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Perhaps, along with me, some certain items or experiences intertwine with our daily lives and we wonder how did we ever get along without those items?

For example, how did we survive without the effective quickness of microwaves in defrosting frozen food?

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This can also be true of people that come into our lives, the significant impact that they make resulting in the difference in our lifestyle.

We ask the question how did we ever get along without them?

These items add to our quality of life and their effectiveness adds to our effectiveness.

Another prime example is the Internet.

How did we ever survive without the Internet?

Through the Internet, we communicate with one another, conduct our financial transactions, learn about current events, go shopping, work from home, etc.

The value that Internet technology has brought to us has made us, for the most part, better people.

Although some would argue against the impact that Internet technology has had on our lives.

In any event, the point is what did we ever do without these items and specifically the Internet.

Speaking of variety and uniqueness, within the Internet is a subset of these peculiar websites that are distinctive not only in name but in content.

One such website is aptly named “This Is Why I’m Broke.”

Let us access the Internet and look at some of these uniquely designed websites that offer just as uniquely designed opportunities for shopping.


Personal Story

Speaking of items that have revolutionized our lives has been the cell phone.

The question of how we ever got along without our cell phones may cause our minds to short circuit thinking about life without them.

My first introduction to cell phones were those large cumbersome devices that looked like small briefcases and needed to be carried around.

At first, my thinking was that this was ludicrous and to be tethered to such a device in the fear that a phone call might be missed, or a business opportunity was insane.

And so, I resisted this device and spoke in terms of disdain for this technology and for individuals who were tethered to this intrusive technology.

Ultimately, I saw the light or in this case, received a phone call, and gave in to buying a cellular phone.

My first phone was a standard basic pay-as-you-go phone that I convinced myself was needed as I was trying to start up a business of my own.

Now? No amount of money or threat on my life could deter me from having a cell phone.


What is Thisiswhyimbroke? 

This is why I broke has been identified as one of the better online shopping malls available on the web.

Thisiswhyimbroke offers a variety of discounts and good shopping deals.

The other added feature is that, unlike its contemporaries, it provides the lowest priced products.

The items that are for retail sale include products for men, girls, couples, and animals.

Its focus is to demonstrate the best available products through the Internet that one can find and purchase.


25 Best ThisIsWhyImBroke Similar Sites


1. Great Things To Buy

As a fairly new website to the online community, this retail site has accumulated a gathering of the products available on the leading shopping Internet sites globally.

The items are unique and provide a fun element.

Click here to check out Great Things To Buy


2. Cool Sh*t You Can Buy

This graphic-named website provides a broad variety of products for sale.

The commitment of the platform is that once you enter the “store,” you will never be bored.

Click here to check out Cool Sh*t You Can Buy


3. Think Geek

As the name implies, this is a website that is devoted to everything technology-oriented.

When accessing the site, you are taken to a game stop but that is just the beginning of the journey.

Items that are for sale include video games, gaming consoles, accessories, electronics, clothing.

Click here to check out Think Geek


4. Shut Up and Take My Money

Another unique name for a unique website is this page that has partnered with Amazon to present to the customer a quality number of products that can be found throughout the Internet.

The available products are a combination of kitchen, clothing, tech products, gaming, toys, and much more.

Click here to check out Shut Up and Take My Money


5. Canopy

Canopy is also loosely affiliated with Amazon and is a website that presents to the shopper a variety of beautiful, useful, and well-designed products available on Amazon but can be purchased through this dedicated website.

Searches can be conducted using the various filters to find what you are searching for based on your input.

Click here to check out Canopy


6. Scroll.Am

Scroll.am is also a site in which the top-rated and best items for sale on Amazon are listed.

Searches can be accomplished by selecting a particular category, entering a keyword, and browsing the various products that populate the screen.

Once you have selected a product or products, it will redirect you to the official Amazon shopping page where you are provided further information about the product.

Click here to check out Scroll.Am


7. ShopFor20

The uniqueness of this website is that the items that are listed for sale can be purchased for under $20.

The categories of items listed include products that can be classified as “cool”, food, specialty gifts for that special woman in your life, products for him, health and beauty aids, outdoor products, techie stuff, and much more.

When the shopper clicks on the picture of the product they will be directed to a description of that item and provided the pertinent information price.

Click here to check out Shopfor20


8. You Are Sucky

As another unique named website, You Are Sucky is a retail platform that offers food, clothing, toys, office items, and abroad broad range of other items.

Often, the items on this site are collected from a variety of discount centers that comprise other online shopping websites,

In addition to offering items for sale, this website acts as an informational magazine and center for shopping.


9. Filler Item Finder

This website focuses on items for sale that can be found at Amazon but the lowest economical prices.

Also, when purchases are made, the service of the website offers free shipping.

To take advantage of the free shipping, there must be a minimum order of $35.

Click here to check out Filler Item Finder


10. Dat Twenty

This website also carries items that can be purchased at an amount below $20.

Items that are listed on this site include a variety of gadgets, kitchen products, fitness tools, and a variety of items classified as being fun.

The products are reflected in thumbnail icons and the prices are mentioned as well.

When you click on any product it will redirect you to Amazon’s official shopping page where additional information can be read about the product.

Click here to check out Dat Twenty

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Sites Like ThisIsWhyImBroke


11. BestCovery

This online company serves its customers by offering views and reviews on a variety of products.

The categories of products range from digital cameras, electronics, computers, home appliances, video games, and more.

The reputation of Best Covery is that it is a reliable source to find the best products that are made available on various online websites.

The evaluation of the products is conducted by experts of Best Covery and those products are recommended to the users.

Click here to check out BestCovery


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12. Five Star

Five Star is the Internet’s version of a dollar store.

On the home page there are several affiliated websites and above that are the cost categories ranging from a dollar or less to $25 or less with one category even being labeled as what’s your budget.

The website allows you to scroll through the loaded items on the pages using a search tool on the site for items that you are looking for as well as products that offer free shipping.

Click here to check out Five Star


13. BaconBeer

Bacon Beer is a listing of products that are classified as unique and one-of-a-kind.

Examples include an Aurora Borealis ring, a cookbook entitled cooking with beer, a homemade brewing kit, a Darth Vader cereal bowl, etc.

Not to be outdone, with the listing of beer products is also a scented candle that has a bacon smell when lit.

This is a United Kingdom website, and the listing of the prices are in the currency of the British pound.

Click here to check out BaconBeer


14. TheGreenHead

The links at the top of the page are the various categories of items that are for sale.

Some of those categories include living, cooking, leisure, food, vehicles, and beyond, etc.

For example, when clicking beyond, this takes you to an Etsy page where many candles are listed that have been created by individuals and displayed for sale in their stores.

Click here to check out TheGreenHead


15. DudeIWantThat

This website is everything “geekish.”

The site calls itself “A geeks gift guide of gadgets, gear, and novelties.”

The site contains such items as backpacks, adhesive magnetic tape, sculptural chair designs, multi-tools, modern type furniture, etc.

When you go to the website, there are photographs of the items along with a description and the amount.

In the description portion are the links to the websites where an individual can be redirected to purchase the items.

Click here to check out DudeIWantThat


16. OddityMall

Oddity Mall lives up to its name as you are directed to the homepage and one of the first things that you see for sale is a Nicholas Cage face mug.

Depending upon your being a fan of this actor or not can certainly create a little weirdness by looking at this mug and is certainly an oddity.

It would appear that all of the items are unique and have that odd characteristic to them which aid in attracting individuals that are looking for a unique and different gift or their own choice.

Click here to check out OddityMall


17. Geekologie

Geekologie is a retail website but more of an informational web platform for individuals who have that certain affinity for all things geekish.

By accessing this website, the individual that is interested in viewing skateboarding videos, receiving the latest information about gaming, etc. will find this a delightful place to view and read about the latest events that are happening in these special areas of life.

Click here to check out Geekologie


18. DodoBurd

Accessing this website will take you to the home page which provides the shopper the opportunity to look at gifts for men and women, for dad, mom, girls, teens, etc.

The gifts are not your “run of the mill” gifts but are defined as clever and unique.

They are one-of-a-kind gifts for one-of-a-kind relationships.

For example, by clicking the option for men’s gift you are offered opportunities to buy things like creating your hot sauce through a kit, a survival kit to protect you from the zombie apocalypse, or a Reese’s Peanut Butter variety pack.

Clicking on the gifts for women you have the opportunity to purchase jewelry, clothing that has adorable creatures, or other accessories.

Click here to check out DodoBurd


19. AwesomeStuff365

This gift-giving website has a vast array of one-of-a-kind items that can be purchased.

The site categorizes the gifts according to holidays, the latest in gift-giving, gifting for a certain profession, home accessories that are defined as cool, unique items to purchase for your vehicle of choice, and much more.

Another category is gifts that are sorted by age or by relationship.

Click here to check out AwesomeStuff365


20. CoolThings

The items listed on this website can be classified as cool.

There are a variety of electronic items that enhance your computer use, robots, gaming accessories, tools for camping, appliances such as a mini-fridge, etc.

The homepage lists the various categories of items that can be shopped for.

Some of those categories include gadgets, toys, gifts, inventions, etc.

Click here to check out CoolThings


21. Holy Cool

The homepage of holy cool helps you to sort through the items available by category.

Some of those categories include home stuff, buying from Amazon.com, kitchen stuff, electronics, etc.

By clicking on one of the available items for sale you are taken to a more enlarged photo and a comprehensive description of the item.

Underneath the description is a green button that says buy it here.

When you click that button, you are then directed to the Amazon website.

Click here to check out Holy Cool


22. OhTheThingsYouCanBuy

Oh, the things you can buy is another unique retail website in which a variety of different gifts can be possibly purchased.

There is a vast selection of home and beauty aids, food products, electronic items, etc.

If a particular product is of interest, you click on that item and on this website, you are taken immediately to the Amazon webpage that displays this same item for sale at the same price.

Click here to check out OhTheThingsYouCanBuy


23. Fangamer

This website offers for sale several items that are associated with video games.

Included, are items that display popular gaming products on pieces of apparel or household items.

When a particular product of interest is accessed, a link opens up giving a further description and the opportunity to purchase the item.

Click here to check out Fangamer


24. ForFansByFans

For fans by fans is a specialty online retailer that specializes in providing official licensed sports gear directly to the team’s fan base.

In addition, it specializes in the selling of unique items such as figurines, plush dolls, with a heavy emphasis on anime.

Click here to check out ForFansByFans


25. TheAwesomer.com

This is another really cool alternative to thisiswhyimbroke. As the name suggests, they pride themselves with the listing of different “awesome stuff” in different categories.

From gifts, tech, videos, style, living, luxury, funny, art/design, games, music, etc, they have different cool and awesome stuff in almost every category you can think of.

Click here to check out theawesomer.com


ThisIsWhyImBroke Alternative Sites FAQs


There Are So Many Cool Things on the Internet. How Do I Prevent Myself From Overspending?

You are right and I sympathize with you.

The best way to manage your spending habits is to avoid the websites altogether for some time.

This can be accomplished by blocking these sites and having other people hold you accountable.


Do I Have Any Other Options in Regard to Trying to Control My Spending?

Another option is to set yourself a budget and limit your spending to a certain affordable amount.

Once that budgeted amount has been reached then shut everything down till the next month.

Or another option is to earn additional income and make that your slush fund is sufficient to purchase these items.


You Can Do It

As the old expression goes what did you get for a person who has everything.

Quite frankly the sky is the limit for the items that can be purchased for that person who seemingly has everything.

A number of those unique and one-of-a-kind gifts can be found on these websites.



Quite a few items that are listed on the above websites are items that, quite frankly, are cool and would be really special gifts for individuals in our lives.

Those special gifts would be great gifts for us as individuals as well.

It’s amazing that so much uniqueness is available and waiting to grab your hard-earned money.

The challenge is to keep as much money as you can in your wallet and refrain from asking the question how could I do without that item?

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