that at any given moment, someone, somewhere is “getting it wrong”.

        So, my emphasis on the learning curve and re-definition of failure was not meant for SEO professionals.

        RE:”But as it is business, we do consider all financial losses a failure. Especially when we talk about Internet marketers that work with the clients.”

        I certainly agree with this conclusion since a high expectation of success is operative whenever we hire SEO agencies or professionals.

        Most agencies will not get a “second chance” to get it right with a disappointed client.

        Keep up the quality contributions. Much appreciated.

        Robert A Kearse recently posted…

        Increase Website Traffic – The 12 Best
        And Most Powerful Blog Traffic Posts Of 2016
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  2. Hi Helen,
    I completely agree with you on the need to completely evaluate the things that went fine and those that went wrong with an SEO campaign. Once these are in place then it becomes absolutely possible to cope and deal with SEO campaign failure.

    If we don’t get to know what causes the failure in the first place then we are bound to repeat the mistakes of SEO.

    SEO needs adequate budget and planning to succeed. Most agencies that are still on track very well understands this!

    • Hello Sunday,

      You are so right about the importance of identifying the main causes of campaign’s failure. Without clear definition of the weak sides it is impossible to prevent them from happening the next time.

      Moreover, the effective budgeting is one of the most important aspects of successful SEO marketing that has to be always under severe control and constant analysis. To sell more and get more revenue, it is important to undertstand all financial flows that took place in the process.

  3. Hi Helen,

    I completely agree with your take on reasons why SEO fail. However, it is important we understand that what applies to one person may not be the same for another.

    Therefore, a clear understanding of what causes the campaign to fail would be huge step to determine the solution.

    Coping with SEO failure will not be successful if there is no established details of whether budget, skills, professionalism, or lack of goals caused it!

    • Hello Carl,

      Thank you for the comment. I guess it is a well-known fact that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So for sure there is a diference between promoting a local handmade soap shop and elaborating a new marketing campaign for Reebok.

      But in this post we talk about getting maximum profit in all cases, even in failures. When you are able to implement all techniques from the current post in such situations, you for sure will never really fail.

      To minimize potential losses, you have to identify the main reasons of the failure – and that can also be the inability to apply the right technique to the particular campaign. This is a private case for one of the points mentioned in the post.

  4. SEO failures often do arise because the marketer fails to embrace changes in the system.

    Every now and then, technological changes ensure that what is obtainable in real time SEO becomes obsolete in the next minute.

    However, if one is willing to adapt to the changes that emanate from the search engines and take the right steps then it becomes easier to succeed always.

    • Hello James,

      Everything now is changing rapidly, and especially when we talk about business promotion. Every new successful campaign creates a trend, every effective solution is spreading as wide as possible. And all these successful advantages can go 100% opposite in case you don’t undertsnad their real value and validity period.

  5. Hi Helen,

    I completely agree with you on content revision when SEO is not working.

    Revising the structure and message of the content will help change the perspective of the customer for sharing and responding to calls to action.

    If this is rightly applied together with proper re-evaluation of the overall SEO strategy then the ideal result would be provided.

    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for the feedback. I have worked with many content marketers and I have myself witnessed the problem when they are unable to review their vision of the content suitable for the campaign they are working with.

      I know how hard it is to revise the whole campaign that you have been creating step by step, but in case it fails – there are no alternatives.

      Content is sometimes not evaluated highly enough, althoug the success of online promotion relies heavily on this tool of communicating with the potential clients.

    • Hello Steven,

      There are many reasons why campaigns fail. Each case is unique, so it is possible to define a great number of different reasons for that. For sure, it is imortant to have realistic goals and choose the way that can get you there faster and with maximum effect.

      Hiwever, this is not the only reasin, because a lot of businesses fail even if they know what they want. Here, I can say that it is alos important ot know how you want to get to your target, when and why.

      It is also impossible to succeed without good online tools, powerful content and wise budgeting. There are many other components of successful campaign we can talk about.

      But I guess that all basic guidelines that are necesary to follow are mentioned in the post, so each reader will be able to apply them into practice, identify the weak sides of his/her campaign and effectively work on their improving.

    • Hello Amit,

      There is no doubt that SEO plays a decisive role in the overall success of the business, so in case it won’t work, it can lead to the most undesired outocmes for the company.

      That is why it is so important to be able to work not only with successful campaigns, but also with the ones that did not gave you the desired result. This is what defines a qualified professional.

  6. Hey Helen,
    I think you are on track with the ideas you have suggested for coping with failed SEO campaign.

    The truth remains that if the real cause of the failure is not identified, any solution proposed or implemented would add to the heartache and frustration that the failed ‘project’ has brought.

    So, making a proper re-evaluation in every step of the way is important supervising a success bound SEO project!

    • Hey Winford,

      It is for sure essential to identify the cause of the failure to be able to cope with it and escape such cases in the future.

      When Netpeak SEO specialists work with multiple projects, they have to take into account all possible variants of SEO campaign development and prevent any situations that lead to failure.

      That is why we decided to collect all typical problems that SEO specialists sometimes face and to analyse them. The majority of these situations occur when specialists is in the beginning of his/her professional career.

      However, sometimes campaigns fail even if you work with an experienced specialist. In this case, the cost of such failure can be fatal. That is why it is so important to know what might happen and prevent it. This is the main aim of this post.

  7. Hi Helen,

    Obviously, if an SEO campaign is not going well, then something is wrong with the content creation and delivery.

    This would affect the keyword research and back linking process.

    However, with good analytics and keen sense of observation, the best SEO ensure constant success.

    • Hello Paul,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, the issues you’ve mentioned take important place in the overall observation of the main SEO failures.

      SEO promotion is a complex process that requires attention to all elements of its realization scheme, especially keywords and link building. It is the basis of every SEO campaign.

      In this post we cover the most widespread and serious issues that are as well connected with these two aspects. A lot of specialists pay attention to the parts of work that seem to be the most complicated, but forget about the basics.

      It is essential to conduct a keywords research with every campaign, and it has to be done many times during the campaign. We recommend to use Serpstat for keywords optimization.

  8. Hello Helen,

    I think you’re right on. If your SEO isn’t going as planned, you must go back and re-evaluate what you’re not doing correctly. I always recommended a good SEO plugin for beginners, and even veterans to use as well.

    I like the idea of making a video for your social platform. Those seem videos on Facebook and other popular social media websites tend to go viral.