This article shows you the best ways to get six flags coupons and even discounts.

You will learn how easy these ways are and how much money you can be saving.

If you love going to theme parks, then you must have heard of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.

This is the company that runs the Six Flags Theme Parks or simply Six Flags.

You can visit any of location of this park across the United States and enjoy thrilling entertainment, especially at very cheap cost.

You can now take advantage of Six Flags coupons and discounts to save huge money while also having fun at the same time.

Whether you are going solo, with your family or with your friends and colleagues, you can definitely save a lot by using these coupons.


What is Six Flags? 

Six Flags is an amusement park run by the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. It’s headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

This theme park was founded in 1961 and is now the largest amusement park company in the world, based on the number of properties owned.

The company has properties in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Six Flags run theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and other entertainment options for families.

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Why Six Flags Coupons and Discounts?

Six Flags offer you different ways of saving money whenever you visit their theme parks. This includes the provision of coupons and discounts to customers.

The coupons and discounts will help individuals and groups visitors save huge when they visit the parks.

The three main ways you can take advantage of these offers include:

  • Subscribing to a membership level
  • Buying season passes
  • Buying tickets at discounts

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Best Ways to Get Six Flags Coupons and Discounts

Here are 15 best ways to get these coupons and discounts.


1. Buy Tickets Online at’s Special Offers Page

The first best way to get Six Flags coupons and discounts is to check at the website. This primary website publishes the latest deals about Six Flags tickets sales.

If you buy Six Flags admission ticket online at, especially 24 hours in advance of your visit, you can save a huge amount of money.

The amount you save will range from $15-$25 per general admission ticket. The variation is dependent on the theme park location.

Definitely check out the special offers page of the website for other Six Flags coupons or discount promos.

Click here to check out Six Flags Special Offers page

Six Flags theme parks coupon


2. Use the Slick Deals Website

SlickDeals is a popular deals website a bit like Amazon. Members use this site to shop for items at the cheapest prices possible.

SlickDeals is the leading and most trusted online community dedicated to sharing, rating and reviewing deals and coupons.

You can enjoy up to 70% or more on the items you shop from this website.

Slick Deals offers you the opportunity to find and use Six Flags coupons and even one day sales discounts. These deals are promoted on Slick Deals.

Use the search bar and enter “Six Flags” to find different coupons and discount offers.

You can click on the “Get Offer” link by the side of each offer. This will take you to the membership page of the Six Flags website where you have to sign up and enjoy perks associated with the offers you want.

You can also sign up for the deal alert with your email or phone number. This ensures you get notified by Slick Deals each time there is a Six Flags deal.

Click here to check out Slick Deals

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3. Buy a Season Pass

If you love to visit Six Flags parks regularly, you should buy Six Flags season pass.

This is a special deal offer that will allow you enjoy massive discounts and save money all the time.

The perks of buying Six Flags season passes include:

  • You will get unlimited visits to the park all season.
  • You will get tickets to bring your friends on special celebration events throughout the season.
  • You will receive coupons for in-park savings worth as much as $300.
  • You will get admission into ALL Six Flags theme parks after you pick up your ID.
  • You will save up to 45% on admission tickets.

Six Flags Season Passes and prices in 2019 include:

  • One-Park Season Pass (as low as $99.99/ea.)
  • Two-Park Season Pass (as low as $149.99/ea.)
  • Gold Season Pass (as low as $169.99/ea.)


4. Buy Season Dining Passes

You can enjoy coupons and discounts when you buy a season pass.

A Season Dining Pass makes eating at the park almost more affordable than eating at home. It’s not as getting completely free food or even food taster jobs that pay money though but it’s close.

You get to launch and snack at every visit you make at Six Flags theme parks during the season.

The cost of season dinning is as low as $20 per person during the 2019 season.

Season Dining passes during sales gives you a big discount off the regular discount.

Also, you will get a free upgrade to Premium when you buy Deluxe. You will also get free soft drinks every visit when you buy Deluxe.


5. Join the Six Flags Membership Program

Join the membership program of Six Flags and you can also enjoy coupons and discount deals.

Sign up for a regular Membership of any level and save over to 50% off the Season Membership price!

Six Flags Membership status will help you focus on value. You will save money anytime you visit the park.

You will enjoy special perks and VIP experiences, and you will earn prizes and get free park stuff through the member-only loyalty programs.

Six Flags membership perks include:

  • You get free in-park spending credit of $20 when you sign up during the sale.
  • You automatically enjoy all of the benefits of having a season pass.
  • You get the member-only ticket to visit all Six Flags outdoor waterparks in North America.
  • You enjoy exclusive reward programs where only members earn free food, souvenirs and more just for visiting and having fun at the park.
  • You’ll get big discounts, upgrades, Member Appreciation events, tickets for friends and MORE.

Membership levels and prices in 2019 include:

  • Gold Plus Member (as low as $7.85/mo.)
  • Platinum Member (as low as $9.85/mo.)
  • Diamond Member (as low as $12.85/mo.)
  • Diamond Elite Member (as low as $18.85/mo.)

Of course, each of the membership levels has its exclusive perks and benefits.

Six Flags coupon and discounts


6. Take Advantage of Coke Can Six Flags Discounts

You can save on your next Six Flags admissions ticket if you bring along an empty can of Coca-Cola brand Soda like Coke or Sprite to the ticket booth.

Yes, this is a popular way to save on your Six Flags park tickets.

Whether the cans are marked with the logo of Six Flags or not, you can still get the discount.

The discount often applies to adult tickets and the discount amount varies from theme park to theme park.

Generally, the discounts vary from $10 to $30 depending on the theme park, the date, and whether it is an online coke discount ticket.

So, get your can of Coke and enjoy Six Flags discounts to save money on your entertainment ticket.

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7. Join the Six Flags Read to Succeed Club

You can join the Six Flags reading club to get free Six Flags tickets. The reading club is known as the Read to Succeed program.

According to the website, “It is an exciting program that encourages students in grades K through 6 to read for fun. Students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free ticket to Six Flags! The program is available to teachers and schools at no cost to participate, and it’s a great way to motivate kids to read.

So, both kids in kindergarten and teachers with at least 10 students that participate in the Read to Succeed program will get free Six Flags program.

Click here to know more and to join the Six Flags’ Read to Succeed program

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8. Get Six Flags Coupons from Employers and Credit Unions

Yes, employers and Credit Unions can help you get Six Flags coupons and discounts.

If the company or business you work for is located near a Six Flags amusement park, you may receive discounted admissions tickets from your employer.

It is worth noting that employers will sign up for programs like  which allow employees to get discounted tickets at theme parks and other entertainment events.

Similarly, if you have a credit union in your locality you can purchase discounted Six Flags tickets and save money.


9. Take Advantages of Hotel and Resort Packages

You should check out the hotels and resorts located near Six Flags parks to get discounted ticket packages to these theme parks.

Ask the front desk staff of these hotels about any Six Flags packages when you lodge there.

Some of these hotels and resorts offer free shuttles to the Six Flags Park near them. They may also sell discounted Six Flags tickets so you can make the most of your vacation.

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10. Go for Six Flags Group Discounts

One of the most exciting ways of getting these coupons and discounts is by taking advantage of group discounts. There are a variety of discount offers for people who come in groups.

Group offers are provided for families, schools, companies, youth groups, reunions, travel groups, associations, religious organizations, etc.

A minimum of 10 people in a group will attract discounts on some destinations.

When you go with a large group and purchase tickets in advance, you can receive one free ticket for every 10, 15, or 25 group admissions purchased. Of course, this will depend on the location.

Remember to buy your tickets in advance before you can take advantage of deep discounts for group tickets.

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11. Buy Tickets from Grocery Stores and Local Merchants

Look around the grocery stores and retails outlets around Six Flags locations to buy your tickets.

These merchants sell discounted Six Flags tickets.

You can also get a season pass at cheaper rates from these merchants than when you get into the Six Flags parks.

Popular stores that sell discounted tickets include Kroger stores and Jewel Osco. You can also get your tickets from warehouses like Costco, BJs, and Sam’s Club.

Also See: Craigslist Alternative Sites, for buying and selling.


12. Ask for Military Discount

If you are a member of the military – veteran or in active service – you can ask for coupons and discounts for the military.

How much discount you receive on your tickets will depend on the location of the park you want to go into.

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13. Use Your AAA Discount

If you are a member of AAA you can use your membership card to get a discount when you visit Six Flags theme parks. You can discount on your ticket purchase for up to 30%.

In case you don’t know, AAA stands for the American Automobile Association, Inc. It is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs.

Each AAA club is an independent, not-for-profit organization, chartered and incorporated in its own state and controlled by its own Board of Directors.

The Global discount program of AAA makes it possible for members to enjoy huge discounts when they subscribe to or buy items from AAA partner around this world.

With a valid membership you can obtain discounts from hotels, museums, retail locations, restaurants, and theme parks.


14. Promotional Product Packages From Stores and Merchants

You can check on Grocery stores and other merchants to get access to these coupons and discounts.

When you buy some products, look at the packages to see available Six Flags coupons or discounts.

These promos can vary based on what the brand is promoting. It could be for an existing product or for a product that the manufacturer is pushing into the market.

Typical examples of where these offers are found include Ortega Tack shell boxes, Polly-O and Kraft string cheese, Wet Ones, Post Cereal, and Tony’s Frozen Pizza.


15. Use your Discover Credit Card

If you already own a Discover Credit Card, it can be an opportunity to get Six Flags coupons and discounts.

A Discover Credit cardholder receives a 5% discount on Six Flags ticket purchase. It would interest you to know that this purchase also applies within the park.

Use this discount offer online or at the ticket office before you go.



The above are the 15 best ways to get six flags coupons and discounts. You will be surprised how much money you can end up saying, if you try some of them out.


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