Of course there are other awesome sites like Hoodsite for Uncensored Real-life Crime News & Videos.

This article reveals 20 of the very best alternatives to Hoodsite and why each of them is as awesome.



True crimes and shocking real-life events occur daily, with only a few of them coming to light.

Some sites focus on uncovering these events and bringing them to life as they happen; Hoodsite happens to be one of them.

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These sites are generally termed “Shock sites” because of the nature of videos and contents found.

It might interest you to know that Hoodsite isn’t the only shock site existing. Find out about others in this article.


About Hoodsite

For the uninformed, Hoodsite is a news website that reports true crime and real-life events uncensored.

User’s discretion is strongly advised before visiting this website, as it is rated 18+ due to the graphic nature of its content.

The website contains some of the most bloody, graphic, shocking, offensive, and unsettling videos you can ever come across.

It was founded on the principle that freedom of expression, press, and the right of the public to stay informed should be exercised fully.

The website doesn’t promote, condone, or support the acts perpetrated in most of its content.

Rather, it intends to raise awareness, inform, and sensitize the public about occurrences worldwide.

A sentiment shared by other similar websites listed below.


20 Best Sites Like Hoodsite

If you’re a fan of shocking videos, you don’t cringe at the sight of gory videos, and true crime doesn’t affect your mental health negatively.

You can explore the sites below as an alternative to Hoodsite


1. Leaked Reality

This news media contains all kinds of uncensored footage about various types of crimes and occurrences.

You can access these contents freely, but you need to be 18+.

Leaked Reality is an alternative to Hoodsite, as they contain related content, however, the site was shut down early this year.

Click here to check out Leaked Reality


2. Kaotic

Here’s another popular shock site you can explore for various viral videos in place of Hoodsite.

The platform contains varying categories of videos exposing and reporting on different events.

While some of these videos are funny, others can leave you cringing or turning your bowel.

If you’ve got a strange love for this type of content, you can check out Kaotic to see some of the video content it has on display.

Click here to check out Kaotic


3. LiveGore

This website is a close alternative to Hoodsite.

LiveGore contains news about real happenings, with videos and pictorial content to back it up.

The news website gives information on real-life events of public interest.

Most of its contents are displayed, with little or no editing done to them.

From the website’s name, you should know the kind of stories and content to expect.

It’s always advisable to keep off this site if you find gory contents unsettling.

Click here to check out LiveGore


4. ShockGore

If you’re looking for some of the most shocking or gory videos on the internet, ShockGore should be your go-to.

The 18+ rated platform contains some of the most disturbing content, including reality Gore.

You need to ensure that you’re used to this kind of content and they have no effect on you before checking out this site.

It’s a perfect alternative to Hoodsite if you’re willing to learn more about gory real-life events.

Click here to check out ShockGore


5. Blood Factory

A review website once described this site as “A walk on the wild side.”

The Blood Factory platform is a collection of the scariest and extreme horror movies.

It also has a blog containing content about real-time violence and a graphic description of how they occur.

While the website is 18+, even people above that age may find it difficult to access the website.

This is because it requires JavaScript and Flash player 8+ support before it can be functional.

Click here to check out Blood Factory


6. Xfinity Video

While Xfinity Video isn’t as gory as some of the shock sites mentioned earlier, it also qualifies as a similar site to Hoodsite.

The video-sharing platform contains some conversation videos, including violent protests and explosions.

You can always access Xfinity Video for some of its latest content.

However, keep in mind that it’s not all of them that will appeal to your interest.

Click here to check out Xfinity Video


7. Damaged Corpse

This website is another shock site that can be considered an alternative for Hoodsite.

It contains a lot of uncensored content but has a confusing interface which could affect its user’s experience.

You’re also required to be above the legal age of 18 before you can be allowed to navigate the website and see the contents it has on display.

Click here to check out Damaged Corpse


8. LiveLeak

When it comes to reporting on real-life events and crimes as they occur, you can always trust LiveLeak.

The platform shares uncensored content gotten via its users and visitors.

It is an excellent alternative to Hoodsite, as they are similar in contents and Modus operandi.

The platform contains leaked videos of various occurrences — Robbery, murder, fights, protests, etc.

Like all other sites mentioned in this article, it requires you to be above 18 years of age before being exposed to its content.

Also, it’s paramount to ensure you don’t have any form of negative reactions to graphic content to avoid putting your health in jeopardy.

Click here to check out LiveLeak


9. Ebaum’s World

This platform treats you to the delight of varying kinds of videos.

You’ll find random viral videos, shocking visual content, traffic accidents, public disputes, and WTF videos on the website.

Ebaum’s World is quite popular amongst its visitors, and different people go there for various reasons.

Some of its content is sometimes amusing also.

Click here to check out Ebaum’s World


10. DeathTube

From the website’s interface to the contents on it, everything screams Gory!

DeathTube contains viral videos and pictures on death, suicide, crimes, accidents, blood, wars, and other gore events.

It is a shock site that can act as an excellent alternative to Hoodsite for gore contents.

The website is hellbent on exposing various crime and violence occurrences worldwide while passing meaningful messages to sensitize the public.

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11. CrazyShit

The Website lives up to its name — CrazyShit .

It is a shock site that contains some of the craziest content you can ever come across. The shocking nature of its contents makes it a similar site to Hoodsite.

For individuals that find pleasure in consuming these kinds of content, the website has tons of them on display.

It’s, however, advised that you should be of age and have the ability to withstand its shocking effects before exposing yourself to such content.

Click here to check out CrazyShit


12. BestGore

The Canadian shock website provides tons of uncensored news and extremely unsettling pictorial and visual content.

BestGore gained prominence and popularity in 2012, when it managed to post a live murder video, it laid its hands upon via members of the platform.

Since then, it has enjoyed Media’s attention and feeding the public with uncensored videos uncovered from various true crime and real-life events.

Click here to check out BestGore


13. Goregrish

This is a popular website and discussion forum that’s open to only users above 18.

Goregrish can also be regarded as a shock site, as it contains uncensored and gory pictures and videos of suicide, murders, disasters, accidents, and wars.

In terms of content nature and types of news, you can call it a similar site to Hoodsite.

Goregrish records a sizable amount of daily visits from curious individuals who find pleasure discussing topics around their news and consuming their contents.

Click here to check out Goregrish

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14. Documented Reality

There is an abundance of disturbing real-life content on Documented Reality.

Regardless of the age bracket you fall, it’s best to avoid the site if you can’t handle such content.

The Uncensored site contains pictures, videos, and other graphic contents of accidents, human deformities, murder, suicide, and violent crimes.

The platform documents events in reality and brings light upon them for public knowledge.

Click here to check out Documented Reality


15. Thenyc

Here’s another shock site similar to Hoodsite.

Theync  is regarded as a hub of Numerous uncensored and unsettling content.

The website contains unusual videos and pictures of death, torture, murder, and other vices.

It is one of the most popular shock sites, and there rarely exists any viral graphic content you won’t find on it.

Theync also has an age restriction policy and a strong warning about how graphic its contents are.

It’s indeed not for the faint-hearted.

Click here to check out Theync


16. Body Modification Ezine

This online magazine has been in existence for 27 years.

While it doesn’t contain crime-related graphic contents like death, murder, or accidents, it contains shocking contents of its own.

The Body Modification Ezine  (BME) magazine contains content about extreme body modification, including rituals, piercings, ratio, self-inflicted marks, scarification, etc.

These are occurrences rarely placed in the spotlight in society, and BME is dedicated to sensitizing people about them.

It’s another similar site to Hoodsite, as they both contain shocking contents, and both aim to sensitize the public about worldwide occurrences.

Click here to check out Body Modification Ezine


17. Gore Forum

This is a discussion forum where the major topic and content are about gory occurrences and happenings.

While Gore Forum doesn’t necessarily break the news, it can also be a shock site, similar to Hoodsite.

You’ll meet the weirdest of peeps on this forum with the creepiest of minds.

You need to be 18+ to explore the forum, but you need a sound mind and fearless spirit beyond your age.

Click here to check out Gore Forum


18. AltCensored

This is another video-sharing platform that’s much similar to Hoodsite.

However, most of the contents on AltCensored have been censored to make it more appropriate for public consumption.

Nevertheless, its video contents are equally weird, shocking, and sometimes amusing.

It’s another site to explore if you’re looking for this kind of content.

Click here to check out AltCensored


19. Metacafe

This is another video-sharing site where you can find some viral videos trending on the internet.

Metacafe  is similar to Hoodsite in the sense that it’s a video-sharing platform, but it’s different from other websites mentioned above because it doesn’t focus particularly on gory content.

Irrespective of the genre of a video, as long as it’s trending or popular, you’ll find it on Metacafe.

The website requires you to register an account before accessing it, and it has a user-friendly interface.

Click here to check out Metacafe


20. EngageMedia

This non-profit video-sharing site takes the route of Hoodsite by enhancing the enforcement of freedom of speech and promoting respect for human rights.

It requires users to register an account on the platform to gain access to sharing and uploading videos.

EngagedMedia welcomes any video supporting its cause and depicts the need for freedom of speech and respect for human rights.

Click here to check out EngageMedia


Tips For Accessing Shock Sites

Most shock sites like Hoodsite and most of the ones mentioned in this article are uncensored and uncontrolled.

Thus, there’s no limit to the kind of content you can come across on them.

To protect you from the effect of this content, it’s essential to do the following:

1. Ensure You’re Of Age

Most of the contents available on the shock sites are rated 18+ due to their graphic nature. You must meet the age restriction before exploring the sites.


2. Read Site Review Before Accessing

Doing this will help prepare you for what to expect on the site. This article can serve as a review, as it contains a summary of what to expect on each site.


3. Ensure You Can Withstand Whatever Affects The Content Brings

How we react to things are different, and sometimes it’s not a function of age. If you know graphic content may give you sleepless nights, make you freak out, or send you into hallucination, it’s best to stay away from shock sites.


Best Alternative Websites like Hoodsite FAQs


How Does Hoodsite Get Its Content?

The website is a video-sharing news media.

It gets most of its content from users who witness some unfortunate occurrences and record them.

Also, some of these videos are retrieved from nearby CCTV cameras and sent to the website.


Is Hoodsite The Best Viral-Video Website?

Depending on the genre of vital videos you want, you can always find more than four websites like Hoodsite, some even better than it.

This article contains some of the best sites like Hoodsite.



There are a lot of sites that are similar to Hoodsite, whether in content, modus operandi, or principle of operations.

This article looks into that and provides adequate information on some of the best amongst these similar sites.

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