Yes, there are many other awesome sites like Society6 for independent artists worldwide.

This article reveals as many as 24 other alternatives to Society6 to consider using.



Many of us can be classified as artists.

In the broad sense of the definition, an artist is someone who uses their creativity, natural skills, and enhanced skills to create or bring something to life that was part of a creative idea.

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Therefore, whether we write, paint, develop software, work hard in the construction industry, fulfill the role of a receptionist, we are all displaying our artistic talents.

Our actions are unique, creative, and individually ours.

As part of our uniqueness, we each have a role or a function in our community.

As part of that uniqueness, we are compensated financially in appreciation of those artistic skills and this compensation provides our livelihood for us to meet the ongoing financial needs of ourselves and our family.

Additionally, those artists that we typically think of as demonstrating their artistic skills through items created with their hands and imagination also should anticipate an appreciation of those skills through financial gain.

To enhance this process there are many websites available in which an individual can showcase their skills to a broader audience.

A lot of this artistic design can be placed on other products to fully demonstrate the creativity and craftiness of an individual.

There are many sites that not only will offer virtual storefronts to these artists but provide print-on-demand services as well.

So let us pick up our artistic brushes, saturate them with a variety of vibrant colors and paint the picture of sites that are similar to each other especially as it relates to the site Society6.


What is Society6?

Society6 is a website marketplace that sets up virtual stores for individuals who wish to display their artistic flair and for designers to easily create personalized products.

Their designs can be placed on multiple “canvases” such as posters, tote bags, phone cases, coffee mugs, clothing, etc.

Added to the mix is that they are a print-on-demand service in which one or more of these items can be printed with the chosen design or graphic.


24 Best Sites Like Society6 for Independent Artists


1. Etsy 

Etsy is familiar to many as a well-known platform to sell handmade goods and allows the creator to start their store through this website.

Etsy may just possibly be a good alternative to Society6 because of the strong earning potential over most print-on-demand sites.

With their robust search process, individuals and potential customers will likely find your store.

It is also a great place to have your creations sold and create a name for your brand.

As it relates to printing on demand kind Etsy does integrate with other services. One of those services is Printify. Consequently, you can use one of these print-on-demand sites and link your merchandise to your store on Etsy.

Click here to check out Etsy


2. Sellfy

In a matter of five minutes, through this website, you can set up your store to sell your creations.

As a print-on-demand website, there is a moderate-size catalog of products that you can choose from to make your creation.

Some of those products include clothing, phone cases, posters, stickers, and mugs.

Although the catalog is not as expensive as other sites, you can also sell your digital downloads.

To create more traffic to your store, there are available marketing tools that utilize e-mails and a upsell feature to help you with your retelling.

To participate in this plan is $29 a month and the coverage is up to $10,000 annually.

Sellfy does not charge any transaction fees.

One of the significant benefits of utilizing Sellfy is that you can control your earnings.

Additionally, this site provides a greater number of options and flexibility that allows you as a retailer to choose where you decide to sell your products.

Not only can you open up your store, but you can sell on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Wish.

There are no charges as it relates to creating an account and setting up a store is a quick and easy process.

Click here to check out Sellfy


3. Printify

One of the strengths of Printify is its dropshipping process.

As part of the process, the site allows you to choose your printer, and having more options is always a good thing as it relates to your profit.

When you are ready to ship you are offered a selection of different printers that are available.

Also, you can read reviews about their services.

Printify also allows for flexibility as to where you wish to market your items.

You can utilize Etsy or eBay or create your store.

Also with this site, there is a robust selection of items that are available to choose from in making your creation.

The cost to use this site is at no charge but limits you to five stores. For a cost of $29 a month, you can double that store availability and receive discounts.

Click here to check out Printify


4. Fine Art America

Fine Art America, as its name implies, is considered more of a top-tier site for your merchandise display.

As an artist and creative you can display your various creations such as art prints, phone cases, copayments, and more.

Also, you have the ability through this site to sell your digital downloads and original creations as it relates to artwork.

Through Fine Art America you can set your prices which are considerably higher than other sites

To be a retailer on this site there is no charge but a premium membership will cost you $30 annually.

Click here to check out Fine Art America

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5. Teespring

Teespring should be a strong consideration if you have a large social media platform following.

Recently rebranded as Spring, it is one of the significantly useful sites to sell print-on-demand products.

The products are the usual fare such as phone cases, apparel, mugs, and more

Distinguishing itself from the rest of the print-on-demand crowd is the ability for this site to integrate fully with social media.

Consequently, you can sell your items through sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Tik-Tok.

Click here to check out Teespring


6. Red Bubble

One of the significant differences between Red Bubble and Society6 is that Red Bubble allows you to adjust the markup on your products.

For example, if an item costs eight dollars you can markup the item by 30% which would bring the total of the product to $10.40. That markup then comes to you.

There are a variety of products on Red Rubble that can be purchased.

Some of those products include clothing, masks, stickers, phone cases, and extensively more.

There are over 70 products listed on the site that can be sold. Yes, selling and making money with RedBubble is possible and even easy, if you know what to do.

Also, rather than setting up your store, you will be selling your products on Red Bubble itself.

Although this is less flexible, you can take advantage of an audience that is already directed to this site and will limit your time as it relates to creating a website or using other platforms.

Click here to check out Red Bubble


7. Cafe Press

The option of setting up your store on their platform is available.

There is a variety of templates offered in which you insert your design, and customize it.

There is a premium package available at a monthly cost and through this package your provided additional options and features.

They also have an area retail area known as Cafe Press marketplace but if listing your items here you only receive a 5% royalty on items sold.

Whereas, if you sold in your store, you set the markup and control your earnings.

One added caveat is that Cafe Press provides an incentive bonus if a certain level of monthly sales are reached.

Click here to check out Cafe Press 

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8. Zazzle

Zazzle allows its partners to place their products on the marketplace.

The benefits include having an audience that utilizes this website and therefore you do not need to pay you and less effort on your part.

Also, with this website, you are in control of your earnings.

The royalties paid to you on your sales is 5%.

If you choose to raise your royalty rate then the price of the product goes up incrementally as well.

Click here to check out Zazzle


9. Spreadshirt

The difference between Spreadsheet and Society6 is the rate of return.

Specifically, with Society6 it is a fixed royalty rate while with Spreadshirt it is a fixed dollar rate.

This means that if you were to sell an item you would receive a set amount of money rather than a percentage.

This rate of return on your products sold is only those items that are sold in their particular marketplace.

This means that if a third-party marketplace is utilized, such as Amazon, the rate would be different.

Click here to check out Spreadshirt


10. Spreadshop

Spreadshop can be classified as a sister site to Spreadshirt.

Through this particular website you can set up your online shop and Spreadshop provides that platform for you to accomplish this.

Additionally, you will get your URL.

Features that are included in setting up your store are the ability to modify your storefront, schedule discount campaigns, and even integrate the sister site into your existing store.

It’s like running your retail shop and you are an independent business owner.

Also, Spreadshop is a YouTube merch partner which means that you can offer your items on a merch shelve under your YouTube videos along with appropriate pictures and rates.

Click here to check out Spreadshop


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11. Chairish

Chairish offers can be classified as vintage as well and offer home accessories and artwork.

This website invites individuals to consider listing any furniture sales on this site as well as any other graphics or decorative items.

The minimum listing price is $25.

To list items on this website involves no fee and whatever is sold the provider of the item will retain up to 80% of the final sale price.

Click here to check out Chairish


12. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a website that is comprised of 2000 active shop owners.

The products for sale include vintage items such as antiques, unique furniture, art, jewelry, and more.

The site indicates that over 1 million visitors access the site every month and that retail sales are over $125,000 a day.

To list items, the seller needs to set up a prepaid account for $54 monthly.

For items of 50 or more, there are additional fees along with a service fee.

The total cost is capped at $250.

Click here to check out Ruby Lane


13. Patreon

Patreon is a website that allows fans to actively engage in the financial support of a variety of endeavors.

Through this website, individuals can support the work of musicians, visual artists, writers, nonprofits, etc.

Consequently, with your design efforts, you can develop a following, and people through Patreon can support you, your work, and any stores that you set up for retail purposes

Click here to check out Patreon


14. Dickblick

This Internet site is everything surrounding the work of artists and individuals who have an affinity for stationery.

Through this website, a graphic artist can buy their artistic supplies such as canvases, paints, brushes, drawing pens, etc.

This site is an alternative to Society6 due to the merchandise that they offer through their online presence.

Click here to check out Dickblick


15. Saatchi Art

The site provides the needed artistic and graphic design materials that will aid the graphic artist and help them with their creations.

Through this site, they will be able to make their creations come to life through a variety of products offered and then be able to upload these items to various sites and offer them for sale to their customers.

Click here to check out Saatchi Art


16. Bigcartel

The offering of online stores for artists is offered through this website.

The process of building the individual’s unique store is made simple through the process offered by Big Cartel.

With this site, the creative can upload pictures of their items and invite their customers to shop and buy.

There are a variety of affordable monthly plans offered.

However, the strength of utilizing this site is that they do not take a cut of the retail sales nor do they tack on a significant amount of fees in running your online shop.

Click here to check out BigCartel


17. Craftsy

Craftsy is a dream site for the makers of handicraft items.

Through this platform, there are a variety of opportunities for an individual to learn more about specific handicraft items. Those items for crafts include quilting, cake decorating, knitting, papercraft, etc.

The site indicates that there are 1500 classes or more in which an individual can learn about a variety of categories.

It would seem that this would be a perfect site to be involved with to enhance your current skills and to further empower the selling of your crafts that are available through your online store.


18. Artfinder

Art Finder is a platform that can be utilized by both an individual looking for art and an individual creating art.

This website connects the two individuals to make the creation of artwork more enjoyable.

To have your art displayed on this site requires that you have a minimum of 4 to 6 examples depicting your work.

This can be accomplished by linking other sites where your artwork is being displayed.

The process continues by sharing your biography with Art Finder and your reasons why you wish to be part of that community.

You then will submit, upon acceptance, high-quality images that will be available in your particular shop and managed by you.

An application may take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks to be processed.

Click here to check out Artfinder


19. Minted

Minted is an online platform that features the artistic talents of artists from around the world.

As an artist, you can list your creative endeavors on this site and offer them for sale to the over 450,000 individuals that visit this platform.

The opportunity to join the community occurs when you follow others and comment on their works.

You can also be part of the Facebook group of the Minted community

Once your first creative artwork is selected by the Mint community, you are ready to proceed to set up your shop.

In doing so, you will be afforded the various steps needed to create your online store  through an e-mail.

Click here to check out Minted


20. Artnet

This art market platform is headquartered in New York City and provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work.

To become a retailer of your work on this site requires that you go to their website and click on the bottom of the page the button that says “Become a seller.”

Click here to check out Artnet


21. Displate

This unique website offers metal posters that are designed to reflect an individual’s unique passions.

These metal posters are known as displates.

The process of selling on this plate, who accepts all kinds of artists, is to complete their displayed shop and begin to prepare for uploading the artwork.

There need to be at least eight artworks offered.

After the titles have been affixed along with a brief description a verification needs to take place.

This site offers a broad variety of categories of artistic endeavors including the areas of space, fantasy, sports, landscapes, and much more.

Click here to check out Displate


22. Imagekind

Image Kind is a website that offers for sale images from participating artists as well as offering a print-on-demand service.

To help the individual artists merchandise their artistry, there is a social networking and marketing site for artists and their customers to interact.

Click here to check out Imagekind


23. Printful

This site offers creatives the opportunity to set up an online store so that the customers can shop for products in the hopes of finding something eye-catching and creative that they may purchase.

When a sale is made, this website takes it from there in that they will print it, package the item and ship it to the customer for you.

There is no fee to sign up for an online store and as many products as you wish can be added to your store inventory.

Nothing will be printed until the order is placed.

The decision on how much profit you make is up to you as you have the opportunity to price your items.

The pricing should include the fulfillment of the order but not the shipping costs.

Click here to check out Printful


24. SPOD

The service that this website company provides is to be a drop shipping print-on-demand service.

Their tagline is “You sell it, we print it.”

The website offers all of the needed features so that you can create, build, and expand your print-on-demand retail offerings.

With this website, there are no recurring costs.

When an order is received only the value of the order and the associated shipping costs are charged by SPOD.

Click here to check out SPOD


Personal Story

Growing up in the Midwest, Sundays were always a day of leisure and the cold weather, the snow on the ground, and the chill in the air kept us indoors quite often.

To help us pass the time, our parents would try to engage us in several craft activities to help us pass the time and to see what sort of dormant skills may lie deep within the recesses of their children.

One of the hobbies that were embraced was painting by number.

For me, not having a flair for painting, I did, however, enjoy this hobby.

One of my favorite paint for number designs was the head of a horse and the opportunity to match the paint color with the number on the canvas and watch the plain canvas come to life with the various splashes of color.


Alternatives Websites like Society6 FAQs


What is the Hardest Part of Selling Artistic Products or Creations?

It would seem, as it is with being successful, is being taken notice of.

With the displaying of artistic creations, the challenge is to get in front of people to demonstrate your artistic artistry.

Therefore, being on as many websites as possible and having a strong social media presence seems to be the best ways today to market any retail opportunities.


What is the Best Way to Ensure That the Print-on-demand Services Are of High Quality?

The best way to ensure that the quality of the item is being produced with a print-on-demand service is to order an item.

This could be part of the cost of doing business.

You can judge for yourself as to whether the item has been printed in a quality way.

If satisfied, you could always gift that item to another individual and perhaps it might become a good marketing tool.


You Can Do It

You don’t have to be a starving artist today.

There are several opportunities in which an individual can showcase their talent and offer these items for sale.



There is not much of a market for an individual who creates a painting through the paint by a number system.

However, some individuals appreciate the work and effort of the artist community and are willing to support those individuals through the purchase of their artistic talent.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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