Udemy is an online course site that people use to upload courses.

Do you ever wonder, though, if there are alternatives to Udemy that are out there?

There are, and here we’ll go over the 25 best sites like Udemy to use.


Why Alternatives to Udemy?

Some people want to use alternatives because:

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  • They may want a cheaper course option
  • They want to see the options out there
  • They may prefer the interfaces of other sites

Some people love Udemy, but others may not like the course selection.

However, there are plenty of options to learn new skills, and here, we’ll tackle the 25 best alternative sites like Udemy that are out there.


25 Best Sites Like Udemy for Buying & Selling Online Courses


1. Alison

This is a free learning platform that offers basic education and different skills for the workplace.

You can also get upskill and certificates off this, and it may be a better option.

Best of all, all the recourses here are free.

Click here to check out Alison


2. CBT Nuggets

Want to learn various IT skills?

This platform offers information and training that’s high-quality for those learning computer science.

The teaching is all done from videos online, so it’s a pretty easy interface to work with.

Click here to check out CBT Nuggets


3.  Coursera

Want university courses delivered to you online?

This is a great one.

It has fewer courses than Udemy does, but the courses are a lot more in-depth than Udemy, so if you want more professional training, this is an option, and it tackles topics including social sciences, business, IT, and even the arts.

A lot is free of charge too.

Click here to check out Coursera


4. Skillshare

This is an alternative to Udemy that’s similar to that platform.

However, they offer more free and low-cost courses and access to thousands of different lessons for you to use.

This is a more practical skills site out there, and it’s a good way to get new skills under your belt.

Click here to check out Skillshare


5. Khan Academy

This site offers small lessons that are very specific across different topics that are popular amongst different learners.

The tutorials are very user friendly, and they also offer practical tasks to help you get better at doing these skills.

Best of all, it’s free too!

Click here to check out Khan Academy


6. Open Culture

This is an online course website with over 1000 different videos, lectures, and podcasts available.

These are usually private material that is on the university sites, so they’re all university courses without having to go to each one.

They offer a lot of state level university courses for a lot of fields of study.

Click here to check out Open Culture


7. Udecity

This is a learning platform that gives users good skills that they can use right away at any job.

They also offer courses that are created by the top dogs in the industries and offer not just academics but other important curriculum skills.

These are all free too, and it’s great if you want to pay a little bit for some resources.

It’s pretty reasonable in price as well.

Click here to check out Udecity


8. Lynda 

This is an educational website that’s been around for over two decades for those who want to learn different skills.

They offer paid and free memberships, and you can also try it for free as well to see if this works for you.

They offer courses in marketing, design, and also business and software development, along with great visuals to help learn.

Note that Lynda is now part of LinkedIn as LinkedIn Learning.

Click here to check out Lynda


9. Amazon Web Services

AWS is cloud support, and they actually offer certifications for various IT training, including machine learning, AI, container management, and network and security.,

A great one for those IT developers looking to learn new things.

Click here to check out AWS


10. Cisco Learning

This is another IT learning website, and they come with a lot of great tools and training aids for various careers in this field, all of which are very easy for you to use.

Click here to check out Cisco Learning



11. edX

This is another site that offers a bunch of free courses in languages, management of business, and also data sciences, and engineering.

They also do pay courses too, with university-level certifications offered for these.

They are the equivalent of MIT or Harvard, so if you want extensive learning online, this is a great resource.

Click here to check out edX


12. Masterclass

This is another great course resource system that’s actually done by those professionals in the industry.

The subscription is also pretty cheap, so you can get to learning quite fast!

Click here to check out Masterclass


13. Academic Earth

This is another great resource since they offer a bunch of different resources on a lot of subjects.

They do have courses listed by school and subject too, for ease of finding exactly what type of course you need.

Click here to check out Academic Earth


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14. Codeacademy

This is probably the best way to learn to code online.

They offer both paid and free programming for learning website development in a variety of subjects, including HTML, Java, CSS, SQL, and so much more!

Click here to check out Codeacademy


15. Pluralsights

This is another free and paid courses site, but with this, you get a free trial of the course and see what they offer before you pay.

Most of the courses on here are IT and computer-related, but they come with really detailed instructions to help users who want to join these easily.

Click here to check out Pluralsight


16. iTunesU Courses

These are great courses for those with an Apple device since it’s fully integrated directly into any Apple device, whether it’s an iPad, iPod, or an iPhone.

You just download and get to have free courses right there.

Click here to check out iTunes U


17. CreativeLive

This is a website with various courses in the creative field, including how to take better photos and videos, learn design, and even courses for music and audio.

You can take tons of free courses, but they also have some good and integrated free course that is there too, which are great if you want to get a taste of this.

Click here to check out Creative Live


18. Iversity

This is pretty much Europe’s equivalent of Coursera, and it focuses on some of the American universities and also European universities too, especially those located in the UK.

If you find that Coursera is not what you’re looking for and need something from specific European universities, this is a great one to check out.

Click here to check out Iversity


19. Reed

This is another one that’s like Udemy and is an alternative, but it also comes with some killer university-level courses.

It doesn’t have a costly price to it either, or they have almost 170 different courses for free as well.

The free courses are great since they can be in the classroom or even online.

You have to be eligible to use this, though, so it’s not for everyone.

Click here to check out Reed

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20. Stanford Online

Do you want the classroom offerings of Stanford from the comfort of your own home

This is actually an online platform that hosts these courses, and they offer some great high-quality options.

The downside is that the options are a bit limited, especially since it’s just one school they’re working with, but they have some good free courses to choose from.

Click here to check out Stanford online


21. Domestika

This is a creative community of experts, and while most of the courses are developed by experts, they come at a variety of different prices.

For creative professionals looking to get the newest and latest information through different courses online, this is one of the best ways for you to do it.

Click here to check out Domestika


22. Economist Test Prep

If you’re going to be taking the GRE or GMAT and ant some courses that will help you do well with this, this is a good way to get started.

While it is a bit specialized and focuses mostly on making sure that students have an option for them to learn invaluable skills, this can be a good one if you’re planning on taking this and need some ways to help focus on areas to improve.

Click here to check out Economist Test Prep


23. Open Yale Courses

Similar to the Stanford online resources, these are pretty much online courses, but they’re from Yale instead.

They’re pretty similar to the Stanford equivalent, but this one also does offer some class and campus lectures too.

While it’s not necessarily always available like how Udemy and the other course are, if you’re looking to get some quality courses straight from the school, this is one way to do it.

Click here to check out Open Yale


24. New Skills Academy

This is a site with online courses, but most of them do involve needed and in-demand skill subjects, so if you’re looking to add any invaluable skills to your repertoire, this is a good one.

It’s similar to Udemy because of the different topics and options, but it also has a lot of different organized topics for you to choose from.

The beauty of this, too, is that there are a lot of new topics being added every single day, so if you see skills that you want to include, but they’re not there, this is one way to do it.

Click here to check out New Skills Academy


25. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot has a lot of great tools, and it’s no wonder they offer some great classes too.

They use some classes from different schools, and even Northeastern University does accept these as transfer credits for those who are doing master programs in social media areas.

This is definitely a good site if you want good, respected courses, and there are tons of certifications that you can try.

With more and more universities recognizing these, it’s no wonder why people are using them, and HubSpot is no exception to this as well.

Click here to check out HubSpot Academy


Best Alternative Websites to Udemy FAQs


Why Should I Consider Using an Alternative to Udemy?

For starters, there are other sites that offer a larger scope of free and paid courses for you to try.

There are also some sites that have courses tailed to a specific area of focus, so if you want a specific subject from a certain university, it may not be available on Udemy.

Finally, some Udemy courses don’t go as in-depth as some of the other sites, and these best sites like Udemy offer a lot of different means and some great ways for you to get the education you deserve.


Do Different Universities Accept These Courses as Credits?

Some of them do! In fact, with the pandemic, some places are considering these as alternatives to credits.

For a couple of universities, they do accept courses on certain sites, provided they’re legit courses and approved by them.

Not every course will be accepted, but if you’re planning to go to school for something, it can’t help to take a course on it to be prepared.


Do Classes Like This Help Me in the Field?

Yes, it can.

In some fields where it changes a bit, such as coding and programming, staying abreast of the latest changes isn’t just a suggestion.

It’s a demand.

Some places use these alternative sites as a continuing education resource for professionals.

If nothing else, putting this on your resume shows that you have certifications in various subjects, and it can help you get hired for different jobs as well down the line.


How Can I Learn More From These Platforms?

Take courses that are good for you.

If you’re more of a visually-inclined learner, then you want to use platforms that use key visuals.

If you notice that you’re better learning in a lecture hall, see if there are video feeds and lectures to listen to since that might be the way that you learn from these sites.

Regardless, make sure you’re learning the way that you want to learn and in the ways that are possible.



These are the best sites like Udemy that are out there for you to check out if you’re interested in learning new things.

Never stop learning, and never stop honing those skills! With these courses, you can continue on the path of learning both now and in the future, no matter what subject you may choose.

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