You will surely learn how to start over in life at 50 years by reading this article.

It contains a lot of very powerful ways and tips to help you. I am over 50 years myself and I have a lot of experience to help you start over.



Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach, is quoted as saying, “It does not matter how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get up.”

Whether it’s in the game of football or the game of life we get knocked down.

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The reality is that there is no smooth path to obtaining success after success in football or in life.

There are obstacles along the way and events that will “tackle” us.

To succeed in life is to continue to play the game, run different plays and learn from those experiences that knock us down.

As in football, you can be at the 50-yard line, and through penalties and other football plays you can find yourself being moved back 25 or 30 yards and in essence having to start down the field once again to score.

So it can be in life when we reach the 50-yard line and things happen and seemingly we have to start all over again.

Let us look at this scenario in real life and ways that we can start over or begin to move the ball once again downfield.


Personal Story

How often have we heard stories from parents and grandparents who used to talk about the old days and how tough times were?

They might have talked about having to use tape to keep the soles of their shoes attached or walking in the snow uphill to school both ways, etc

As children, to amuse ourselves and not have the full advantage of video games and Technology, we would play games outside that were fun.

One of the games that we used to play was a red light, green light.

The gist of the game was one individual would turn their back on the other players and yell out green light and then all of the other players would run towards that individual with the purpose of trying to touch his or her back to become the leader.

At any given moment the leader could turn around and say red light and everybody had to stop immediately but if they were caught moving they had to go all the way back to the starting line.

Starting over at 50 is a lot like playing that childhood game of red light, green light.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Start Over at 50 Years


1. It Is What It Is

One of the significant challenges when negative things happen in our lives and we are faced with starting back at square one is understanding why these things happen.

That is a completely normal reaction but the reality is that you can’t get stuck in that gear and wallow in that particular mud pit.

As soon as possible it is important to accept the circumstances, not that you agree with what happened but the reality of it is what it is.

Once you accept the situation you then are in a position to move forward and make the most of what has happened to you and turn it around for good.


2. Your Response

A critical component in starting over or with any challenge that we face is filtered through our attitude.

If our attitude is negative then that is going to be counterproductive in moving forward to starting over.

Therefore, the attitude should be, as much as possible, stated as a challenge, embrace the challenge, and know that you are equal to what is going on and that you definitely are going to move forward and use the challenge not as a stumbling block but as a steppingstone.


3. Changes


Whenever you start over in any situation or circumstance there is going to be an adjustment that needs to take place.

Starting over at the age of 50 is no different.

Those adjustments that may be required of you could include:

  • Lifestyle change
  • Cutting back on certain things, adjustments in the workplace
  • Adjustments at home


4. Action Plan

Strategy is an important component of helping to clear your mind when a significant event has happened and requires you to start over to formulate a strategy.

The plan of action that you develop should take you from where you are at and where you want to go and in between all of the action items and strategic measures that you need to make and take to get you from that point A to point B

For example, if you have lost a job that is point A, and if you need to get another job that would be point B, and all of the steps and methods to get to point B would be part of that plan or strategy.


5. Remember Rome

It is important to remember that Rome was not built in a day.

The number of years that you worked and achieved your dreams and objectives and reached by the age of 50 took a considerable time.

In starting over you are going to have to display that same patience and methodical thinking in starting over.

It is important to remind you that something you know experientially and instinctively that anything that is worth achieving is going to take commitment, sacrifice, and effort on your part and lots of patience.


6. Declutter

A practical way to start over again at 50 is through the process of decluttering.

The decluttering can involve the clearing out of storage areas, wardrobe closets, etc.

Actual physical items can be stored or disposed of but the more important aspect of decluttering is that it is symbolic of what should be occurring in your mind and heart as you release these items and move forward.


7. Your Greatest Asset

Focus on the positive

Starting over again is not like it is your first rodeo.

You’ve been here before, you were successful and move forward with your life and now you have been, thrown off the horse and your experience tells you that it’s time to get back on the horse and ride again.

There are many positive things that are happening in your life right now even as you are starting over at 50 one of those unique positive aspects of your life is that you have wealth and riches as it relates to your experience.

You are rich because of your experience.


8. Analyze Your Finances

When starting over again at 50 most likely one of your major concerns will be your finances.

To alleviate your fears or to give you a better picture understanding of where you are at financially it is important to analyze your finances.

This analysis can include revisiting various protections that you have afforded yourself and your family.

Some of those protections could include insurance (auto, property, life, etc.) and taking into account your current living conditions.

As part of this analysis, you can reaffirm whether all of these policies are needed or whether they can be reduced as it relates to coverage and ultimately cost

Also, if looking at starting over, there may be a need to reevaluate beneficiaries if there was the loss of a spouse, for any reason.

Also, you may want to take into consideration not to act right away, but consider downsizing and perhaps selling your home.


9. Reduce Debt

Another strategic move financially is to evaluate your indebtedness and possibly reduce or pay off any indebtedness that you may have.

The reason is that you have better ways to spend your money rather than paying interest.

Also, this may prove to be a good financial move as well as reducing any debt which could increase your stress level as it relates to meeting your indebtedness.


10. Back to Square One-Budget

In starting over a corresponding action item may include reevaluating your budget.

When looking through your budget it is important specifically to pay attention to the expense side of the ledger.

Action steps would include looking at the budget line item by budget line item.

The purpose of scrutinizing the expense side of the budget is to cut out any expenses that are not needed, duplicates, or can be reduced.


11. Cash Flow

When starting over at 50 is also important to evaluate your cash flow.

The evaluation should include money available in your checking, savings, emergency fund, etc. any money that is available to you to use in the event of an emergency.

This process will help to alleviate any stress that you might be experiencing to realize that you have money available for items that need to be paid at the moment.

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12. Update Skills

If you have lost your job and that is the reason why you are starting over this would be a perfect time to sharpen your work-related skills or update them by learning new ones.

This can be accomplished by taking some classes at the community college or also taking advantage of any grants that may be available for individuals to learn a new skill or trade.


13. Job-Search

When starting over you still have a good 15 to 16 years of work or employment opportunity before your retirement.

It is important to minimize stress as added stress to what is going on in your life coupled with other major incidents or factors can increase your stress level which can lead to potential illness in your life.

In fact, a study indicates that there is an 80% chance of an illness if an individual accumulates 300 or more points as it relates to stress.

The points are accumulated and reflect incidents that happen in our lives and are assigned a certain point level.

Some of those stress experiences that we can experience include:

  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Marriage
  • Loss of a spouse
  • And so forth.

With your experience, something will certainly break for you.


14. Retirement Funds

If you have a 401(k) or IRA you can check with your financial advisor to see what funds may be available and that may be available even at the age of 50 due to a hardship that you may be experiencing.

If there are penalties it is best to avoid drawing down on these monies as there will not only be taxes, but additional penalties assessed by the IRS.


15. Networking

It is time to revise your resume, reach out to individuals that may know of job openings or opportunities,

You can utilize a variety of websites such as or and begin the process.

Again, you’ve been through this before and it’s just a matter of keeping everything in perspective and not getting stressed out over the situation.


Face the Challenge


16. Support

It is important for you to realize that when starting over, for whatever reason, at the age of 50 you are not undergoing this journey alone.

You have family and friends that are praying for you and will support you in a practical way.

It is important, to be honest with them and ask for help as needed.

There is no shame in asking for this assistance and reaching out to others.


17. Down But Not Out

It is important to understand that even though you may be down you are not out.

Therefore, it is important to get up, brush yourself off and get back into the fight or the race.

Draw upon your inner strength and move forward knowing that you’ve got this and you can do it.


18. Diet

When starting all over again at the age of 50 maybe due to a number of reasons.

Some of those reasons could include the death of a spouse or a divorce.

It will not be easy to move on but it needs to occur and as part of that process you need to take care of yourself by eating properly.


19. Exercise

Also, when moving forward and starting over it is also important to take care of your body as it relates to exercise.

By walking you will receive good exercise and it will give you an opportunity to clear your head and allow you to have clarity as to the various steps that need to be undertaken.


20. Grieve

If you have lost a loved one due to a divorce or death it is not easy to just move on as if nothing happened.

There needs to be a process in which you allow yourself to grieve and mourn for the loss of that person or the relationship.

When you are ready to move on there is nobody that knows that better than you and therefore take time for the process to be played out.

When you are ready take baby steps to move forward.


21. Baby Steps

Speaking of steps to move forward it is important to understand that often, large strides will not occur but more on the level of baby steps that will be taken.

Starting over again can be likened to a toddler taking their first steps.

It may be a little shaky at first there may be a few setbacks but if you continue taking those steps with one foot placed in front of the other you will succeed.


22. Don’t Be a Hermit

The tendency to hide away or be a hermit during these difficult times especially as it relates to starting over is a temptation.

There are times of course when solitude can be healing and appropriate.

However, it is important that this not become a permanent action of yours and that you continue on with socializing with others.


23. Beware

One of the significant dangers of starting all over again due to the loss of a job, marriage, loved one, etc. is the lurking and debilitating experience of depression.

It is important to understand and recognize the warning signs of depression.

Some of those warning signs can include:

  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Change in eating habits
  • And other signifiers

If you notice any of these prolonged patterns being part of your life it is important to seek professional help.


24. Relocate

An action step that may be necessitated is the requirement to relocate.

This relocation may include downsizing from your large home to an apartment building or even moving to another part of the country.

This is a major decision and before it is made all of the pros and cons should be weighed to make sure that it is the right decision and done at the appropriate time.


25. Mind off of You

Another great way to start over again and get your mind off of what has happened to you and continues to happen to you is to volunteer.

There is nothing like helping others to refocus your attention on yourself and place it on others.

This can be very liberating and can give you a fresh perspective on the plight of others in comparison to what you are going through and that their experience may seem to be more difficult.


How to Start Over in Life at 50 Years FAQs


What Would Be the Greatest Obstacle for a Person to Start Over Again at the Age of 50?

It would seem that the greatest obstacle that would be in the way or presented to an individual to start over again at the age of 50 would be the challenge of overcoming the temptation to give up.

It is critical that the individual when starting over again has a positive attitude and doesn’t focus on what has happened or what is in the past but on what lies in the future.


How Can I Make Sure, When Starting Over Again, to Have a Healthy Attitude?

Methods of refocusing or energizing a positive attitude could include the following steps:

  • Being around positive people
  • Reading about others who have gone through similar situations and being inspired by their success
  • Self-help books
  • Affirmations


You Can Do It

There are many reasons why we get knocked down or tackled in life.

Those life-tackling events could include bankruptcy, divorce, loss of a job, illness, etc.

All of these events can be catastrophic.

You can keep track of the number of times this occurs and at what age it may happen but the only number that really matters is the number one.

That number one is a reflection of getting up one more time or not the number of times that you have been knocked down.



Starting over again can be likened to the game of football and you get tackled.

Your attempt to make it to the end zone and score has been derailed by someone from the other team tackling you.

The reality is if you make a few more yards you get a fresh set of downs and the opportunity to try again.

Even if you don’t turn the ball over you will still get another chance when you get the ball back.

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