If you want to know some of the very best ways to spend money to make money, this article will really help you with this.

It reveals some of the really best ways anyone can use to spend some money, to make even more money.


Do You Have to Spend Money to Make Money?

It seems like there are many paradoxes in life.

One such example is “I can’t live with you and I can’t live without you.” It seems like they are two contradictory statements.

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Another paradoxical statement was made by Gandhi when he said, “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

At the surface they give us pause and make us scratch our heads and think for a moment.

The same statements are expressed in the business world. One famous statement is that to make money you have to spend money.

So, let us take a look at possible ways that this confusing statement can make sense as it relates to being a success in our financial matters.

I recall as a not-for-profit director that we operated under a very tight budget.

We had no room for additional expenses and it got to the point where pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars were carefully scrutinized before every expenditure.

One time we needed new tires on our vehicle and we opted to go with a discount tire store in town to try to get the best deal on tires.

Our diligent efforts paid off and we were able to get a substantial cut on a set of 4 tires which made us all very proud that we had stayed within the parameters of our budget.

Subsequently, a board member came to me and chastised my actions.

He stated that by going to a discount tire center we had neglected to purchase tires from one of our biggest contributors who operated several service stations in the area.

Of course, he stocked tires.

The lesson that I learned was that sometimes I could be penny-wise and nickel-foolish. By trying to save money I had potentially isolated a major contributor to our organization and the services that he supported.


15 Best Ways to Spend Money to Make Money


Personal Spending and Making Money

1. Investing

The obvious way of spending money to make money is not spending money but is investing money. Perhaps it is semantics but money is being expensed out to get a greater return on one’s investment.

Consequently, many individuals invest in various investment opportunities so that they may hopefully realize a return on the money that they have invested.

Examples of investment vehicles could be stocks, bonds, index funds, precious metals, crypto currents, other alternative investment strategies, etc.

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2. Education

Another positive expenditure of money that may prove to be a good return on one’s expenditure is through education.

The more one becomes advanced in their educational opportunities and with subsequent degrees, the greater the opportunity that may be afforded to them in working in a better-paid position.

Therefore, spending money on education helps an individual realize a good return or making money by working at a position that pays that person a greater salary.


3. Homebuying

Purchasing a home is a prime example of spending money and making money.

Rather than an individual or family renting a home from another individual and having nothing to show for those rental payments, purchasing a home is key.

In buying their own home a family can start to build up equity in the home that they have purchased.

Therefore, by spending money on a real estate agent, putting a down payment on the home, and other associated fees, the individual is making money on this significant purchase.


4. Cash Back Sites

Want to do business with as many individuals as possible, some credit cards offer greater incentives than others when a customer utilizes those credit cards.

Therefore, when an individual spends money or spends on credit using these cards, they can get a return on that spending.

That return can be in cash rewards, bonus points, travel rewards, etc.

However, the key and critical factor are that the individual must pay off the balance rather than keeping an outstanding balance from month to month.

Any outstanding balances and rewards obtained would be negated by the interest rates charged.

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5. Common Items

You and the ones that you love are your best investment as far as financial resources are concerned.

Therefore, it is important to invest money in quality items that are going to increase the quality for you and your family.

These quality items could include memberships to various workout facilities, eating properly, seeing the doctor regularly, wearing the proper shoes and clothing, investing in dental care, and ensuring that your vision is maintained.

Money spent on loved ones is an excellent return on investment.

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6. Traveling

Traveling or ensuring that one takes their holiday or vacation, is important.

This investment is critical to the maintaining of not only one’s health and overall well-being but goes a long way in cultivating relationships.

As the saying goes all work and no play makes for a dull person.

Therefore, to work hard and play hard is necessary to maintain relationships and your health.

It is a wise expenditure of money with a positive return.

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7. Paying Off Debt

Needless Debt can be an extraordinary burden on someone who finds themselves owing several creditors and at a high-interest rate for outstanding balances.

Worry about debt, not being able to meet one’s financial requirements, and an uncertain future can weigh heavily upon one’s mind. This may ultimately affect one’s health.

This is due to the reality that debt can create tremendous stress. This unmanaged stress in an individual’s life and lead to heart problems and other physical ailments.

Therefore, a wise spending strategy is to reduce one’s indebtedness as significantly as possible with a very healthy return.


Spend Money to Make Money


8. Books

Whenever we have an opportunity to spend money on continuing education, it is always a good opportunity to receive positive dividends.

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Therefore, a significant action that should be done continually is to always be continually reading.

By reading, we are transported to different lands, we can enjoy fictional books and, most of all, we can learn new ideas.

Therefore, reading books is an exchange of ideas by different authors based on their experiences and education.

This investment of money on books is a valuable return.


9. Technology

Technology is ever-evolving. It is important to spend money on technology to make money if technology is a key to the generation of revenue.

That technology may include purchasing the recent upgrades of software or installing the new version.

It also can include the purchasing of computer equipment or other technological devices that will enhance the effectiveness and revenue-generating of the company.

There is nothing worse than not having the right tools to do the right job.


10. 401(k)

An important expenditure of money that has future implications is for an individual to maximize one’s 401(k).

This is accomplished by taking full advantage of what the employer offers in matching what the employee contributes to the 401(k).

Generally, this is maxed out at a certain percentage.

For example, if the employer will match up to 4% of an employee’s salary then it would be foolish for the employee not to contribute the full percent so that the employer would match that same amount towards the retirement of the employee.

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11. Health

Is a critical reason for an individual to spend their money on and receive a significant return on their money or making money.

It is not a trite saying that expresses the thought that when one has their health they have everything.

Therefore, spending money on one’s health by eating properly, yearly checkups, and exercising properly are good expenditures with a healthy return.


12. Your Dreams

Many of us have dreams and goals that we wish to pursue.

Often, in reaching for the stars it takes money.

Therefore, a good way to make money by spending money is to pursue those dreams and make the practical expenditures needed in the fulfillment of those goals and aspirations.

This is a good return on the investment because it most likely will contribute to the challenges of life needed to have purpose and meaning.

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13. Renovations

Renovations of a building, whether it be a personal home or business, are important.

Any renovations that are accomplished certainly are added value to the home or place of business.

This investment will pay dividends as it will increase the resale value of that particular building when the owner decides to move on and place that business or place of residence on the real estate market.


Business Spending and Making Money

14. Entrepreneurship

Spending money to start a business is an excellent way of finding a return of revenue on those initial investments.

There are many advantages to owning one’s own business. Some of those and positive outcomes include tax breaks, contributions to self-employment pension plans (SEP), etc.

Additionally, theoretically, if a business continues to grow and increase a portion of the investments are reinvested.

This in turn continues to grow the business and potentially increasing the revenues.


15. Employees

For any successful company, it is important to have quality employees.

Quality employees are defined as staff members who know how to do their job effectively, be productive and demonstrate the all-important aspect of teamwork.

In regards to spending money to make money, businesses need to offer employees competitive wages and provide for incremental pay raises.

This is important so that they remain with the company rather than being lured by the competitor.

Also, as human resources, employees need to be informed and educated as to the latest trends and skills associated with their employment position.

Therefore, investing in human resources or spending money on people is a good return on the business investment.

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Spend Money to Make Money FAQs


What Does That Exactly Mean That You Have to Spend Money to Make Money?

For a company to remain in front of its customers and incorporate new methods of being more productive, it takes money to make that happen.

This same thinking is just as true and powerful as it relates to their finances.

Therefore, the expression to spend money to make money is true as it relates to improving the company’s infrastructure, marketing strategies, and keeping good employees on the payroll.


Do You Need to Spend Money Before You Can Make Money?

There are differing opinions as to whether the paradoxical statement of “you need to spend money to make money” is necessarily true.

However, the reason why we earn money is so that we can spend money either now or in the future.

What better things or ways to spend our money on than things that give us a return on our hard-earned dollars.

This money spending philosophy is true in an individual’s personal financial life as well as in the business world.

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What if the Company Doesn’t Spend Money to Make Money?

The reality is everything has a shelf life. There are only so many years that technology and equipment can keep pace with the various innovations that occur.

The need to upgrade is a fact of business life that needs to happen in the business world.

This is especially true in today’s day and age when just like a new car that is driven off of the dealership lot, it is considered to be used and loses significant value.

So it is in the business world, computers become outdated, the software takes on new versions and buildings need upkeep.



As this article has shown, there are indeed several awesome ways to spend money to make good money back!

And you really should explore some of these ways.


Because you have earned your money by working hard and investing wisely.

You have always sought a return of your spending. Now it is no different.

Continue to spend money to make money and in doing so honor yourself and the commitment and love you have for others.

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