Various sites specialize in numerous things.

While some are e-commerce sites for fashion items, some are sport-related, entertainment-centered, Freelance platforms, or a learning hub.

Irrespective of what a site might be based on, you can be assured that more than 5 other websites are based on similar things.

This article looks into the 20 Best websites that provide similar services to Fashion Nova and why each of them is as awesome.


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About Fashion Nova

For the uninformed, Fashion Nova is a top-notch online fashion retail store for women with 5 bricks and mortar locations and over 600+ employees.

The top Fashion platform was founded in 2006, and it has become one of the most popular choices for shopping dresses and other fashion items for women.

Fashion Nova prides itself on providing quality and affordable clothing and accessories for customers, but it’s not alone in this regard.

Below, we look into similar sites like Fashion Nova that you can always consider.


20 Best Sites Like Fashion Nova

With lots of fashion websites worldwide, selecting the one to shop at apart from Fashion Nova can prove difficult.

Below is a curated list of the best Fashion Nova alternatives to aid your decision making



This Online Fashion retail store boasts top-quality trending clothes and accessories at the best price possible.

It is a great option and alternative to Fashion Nova if you desire to change/upgrade your wardrobe without breaking your budget.

Apart from its pocket-friendly features, Shein also offers some of the most stylish fashion items, including home items and accessories.


2. MissGuided

Some people will argue that Missguided is an upgrade to Fashion Nova rather than an alternative.

Whether you share this opinion or not, one thing we can generally agree upon is that it’s a similar site.

The online Fashion Store is home to some of the hottest and trending dresses, tops, and other clothing types.

It has hundreds of styles in-store, and you’ll surely find what catches your fancy.

The site also has some of the sexiest lingerie and nightwear on display for sales, and you can also explore its new stocks category to find new and unique designs.

Click here to check out MissGuided


3. ChicWish

It’s every girl’s wish to look stylish, and ChicWish helps you achieve that.

It’s another excellent site similar to Fashion Nova, where you can shop quality dresses, tops, accessories, etc.

ChicWish has quality products on display, and you can always rest assured that you’re getting a valuable product for the purchase price.

While the price of the products may be slightly on the high side compared to Fashion Nova, the quality and appeal of their products won’t make you want to miss out on it.

Click here to check out ChicWish


4. BooHoo

You can surprise your “boo” with clothing from BooHoo if Fashion Nova isn’t a choice.

The UK-based online Fashion retail store has stylish clothes of varying designs which will fit you perfectly.

Irrespective of your size, body shape, or taste, you’ll always get something satisfactory from the site.

Irrespective of the look you’re trying to replicate, you will always find a fashion item to aid you with it on BooHoo.

The online Fashion store also considers your budgets and collaborates with celebrities once in a while to launch a collection.

Click here to check out BooHoo


5. PrettyLittleThing

If the name of the Uk-based fashion store suits you well, then you might consider it an alternative to Fashion Nova.

Even if it doesn’t, PrettylittleThings stands as a go-to site for most fashion lovers, especially young women.

The site contains trendy apparel and accessories at affordable prices.

You can always try it out on your next planned online shopping trip.

Click here to check out PrettyLittleThing


6. Zaful

Beyond just apparel and clothing, you can also shop for shoes and other fashion accessories on this platform.

Zaful is a Fashion site with elegant and comfortable products.

It is widely regarded as a one-stop store for women’s clothing and fashion accessories, and it lives up to that remark.

The platform is very similar to Fashion Nova in terms of quality, affordability, and uniqueness.

Click here to check out Zaful


7. Nasty Gal

if Fashion Nova is off the list for you, you can always turn to Nasty Gal for whatever reason.

The eccentric online fashion retail store is targeted at young women.

The store boasts various stylish wear and fashion items for young ladies.

If you’re looking for where comfort and style aren’t sacrificed for affordability, then this should be your go-to store.

Click here to check out Nasty Gal


8. H & M

Online Shopping for Fashion items is fun if you’re using a great platform.

H&M is one such great platform you should consider in place of Fashion Nova.

The retail store is loaded with top-quality products that won’t leave a strain on your pocket.

Although not as popular as Fashion Nova in some areas,  it could stand as a worthy rival for the fashion brand.

H&M houses some of the most in Vogue clothing designs and some unique and stylish wear that makes you feel one of a kind.

Click here to check out H&M


9. Princess Polly

You might have been missing out a lot if you’re yet to try this Australia-based online e-commerce website for Fashion items.

Princess Polly is a budget-friendly Fashion website for women’s clothing.

The site offers free express worldwide shipping for its customers, and it has a 30 days return policy.

Shopping on this platform gives you a relaxed mind that you’re getting what you want at the allotted time.

There’s no delay in delivery, and they ensure optimum client satisfaction.

Click here to check out Princess Polly


10. Free People

Express freedom through your wear by shopping at this excellent online Fashion store.

Free people have different items for sale, including jewelry, clothing, beauty and well-being products, etc.

The site has a great interface, and you can never run out of gift ideas once you log on to it.

From Activewear to vacation outfits, holiday gift ideas, accessories, etc.

There’s always something to pick up.

Free People offers top-quality products at the best price possible, and you’ll always be glad you chose them.

Click here to check out Free People


11. Asos

This British online store is a big deal.

The mega Fashion online retailer has products from 850+ brands on display, including clothing collections and accessories.

Asos prioritizes customers’ satisfaction; it ensures their products are of great quality, unique design, and affordable.

They have one of the best product care systems to ensure that your package is delivered to you in the best state and within the shortest time possible.

It’s another excellent alternative to Fashion Nova.

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Click here to check out Asos


12. Forever 21

Aging is boring, and this online Fashion retailer helps you remain as youthful as possible with the great clothing and fashion items they have on display.

Forever 21 is a California-based online fashion store that shops for fashion accessories and clothing irrespective of your size, type, or taste.

The platform runs free shipping throughout the U.S and some other countries and allows you to shop in your local currency if you’re purchasing abroad.

They offer periodic discounts on their products, and you can surely adopt them as a replacement for Fashion Nova.

Click here to check out Forever 21


13. Express

The Express Online store allows you to express yourself freely with its high-quality but affordable product.

The Fashion website has various dresses, tops, and accessories on display.

You can’t go wrong with shopping on express, as they have one of the best customer services.

The popular website has been around for a while, and they’re one of the best replacements to consider for Fashion Nova.

Click here to check out Express

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14. Madewell

From the name, you should be aware that all the products on this Fashion website are Made well.

The excellent alternative to Fashion Nova has some authentic, warm, and cozy clothing available for shopping at the best price possible.

It has a ‘most-shopped item’ category where you can check out some of the most in-demand items you may like.

You can create a Madewell account and start shopping on the site.

Click here to check out Madewell


15. J.Crew

This American online Fashion retailer has various products on display from Women, men, boys, and girls. It’s a universal store, making it a perfect alternative to Fashion Nova.

The J.Crew online store comes with a Nice interface and offers first-time shoppers a 15-18% discount.

You can also keep accumulating shopping points on each purchase, where you can use your points to redeem a gift later on.

Click here to check out J.Crew


16. Lulus

Whether you’re shopping for the Holiday, for your new office, or a party, there’s always something for you at Lulus.

The online shopping site specializes in female clothing and accessories, including footwear and swimsuits.

They offer free global shipping for every order above $150.

All you have to do is input the code ‘WORLDWIDE” during checkout.

It’s also an excellent alternative to Fashion Nova.

Click here to check out Lulus


17. Rosegal

With over 21 million monthly visitors, Rosegal can be regarded as another top Fashion site.

The online Fashion storehouses breathtaking Fashion apparel for females, irrespective of your size or body type.

This makes it one of the go-to websites for plus-size females.

It also offers worldwide shipping, meaning you can access the website and make purchases from anywhere in the world.

Click here to check out Rosegal


18. InTheStyle

You never run out of style when you do your shopping at InTheStyle.

The UK-based female-centered online Fashion brand has a lot of unique cloth collections that are affordable yet stylish.

The company brand itself as an advocate for femininity, and they ensure their displayed collections are always inclusive for women of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

InTheStyle will also pass as a similar site to Fashion Nova and a wonderful alternative if need be.

Click here to check out InTheStyle


19. Milanoo

If What Fashion Nova offers is top-quality dresses and clothing at affordable prices, Milanoo also qualifies as a similar site.

You can get amazing shoes, clothes, tops, and other fashion items on the online store at an affordable price.

At Milanoo, customer satisfaction matters most, and they ensure that through quality fashion items and products.

Click here to check out Milanoo


20. PoshMark

The Poshmark Fashion store is an all-in-one e-commerce site.

You can buy, sell, and discover some of the best fashion items on the platform.

It houses in-demand Fashion products from some of the top-selling brands.

The platform prioritizes users’ protection (both buyers & sellers).

Hence it ensures optimum payment protection through escrow service.

Also, shipping doesn’t get any easier with Poshmark, and they offer free authentication for you to determine the authenticity of any product.

Click here to check out PoshMark


Tips Consider When Shopping on A Fashion Website

In case you’re planning to get an item or two from the website mentioned above, the following tips might come in handy


1. Have A Budget

It’s easier to get carried away shopping online.

They’re a lot of items that will grab your attention. You might add them to the cart and find it difficult to let go of any.

However, you can always weigh your options and apply a scale of preference when adding items to the cart with a budget in mind.


2. Know Your Measurements

Shopping online isn’t like a brick-and-mortar store where you get to test the cloth for size.

You need to know your measurements to avoid purchasing items that don’t fit.

This saves you the stress of following the product return process, paying an extra shipping fee, or being unable to rock the clothing/accessories to the event you had in mind.


3. Read Reviews

The reviews on the site will give you an insight into many things.

From knowing the quality of their products to determining how fast their delivery is and how effective their customer service is, you’ll always find out a thing or two through review.


4. Read Return Policy

You can have various reasons to return a particular product after purchase.

This makes it vital to know the return policy beforehand.


5. Read Product Description

Every product on any eCommerce site comes with a description.

By reading these descriptions, you know more about the product beyond pictures.

You can know the size, materials used to produce it, and other features you can’t know by merely viewing pictures.


Best Alternative Websites like Fashion Nova FAQs


What’s The Best Alternative To Fashion Nova?

There are various Online Fashion Stores where you can purchase quality dresses, tops, and other Fashion Accessories.

MissGuided, Shein, Asos, Forever 21 are some of the top ones apart from Fashion Nova.


Why Can’t I Access Fashion Nova?

Some websites always restrict access to users from particular locations.

If this is the case, you can try out some of the other Fashion sites in this article.



Shopping online can be a fun experience if done with the best site.

You should have a satisfactory experience shopping on some of the Fashion Nova alternatives listed above.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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