Small business hit in the pocketbook by Google Keyword Planner changes


Google made a change to the Keyword Planner, specifically with the way search volumes are showcased. While you could view traffic estimates for individual keywords previously, the Keyword Planner now consolidates these figures to include search variants as well. What does this mean for you?


  1. Hi David:

    Just another glaring example of why it is wise to not be overly dependent on search engine traffic, especially from Google.

    It is insidious how many different ways they can hurt you.

    Long tail keywords collectively can add up to huge volume if it is
    pursued over the long term. So this development SUCKS.

    As you suggested, though, it is now necessary to PAY for the most
    accurate long tail search volumes.

    C’est la vie!
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  2. Hi David,

    I agree with Robert, it’s never a good idea to just use Google anyways, because they’re always changing to begin with. I still use Google Planner, but I use it along with other keyword tools, then kinda brain storm from all of them which keywords I should use in my articles.

    I find there are better keyword tools than Planner anyways.


    • Indeed, it’s never ideal to rely on any one source for one’s income. However, it also depends on your niche. In some cases, search is the only way effective way to reach people. In other cases, you almost have to catch people in person. In still other cases, you pretty much need to use live demonstrations. But in most niches, there are many channels that will work effectively.
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