Yes, there are many other awesome sites like Klarna for Global Payments and Shopping.

This article reveals as many as 24 other alternatives to Klarna for making online payments and shopping.



You bought your laptop years ago because you have been taking writing jobs at home and it was a convenient way of being able to do jobs remotely.

As of late, you’ve noticed that it’s been slowing down and not responding as it once did when it was new.

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Now without warning, there have been a few crashes.

Realizing that you need to invest in a new device you started saving your money so that you can get the best deal and have the cash to pay for it without putting it on your charge card.

Your concern is not paying any interest on your credit card to get a good deal which would be counterproductive in getting a discount but then having to pay interest

One of your side writing topics was to talk about a buy now and pay later way of buying.

Buy now and pay later is a financial solution for an individual who needs to purchase an item right now but their checking account doesn’t have the total amount to cover the purchase.

Through the process of buying now and paying later, the individual can purchase that item and defer payments over some time and not incur any interest.

This can be a perfect solution to needing something now but being able to spread the payments out over a few months to complete the purchase and not be penalized with any interest owed.

One of the key players in this service is a buy now and pay later company by the name of Klarna.

Fortunately, due to its popularity, other companies have formed and consumers have a choice, and choice in the free enterprise system is always a good thing for the consumer.

Let us go shopping and buy now and pay later.

Not in terms of actually buying a product but looking at these firms and the various companies and how they operate with their similarities and differences.


What is Klarna?

For the uninformed, Klarna is a buy now and pays later financial service that is popular because of the service that it provides.

With this particular buy now and pay later alternative the customer has the option of spreading their payment over 30 days.

With Klarna, the first payment is made when the purchase happens, and the following three separate payments are each week after.

A total of four payments are made within a month.


24 Best Sites Like Klarna for Payments and Shopping

The power of utilizing Klarna is that if payments are made on time there is no interest.


1. Afterpay

In making a purchase, Afterpay allows the consumer to make four biweekly payments after initially paying 25% of the total price on the product purchased.

The total amount of the initial transaction is paid within six weeks.

This buys now and pays later option if the consumer makes the payments on time, will not incur any interest or any associated fees for not meeting the deadlines.

Click here to check out Afterpay


2. PayPal 

The convenience of Paypal and their option of buy now and pay later can be utilized where this financial service is honored.

To utilize this financial program requires an individual to make an application through an online process and the credit score will determine your eligibility.

PayPal is honored through several online sites as well as physical retail locations.

Some of those physical relocations include Target, Macy’s, Walmart, and others.

There is no interest involved if the balance is paid within six weeks.

The first payment is paid when the transaction occurs and the remaining three payments are paid each, every two weeks, till the full payment amount is satisfied in six weeks.

Also, there is no annual fee, but late fees will begin to be assessed if payments are missed.

Click here to check out Paypall


3. Sezzle 

Joining the buy now and pay later family is Sezzle.

Sezzle has partnered with many merchants and is methodically impacting the buy now and pay later market and carving out its share of consumers.

The process for being approved to utilize Sezzle involves a rapid process of applying.

The approval rate is high.

There is no credit check with the application process and an individual does not need to have a credit card to make an application

The plan requires a payment of 25% for the purchase of the product and then the consumer has needs to pay the remaining balance within a six-week time frame or three bi-weekly payments.

There are fees associated with Sezzle but they are incurred if a payment is missed or is late.

An account in good standing does not incur any interest.

Click here to check out Sezzle


4. Splitit 

The process involved with Splitit allows for the customer to make installment payments on their purchase.

The option of buying online or in any actual retail store is provided to the customer.

The difference between this buy now and pay later is that the purchases are linked to their existing debit or credit cards.

The transactions are made but there is no interest charged on the balance throughout the agreed-upon payment plan.

The card is held until the complete price of the product has been paid.

With Splitit there is no need to download an app or create an account.

The entire merchandise purchase is between the seller of the product and Splitit.

There are no late fees or interest rates and there are other alternative payment options that the consumer can take advantage of.

With Splitit a credit card is required.

Click here to check out Splitit


5. ViaBill

Denmark-based, ViaBill is intended to enhance the use of a credit cards.

Buying now and paying later with no interest is the business model as ViaBill works with participating retailers and allows the customers purchasing to spread out their payment terms.

The actual process involves a monthly installment plan, and no interest is assessed.

Click here to check out ViaBill


6. Zebit 

The generous credit terms of Zebit is the ability to make purchases and make payments on that purchase over six months.

There are no late fees or interest charges that are assessed.

Additionally, bank funds are not removed from the customer’s account when they make purchases

With this buy now and pay later company the customers are given a line of credit up to $2500 that they can use for their online shopping.

The frequency of payment is tied to your employment paying schedule.

Click here to check out Zebit



With no monthly fees and no interest, allows consumers to spread out their repayment of items purchased over a few days, a few weeks, or even months.

Also, a down payment is required when the purchase is made but the amount paid is decided by the consumer.

Also, they can select a date for the final payment.


8. Zip Co 

This buy now and pay later service also offers to the consumer the option of purchasing an item now and paying over time with no interest being charged.

Through there are millions of products that can be paid overtime.

There are no hidden charges, no fees, and no interest.

Click here to check out


9. Pay It Later 

Through the use of Pay It Later the consumer can shop online and purchase items from a variety of retailers.

Through this buy now and pay it later company, the individual can pay the purchase over time and the use of this service is provided regardless of an individual’s credit history.

Click here to check out Pay It Later

Check out the following for more ways to buy now and pay later:


10. Affirm 

There are a variety of options provided by Affirm.

When an individual checks out and is offered the option on how to pay, they can at this point utilize Affirm.

The purchases can be made throughout three, six, or 12 months and are dependent upon your particular financial situation.

With Affirm the initial payment may range anywhere from 10% to 50%.

Affirm requires that you have a credit score of 550 or higher and is more of a loan with flexible repayment options.

Click here to check out Affirm


11. Stoneberry 

Stoneberry, https// (cut and paste), is a buy now and pay later site that provides a maximum line of money available at $1000.

To determine the individual’s financial qualifications, Stoneberry does pull your credit report.

Click here to check out Stoneberry


12. Bread 

Bread is available to individuals over the age of 18 as long as their identity can be confirmed.

This option of buying now and pay later allows the consumer a variety of payment options.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether the purchase is small or large.

Also, the customer has the option of paying over a short period or extending those payments.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The retailers can interact directly with the Bread platform and maybe a better option especially in the light of revolving credit cards charging a higher interest rate.

Bread does not decide based upon one’s credit history.

Click here to check out Bread


13. Fingerhut 

The use of Fingerhut is restricted to purchasing items strictly on their website.

However, there is a line of products available that are extensive and include known brand names such as Samsung and Kitchen Aid.

Fingerhut does not conduct a credit check and their goal is to facilitate the customer’s shopping needs by providing low monthly repayment credit options.

The other added value of utilizing this buy now and pay later website is that the monthly payments are generally at the low end.

Click here to check out Fingerhut


14. Limepay 

Limepay, rather than concentrating on the consumer, Lime Pay’s focus is more on the seller.

Specifically, their buy now and pay later options to allow the retailer to keep and brand their customer base.

This means that if a customer wants to buy an item that would be classified as a large expense the customer is not limited to paying back the full price of the item in four payments.

Through this program, consumers are offered the opportunity of paying in full or installment plans that are customized to the customer’s needs.

With Lime Pay, there are a variety of ways that a customer can pay their obligation.

It can be done by using traditional debit and credit cards but also provides the opportunity of paying in cryptocurrency.

The fees charged by Lime Pay include, for each missed payment, a fee of five dollars up to a maximum of $10.

Click here to check out Limepay


15. Lazy Pay 

Lazy Pay will charge no interest if the agreed-upon payments are paid every 15 days.

Also, with this platform, you may be eligible for cashback and merchant offers.

Also, with this buy now and pay later company, there are other financial credit options which include a loan that requires no collateral and can be instantly approved.

Click here to check out Lazy Pay


16. Sliceit 

Sliceit focuses on Millennials and college students.

When it comes to college students, this buy now and pay later system can offer up to a maximum of $60,000 in credit limits.

As it relates to your honoring the repayment, your credit limit may be expanded or decreased.

With this company, there is no minimum amount due and there is a grace period.

That grace period allows up to five days if the payment deadline is not made.

This service also utilizes a system called equated monthly installments.

If the individual does not pay within that five-day grace, the EMI goes into automatic effect.

Click here to check out Sliceit


17. Zest Money 

This Indian-based company does not require a credit history evaluation nor does it require a credit card.

Through Zest Money a consumer can buy online and offline at stores that have a partnership agreement.

When a purchase is made there is zero interest and zero down payment required with Zest Money.

Click here to check out Zest Money


18. Lay-Buy 

Lay-Buy is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and began operations in 2017.

When an individual uses this company, the full price of the item is divided over five weeks and into six installments.

The first installment is made at the time of checkout.

This particular buy now and pay later concentrates on consumers in New Zealand and currently only accepts cards issued by banks of New Zealand.

Click here to check out Lay-Buy


19. Go Cardless 

Go Cardless is located in the United Kingdom and is big business as indicated through their media releases that $15 billion of payments are processed each year.

They concentrate on creating gateways affiliated with payments and melding together both online shops as well as major and small businesses.

Click here to check out Go Cardless


20. Sun Bit 

Sun Bit is an American company that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

The simple process for application also extends several exclusive deals.

This particular buy now and pay later company model is to work with their customers by allowing the consumer to divide their purchases into multiple payments but also works with the merchants to facilitate the ease to creating financing that is easy and fair to all involved.

Sun Bit has a reputation for a high approval rate and does report their customer’s payments to the credit agencies.

Click here to check out Sun Bit


21. Perpay

As a buy now and pay later platform, Prepay allows its customers to purchase products and then provide repayment through their choice of different scheduling options.

There is no interest, fees, or credit checks associated with Prepay.

When you make an application, you will receive an estimated spending limit on what is your maximum allowance.

You then can shop on the Prepay marketplace forum add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and submit your application.

Once all of this has been accomplished an email will be generated that will instruct you on how to proceed.


22. Four Pay

The application of Four Pay allows for the qualified individual to purchase items and repay over four specific time frames.

The initial first payment is made at the time of purchase and is generally one-fourth of the total amount of the purchase.

It would appear that the next three payments are due every two weeks.

Ultimately, the last payment would be made in six weeks from the date of purchase.

Payments to Four Pay can be done with Apple or Google pay or with one’s debit or credit card.

The individual that applies will not experience any impact on their credit score.

Click here to check out Four Pay


23. J2 Store

J2 Store is headquartered in India and offers a variety of customizable repayment plans to closely match the needs of the customer.

Some of the features provided through this service include a variety of discount codes and coupons, business search engines, the use of multicurrency, and more.

Click here to check out J2 Store


24. Future Pay 

Future Pay provides a cashless opportunity for consumers to purchase a variety of items on such websites as Bizarre, Central, Brand Factory, Easy Day, and more.

It can be best defined as a digital wallet in which all the individual needs to do to start the process is register and start using the ready-to-use cash in their e-wallet.

Also, this service allows the consumer to link their loyalty cards to take advantage of any rewards offered.

Click here to check out Future Pay


Personal Story

I was never financially savvy until I got married.

My wife came from a different financial background.

For her, the money needed to be measured out, and every nickel and dime needed to be accounted for.

This was so they had enough spare change to get home from going to the city.

For me, I just spent, and if there were interest charges so be it.

My first lesson came when we purchased our home together and needed to buy major appliances.

I was ready to go out on a shopping spree and get what we needed but she did her due diligence and found stores that would offer these appliances that we needed at a deal of no interest if the items were paid off within a year.

My financial education had begun, and it began with the class entitled not paying or deferring interest 101.


Alternative Websites to Klarna FAQs


What is the Most Important Benefit of Utilizing a Buy Now and Pay Later Plan?

The major advantages of buying now and paying later are:

  • Avoiding interest
  • Buying the product now, which may be on sale, rather than waiting
  • Convenient


What is the Greatest Financial Danger of Utilizing a Buy Now and Pay Later Plan?

The three major dangers associated with buying now and paying later include:

  • Spending more than you can afford
  • Missing a payment and being assessed fees and/or penalties
  • Your credit score being decreased


You Can Do It

There are a variety of options for you to make purchases.

The standard way is to buy utilizing a debit card or cash.

Also, an individual can use a credit card but often, balances are carried and interest rates are accrued.

Now you have another option which is to buy now and pay later.

The beauty of all of this is that you have options.



A solid way of securing financial independence is not to be in debt.

One of the significant factors, as it relates to indebtedness, is through loans or credit cards.

These two credit options often provide you the money that is needed but if balances are carried, the company’s will then charge you interest based upon the agreed-upon APR and the amount multiplied times your balance.

It is not an optimal way of transacting personal financial business by paying others needless interest.

Another option presents itself to individuals who wish to pay for their purchases but don’t have the immediate resources at hand.

This option is to make installment payments with the added benefit of not having to pay any interest on those balances over the payment plan.

Keeping more of your money and not paying credit card companies is a good thing.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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