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    You can A/B test anything if you really want to. However, the truth is that an awful lot of tests deliver inconclusive results, or worse still don’t make much of a difference to what actually matters – the […]

    • Hey Sophie,

      I agree, what’s the worth of an A/B test if it doesn’t give you any data that you can use (to make more money) in the future?

      You gave some interesting elements to test for mobile apps. I’ve never thought about it that way, because I haven’t really worked with app entrepreneurs and I don’t have one myself.

      There are some things I’d definitely test if I had an app, though:

      -The offer
      -The call to action
      -Price point
      -Premium versions
      -Pictures and design
      -free trials

      Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Sophie. I appreciate it.

      – Jasper

    • Hey Sophie,
      A/B test run rightly is going to help the marketer make informed decision.

      However, where the test doesn’t yield the much needed result there would be no point using the result to make informed decision.

      A/B tests that matter are those targeting points that would bring about change in the campaign.

      Therefore, the skill of identifying which points of a product or process to be tested is more important that the test itself.

      If you don’t know where to test then testing just anywhere or place would be shear waste of time.

      I agree with the views of @opportunitybuilding(Jasper Oldersom) above!

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thanks for this post. Learning how to run A/B test is sure very vital for online success. Many successful companies have made their impacts based on successful testing.

      However, there are pitfalls associated with running A/B tests for apps and it would be wise if organizations ensure that the tests are run free of these pitfalls.

      It would be wise to tune in to Alex Gray’s “How to Run A/B Tests That Matter” for more insights!

    • Well, running an A/B Test doesn’t have to be complicated. Once the test objects are in place it becomes easy to implement.

      For the test that matters, the best processes should be applied to the right points so that best results are obtained.

      Thanks for sharing this awesome details

    • Hi, Sophie. Great post.

      A/B testing is absolutely crucial to success in online marketing.

      I don’t have much experience with mobile apps, but I do have some with CPA offers. The same principles apply.

      There’s actually a saying in the CPA world: The best campaigns are discovered, they’re made.

      Relentless testing and improvement is crucial for any successful endeavor, even outside of marketing.

      There’s a reason Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different designs before getting the light bulb correct.

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