Social Media Is Called “Social” For A Reason. Do You Agree that these Practices Hurt Your Campaign?



There are right and wrong ways to utilize social media. If done right, social media becomes a BOOST for ROI but if done wrongly there it becomes a DISASTER for the business. Social media marketing is vital for business success just as search and content marketing do.

Social promotes the brand and dangle benefits to the target audience and businesses experience increase in conversions in the process.

Some businesses today are not getting the most from social media marketing because of they are implementing the wrong practices. They simply don’t understand that social media is called “SOCIAL” for a reason. They forget to incorporate the SOCIAL aspect in their strategies and this leads to continuous failure.

 It’s time to reconsider what being “social” mean in social media campaign so the best can be achieved from your marketing.

There is need to do-away-with social media practices jeopardizing our campaign. These practices to avoid include:

Leaving Profiles not completed!

If you don’t complete your profile in social media platforms you could be hurting your entire social media campaign. A completed profile tells who you are, what you can do and what you have to offer. Visitors will love to do business with REAL people and the gateway to keeping their trust is when you have a completed profile.

No Sincerity and Human Touch on Shared views!

Social media should not be a place to be cagey, nor should it be a place to behave like a bot. You need to get out there and share your VIEWS on trending topics. You should not just share or retweet posts about your products but such shared must be engaging and have HUMAN TOUCH. Leave your candid opinion issues, make valuable comments, and mix-up with friends sincerely!

Getting too serious and Not allowing Humor!

Businesses leverage on this power to sell their products, intellectuals utilize it to push their theories, and friends use it interact with others, etc. However, a common mistake from businesses running social media is getting “TOO SERIOUS” with engagements.  Incorporating humor in online social campaigns can go a long way to boost the popularity of a brand. A social platform like Facebook is not really a place to avoid or frown at jokes… I am just saying!

Taking Trollers Too Seriously!

You cannot satisfy everyone and for just no reason some followers will attack you. It’s easy to get strolled in social media, so be ready but don’t always take it personal. Other followers are watching how you handle this situation, and will give you credit when handled with maturity. There is this faint line between argument and conversation with regards to social media, and care must be taken to balance it out with passion. Too much attention on trollers could be distracting!

Always Pushing for Sales!

Businesses that are always PUSHING for sales on social media make big mistakes. Your presence on social media is not all about you. Its better you offer help and tips on how to use a product or how to avoid a negative condition than pressing the “HARD SELL” button with your social page. Most followers are easily turned off with this approach.

Indecency in High Places!

Indecency must be avoided in social media. Most social marketers are not getting it right because of indecency is pronounced in their profiles, words and images. These can affect the perception of the site in the long run. Avoid indulging in indecent pictures, leaving sensitive comments or rude remarks in your social media.

If you can avoid these practices on social media, your campaign will become successful!

So, do you agree that the above practices can hurt your search engine optimization?


  1. Hey Sunday,

    When it comes to social media there must be some type of balance. You want to be of value to others by engaging, sharing tips, or point those people that have inquiring minds to the right direction.

    On the other hand you want to show transparency. They want to associate with those who are so serious all the time. You want to be yourself and this is really how you’re going to attract people and build relationships with them.

    On the same token, as you mentioned, your followers will be watching you as well. They’re going to see how you react in certain situations, and if you act in a mature way, then that gives you more brownie points when it comes to your reputation.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday! I hope you have a great day!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Your Blogging Goals Suck As A BeginnerMy Profile

  2. Social media, one of the ideas that best used in promoting, building relationship, driving website traffic, gaining impressions, making sales, making new friends, connecting to people that has the same way of thinking and mentality/objective.

    Only serious marketers or bloggers keep an eye on the best practices in all social media platforms. A complete profile, high quality, informative and relevant posts are some smart ninja moves one ought to follow.

    For novices and others unaware of the practices stated above, now is not the end of the competition. Everyone has its own room to grow and several changes are given for us to learn and turn into successful human being in the path we’re taking. All in all, the bad practices are enlightening and worth the read.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Great post Sunday,

    I definitely agree with your point about not being overly serious on social media. In a social environment like that, you want to build human connections with both your audience and influencers in your space. You can’t do either if you have a ‘strictly business’ attitude.

    Plus having an overly serious attitude will really tend to push people away. People come on social media to relax and connect with people, so we should prioritize being human over being super professional. Humor and lightheartedness can go a long way toward building a loyal audience that enjoy engaging with you!
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  4. Hey Sunday,

    Thank you for this post. It’s definitely a subject that I want to master. Not only for business reasons but a lot of my circle of friends communicate through social media which is kuhl but can be irritating at times, because I will always prefer the human eye to eye contact. But obviously since I have started an online business, I realize this can not always be done. I’m in Seattle WA and where are you? You get my point.

    But now that most things in an online business are done through social media and think it is vital to understand how to properly connect with others on any social media platform. So thanks for sharing this and I’ll definitely try not to push my sales stuff all the time.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,

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  5. I think you mean trollers and not strollers. 😉 Trollers have to be properly identified and dealt with.

    In some cases, you have to make one polite response to show your community that they were acknowledged as such and left at that. In some cases, they need to be removed as they are abusing your community and its members.

    In some cases, you have to fight back a little to defend your honor. It really all depends on the situation and the merit of their trolling.
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  6. Spot on in all these points, Sunday!

    Basically, the biggest reasons why businesses fail with their social media strategy is their inability to make an indelible connection with their target audience. That said, there are lots of approaches in how to do this, depending on the audience they are trying to appeal to.

    One way of doing this is to sell by not selling. Sounds strange but let me elaborate. Since businesses approach social media as part of their sales process, you need to strike a balance between being sales-y and being personal. This can be done by establishing trust with your audience first.

    Share content that they will find relevant and useful, share their content as well to build goodwill, Reply to their questions and participate in any chats or discussions as a way to impose your knowledge. At the same time, promote your stuff judiciously and be careful of not overdoing it.

    Regarding trolls, sometimes it’s best not to engage especially if it doesn’t damage your brand as a whole and the comment is not constructive at all. People will always have opinions, stupid or not, so let bygones be bygones, in my opinion.

    If done correctly, you will be seen as an authority in your niche, which helps in getting more people on board with your brand through social media, if not becoming actual customers!

    Hope my comment added value in the discussion.

    • Hi Christopher,
      Indeed, your comment added value to this discussion!

      Selling by not selling is a good strategy that should be adopted by marketers. There is need to always strike a balance on what is personal and what is business in social media.

      Yes, I agree with you that businesses must first establish trust by engaging the fans sincerely.

      Comments and feedback should be replied to, questions must be answered, and suggestions should be made in social manner.

      It is after sincere social connection has been established would it become easy to present a sales offer that would be accepted because of trust!

  7. Yes, Sunday, I agree that some of these practices can hurt one’s social media campaign.

    One of them – Always pushing for sales – unfortunately, isn’t going anywhere soon.

    People will continue to use social media to push for sales. Even celebs are doing this, with some disguising such sales messages.
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  8. Hi Sunday,

    I agree that if you’re going to get involved with social media, you definitely need more of a human touch. That can include like you outlined filling out your profile and sharing your personality off with your visitors.

    Being personal seems to really connect a lot with people and can help you thrive even more. Definitely agree you shouldn’t always push for sales on social media.