You will surely learn how to start over at 60 by reading this article.

It contains a lot of very powerful ways and tips to help you. I am over 60 years myself and I have a lot of experience to help you start over.



When an individual reaches the age of 60, they may have experienced some significant milestones in their life.

Some of those milestones may include the successful raising of a family, an employment position that has paid you well and helped with your retirement, perhaps a marital relationship that is approaching its 50th year anniversary, close to retirement, and daily thoughts of your retirement life, etc.

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Unfortunately, with life, there are no guarantees and a variety of things can happen even when we reach the age of 60 that can find us devastated over these uncontrollable life-changing circumstances.

For example:

  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of a family member
  • Divorce
  • Illness
  • And so forth

When these catastrophic events occur in our life the foundational core of our life and future dreams are sometimes shattered and we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having to start life all over again at the age of 60.

The reality is that we are fighters, and it is not within our DNA to give up.

We still have a future ahead of us.

Therefore, let us look at ways that we can pick up any remaining pieces of our life and try to put them back together or if need be, create new pieces to help to rebuild our foundation and life once again.


Personal Story

When I hit that critical 60th birthday it was like a different gear was engaged and I began to think more frequently about the retirement years for my wife and me and what we were going to do.

My wife, who is 11 years my senior, had taught me significantly about the importance of saving money and working towards a retirement nest egg.

According to all scenarios and the money required to enjoy retirement, it seemed that we were on track.

Our big dream was to cross the western part of Canada and enjoy the countryside by train.

Things were going along without a hitch until I began to notice some changes in my wife’s mental state and by the time I began drawing my Social Security, she was drawn into the beginning stages of the illness of Alzheimer’s.

Life at 60 began our journey of traveling down the road of a medical illness, uncertainty, and sinkholes that had swallowed up our dreams of retirement together.

My life at 60 was starting all over again.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Start Over at 60 Years Old


1. Acceptance

One of the primary tips or actions that an individual can take when they are starting over at the age of 60 is acceptance.

Acceptance does not mean that you resign yourself to what has happened in your life be it the loss of a job, illness, loss of a loved one, etc.

Acceptance means that it has happened, for whatever reason, and most likely cannot be reversed.

Today, people are fond of saying, “It is what it is” and there is wisdom in that statement of acceptance.

The best perspective in acceptance is to take what is happened and use it to strengthen you and not only begin to build a new life but build your character as well.


2. Attitude

Another important aspect of what to do when events happen in our lives, and we are facing starting over again at 60 is our attitude.

The attitude of an individual is like dynamite.

The dynamite when lit releases an explosive power and through the explosion process breaks through or moves obstructions,

A proper attitude demonstrated by an individual will help to clear the way of obstacles and help the individual move forward in starting over.


3. Adjustments

In starting over at a later stage in life there certainly will be adjustments that need to be made.

Often, as we grow older in life we become comfortable with the status quo.

In starting over at the age of 60 our status quo lifestyle may be turned upside down and certain adjustments will need to be made.

Those adjustments could be relocating, a new job, a change in lifestyle, etc.


4. Plan

Once you have made the necessary mental adjustments it is now important to put a plan of action into effect.

A plan of action is the opportunity to evaluate what is going on, where you want to go in starting over, and what that plan of action will be.

It is important to put into words what your goal in life is going to be and what are the actionable and measurable steps that you are going to take in order to reach that goal.


5. Patience

Although we would like everything to be instantaneous so that we can pivot immediately and head in the direction that we have identified and reach that goal quickly.

Most likely, your experience and reality have taught you that anything worth achieving is going to take time, effort, and patience.

It is important to be realistic and reaffirm in your own mind that for you to forward or start over there is going to be time involvement and you will need to exercise patience.


6. Organized

Another important aspect of moving towards starting over at the age of 60 is to reorganize or get organized as it relates to your personal belongings.

Going through your household and sorting through items that need to be sold or given away can be a cathartic process that not only will allow your home to become more physically uncluttered but is a reflection of your mindset in that you are in the process of starting over.

Also getting organized can relate to your financial situation and realistically looking at how the finances may be affected due to the unforeseen circumstances that have occurred.


7. Experience

One of the greatest assets that you have as a 60-year-old in starting over is the wealth of experience that you bring to the situation.

60 years of life is a hallmark timeframe and the richness of what you have gone through, successful at and learned is something that you can draw upon to restart your life and use that wealth of information.

In addition, as we have all made mistakes, it’s an opportunity to draw upon the lessons learned from those mistakes and build on the valuable teachings that they have provided.




8. Analyze

When life intrudes upon our dreams often our finances are adversely affected.

Therefore, it is important to analyze our financial situation.

Areas of analyzing your financial situation could include assessing insurance needs (life, auto, property, etc.) analyzing your needs for shelter, etc.

Examples could include the adjustment in insurance policies such as changing beneficiaries or removing individuals on a policy or perhaps selling your home and downsizing, etc.

With these types of decisions, especially the housing, it is important that they are not done in the spur of the moment, but time is taken to provide an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons as it relates to your actual living and its implications on your finances.


9. Debt

As it relates to your finances another focus or goal should be the elimination of debt.

Clearing out of credit card debt, paying off the mortgage, and taking care of any other loans will be a considerable plus in relieving your stress and helping you move on unencumbered after starting over again.


10. Budget

If you have a budget that you follow on a monthly basis this may prove to be an optimum time to dust off that budget and determine what streams of income may or may not have been affected.

For example, if you are experiencing an illness what is going to be the impact as it relates to medical expenses as it may create additional expenses for treatments, prescriptions, etc.

Also, in looking at your budget, it may be a good time to reduce expenses that can be minimized or cut out completely.

For example, this may be the opportune time to cut the cable and some of your streaming services and reduce them down to one or possibly two entertainment venues.




11. Cash Flow

Although part of the budget, attention should be given to your cash flow as a separate consideration in that you will need to assess what is required as far as income flowing into your income side of the budget.

A cash flow analysis will determine what is actually coming into your home as well as potential income that can be accessed.

The potential income that could be accessed could be Social Security benefits, monies that might be available in a liquid savings account or higher interest-bearing account, etc.


12. Job

If you find that you are going to need to work it is of course important to find a job that pays you the money that you need to make your budget balance.

The only cautionary note would be at this point of time in your life you are most likely experiencing stress.

This stress is related to the circumstances that are occurring in your life and the reality that you are starting over again.

To add the stress of looking for a job and a job that is high-pressure will add to the stress currently being experienced which may cause additional problems.

In a proven study, a number of situations in our lives that can create stress are assigned various points, and any points that when added accumulate to 300 or more there is an 80% chance of an illness.

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Some of those stress experiences can include:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Retirement
  • Marriage
  • Etc.

To find more about how the effect of points as it relates to stress can affect one’s health can be found by clicking here.


13. Update Skills

Being at this juncture in your life another possible action step that you can take is to add to your skill level.

This can be accomplished by learning new employable skills and can be learned by enrolling in a community college course.

There may be even grant monies available for individuals in your situation and it is always a good idea to take advantage of these programs as most likely you have paid for them with your taxes.


14. Net Worth

Another important action step that you can take is to determine your net worth.

Your net worth is determined by taking all of the assets that you own (property, cash, investments, etc.) and subtracting from that total everything that you owe.

The difference is your net worth.

The value of this exercise is not to show you what your worth is to define who you are as a person but the point is that your life has been successful and that you are on the positive side of the ledger.

You should be encouraged in that your success can be repeated.


15. Retirement Funds

Another important exercise to conduct as it relates to your finances is to do a review of your retirement funds.

These retirement funds may be accessible if you need to draw any money but are governed by the IRS as it relates to any withdrawals that are taken prematurely.

If it is determined that you are drawing these monies out prior to their availability there may be a possibility that there would be a tax penalty involved.

Also, there may be the option of taking a loan from yourself due to an emergency situation.

It is best to talk with your personal financial advisor to determine how to best proceed in drawing any potential monies out of your retirement funds.




16. Support

If you are starting over at the age of 60 due to an illness or a medical diagnosis the first order of business is to breathe.

There are people praying for you and it is important to know and to be involved with a support system.

You are not in this alone and therefore the support, encouragement, and practical assistance of others will help you get through this illness or medical condition that you are facing.


17. Fight

The next important aspect of facing an illness is to not give up but if anything your 60 years has proven to you that life is a fight and that you are a winner.

You can be encouraged and fight through this challenge by being with other people, reading motivational books, and keeping your focus on the instructions from your medical team.


18. Diet

The other important aspect of getting your health restored is through your diet.

Often, when we are challenged with bad news or an overwhelming situation we neglect ourselves and don’t get enough sleep or eat properly.

That’s why it is important to have a strong mind so that you can have a strong physical body.

A strong mind can be achieved through reading, hearing other inspirational stories of people who have come through similar experiences, etc


19. Exercise

Another important component of starting over when you are 60 and possibly experiencing the challenging news of an illness is to exercise.

When you exercise you are saying to your body that you are not giving up and that you are going to fight through this by strengthening yourself and maintaining your stamina to withstand the negative forces.


Loss of a Loved One


20. Mourn

Another reason why we may be starting over at 60 years of age is because of the loss of a loved one.

This loss of a loved one can be through their death or through an illness in which they are robbed of their memories and their personality.

Also, the loss of a loved one could come through a divorce late in life.

This stage of divorce is called gray divorce and is on the rise according to this link.

When starting over at the age of 60 after losing someone the healing process is mourning and it is important to allow the complete process to unfold.

The five stages of grief can be found by clicking here.


21. One Foot in Front of the Other

When you lose a loved one either to death or divorce it is not an easy process.

For anyone to say that you just need to move on certainly doesn’t understand the depth and meaning of meaningful relationships.

It is important to take it one step and one day at a time and not to allow the memories to fade but certainly strengthen you as you continue on in life.


22. Socialize

When starting over at the age of 60 due to the loss of a relationship it is also important to remember that at some point in time you need to socialize.

We are social animals and not many of us can hibernate or be hermits.

As soon as possible and when you are ready it is important to socialize with groups, friends, etc.


23. Depression

Depression can paralyze us.

This paralyzing is not in the true sense of the word where we are physically immobilized but we can be depressed and paralyzed when it comes to our mind, emotions, and wanting to be motivated to do anything.

Depression is characterized by:

  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • No desire to eat
  • Energy levels
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Low self-esteem

In moving forward or starting over at the age of 60 it is important to be on the lookout for any of these clinical signs of depression and ensure that you reach out for professional help if any or all of these are demonstrated.


24. Move

If you have the stressful experience of losing a loved one the time may come for you to move on or to start again at the age of 60 by contemplating moving.

The home may have been a haven for your family which could have included your spouse and children.

Now the house is large and the family has gone their separate ways.

If contemplating selling or renting out your home it is important to think through the entire process to make sure that it is a good option for you to embrace.

If thinking about moving potential options could include moving in with a loved one, moving into a residential facility, or even living on an ocean liner.

Sometimes this option is cheaper by the month and over what you would be paying in rent.

To read more about this option you can access this news article found on CNN.


25. Volunteer

A great way to move forward in the process of life after losing someone and starting over at the age of 60 is to volunteer.

By volunteering you get involved with other people’s lives, realize the blessings of life, and realize how important and precious life is by helping others who are in need.

It is a great way to refocus your attention and your mind on others.

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Starting Over at 60 With Nothing FAQs


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The most important action that an individual can take as it relates to any endeavor in life and regardless of whatever age is the attitude that one exhibits.

If an individual exhibits a negative or I can’t do this attitude they are already defeated before they begin.


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You Can Do It

At the age of 60, you realize that you’ve worked hard all your life, played by the rules, and are looking forward to your “golden years.”

However, something has happened in your life and has required you to start over in a particular aspect of your life or perhaps in its entirety.

The reality is that this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re well acquainted with bumps in the road and have overcome them and this is just one more bump.

With your experience and skill of survival, this will be just one more opportunity for you to show life who is in charge.



There are no guarantees in life and a variety of events and circumstances happen to everyone.

The reality is that the age of 60 is close to retirement and more of the “fall season” of our life.

Despite the foundational cracks and possible crumbling in your life at 60, the reality is that you built your life and were successful before and now rebuilding your life is just another opportunity for a do-over and use your same strategy for success and learn from any potential miscues.

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