Yes, there are many other awesome sites like Medium for Blogging and Online Publishing.

This article reveals as many as 23 other alternatives to Medium to consider using.



For the majority of us when we came into this world we did not announce ourselves with a whimper but through a loud cry.

From this first announcement of ourselves into this world, we continued communicating through our first words, on through seeing Dick and Jane run and our formal education.

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Some of us even have learned to speak in multiple languages.

We have always wanted to express ourselves.

Today, that passion and direction in our lives continues as we find different ways to find our voice and express our opinions.

One of the significant ways of accomplishing that goal is through blogging.

Blogging is that opportunity for us to write about our passion, things that we enjoy, expressing our opinions, etc.

It’s is an extension of our delivery room announcement when we first indicated to the world that we were here and for others to take notice of us.

Fortunately, the Internet is replete with website options and platforms that will allow us to step up on that platform and continue to make that announcement.

One of the primary platforms is a site known as Medium.

But there are others and so let us take a look at a variety of options that are available to us to use as a megaphone for communicating with others.


What is Medium? 

For the uninformed, Medium Boasts of having over a 100 million visitors monthly.

As it relates to sheer volume, this makes this a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas one of the most popular for publishing articles.

The focus of this website is on the telling of one’s story.

Specifically, it’s an opportunity for a business owner to share information about their business and to attract new customers.

This platform was created by Evan Williams in 2012.


24 Best Sites Like Medium for Blogging


1. Vocal Media

This platform is an opportunity for writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and a variety of other types of creative individuals to showcase their talents and skills.

The added caveat to those individuals who utilize this platform is that Vocal Media will pay the individual on the number of followers that they have and who read the content.

This platform offers a premium subscription in which the individual will get paid six dollars for every 1000 views.

If the individual does not have a subscription they will be paid $3.8 per 1000 views.

Click here to check out Vocal Media


2. Buzz Feed 

Buzz Feed is a dynamic opportunity for individuals who enjoy writing.

The content displayed on this website can range anywhere from the sublime to the serious.

Generally, the articles are easy reads as the articles are short in length and interesting.

A huge number of followers access the site and follow a variety of readers as it relates to a variety of social media platforms.

Click here to check out Buzz Feed


3. Hubpages 

This platform also offers a forum for individuals who enjoy writing and blogging.

Hubpages is available at no charge to the users and provides a revenue-generating option for an individual to express their views and points about topics that they are passionate about.

The forum allows writers to utilize their full creativity but does not allow for plagiarism.

As an added incentive, writers are able to earn up to $50 per article through Google AdSense.

Click here to check out Hubpages


4. Linkedin Pulse 

Linkedin Pulse is offered by Linkedin.

It is a platform that allows the viewer to keep informed and up-to-date on a variety of current news and articles that are related to your industry.

The blend of news articles as well as social network issues is suggested through the use of artificial intelligence to suggest certain content for users.

Also, the site allows you to publish content if you are looking for a alternative to Medium.

Click here to check out Linkedin Pulse


5. Youth ki Awaaz 

Youth ki Awaaz is India’s largest and most extensive writing platform.

It is designed to provide an alternative for students to the Medium website.

Also, it allows individuals to publish their stories on any issues that they are passionate about.

Click here to check out Youth ki Awaaz


6. Word Press 

The powerful presence of Word Press is demonstrated as over one third of all of the websites available online run on this platform.

One of the dynamic attributes of Word Press is that the individual utilizing this platform does not need to have any previous experience or extensive technical knowledge.

This site is utilized to post blogs by individuals and business owners alike.

Even Fortune 500 companies are utilizing the effectiveness of this site.

Click here to check out Word Press


7. Ghost 

Ghost is a blogging platform that is open to all individuals and is provided at no cost.

Through their platform, individuals can post their own blogs as well as create more extensive blogs with different types of content and other features.

In addition to being user-friendly, the site also offers search engine optimization (SEO) tools  and other plug-ins that are incorporated into the site.

All of these features blended together allow users to create high quality content without the hassle of technical challenges.

Click here to check out Ghost


8. Newsbreak

As the name implies Newsbreak is a platform that focuses on the latest news and the various current affairs that are happening in the world.

This platform has an estimated 23 million monthly users.

The use of the app makes it not only convenient but is the access point of choice by many of its users.

With 50 million downloads globally, of which a great percentage of the content is written by United States writers, the impact of this site is significant.

Click here to check out Newsbreak


9. Steemit 

Steemit is a blend of traditional blogging coupled with the latest happenings in cryptocurrency.

The significant features of this website optimizes the features that are conducive to discussion, subtle advertising of various posts, sharing of revenue through uploads or creation as well as offering pay for posts.

Click here to check out Steemit


10. Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform that facilitates individuals to ask questions and for users of the platform to answer those questions.

The answers are simple yes and no responses but can be extensive and defined as full articles.

When a question is posed, the understanding is that the answer is given by an individual who is qualified as well as having the experience as it relates to the question posed.

Click here to check out Quora


11. Livejournal 

Livejournal is exactly that.

It is an opportunity for individuals to share from their heart about real-life stories that they are experiencing.

Along with the sharing of those stories they are able to offer advice to others as well as the opportunity for the exchanging of ideas.

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The writers on this platform generally create articles that are lengthy and cover topics related to either hobbies or areas of expertise.

This personal writing platform allows others to interact with strangers and learn about their lives. Some of the sharing can be through superficial responses or also can be quality and in depth expressions.

Click here to check out Livejournal


12. Beamstart 

This site is a platform that shares the latest in startup news.

Specifically, Beamstart swirls around entrepreneurialism and provides content that informs the reader of what is happening in major outlets as well as keeping the reader up-to-date.

The concentrated focus of this platform is the perfect match for somebody who wishes to be aware about the latest news in technology as well as business trends.

By creating an account, the user can select their interests in order to get a more laser focus of what is meaningful to them.

Click here to check out Beamstart


13. is a perfect opportunity for an individual who has no other intentions or motive in sharing content.

Their sole purpose is their enjoyment and passion of writing and their wish to share what is on their heart.

This site also provides for anonymity and the features built into the site allows for marketers to be prevented from participating in the website.

Click here to check out


14. Tumblr 

The focus and power of Tumblr is simply centralized in publishing your content and enhancing the process for the ease of discoverability to others.

Click here to check out Tumblr


15. WriteFreely 

Write Freely is all about writing.

It is not equipped with a lot of bells and whistles or distractions that take away from the simplicity of writing being submitted.

The platform is provided at no charge and editing can be accomplished on any browser.

This certainly makes it easy to use and easy for accessibility.

Click here to check out Write Freely


16. Indyaspeak 

Indyaspeak is a platform dedicated to achieving a number of goals.

Those goals are to provide a website in which a variety of topics and subjects can be provided to its readers.

Some of those topics include news happenings, the sharing of jokes and poetry.

Click here to check out Indyaspeak


17. Slant 

The purpose of Slant is to inform its readers about various products that are available to enhance their lives.

If as a writer you wish to conduct a product review or provide a testimonial on a product, this would be the best platform of choice for you to write those articles.


18. Writeupcafe 

Write Up Cafe is a platform that calls writers, readers, bloggers and content creators to provide written content.

Through this website, fellow bloggers can inter-personally connect with others with the purpose being of having their content be more accessible and available to additional people.

Click here to check out Write Up Cafe


19. Slashdot 

Slashdot is a new site that is overseen by the crowd.

The news stories encompass a variety of subjects including technology, science, and politics.

Click here to check out Slashdot


20. Blastingnews 

Accurate journalism is the offering of Blastingnews.

This thrust of quality journal writing is available to anyone who would like to utilize the news format provided in order to completely capture the various new stories and the various facts that are available through reliable sources.

If having a journalistic flair, this would be the platform that would resonate with you.

Click here to check out Blastingnews


21. Hashnode 

If you are a developer or have extensive technology experience, Hashnode would be a great site for you to blog about your technology adventures and developer ability.

Click here to check out Hashnode


22. Reddit

Reddit is an American based social media platform in which the users or readers of this platform are called Redditors.

Content can be submitted by these individuals utilizing a variety of different forms.

Some of those forms include the posting of links, posts, images, and video.

When the content is posted, the option by other Redditors is the ability to rate these posts.

Click here to check out Reddit


23. Wattpad 

Wattpad is not only a website but also an app in which writers can publish generated stories by users of the site.

The goal of this platform is to formulate social communities that are interested in these stories.

This site is a good option for both established writers and novices.

Click here to check out Wattpad


24. Substack 

Substack offers writers that have an accumulation of little to extensive experience to produce e-mail newsletters that can turn a profit from users that subscribe to the e-mail newsletter.

Built into the site are a number of quality publishing tools that help facilitate the writer creativity offer dynamic and appealing looking newsletters in order to maximize any potential revenue.

Click here to check out Substack


Personal Story

Anyone who ever served in the military in past years will attest to the fact that one of the highlights of the day was mail call.

While serving in the Navy in the 1970s and aboard a helicopter carrier, were the most welcome and important words of the day coming over the 1MC.

Those two words were “mail call.”

Once we heard those words, if we had the opportunity, we headed down to the postal area on the ship to see if we had gotten any mail from home.

Receiving a letter from a loved one was the highlight of the day and sometimes sailors were treated to perfumed letters or letters with a lipstick mark, etc.

The value of the letters were that once you read them, the enjoyment of rereading the letters were just as pleasurable the second, third and so forth until the next announcement of mail call.

The power of writing cannot be underestimated.


Alternative Websites like Medium FAQs


What Would Be One of the Biggest Concerns About Utilizing a Website for Blogging?

One of the major questions surrounding posting any narrative as a blogger on a blogging website would be who does the content belong to? Does it belong to you or does it belong to the website?


How Many Blogs Were Identified in 2021?

In 2021 there were over 600 million blogs that have been identified out of the 1.9 billion websites available.

Of these blogs, 6 million posts are written daily or 2.5 billion blog posts annually.


You Can Do It

If you have a story to tell or wish to express your opinion or share your experience with other individuals, this can be accomplished through blogging.

Therefore, rather than picking up your pen create an account on one of these sites or others that are available, register if needed, and then let your creative juices flow.



Our very nature is the drive to communicate.

This communication can be in body language, in silence, in the expression of words, etc.

Another powerful way that we can express ourselves is through the dynamics of writing.

Today, the various sites available through the Internet provide a perfect forum for individuals to use as their soapbox or platform to express their ideas in writing to others.

Find your voice in writing and share your thoughts.

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