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Fashion has always been an important industry.

The beautiful colors, the embellishments, the classical or modern lines, the fabric the creativity, etc. all blend to create a work of art that becomes available to match an individual’s personality, outlook on life, character, etc.

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Fashionable items can range anywhere from the most elegant of women’s dresses to men’s suits to casual wear such as genes, and even the simplest of clothing items such as our footwear.

It seems today that everything that we wear is making a statement either about us or our point of view as it relates to the world.

Another important apparel item is the simplest of all and yet can be the most profound because it has a prominent place on our body.

That simple piece of apparel is a T-shirt.

A T-shirt can reflect a humorous saying, make a social statement, indicate one’s loyalty to a sports team, be extremely complex in its design, or can be reduced to a single word.

In essence, a t-shirt can be a walking “billboard” advertising who we are, what we stand for, an indicator of our personality, etc.

In essence, a t-shirt with a design can be a big revealer of what is taking place in our minds and heart.

Today it has never been easier for an individual to create a design that captures their specialness or relay a message if any, that they wish to portray.

The ease of designing a t-shirt is facilitated by several websites that will help in the creation and designing of a t-shirt in varying quantities and make that available to you.

One such website is Zazzle, but numerous others are available as well.


More about Zazzle

I have prepared memories Zazzle is a website in which an individual can either buy or sell items that are customized with a variety of graphics.

The graphics placed on the products include customized mugs, t-shirts, do-it-yourself invitations, cards, stickers, etc.


25 Best Alternative Sites Like Zazzle


1. Spreadshirt

Spread Shirt allows the website user to start designing their own apparel.

As part of the creative design process, the individual would select the products, choose a design, and then upload any images that they want to be placed on the particular product.

The website also allows the individual to shop for items that have been made by other individuals.

One other added dimension to the website is they have a favorite design of the month.

By clicking on that particular icon there are a variety of monthly designs that are listed in the categories for men women kids, etc.

Click here to check out Spreadshirt


2. Threadless

This colorful website greets the visitor with vivid pastel colors and invites the individual to shop.

On the homepage are a listing of sales and opportunities and an invite to shop wall art accessories or home decor.

Also, there are many graphic designs located on the website that an individual may find appealing to have placed on any of their products.

One other nice feature of this website is that they illustrate a particular graphic designer or artist of the day.

Click here to check out Threadless


3. Sunfrog

Sun Frog offers a large collection of t-shirts that are designed with all sorts of fun and innovative graphic designs.

The site also offers designs on t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, hats, masks, drinkware, flags, stickers, etc.

Click here to check out Sunfrog


4. Customink

This website creates individual designs for their users and customers of their website but also mass-produces items that can be used for a variety of events.

Some of those events could involve any company actions, school teams, sports activities, or any other occasion in which more than a few designed items need to be made available.

Click here to check out Customink


5. Teechip

Tee Chip offers a variety of designed products for their customers.

A sampling of those products includes stickers, facemasks, home decor items, phone cases, as well as clothing.

Also, the website allows individuals to sell their manufactured designs.

Click here to check out Teechip


6. Represent

Represent seems to be a challenging website for designers in that they pose the question of the thought of showing the world what the individual stands for.

Also on the website, they indicate what is trending in the apparel industry as it relates to popular graphics.

The site also allows individuals to host their graphic designs on apparel and have the ability to sell these items.

Click here to check out Represent


7. Teazily

The options available on Teazily include the purchase of items that are posted.

Some of the products include clothing, coffee mugs, apparel, jewelry, printed blankets, etc.

Also, there are several categories of t-shirts that one can review.

A sampling of those categories includes country music, travel, veterans, Mother’s Day, motorcycles, etc.

Click here to check out Teazily


8. Ript Apparel

When accessing this website, the initial feature of this site is a countdown of daily deals that are provided for that particular day.

Click here to check out Ript Apparel


9. Society6

Out of all the similar websites to Zazzle, Society6 is by far the closest.

To use this platform is provided at no cost and the individual can upload their designs and utilize a variety of products such as stickers, apparel, mugs, office supplies, etc.

The individual uploads their design to their store and allows the customers to do their shopping, choose what design, and what product they wish to have their design printed on.

The possibility of earning 10% on a product sold is a good ballpark measure.

Click here to check out Society6


10. Redbubble

RedBubble is very similar to Zazzle and offers a broad selection of items as well as an opportunity for you to design your apparel or line of items to sell.

It is estimated that the average seller on this site can earn a 17% commission per item sold.

Products available on this site include smartphone cases, pillows, clocks, mugs, T-shirts, etc.

Payment is made to artists through PayPal every month as long as there is at least $20 in your account.

Click here to check out Redbubble

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11. Printify & Etsy

The combination of Printify and Etsy is a match made in designer heaven.

Printify is a print-on-demand service and works with the retail trading platform of Etsy.

The combination allows for you to design your product on Printify and then sell your print-on-demand product on your marketplace of choice or sell through the Etsy platform.

Typically, the Etsy platform produces higher margins for individuals who are selling products.

The deliberate choice of utilizing the Etsy platform is because it is an ideal place to portray artistic designs and homemade items from artists that have a small to moderate size impact.

Click here to check out Printify


12. Spring

Spring, formally known as Tee Spring, also is a similar site to the Zazzle.

Spring is a print-on-demand marketplace and charges for the actual product and then allows the seller to select their pricing.

Any profits realized by the creator of the designs go to that individual at 100%.

The platform, to increase visibility to an expanding audience, encourages the designers to utilize their social media platform to market their designs.

Click here to check out Spring



13. Cafepress

CafePress boasts of over 250 products on their website and also has a print-on-demand service that they provide.

These printing services can be placed on mugs, hats, apparel, backpacks, etc.

With Cafe Press, there are two specific options available for the designers.

The one option is to utilize the CafePress platform to sell the items which will provide the individual 5% to 10% on everything that is sold.

The other option is to create your shop and utilize that shop for the selling of your products of which you keep 100% of all proceeds.

Click here to check out Cafepress


14. Teepublic

Tee Public is more of a hands-off platform for designers as once your item has been uploaded, there is not much customization required.

It’s just a matter of waiting for customers to discover your creativity and then through sales royalties will be yours.

This particular site is new to the arena and does not have quite the influence or familiarity with designers.

Click here to check out Teepublic


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15. Fine Art America

Rather than selling your design or artwork to be incorporated into a product then perhaps Fine Art of America would be your logical choice to sell your design.

Through this site, you also have the option of placing your design or graphic on a product such as a mug, shirt, etc.

This website allows you to set your price and is available at no charge.

There is a membership plan available as well for $30 which allows you to have unlimited opportunities of uploading your work.

Click here to check out Fine Art America


16. Printful

This particular website can be classified as one of the old-timers as it has been in business since 2000.

Through their experience, they have devised and revised the system to where it is the model for other platforms.

This print-on-demand platform is not only a good match for entrepreneurs but also artists.

The platform provides a good way of connecting with customers as there are a variety of different products that can be printed on.

This website sells items at a risk-free process and handles inventory, shipping, and production.

Click here to check out Printful


17. Teefury

Teefury would be a good match for an individual who wishes to sell pop culture shirts that are of high quality.

This would be in matching their vision and mission for their retail sales.

Typically, despite the high quality of the products, they demonstrate a good turnaround time, on average, one day or 24 hours.

This particular website has a loyal audience and, by association, if you are part of this platform you may benefit from that loyalty.

As a marketing strategy, you also can discount your t-shirts to begin to create a customer base.

Click here to check out Teefury


18. Teepublic

This particular website is focused on apparel and specifically t-shirts.

To be successful, utilizing this platform, designing your graphics is not necessary.

This website provides an opportunity for affiliate sellers.

There is a partner program that allows you to place into your store the work of other artists.

Out of all the websites, it would be safe to say that this particular site is the most proficient as it relates to the availability of t-shirts.

In addition, everything can be personalized including tank tops, hoodies, etc.

Click here to check out Teepublic


19. Viral Style

Viral Style is a print-on-demand platform that allows an individual to create and offer retail customized products at no risk or upfront cost.

The actions involved with selling is handled by the site ranging anywhere from sales to mockups, to customer service, to printing, and shopping.

Revenue generation is accomplished as you set the selling price for all of your products.

When you sell a product, you get to keep the profit minus Viral Style’s base cost.

Click here to check out Viral Style


20. Rush Order Tees

The print-on-demand site was created in 2002 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They provide screenprinting digital printing and embroidery.

They are recognized as a nationwide leader in custom apparel.

Their design services are provided at no charge and are easily accessed.

Their base focus is on individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Click here to check out Rush Order Tees


21. Proper Cloth

The process of working with Proper Cloth involves the interaction of a customer to create clothing that can be customized as it relates to size.

The types of clothing that they excel in are shirts, pants, and jackets.

The customer browses the various designs available and thumbs through the lookbooks and engages the style guides to shop directly from the website’s collection.

Also, the customer has the option of creating or designing their own.

The garments are all made according to specifications and delivered expeditiously.

They guarantee that if it is not what was expected they will remake the item at no charge for the individual.

Click here to check out Proper Cloth


22. Uber Prints

Through this website, the customer can design and create their upper body apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

The process begins with selecting a product which can be hats or ladies, or men’s T-shirts.

The size of the apparel is then selected, and a design online process is followed by the customer to create that exact look.

After everything is reviewed, the printing then occurs, and the shipping of the product is sent to the customer in a matter of days.

Click here to check out Uber Prints


23. Logo Soft Wear

This online company specializes in logo sportswear and team sportswear brands.

The range of customers that they work with include large companies, small businesses, groups, teams, sports fans, and individuals.

Their products include a large selection of apparel that can be customized to the customer’s satisfaction and design.

There are no minimum order requirements nor are there any setup fees.

Your logo or design can be uploaded and can be imprinted on the various types of apparel.

Click here to check out Logo Soft Wear


24. Customized Girl

Customized Girl is an online apparel store for women and young ladies that offers a wide variety of products.

These products can be customized and include items such as t-shirts, tank tops, undergarments, etc.

Click here to check out Customized Girl

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25. The Print Bar 

This is another alternative to Zazzle that is growing in popularity all over the world.

They help you bring your innovative ideas and creativity to life and in so doing help you create quality outcomes for whatever cause, occasion or body.

Click here to check out more about The Print Bar


Zazzle Alternatives FAQs


How Do I Write a Good Product Description for an Item in My Store?

When writing a good description, it is important to remember to put yourself in your customer’s position.

Good answers would be in response to good questions if you are the customer inquiring about your products.

The description of the items should include details such as the size, materials, dimensions, etc.

Also, to present the uniqueness of your design, tell a brief story about how the design came to be.

Also, make the text easy to read and include any testimonials from previous customers if applicable.


If I’m Able to Set My Price What Should Be My Strategy?

To make sure that you don’t overprice or underprice your product it is best to strike a happy medium.

This can be accomplished by looking online at similar items and seeing what their pricing is.

You certainly want to be close to that pricing.

However, if considerable work has been invested in the product and it is a unique item then certainly take all of that into consideration and don’t sell yourself short or your product.


Personal Story

When I first got married one of the gifts that I first received from my wife was a t-shirt.

Although one may not think that is much of a gift, to me it was memorable.

First of all, it was the first gift of clothing that I received from her and secondly what was designed on the t-shirt.

On the front upper front of the t-shirt was a “bust” pictorial representation of Julius Caesar.

That in itself is not all that impressive.

However, next to his image was 12 Latin phrases, not all attributed to him, that just inspired me, and I felt smarter.

Some of the phrases included

  • vera, vidi, vici
  • alea iacta est
  • sic simper tyrannis
  • tempus fugit

However, my favorite Latin saying was Carpe Diem.

It was number V on the list.

Additionally, on the back of the t-shirt was a depiction of Caesar crossing the Rubicon and beneath that picture were the same 12 phrases only in English.


You Can Do It

Wearing clothes for money is a thing but wearing clothes is not just a necessity but the selection of what we wear is a statement of who we are and sometimes a reflection of our personality and thoughts.

Today it has never been easier to be involved with the creation of our clothes as it relates to the statement that we wish to make to others.

The main thing is to be yourself.

If part of that commitment is the designing of artistic graphics, then that is what should be part of your aim in life.



Opportunities abound even more so today.

These opportunities present themselves to us if we wish to creatively offer specially designed clothes to others through a variety of websites.

The reality is that we should be ourselves and not try to be something that we are not.

When those opportunities present themselves, it is important to Carpe Diem.

Seize the day!

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