Shopping is an enjoyable activity when you have excess cash to throw around.

However, when you don’t have enough cash, the shopping experience may become challenging.

But with the introduction of rent-to-own shops like Flex Shopper and other platforms in this article, you can now enjoy your shopping experience even when you don’t have excess cash and pay later.


Why FlexShopper and Its Alternatives?

Down payment for big-ticket household items like TVs, mattresses, electronics, furniture, and other items can be a strain on your finances.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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It’s even more difficult to buy these items when you don’t have a credit card or a good credit score.

However, introducing new lease-to-own platforms like FlexShopper and its alternatives allows everyone to buy these expensive household items and pay later.

If you are employed, you earn a minimum of $1,000 a month from one or more jobs.

You will get approved in just a few minutes for a $2,500 spending limit even if you have a bad record and pay back over an extended period.


20 Best Sites Like Flexshopper 


1. Fingerhut 

Fingerhut is arguably one of the biggest credit card platforms in the country.

These products include electronics, home furnishings, clothing, home décor, health and beauty, sporting equipment, appliances, pet supplies, baby gear, toys, and more.

Once you apply, they will check out your credit report to determine if you are qualified.

If your application is accepted, you will be given a credit card to make your purchase and required to make a minimum payment by the due date every month.

Feature of Fingerhut platform:

  • Discount on first order
  • Low monthly payments
  • Deferred payment offers are available to eligible customers.
  • Daily supply of new products.

Click here to check out Fingerhut


2. Emporium

You can purchase items like home goods, appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, sporting goods, fashion, automotive, music, electronics, and jewelry through the shop now, pay later model on Emporium platform.

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, with a regular income and an active checking account.

Once your application is approved, you can get between $300 and $5,000 to shop on the platform.

The minimum lease is $50, and the lease terms may be 12, 18, or 24 months.

  • You can lease as many items as you like at one time
  • There is no interest
  • You can pay off the item at any time and save money.

Click here to check out Emporium


3. RentDelite 

This platform offers a flexible rental option for over 50,000 brand new products such as phones, tablets, TVs, computers, video games, fashion, furniture, appliances, and more.

RentDelite will check your credit history information from the various financial agency, but that isn’t all that determines if you qualify or not.

Other factors like age, bank, employment status, residency, and non-financial factors all play a role.

Once you qualify, you are allowed to lease a product at a time with a spending limit of $2,500 and placed on a 12-month lease term.

Features of the platform:

  • Payments are automatically deducted from a credit card or debit card
  • All terms are for 12 months
  • spending limit of $2,500
  • No long-term commitment; no interest charges.

Click here to check out RentDelite


4. Masseys

Masseys sell a wide range of products that includes men and women products.

The product is divided into different categories for easy navigation and great shopping experiences.

To apply for credit via this platform and provide the required information. It might take a few hours or some days before the credit is approved.

Once approved, go to the chart and Masseys credit as the mode of payment.

The minimum repayment plan is $20 a month.

Click here to check out Masseys


5. Leaseville

Leaseville is a lease-to-own platform that allows people with credit card challenges to purchase household products such as computers, digital devices, musical instruments, gaming systems, jewelry, exercise equipment, and more.

The platform offers 12 months, the same as cash program with a maximum spending limit of $10,000.

To qualify, candidates must have permanent employment, earn at least $1,000, have a checking account for three months or longer, and have six months of employment proof.

Features of the platform:

  • 24 to 36 months repayment structure
  • No down payments or fees
  • Payments are fixed with no interest.

Click here to check out Leaseville


6. Zzounds

Most of the listed platforms are focused on fashion, equipment, and devices.

There is hardly any platform that focuses on music equipment.

You can discover almost anything you need to make a piece of quality music on this platform.

You will find music tools like guitar, bass, drums, computer audio, recording devices, and DJ materials on this platform.

The credit line is flexible and divided into four parts easy payment options.

Go through the terms and conditions and pick the payment option that’s perfect for you.

Click here to check out Zzounds


7. Gettington

Gettington is a lease-to-own business format registered under the parent company Bluestem Brands, Inc.

Products on the Gettington platform include baby gear, automotive supplies, clothing and accessories, sporting goods, health, and beauty items, and more.

However, eligibility to Gettington credit card is subject to a credit check.

Credit lines are reviewed quarterly by WebBank and are subject to increase.

Features of the platform:

  • Credit report pulled from WeBank.
  • The spending limit may be increased after a periodic review.
  • Offers new customer deals
  • Discount outlet shops are available.

Click here to check out Gettington


8. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet is a buy now, pay later platform that offers its customers different products.

Like most credit platforms, to apply for credit, visit the site, fill in the required information, select credit in the payment option, and your credit will be processed within a few hours.

However, the platform charges a $1 interest charge on an installment of $20/month.

Failure to pay as at when due could attract a late fee of up to $15.

Click here to check out Midnight Velvet


9. Zebit

You can purchase just about anything you need on the Zebit platform at competitive retail prices.

The platform buys electronics, home furnishings, baby items, kitchen appliances, jewelry, game systems, and more at wholesale prices and passes the savings to the consumer.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll get an interest fee of credit of up to $2,500.

However, you have to pay a down payment of around 20% of the total cost, followed by a 12-month payment of a fixed amount.

Click here to check out Zebit


10. YuKeep 

Suppose you desire new technological devices but don’t have enough to cover these expenses.

YuKeep platform allows you to lease new products such as smartphones, game consoles, computers, televisions, exercising equipment, home appliances, and more for a small amount.

Yukeep interface Is user-friendly, and you will get free shipping for most of the products.

Moreover, the payment schedule is very flexible and based on your income.

Feature of the platform:

  • Initial deposit is made at the time of purchase
  • 24hrs approval.
  •  Regular updates on products
  • Quality merchandise to rent



11. SmartPay Leasing 

SmartPay Leasing provides a convenient opportunity for people to rent products, including phones and accessories, in a quick time.

This platform is one of the best alternatives to FlexShopper. SmartPay Leasing offers a flexible payment plan for every product you get from them.

Once you qualify for any plan, you will receive up to $1,500 to purchase goods on the platform.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The platforms feature:

  • Initial deposit is made at the time of purchase
  • Reasonable prices
  • Convenient payment options
  • Quick process
  • A Social Security number is required

Click here to check out SmartPay Leasing


12. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is an exclusive shop now pay later platform for US citizens that offers different products at an affordable price.

Once you apply for credit on this platform, your credit is approved within 24 hours.

The basic plan lets you purchase over $200, and the premium plan let you purchase item up to $2400, which can be paid in instalment within a month

Click here to check out Seventh Avenue


13. Aarons

Aarons is a lease-to-own store that sells different products such as furniture, electronics and appliances at an affordable price to its customers.

Aaron has a flexible payment option, and you don’t require credit to access any of the products on this platform.

The platform offers a lease option of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months, with the 12 months being the cheapest.

Features of the platform

  • Candidate must be 18 and above to apply
  • Online or in-store offers
  • Free delivery and setup for some items
  • Free aftersales service and repair

Click here to check out Aarons


14. StoneBerry

StoneBerry offers different great electronic items

It is arguably the best platform to buy any electronic items on the buy now and pay later platform.

Moreover, they sell other high-quality home-decor products too, and their customer service is great

Click here to check out StoneBerry


15. QVC Easy Pay

QVC platform offers different products, including electronics, home decor, kitchen gadgets, food, jewelry, clothing, health and beauty items, and more to customers on the Q card.

To enjoy the instalment payment benefits, customers must first pass the QCard approval test or own a major credit card.

The payment plan from QVC is based on the item price and shipping costs.

Features of the platform:

  • Monthly fixed payments
  • Offer periodic special deals
  • No extra charges are required when using a QCard or credit card

Click here to check out QVC Easy Pay


16. Blair

If you want to rent fashion apparel or some household items, Blair is the best place to visit.

The platform gives its customers an opportunity to rent products at low costs.

The platform is trendy and user friendly; an average computer user wouldn’t have issues using the platform.

Features of Blair:

  • Trendy and youthful approach to business
  • Low-cost products
  • Versatile features
  • Quality household items

Click here to check out Blair


17. Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network also known as HSN, is a buy now, pay later website that sells clothes, cookware, electronics and many more items.

When you register on the platform, you’ll get HSN credits to shop on the platform and pay later at a much convenient plan.

You can buy any product listed on the HSN website with these credits.

Click here to check out Home Shopping Network


18. SkyMall

Like FlexShopper, SkyMall is a buy now, pay later platform with a twist.

The platform has been around for a while, and it’s secure.

Its user interface is great; however, all products on the platform are displayed in the form of catalogues instead of subcategories like you’ll find on other sites.

Regardless of the product arrangement, SkyMall is a great choice if you want to buy now and pay later.

Click here to check out SkyMall


19. Ashro

Ashro is an online buy-now and pay-later platform that sells different male and female apparel and provides a flexible monthly repayment plan for customers to purchase on its site.

If you want to buy elegant gowns or some church attire, Ashro is the exact place to be.

In addition to clothing apparel, they sell numerous wigs.

When you apply for credit, the application decision is reached after you have filled your purchasing cart and are about to check out.

Click here to check out Ashro


20. Overstock

Overstock is one of the biggest web platforms in the United States that sells furniture, home decor, and electronics.

Unlike other platforms, Overstock is a retail outlet.

However, they also offer the buy now pay later option for eligible customers.

Overstock is one of the very best platforms that offer discount furnishings.

So, if you’re planning on changing your living room look, this is one of the first platforms to consider.

Visit their website to know if you qualify for the buy now pay later program and enjoy all the benefits attached to this package.

Click here to check out Overstock & other sites Buy Now Pay Later Websites


FlexShopper Alternatives FAQs


What Site is Better Than FlexShopper?

Although there are other popular lease-to-own platforms.

Fingerhut is arguably the most popular FlexShoper’s competitor.

Fingerhut offers almost similar services as FlexShopper and has perfected its customer relations and marketing department to reach a larger audience making it one of the most popular platforms in the e-commerce industry.

Other platforms that offer similar services like FlexShoppers include:

  • Conn’sConn’s Home Plus.
  • Ashley Homestore.
  • Bradford Exchange.
  • Home Shopping Network.
  • Walter Drake.
  • Montgomery Ward


Does FlexShopper Do Credit Checks?

Except stated otherwise, FlexShopper will check your credit by obtaining your financial report from some of the major nationwide credit reporting agencies such as FactorTrust, Inc. or Clarity Services, Inc.

However, it’s yet to be known how much role the credit score plays in determining who get approved.

Regardless of your credit score, your odds of getting approved are pretty high.


Is a Rent-To-Own Store Right for You?

Suppose you are cash strapped and looking for an alternative way to build your credit, then the rent-to-own store is perfect for you.

However, if you have credit cards or can pay cash, rent-to-own stores are not a good option for you.

This is because the products on the rent-to-own shops are much high than their average retail price. So, if you can afford it or your credit support what you want to buy, just buy it instead of using this platform.


Can I Use My FlexShopper Credit Card at Walmart?

FlexShopper credit cards isn’t a Visa or Mastercard.

So, you can’t shop with a FlexShopper credit card at Walmart; you can only shop with FlexShoppers credit on its platform.

However, they have some partners, and you may sometimes receive offers to use their credit card on their partners’ platforms.

Subscribe to their weekly or monthly newsletter to find out who these partners are and how you can enjoy other benefits that come with the credit card.


Does FlexShopper Build Credit?

Yes, the platform does.

When you open a Flexshopper account, the account is automatically added to your data at the credit bureau.

Your FlexShopper credit will show up as part of your overall credit on the credit bureau report.

So, if you pay your credit on the platform and comply with all the rules, the platform will reduce your credit line and build your credit score.

It is advisable to use 30% of your credit line and make your payments when due.


Is Gettington the Same as Fingerhut?

Although Fingerhut and Gettington are both platforms registered under the parent company Bluestem Brands, Inc, they are different platforms but operate on the lease-to-own business format.

Fingerhut and Gettington offer financial solutions to their customers via WebBank.



Flexshopper is a new generation concept that has helped people acquire basic household needs while also helping them effectively save money.

This article is a compilation of the best 20 lease-to-own companies that operate like FlexShoppers with attractive terms, flexible payment plans and offers several great products to choose from.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE