You can surely learn how to start a Stationery business by reading this article.

It explains how to get started and tips to help you not only start but also succeed with a Stationery business.



When it comes to grammar, the spelling of words or the use of words can sometimes be confusing.

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One of the ways that we were taught in school to remember this sequence of letters in words such as their or neighbor was the rhyme of “I before E except after C or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh.”

Another confusing word that can possibly be misspelled is the word stationary.

Stationary means to be set in one place and not to move such as a stationary bicycle utilized for exercising.

The similar sounding but different word that can be confused with stationary is stationery.

Stationery is writing products or printed products that we utilize when writing a letter, utilizing a product that contains the company’s letterhead, etc.

Therefore, when looking at starting and succeeding with a stationery business let us not confuse the business name with the word stationary which means no movement but let us look how to start and succeed and provide movement for a stationery business.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Start a Stationery Business


1. Know all about Stationery Business 

A stationery business is a company that primarily sells items that are defined as paper goods.

Paper goods are defined as items that are not disposable such as paper plates or cups but paper goods that one can write on, correspond with others through, etc.


2. Products

The typical products that one can find in a stationary store or business would include greeting cards, thank you notes, invitations, specially embossed paper, and different colors of paper as well as texture.

Also, in a stationery shop you might find other things such as planners, meaningful little gifts, candles, figurines, etc.


3. How Money is Made

You would think that the use of stationary or specially designed products utilizing paper have gone the way of the horse and buggy.

However, this is not necessarily true as individuals are looking for that unique and distinctive flare that a stationery company can provide through the products that they offer.

Therefore, a stationery company will make money by not only charging for their labor and materials but will also earn money through their creativity through their designs.


4. Research

The first step when looking to start a stationery company is to find out how saturated the market is.

Your research should also include doing online searches about this industry, what it entails to get started, the pros and cons of starting a business, etc.

It is best to go into this potential start of a business with your eyes wide open and understand all that is involved as well as the time commitment and other hurdles or hoops that you need to go through to get started.


5. Budget

A good idea to start off with before going any further is to devise a rough budget as to what will be needed financially.

The two sides of the budget would need to be addressed.

On the expense side you would list any expenses as it relates to employees, purchase of supplies, utilities, rental of space or equipment, insurance, shipping and so on.

Once you have established a ballpark amount of what the business will cost on a monthly basis you can then do a projection on sales and what will be needed, revenue wise, to not just break even but realize a profit.


6. Competition

In addition to understanding how many stationery businesses are available either in your local community or online you then need to investigate these companies to determine what you are up against or competing for a customer’s business.

Questions that would need to be addressed would include:

  • What products they offer?
  • How unique are those products?
  • Pricing?
  • What their website looks like?
  • Any reviews posted on customer service?
  • And so on

The answers to these questions and more will help you determine what their success is and measures that you can take to provide more for the customer as it relates to service and product.


7. Business Plan

Once you have done your preliminary research the next critical step that needs to take place is the formulation of a business plan.

In essence a business plan is a roadmap of where you are, and where you want to take this business and all of the steps and methods needed to engage in to get you to that success point in the business.

Some of the components of the business plan would include:

  • Executive summary
  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Need of staffing
  • Budget
  • And other items as well


8. Business Structure

Another critical business decision that needs to be made is how you will format your business as a legal entity.

The decision that you make as to what legal structure you wish to file under will determine the taxes that you pay, reports that need to be filed, etc.

Some of the legal structures that companies use include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company
  • S Corp.
  • And others

This process can be done by hiring a lawyer that can help you with the paperwork or there are websites in which help can be utilized.

One of those websites is


9. Insurance

Another important consideration to protect you and your company is considering your insurance needs.

To help in this process you can conduct your own research to find out what insurance policies are recommended or you can actually speak to an insurance agent to find out what they recommend.


10. Banking

Another important action step that needs to be taken before you inaugurate your business is to set up your business account with a financial institution.

You can utilize a local bank or you can open up an online banking account.

The importance of setting up a separate account for your business transactions is to segregate the financial dealings of the business separate from your personal financial transactions.

Also, it is important to utilize a bank in which there are little or minimal fees involved with transactions as it relates to deposits, check writing, use of credit cards, and so forth.


11. Permits and Licenses

Once you have a registered your company with your choice of state you now need to make application for a variety of permits and licenses.

Some of those official applications can include:

  • Business license
  • Sales tax
  • Seller’s permit
  • Perhaps others


12. Company Name

An important consideration is the name that you wish to attach with your business operations.

The name of your company should be simple, but easy for a customer to recall the name.

Also your selected business name should reflect the particular segment or aspect of your stationery company so that it is a natural indication of what your business offers.

A website that may possibly help you with selecting a name is a company name generator that can be accessed by clicking here.


13. Logo

Another important component of your branding as a company is your logo.

A logo will draw the attention of a customer or potential customer and provides a strong first impression of what your company is and what it provides.

Also, a powerful logo is a reflection of your professionalism.

The logo will represent your unique identity as a brand, is memorable and will separate you from your competitors.

You can employ the services of a graphic designer.

However, this may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5000.

You could also look at a freelance website such as and hire a freelance graphic designer.

One other option that you could consider is the use of a free online tool to create graphic designs as found at


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14. Website

Another important component to your arsenal of business tools is the creation of an engaging website.

A website is important because it is accessible to anyone at any time and anywhere.

This is true whether you are open for business or not or in which particular time zone the potential customer may be browsing for your service of providing stationery.

Your website should contain basic features such as:

  • Products that you offer
  • Testimonials
  • Frequently asked questions
  • A page to access to order product
  • Contact information
  • And so forth

The site should be informative and graphically appealing.

You can set up your own website through a site such as or you can employ a company that can help you with the design of your webpage.


15. Target Audience

Typically, for a stationery business you will have the customers that are looking for special paper or specially designed stationery.

More than likely, however, your targeted audience will be individuals who are planning weddings or social or business occasions.

They want to utilize a special invitation and will look to you and your company to provide that uniqueness.

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16. Pricing

An important question that needs to be addressed and answered is the pricing of your product.

Basically, your price quoted to your customer should cover all of your expenses including your time to design the product as well as the production costs.

When these costs have been covered you then can mark up the cost within the range of 2 1/2 to 3 times the cost of the actual goods

Also, a good idea is that if you are selling an item that is custom-made you should add on your hourly rate as it involves the creation of this design.


17. Expenses

For a stationery company the expenses should be fairly low to moderate.

This is because the paper products will not be stored as inventory but will be ordered as needed.

Other expenses would include shipping costs but these can be passed on to the customer.

Also, there may be a need for additional computers, software, or other tech supplies as your company grows and continues to succeed.


18. Accounting

If you decide to do your own accounting you will need to look at an accounting software package that is user-friendly and can accommodate your financial accounting needs.

It is best to conduct your own research as to what is the best software package to invest in and the purchase should be based upon your needs such as staffing, reports that need to be generated, level of income and expenses experienced, etc.

Also, as it relates to accounting, you may wish to outsource your bookkeeping needs to a freelance bookkeeper.

A freelance bookkeeper can be found through a website such as or


19. Software

As a stationery designer it will also be important for you to invest in professional software designing technology.

One such design program that you can invest in is Adobe Illustrator or you can also use desktop publishing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft publisher.


20. Company e-Mail & Phone

Communication with your current customers and potential customers is critical as it relates to the success of your business.

Therefore, it is important to have a company phone number and email address that is specific to your enterprise.

This not only will help with the segregation of expenses as it relates to your filing of taxes but also gives the appearance of being more professional to those who are looking for stationery services.

A telecom provider that may be of assistance in setting up your phone number is Twilio.


21. Etsy

Another way that you can market your services and reach a broader audience is through an online retail store such as

You can set up an online virtual retail store through this site and advertise your stationery products as well as your ability to print special, announcements, invitations, greeting cards, etc.


22. Return Customers

It is always a good strategy to keep a current customer engaged rather than to create a new customer.

A good way to keep your customers engaged is through correspondence and this can be satisfied through emails, with their permission, and sending out newsletters, etc.

Also, when a customer utilizes your service it is always important to thank them for their business.

Little things such as writing a thank you note, sending a trinket of some type, a piece of hard candy or two, etc. as a way of thanking your customers for their order is always a good personal touch.


23. Increasing Profitability

Companies are always looking for a way to increase profitability.

Owning a stationery business is no different.

Therefore, a way to increase profitability would be to offer to your customers various purchasing options in meeting their stationery needs.

You could offer a low-cost option which would reflect bulk ordering or you could maximize your involvement and creativity by designing labor intensive products that will be at a premium price charged to the customer for that specially designed stationery piece.


24. Printer

When it is time to print the product you can use a printing company that will print and produce the order required to satisfy your customer.

Printing companies can be found locally or can be online providers for your printing needs.

The other option is to invest in printers that can provide quality work with in your business setting or with in your place of residence that you have set up your enterprise.

To find a quality printer it is best to conduct your own research and possibly talk to a printing company to find out what they would recommend.


25. Finding Clients

One of the important steps to take to ensure the success of your stationery company is not only to utilize all of your marketing strategies but also reach out to potential clients or help your clients to find you by finding them.

The way to find stationery clients can be at local networking events, looking through Tuesday’s Together chapter on Facebook, involvement in associations and clubs in your community, participating in charitable events and donating your product, seeking out like professions such as wedding planners, etc.


26. Launch

With everything in place it is a perfect opportunity to launch out into the deep and let others know about your stationery services.

Your announcement can be made through social media platforms, reaching out to local newspapers to the business component of the paper, host a grand opening at your office or storefront, offer discounts to attract customers, partner with other businesses in your announcement of being open for business, etc.


Personal Story

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Rather than saying the word shoulder, I inevitably would say the word soldier.

Another set of words that I had difficulty in using, spelling and distinguishing between were the words principle and principal.

Finally, it was shared with me to remember how to spell principal or the head of the school.

The way to remember how to spell it, I was told, was to remember that the principal is your pal.


Starting a Stationery Business FAQs


How Big is the Stationery Business in America?

The market for stationery items in America is at dollar level of $53 billion.


What is the Average Cost to Print a Wedding Invitation?

The average cost to print 200 wedding invitations ranges from $750 to $1,600.


You Can Do It

You have flair and an appreciation for quality printed items.

These printed items could be special announcements, wedding invitations, greeting cards, etc.

Through your passion of providing this quality service you have done your due diligence in researching the business opportunity of starting a stationery enterprise.

The reality is there is still a need for these personalized services and given your passion and expertise you are up to the challenge.



As long as there are weddings, new babies being brought into this world, special announcements that require a specially designed creation for these once-in-a-lifetime events there will be a need for quality stationery services.

This particular niche in the business world is a personal service and is a viable business enterprise opportunity.

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