Social Media: 100 Ideas


From the most amazing connection you can make, to the weirdest and most inappropriate question asked in public, here are my 100 thoughts on social media:

1. step into the conversation realizing that not everything needs to be more dramatic online
2. be alright with the idea that relationships may be temporary
3. don’t let judgment guide the next step all the time
4. share experiences, in moderation
5. use multimedia for learners and readers with different styles/preferences
6. use your content and smarts to elevate the other
7. be helpful
8. care
9. realize that the most important person is the other
10. make the content rock
11. help readers rock
12. listen and ask questions
13. stay humble
14. keep learning
15. participate sincerely, and not to brown nose


  1. Ann’s addition to the 100 social media ideas by Valeria summarizes most of the points already made by in the post. Social media is all about sharing and learning. Moreover, advertisements are used to share and learn about the products and services. Somehow, I agree with you Ann.