There are indeed several sites like Depop for Peer-to-Peer Social e-Commerce.

This article shows you 24 of the best ones and exactly why each is a great alternative to Depop for Peer-to-Peer Social e-Commerce.



The standard business model of opening up a brick-and-mortar store, turning on the lights, paying rent, and welcoming foot traffic into your store is going the way of the dinosaur.

Today, online retail shops are taking a wrecking ball to that business model and providing consumer goods through various online platforms.

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Even the selling of gently used clothing and accessories is now gaining in popularity amongst the modern-day shopper.

The importance of online retailing is beneficial to both the online shop manager and the customer.

The power of conveniently shopping from one’s home by sitting at a computer or tablet screen for items of necessity as well as spontaneous buying is becoming more appealing to the modern-day shopper.

And so let us exchange the mantra of yesterday’s shopper which exclaimed “shop till you drop” for today’s shopper’s attitude of “online is fine.”

Of particular note is the online shopping of Depop.

However, there are a variety of other retailers similar to this community of stylists, artists, collectors, vintage sellers, etc.

Therefore, let us go shopping at this online mall and not even have to worry about leaving the comfort of our own home.



Founded in 2011 Depop was originally structured like a social network where readers of a magazine, PIG, could purchase items that were featured in the magazine.

The items had a unique design but resonated with the younger generation.

It was quickly determined that a selling function needed to be incorporated and has eventually evolved to that point where a marketplace has evolved where you can see what is the hottest and latest trend in clothing and consider purchasing or selling these items.

Depop site boasts of over 1 million users and continues to follow the model of providing unique and creative goods for purchasing and selling.


24 Best Sites Like Depop


1. Thredup

Thredup is classified as a free fashion app in which the items listed are resale items and are available for the consumer to buy and sell these gently used clothing lines.

The app features not only accessories but clothes as well in a variety of sizes such as petite, plus sizes.

Also available are children’s clothes.

The app boasts of economical prices, a variety of sales, and free shipping.

The site offers 14 day free returns.

Click here to check out Thredup


2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app in which literally 5000 brands of clothing are situated in the palm of your hand.

Often, clothing can be purchased at a discounted percentage rate of 70% off of retail.

Click here to check out Poshmark


3. Plndr 

To outdo the other clothing apps available, Plndr increases its deep discounts to 80% on a number of the cutting-edge brands available.

This app also has connectivity to friends and family as you can invite your friends, share your gear, and earn points or credits for every friend who joins the community.

Click here to check out Plndr


4. Mercari 

Mercari offers a broad range of merchandise through its app.

Categories such as sports, electronics, fashions, toys, jewelry, and shoes are all available for purchase through this app.

The brands are well-known and the store receives new inventory regularly.

By using the app daily, the shopper may be treated to a variety of items for sale that were not available the day before.

Click here to check out Mercari


5. Tradesy 

This particular website is designed for the shopper who wants to purchase designer fashions and clothes at a reduced cost.

Tradesy also allows for the user of the app to list their clothing for sale.

When an item is purchased, the app generates a shipping kit that is prepaid and nicely designed so that the shipment is facilitated without any undue stress.

Click here to check out Tradesy


6. StockX 

This website is known for its exclusive handbags, watches, and the opportunity to buy and sell sneakers.

The staff of specialists of StockX authenticates each of the items that are listed for sale on the website.

The process of selling is similar to other websites that provide an auction and buying opportunity.

The seller of the product sets an asking and posts that price.

The buyers can place a bid on the items.

This process seems to work out well for both the buyers and the sellers

Click here to check out StockX


7. Kixify 

Kixify is the largest online marketplace for the buying and selling of sneakers.

Those individuals who wish to sell items from their wardrobe closets will find that this app is a quick way for them to turn their clothes and sneakers into cash.

This website has a mobile app component where individuals around the world can connect and find items that are for sale and purchase those unique one-of-a-kind pairs of sneakers.

Click here to check out Kixify


8. GOAT 

The selling and buying of sneakers is a unique retail option to GOAT.

Verification is provided on these products to ensure that the sneakers are not knockoffs but are authentic and what you intend to purchase through the app is the same product that you will receive if purchased.

The benefits of utilizing this app are that the buyer can be confident that the products pictured are verified and that everything is monitored and authenticated by the specialists that are associated with this webpage.

Click here to check out GOAT


9. Wallapop 

The best way to describe Wallapop is to define it as a grand flea market.

It is an opportunity to shop and possibly buy items that you would normally see if you visited a garage sale or flea market in your community.

It also offers the component for an individual to sell these types of items found within their home.

To list items on this website simply requires the taking of a picture, adding the appropriate details, and posting the photo online or through the app.

Click here to check out Wallapop


10. ASOS 

The focus of ASOS is directed at younger adults.

The products that this app display is an accumulation of 850 brands.

An added dimension to the app is it has a powerful search engine that allows the shopper to locate the right product in several ways.

Some of those ways a search can be conducted include the type of product, the color, the brand, the actual name of the product, etc.

Click here to check out ASOS


11. Smiles 

Smiles is a retail sales app for purchasing items that concentrate on the local availability of items.

It is structured to not only purchase items but also to sell products.

Because it is part of a local retail selling process, you can discover great sales in your particular area of residency or you can engage retailers or buyers that are not in proximity of your home.

In addition to it being an opportunity to sell and purchase items, the app helps an individual hire local services, demonstrates the availability of jobs, and even if looking for a place to live, it offers this search option as well.

Click here to check out Smiles


12. Listia 

Listia is advertised as one of the better marketplaces that has a virtual garage sale feel which allows the user to exchange items they don’t want for items that they do want and make it happen at no cost.

In addition to providing these options of finding items it also allows the user to accumulate the earning of credits by listing items that you no longer have any use for.

These credits can be applied towards more appealing items.

Some of those more appealing items could be clothing, books, jewelry, and electronics.

Click here to check out Listia


13. VarageSale

VarageSale offers this play on words, garage sale, by providing a mobile app that allows individuals to buy and sell.

The added caveat is that this virtual platform identifies the individuals that are involved with buying and selling.

The app requires that any transactions by an individual need to go through a manual review process to provide the real identity of an individual.

Also on this app, you are provided many statistics as it relates to the use of this platform.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Those statistics provided reflect the average member response, read reviews, and rating.

Click here to check out VarageSale


14. With local 

As the name implies Wishlocal is about buying and selling at a local level.

Its similarity to Depop is that the platform offers the same similar services with added features.

This particular platform, in comparison to others, is most likely the purest way of selling your items and finding local buyers while ensuring the safety of all involved.

To post an item for sale, the user takes a photo and uploads it on this platform.

The transaction between the buyer and seller is done through a private chat option to ensure the security and safety of all involved.

Click here to check out Wishlocal


15. Carousell 

The products offered on Carousell include fashion, furniture, accessories, clothes, books, etc.

The site indicates that a listing can be accomplished in less than a minute and the item listed is then made available to a large shopping audience.

Also embedded in this app is a powerful engine mechanism that allows the individual user to search for a product utilizing a variety of options.

Added to the mix of the items that are listed for sale there are communication processes that allow the users to communicate with local and nonlocal buyers and sellers.

As part of the platform, there are daily deals and an abundance of products that can be purchased.

Click here to check out Carousell


16. Shpock 

Shpock boasts of having over 10 million sellers and buyers.

In addition to the items available for purchase, the app allows the selling of personal items.

The items that an individual wish to sell and can be gently used items, items classified as vintage, new items, etc.

There are no listing or transactional fees associated with this app and listings can be easily created in a matter of seconds.

Click here to check out Shpock


17. Vinted 

Vinted is a buying and selling app that has considerable options to enhance the buying and selling experience for the individual.

Added to the items that are listed for sale are recognizable brand names of products that can be purchased.

Some of those recognizable brand names are Nike, Classy Brandy Melville, and Ralph Lauren.

Also, some filters can be activated in the app that allows the shopper to focus on the best deals within their geographical area.

Click here to check out Vinted


18. Shopo 

If an individual shopper wishes to explore unique shopping opportunities that feature one-of-a-kind items, then Shopo is a perfect platform.

Added to the mix is that through this app, a seller of products will find this application a simple and easy program to create a shopping experience for others and expand their brand.

The app also allows individuals to follow certain stores of their choosing, see any updates that are provided, interact with individual sellers at a local level, and also create orders using their system of FreeCharge and Buyer Protection.

Click here to check out Shopo


19. Tophatter 

Tophatter has a unique feature known as 90-second auctions.

The bidding process is accomplished in a minute and a half and is free for you to participate.

This app also boasts of 3 million items that are available and in a variety of categories which include electronics, clothes, jewelry, household goods, and more.

Click here to check out Tophatter


20. Wayfair 

Wayfair not only allows the individual to shop utilizing an app on their smartphone but also has the convenience of going through their webpage.

This particular shopping opportunity has items that are classified as being products designed for the home.

Daily sales and products are ranging anywhere from desks, curtains, bedding sets, pillows, furniture, kitchen items, etc.

Everything that you can imagine and more that is needed to personalize one’s home can be purchased through this app.

Click here to check out Wayfair


21. Idealo 

Over 21,000 online shops and the availability of more than 110 million products can be found on Idealo.

Some of the more recognizable virtual stores include Currys, Amazon, eBay, and considerably much more.

The app is specially developed for individuals who wish to purchase items at the most economic prices.

Added into the app is a powerful functionality that provides several filters that can be utilized by the user to focus their search for particular products or shops that they are interested in shopping at.

Click here to check out Idealo


22. Etsy 

If you have particular clothes that you wish to sell and can be defined as falling into a significant niche then you may want to look at Etsy.

Clothes in a specific niche would include vintage clothing, wedding dresses, prom gowns, etc.

Anything that can be defined as unique is probably an item that you would want to sell on the Etsy platform.

Click here to check out Etsy


23. Redbag 

Redbag is everything surrounding handbags.

If wishing to sell a handbag product, the individual simply needs to send in a photo and Redbag will provide an offer

Once the offer has been accepted then Redbag will send you a prepaid shipping label and you simply mail the item to the company.

A commission is taken by this platform.

Click here to check out Redbag


24. The Real Real 

If an individual is interested in shopping and purchasing items that are classified as luxury goods, then The Real Real is in all probability the app that you will want to focus on.

This app commits to doing all of the work for the buyer or seller.

The only action required by you would be to schedule either the pickup or shipping of your items so they can be verified by The Real Real team.

Additionally, this platform handles all of the photography needed and the pricing of the item.

The price is set by the team of experts and is evaluated according to the condition of the product as well as what seems to be trending on the market.

The goal and commitment of this process are to sell your item in less than a month and secure the best price.

The administrative fees for the selling of any item are at a level of 15%.

Click here to check out The Real Real

Other Interesting Articles on Alternative Websites To Consider:


Personal Story

One of my favorite places to exercise did not involve an expensive fitness club membership or going out to the garage and removing the clothes that were hung on the treadmill.

My favorite place to exercise was the local mall.

Especially, on a hot day, walking into the mall and being welcomed by the air conditioning was a delight.

I guess for some, the mall was all about the retail shopping experience.

Speaking for myself, it was the best place to get in my 10,000 steps for the day and indulge in shopping at the same time…window shopping that is.


Best Alternative Websites like Depop FAQs


What Precautions Should I Take if Using Depop or Other Similar Platforms? 

It is always best to check the seller’s reviews.

Other customers will provide a rating as it relates to their involvement with the seller.

If buying similar items, and the rating is good then that is a good indicator that everything is on the up and up.


What About Any Protections Offered to the Buyer?

If purchasing an item through Depop or another similar website, check with the platforms to see if they have buyer protection.

This will protect you if the item that was listed is not what you expected or was not what was advertised.


You Can Do It

The experience of shopping has been revolutionized by technology and forward-thinking people.

A buyer and seller of items are no longer restricted to their local community.

Now a vast global mall is available for individuals to purchase items and sell items.

Through the various websites and apps available, you hold millions of retail outlets in the palm of your hand through your smartphone.



For some, the shopping experience is something that can’t be replaced by technology.

For shoppers sometimes the experience also includes visiting a local store or walking around a mall and taking in the entire ambiance of the process.

However, for others, it is more convenient to let your fingers do the shopping and be treated to an even broader spectrum of unique items for sale.

The beauty of shopping today is that it is not confined but has been expanded and truly you can shop till you drop while being online is fine.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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