Yes, there are many other sites like Pixabay for free stock photography and royalty-free stock.

This article reveals up to 24 of the very best alternatives to Pixabay and why each is a great alternative.



Quality pictures can have several effects on us as individuals as we can be inspired by beautifully captured landscapes, inspirational sunsets, and memories.

Often those memories are in the form of capturing the likeness of those whom we love and are dearest to our hearts.

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A good picture is truly worth 1000 words.

The importance of photography is like a word of encouragement spoken by an individual.

It is the right choice of words that resonates with the individual and creates an impact on them.

So it is with a perfect picture that often “tops” off an article or provides that needed impact to create that “wow” effect that the words fail to capture.

Sometimes, the only words that need to be said are the words formed in an individual’s mind and heart when they see a picture that captures what they are trying to convey.


Importance of Quality Images

Many webmasters would quickly share with individuals that the importance of quality-maintained webpage is not only through the use of quality and fresh content, the appropriate whitespace to ensure not giving the impression of being overcrowded, the use of fonts, colors, readability, etc.

Many users of various web pages would quickly agree that certain web pages are more alluring and compelling than others.

Also, it is estimated that when an individual accesses a webpage there is a certain timeframe that the page has to engage the viewer.

The average time spent for an individual browsing a webpage is at an average of 45 seconds.

Therefore, as a company, or utilizing a webpage to manage your blog or other Internet processes is that you have roughly 45 seconds to engage that individual or they are off somewhere else.

Consequently, as part of that critical engagement each of the photos, photographic footage, or images needs to be of high quality and dynamic to capture and retain the attention of the user.


What is Pixabay?

For the uninformed, Pixabay is a large online photograph album.

An individual who is doing something creative and is just looking for that right picture to place into that creative piece can go to this website and choose literally from thousands if not more of pictures that are bound to be that perfect photographic image that you are looking for.

Adding to the value of this website is that all of the content is sheltered under the Pixabay license. The photos can be used without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist even if the photos are used for commercial products.

Also included on this website are a variety of videos and music that can be utilized in the same manner.

In addition to stunning photographs are a variety of videos and music that fall under the same licensing agreement.


24 Best Sites Like Pixabay


1. Pixelfed

Pixelfed is a website platform in which images can be shared with other people.

The site has a strong emphasis on security, safety, and privacy.

They also indicate that they are an ethical substitute to platforms that are defined as centralized.

One of those platforms is Instagram.

Within this website, there are no ads, no algorithms that are utilized, and no third-party tracking actions taken.


2. Imgur

Utilizing this website is provided at no charge and provides an image editing feature with a simple image hosting service.

One can sign up if they wish but that is not a requirement.

Click here to check out Imgur


3. Flickr

This photo-sharing website helps the user to upload the individual’s photos and presents a way for close family and friends to write a narrative about the pictures that are being shown.

On this website, short videos are also available.

Click here to check out Flickr


4. Unsplash

This particular website is fairly uncomplicated and provides high-resolution photos that the individual can download what photos they wish to utilize.

Click here to check out Unsplash


5. 500px

500 PX allows for the individual to access this site and create professional-looking photos that can be categorized in a variety of portfolios.

Also, the site allows the individual to search and connect with friends who also may be using the platform.

Click here to check out 500px


6. GC Search

GC Search boasts of having 1.1 billion digital photographs that are under CC licenses.


7. Wikimedia Commons

Media files can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons which allows for these photos to be available as part of the public domain.

Also, there are freely licensed media that can be classified as educational material which includes video clips, soundbites, images, etc.

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A user can easily upload their photos onto and provided is a process that can easily link the photos so that they can be shared across many social media platforms.

Some of those social media platforms include blogs and forums.

Click here to check out PostImage


9. Pexels

Pexels offers digital photographs that are free to use within the legal boundaries of good common sense and ethics.

The available pictures can be used by the individual personally and even for commercial purposes.

The photos can be copied, modified, and distributed as needed.

Click here to check out Pexels


10. Freepik

The sharp and graphic designs on this website are available to the users who access this platform.

Of specific interest are exclusive graphic resources as well as quality illustrations.

These items are handpicked by the design team of Freepik to provide great content and quality illustrations that can be used by the individual for both personal and commercial projects.

Click here to check out Freepik


11. ImageShack

Images seen on this website have been uploaded by users and can be shared across a variety of social media and other platforms.

The process of accessing and utilizing these photos is a fairly user-friendly process provided by this image hosting website.

Click here to check out ImageShack


12. Shutterstock

Millions of quality photos with high resolution are available through Shutter Stock.

Included are royalty-free images, stock photos, and videos, vector art, and other types of photography.

Click here to check out Shutterstock


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13. Motosha

This website indicates that it is a good choice for bloggers to utilize the photos that are free and available.

Also, because the photos are listed as high quality and have great resolution it is a perfect place to gather graphics for webmasters and designers.

Click here to check out Motosha


14. Avopix

Photos available through Avopix are available for the users of this website for their own personal and commercial use.

The photos can be distributed as needed, copied, and modified.

There is no permission required to utilize or edit the photos.

Click here to check out Avopix


15. Upperpix

This particular website allows the individual to not only edit and create their uploaded images but the ones available as well.

Upperpix has available photo editor software that can be utilized by the individual to edit as needed.

Click here to check out Upperpix


16. Burst

The inventory of this website boasts of having thousands of high-resolution photos that are available to the individual at no cost.

Additionally, there are stock photos that are also available at no charge to be used both personally and commercially

The photos on this website are added every week.

Click here to check out Burst


17. Getty Images

Getty Images has available stock photos that are perfectly designed and available for creative professionals.

Included in the inventory are stock footage, music, and editorial images as well.

Click here to check out Getty images

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18. Alamy

Hundreds of millions of photos are available on Alamy.

The inventory includes stock images, videos, panoramic images providing a 360° dynamic perspective, and vectors.

To access these images requires no need to register.

Pricing starts at €9.99.

Click here to check out Alamy


19. FreeIcons

The format of these photos is in PNG and several quality images and icons are available.

The downloading of these items are at no charge to the individual.


20. 123RF

Contained on this site are 80m stock images, sound files, video, and vectors.

There is a charge associated with the use of these items.

Click here to check out 123RF

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21. Foodies Feed

As one can gather from the website name, this is a pictorial resource that provides high-quality food images that are in high resolution.

The digital images of these various types of food are provided at no cost.

Click here to check out Foodies Feed


22. Photostockeditor

This website focuses primarily on pictures of human models that are modeling different types of clothing.

These stock photos are provided at no cost to the individual.

Click here to check out Photostockeditor


23. Visual Hunt

The focus of Visual Hunt is to seek high-quality stock photos to add to their inventory of photos that can be downloaded at no charge by the individual.

Click here to check out Visual Hunt


24. Smithsonian Open Access

This unique website provides pictorial presentations of various Smithsonian collections.

These visuals are not just standard run-of-the-mill photos but are opportunities to present these classics in new and engaging ways.

Their focus and mission are to engage works of art from past generations and translate those works of art into relevance moving into the 21st century.


Personal Story

The first camera that I ever had was a Brownie Starflash.

They were fairly inexpensive.

The cost came when you had to buy film and the flashbulbs to put into the attachment that was built in on top of the camera.

For some reason or another, I always put the end of the flashbulb into my mouth to moisten it and then insert it into the flash attachment.

The other neat thing about the flashbulb was that when it had done its duty, I would peel off the outer layer of the glass for some reason or another (not sure what that signifies).

The expenses that were always an issue were the purchase of more light bulbs and the development of the film.

Coming from a large family it never seemed like we had the money to get the film developed and so the film would hibernate awhile in between special occasions.


Best Alternative Websites like Pixabay FAQs


What is Not Permissible With Photographs Utilized on Pixabay?

You cannot sell an exact copy of the photo as a poster, in exact print, or placed on a physical product.

Pixabay also asks that you do not portray people in the photos in a bad light or in a way that is socially offensive or negative.


Who Owns Pixabay?

In 2019 Pixabay along with the website Pexels was acquired by the Australian design and publishing website of Canva.


What Should You Keep in Mind When Using Stock Images?

When using a stock photo, it should certainly convey the story or the idea that you are trying to convey.

In addition, the photo should be a reflection of your business and utilized if there is an appeal to the targeted audience.

It is also important to remember that even though a number of these websites offer photos at no charge or there are no royalty fees associated doesn’t necessarily mean that the photos are not copyrighted.

One should do their due diligence to make sure that the photos can be utilized and are not infringing on somebody else’s hard work or efforts.


You Can Do It

There is an abundance of photos that are available to meet the needs of individuals and professionals who wish to use these graphics both privately and commercially.

In addition, a number of these websites have audio recordings that can be utilized as well as videos.

To spice up your webpage, social media presence, blog, etc., there are a variety of resources that will certainly meet the individual’s needs.



As it relates to the need to enhance technology today, the phrase that comes to mind is picture-perfect.

In this digital age coupled with information technology, a perfect blend of capturing the short attention span of customers and browsers on the web are engaging pictures that speak volumes of words with just a picture.

Fortunately, today we don’t have to moisten the flashbulb or worry about developing film.

Everything is conveniently prepared for us including photos that we can utilize to tell our story.

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