If you are looking for Skip the Dishes Coupons, you will find this article really helpful.

It reveals the very best ways and sources you can use, to find valid coupons that really work and best tips to get you great deals.


Why Look for SkipTheDishes Coupons?

It’s no secret that food prices are slowly increasing. Those additional dimes and nickels and quarters begin to add up considerably when you start loading up your grocery cart.

In fact, recent statistics reflect that in 2021 as compared to 2020, food prices have increased by 1.9%.

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Therefore, for a basket full of groceries that you paid last year in the amount of $50, this year you can anticipate for the same groceries in your cart to be almost $1 more.

It is obvious then that the use of coupons and cutting costs as much as possible is important.

With a little time and effort, the individual shopper can find coupons that will at least bridge the inflation costs of this year over last year and perhaps, if diligent enough, may beat the insatiable appetite of inflation.

As a Baby Boomer I have added to my title the well-deserved and earned label of senior citizen.

Now being on a stricter budget, I find myself looking at coupons and taking advantage of various offers.

One such offer is to eat at a local café where if a couple goes in and orders their meals, one of the meals is either at half-price or no cost at all to the senior citizen.

There are indeed advantages to getting older and seven dollars will go a long way towards other necessities needing to be purchased within our budget.

Speaking of getting food from restaurants there is a popular food delivery and pickup service in Canada known as Skip the Dishes.

Keep reading for a listing of where you can access promo codes and coupons to take advantage of their generous rewards.


How Skip the Dishes Voucher Works 

So, often as consumers, we are excited about the various discounts and promos that we can take advantage of.

We are thrilled when we get a certain percentage off of the price or we get free delivery or we get an actual dollar amount discount.

However, we seldom think about how that discount is being covered or paid for.

With this meal delivery service, Skip the Dishes, they receive a commission from the restaurant.

Often that commission can range anywhere from 30 to 35% of the food cost. Some restaurants have been able to negotiate a lower percent.

So, even when Skip the Dishes offers a coupon or a discount, they most likely are passing that discount cost back to the restaurant.

Consequently, the restaurant is paying regardless of whether a coupon is used or not.

That may or may not seem fair and of course it’s up to the consumer what they want to do with that information but the bottom line is there’s no free lunch.


7 Best Sites to Get Skip the Dishes Coupons and Vouchers


1. Retail Me Not

This robust website offers coupon codes for Skip the Dishes ranging anywhere from five dollars on up to $25. The coupons can apply $25 towards your first order.

Also, there are free delivery coupons for orders that total a minimum of $20.00.

Some coupons are specific to certain cities within Canada and offer discounts ranging from $5.00 off of on any restaurant order and a $27 dollars discount for your first order with Skip the Dishes.

When you click on the offer, you are given a particular code that consists of lower and uppercase letters that can be copied into the app to order food through Skip the Dishes.

Click here to check out Retail Me Not and search for Skip the Dishes coupons.


2. Coupon Bird

Logging onto this site by using a search engine and qualifying the search by typing in Skip the Dishes, you are taken to the promo page for this delivery service of food.

Various promotional codes are discounts offered to new customers or a discount of $20 plus free shipping.

At the top of the site it shows the number of offers that are available and then breaks down those offers according to those codes and deals that have been verified to have been successfully used.

When searching for coupon deals on this website, the customer is directed to the coupon page featuring Skip the Dishes.

At the top of the webpage is a banner that advertises a not-for-profit’s fundraising activity to raise funds in its search to support Alzheimer’s patients and their quest for a cure.

This was a nice touch on this particular website as they gave space for this important not-for-profit to advertise their fundraiser.

Scrolling down on the page the coupon customer is informed as to how many codes and deals are available.

This total number is then broken down as to how many are coupons and how many are deals.

If the individual clicks on either one of those three headings they are either informed of all 20, or just the coupons, or just the deals.

The coupons require the individual to copy the code that is provided and then upon checkout through the Skip the Dishes app enter that promotional code for that particular discount.

If they click on deals this does not require a code and it is just an automatic promotion offered to the customer and no code is needed.

Under the bar that says what the deal is it gives the customer the opportunity to go to the Skip the Dishes.com website.

Click here to check out Coupon Birds and search for Skip the Dishes coupons.

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3. Coupon Chief 

This particular coupon website also offers coupons and promo codes for Skip the Dishes.

By clicking on the promo code you are taken to another page within the site and a button entitled quick-link.

Upon clicking that button you are redirected to another page that offers you the promo code in which you just simply copy that code and then paste into the Skip the Dishes app when you confirm your order.

However, when clicking one other promo code, you were redirected to the Skip the Dishes web site.

There on that Skip the Dishes webpage you are invited to submit your e-mail address in order to find restaurants that are nearby your location.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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In this particular case you are informed of a $5.00 discount towards your first order.

Click here to check out Coupon Chief and search for Skip the Dishes coupons.


4. Honey

Interestingly, when entering this webpage, you are not only offered promotional codes but you are informed as to how the company, in this case Skip the Dishes, operates. There were several topics that were addressed.

Those topics included do you have to tip Skip the Dishes, do Skip the Dishes drivers get paid, how can you invite your friends and earn credit, information about following them on social media platforms, and an informational statement.

This statement shared with the customer if they weren’t in the mood or hungry for a full meal they could order as much food as they wanted. In other words, there was no minimum order.

This particular website not only offers coupons but gives background on the company but also informs the individual searching for discounts what the average savings has been for each individual using a promote promo code.

Click here to check out Honey and search for Skip the Dishes coupon codes.


SkipTheDishes Coupons


5. Legitimate 

It is important for the consumer who is looking for promo codes whether it is for Skip the Dishes or other retail online outlets not to be taken in by all sites that offer promo codes or discounts.

More reputable coupon offering sites will allow for the users of these coupons to respond back to the website indicating whether the coupon was honored or not.

In addition, some websites will indicate the validity of the coupon or promo code with a green checkmark indicating that everything went through as offered.

Check out the following for more coupon or promo codes:


6. We Thrift

This website takes the consumer directly to the coupons that are offered for this food delivery service. The two current coupons that are offered both reflect a code that will provide the Skip the Dishes customer with $5.00 off on their first order.

Also, the individual looking for additional coupons has the options of scrolling down on that particular page.

When this action takes place, the potential customer will see other coupons that were offered but have expired.

Also, beside each of these coupons that were utilized it shows the number of times that customers accessed the codes and tried to use the promotions.

Additionally, the page shows the success rate of those codes being inputted based on the successful percentage displayed.

Click here to check out We Thrift and search for Skip the Dishes coupons.


7. Skip the Dishes App

Perhaps the easiest and most direct way to receive a discount from Skip the Dishes would be to download the Skip the Dishes app.

This app is used by the customers to access the various locations, place their order, and delivery instructions.

The app also offers to the customers various coupons and discounted promo codes.

Depending upon the accumulated points by the customer there are incremental levels that correspond to various colors.

The new customer starts out at the orange level and can work their customer activity up to the gold level.

At the gold level their points are doubled per dollar spent on the restaurant order.

Also, customers of certain restaurants, have their delivery fee waived when they order food that meets the minimum requirement.


How To Use The Skip the Dishes Voucher Codes

Sometimes the websites will link the individual claiming a voucher or promo code to the Skip the Dishes website.

Upon checkout, the promo code is automatically entered into the area where a promo code is supplied for the discount

If this doesn’t work or if this is not the way that the voucher is set up then the individual just simply gets the code number and when they place their order in the Skip the Dishes app, they simply enter the code and the discount will be applied

The vouchers are not eligible to be used for purchases of alcohol deliveries.


Skip the Dishes Coupons FAQs


How Do You Get Free Skip the Dishes Delivery?

Surprisingly, Skip the Dishes does not set the delivery fee imposed upon the customer using this service.

The delivery fee is set by the participating restaurant. The Skip the Dishes app does allow for the customer to use a filter or search option to find out what participating restaurants offer free delivery.

Generally, the restaurants will offer the delivery of their prepared meals at no cost when a certain minimum order is required.

Mostly, that minimum order ranges anywhere in total of 20 or $25. The normal delivery free ranges anywhere from $3.95 on two as high as $5.95.

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Are There Any Student, Military, or Senior Skip the Dishes Discounts?

No, there are no specific discounts afforded.

However, all groups, like other customers, can take advantage of the various coupons and discounts that are offered on various websites and through the Skip the Dishes app.


Are There Any Other Ways That I Can Earn Skip the Dishes Coupons?

Skip the Dishes not only offers coupons for free delivery and certain percentage discounts on a meal, but also provides incentives when you refer a friend.

This discount can be taken advantage of when you sign up for a Skip the Dishes account and when you begin utilizing this service.

The new customer simply goes to the toolbar that is labeled my account and they get the opportunity to invite friends.

If your friends take you up on this offer and sign up as an account member as well, you will receive a $7.00 credit.

This $7.00 credit is earned every time someone signs up for a Skip the Dishes account based on your referral.



It would appear given today’s climate and the recent pandemic that food delivery apps and services are here to stay.

They are the perfect solution when large crowds are frowned upon and yet customers still want to enjoy food from their favorite restaurant.

Although the ambiance of the restaurant cannot be delivered, the delicious food can and if an individual can utilize promotional codes and coupons to get a reduced price or have the delivery fee waived, that is great news.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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