Looking for sites like Craigslist? Look no further than this article, as it contains some of the very best sites to use as alternatives to Craigslist.

First things first, a little about classified advertisement, which Craigslist is.

A classified advertisement is a short ad in small print published in a newspaper, magazine or digital format (websites).

This form of advertising is cheaper than the display advertisements used by many businesses.

One of the most popular classified advertising websites today is, without any doubts, Craigslist.

This site is now synonymous with “Classified Advertising” and it is one of the first online classified sites ever… and is still going strong, many years later.

Many people use Craigslist to buy and sell a variety of products or services locally. This is because of its popularity and it allows you to list goods/services for free.

However, for some reason some people may prefer to use similar or alternative websites for buying or selling.

You can consider other sites like Craigslist to buy or sell products or services.

This article provides you with useful details about Craigslist and why people may prefer  alternatives.

Furthermore, you will get to know some of best sites like craigslist to use in buying or selling, what items you should choose to buy and sell and why choose each of them.


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A Bit More About Craigslist

Craigslist was founded in 1995 and was incorporated in 1999.

It is a classified ads website where products or services are listed.

It is based in the United States but also available in Canada, Europe, Asia, The Pacific, Oceania, The Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

You can post classified ads for the items you want to sell or the services you want to provide on this website.

It’s especially helpful for people without huge advertising budget. Even women with awesome business ideas can get started using it to buy and sell what they come up with.

Craigslist has major sections dedicated to Community, Housing, Jobs, Services, For Sale, Gigs and Resumes.

It also has a Discussion Forum.

Under each of these sections, you can access classified ads promoting products or services.

If you’re a service provider or a product seller, you can submit a classified ad by clicking on the “post to classifieds” link.

The good thing is that Craigslist’s ads can be posted for free.

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Why You May Need Other Sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular classified ads website. Many people use it to list products or services they are offering locally. For one reason or the other you may decide to choose other classified ads sites in place of Craigslist.

One major reason that there have been many scams on Craigslist over the years.

There have been lots of complaints about scams and lack of legal prosecution of the scammers on this site.

Nevertheless, over the years Craigslist has listed rules that help keep users safe. These rules are listed on the Avoid Scam & Fraud page.

Whatever your other reasons for choosing alternatives to Craigslist, there are many others you can use.


15 Best Sites Like Craigslist

Below are the alternative sites to craigslist for buying and selling and why choose each.


1. GumTree

GumTree is becoming one of the most powerful alternatives to Craigslist.

classified ads sites like craigslist

It is a very reputable and popular online classified ads website.

It is the UK’s top classifieds site. It was originally created for for Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans in 2000.

This site works like Craigslist. Ad posting on this site is free for some. Other posts and items are paid.

According to this site:

There’s a lot you can do for free on GumTree. Sell your car or your kettle, find a new job and a place to stay. All without putting your hand in your pocket.

Sometimes you might need to pay a fee to get your ad where you want it. The amount depends on:

  • Whether you’re posting as a private individual or a business
  • The category you’re posting in
  • Where you are

You can also pay to make your ad work harder. Our features help you jump to the top of the listings, speed up your sale, or reach out further to your audience. They’re available in every category. Just pick and choose to suit your needs.”

You can use it to find just about anything, from online tutoring jobs to even dog walking jobs.

The major classified categories on this site include:

  • Community
  • Motors
  • Pets
  • Property
  • For Sale
  • Jobs
  • Services
  • Video Guides

People are even using Gumtree to make money from their homes buying and selling stuff on here.

Why Choose GumTree

  • You can post some ads for free or you can pay and jump to the top of the listings, speed up your sale, or reach out further to your audience.
  • The site provides you with useful tips and guides on how to get the items you want.
  • You will get tips on how avoid scammers
  • The site can be accessed through mobile apps on both Android or iOS.

Click here to check out GumTree

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2. Trovit

Trovit is a website that works more like a search engine for classifieds. It was founded in 2006 and has its base in Barcelona, Spain.

This site focuses on providing searches for Homes, Jobs, Cars, and Products.

You don’t list your product or service directly on this website but you can use it to find what you want.

Specifically, this platform works like a search engine that pulls up information from the database of various classified ads sites.

where to find sites like craigslist

In other words, it curates classified listings from the database of classified ads sites based on the location.

It is similar to Craigslist in that you can find classifieds ads about Homes, Jobs, Cars and Products from it.

By the way, talking about cars, see how to buy repossessed cars here.

Also, like Craigslist, this site is designed in a way where you can sort what you want by using categories and subcategories.

Why Choose Trovit

The following are reasons to choose Trovit:

  • You don’t pay any money to use this site. You register for free!
  • It is built simple so you can easily navigate to find what you want. You can sort your search by category or by location.
  • Each search can be sorted by relevance, most recent date posted, or oldest date posted.
  • You will get to access to regional and even online jobs, homes, cars, and products automatically from the location you are browsing from. For instance, if you are in US, then classifieds from different regions in the US would pop-up.
  • It is available in 57 countries and operates in more than 20 different languages.
  • You can access this website using your mobile device. There is an app for Android or iOS devices.

Click here to check out Trovit

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3. ClassifiedAds.com

ClassifiedAds.com is another high quality alternative to Craigslist. It’s a free site that publishes classified ads for cars, jobs, real estate and other things.

You can access this platform to sell or buy just about anything, even buying and selling hair. The goal of the site is to make the buying and selling of items to be as easy as possible!

This site is designed and operated like Craigslist. Sellers or service providers can use the Post an ad link/page to post the product/service for FREE.

The major categories of this site are:

Jobs, Vehicles, Items for Sale, Pets, Real Estate, For Rent, Services, Personals, and Community.

Each of these categories has sub-categories you can use to find what you want.

Why choose ClassifiedAds.com

The following are reasons you can choose ClassifiedAds.com:

  • This site is 100% free to use. Free to post an ad, free to browse listings, free to contact sellers.
  • The site provides a quick Tutorial video on “How to Post an Ad”.
  • The design of the site is well categorized for easy access. You can easily do your search by categories or sub-categories.
  • You can also search by location.

Click here to check out ClassifiedAds.com

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4. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime is a local free classified ads site.

You can begin your search using the location you want. This website is US-based but can be used to access local listings in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South Africa.

FreeAdsTime is similar to Craigslist. Its mission is to make sure that everyone has access to free local classified ads.

People are using it to sell lots of things including sell shoes for cash.

To post ad on this site is free if you follow these step as shared on the site:

“First, you will need to choose a category and a subcategory for your posting. You will need to choose your country, state or province, and the city as well.

Click on continue and proceed to the next step in which you can write the ad title and description.”

It provides many categories. The major categories on this site include: Barter, Import/Export, Musicians, Rentals, Wrap Advertising, Community, Items, Pets, Services, Jobs, Free Stuff, Real Estate, and Vehicles.

Why Choose FreeAdsTime

  • You can create a free account on this site.
  • You can explore the site by classifieds, products, etc.
  • You can access quick search with more filters.
  • You can do your search by categories and sub-categories.
  • You can easily edit and delete posts.
  • The site has a simple design.

Click here to check out FreeAdsTime

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5. 10DayAds.com

10DayAds.com is another website where you can buy, sell or trade items. It is a classified ads website for both new and used items.

girls browse sites like craigslist

It has a search engine which allows users to access products listed locally in the USA and other parts of the world.

10DayAds.com operates like Craigslist and it comes with different categories. The major classified categories include:

Antiques & Collectives, Appliances, Art, Automotive, Baby Items, Boats/Marine, Books, Business/Office, Dating, Medical Equipment, Video Games, Donations, Electronics, Music/Instruments, DVDs/Movies, Real Estate (Rentals), Real Estate 4 Sale, Health & Beauty, Phones, Pet, Furniture/Household, Employment, Fashion, etc.

As a seller, posing ads on 10DayAds.com is 100% free, which means you can even use it to make free Paypal money if you sell and receive payment by PayPal.

You can post ads with these simple steps.

Why Choose 10DayAds.com

  • You can post free ads, online classifieds, classified ads and local classifieds on this site.
  • Each classified ad published on this platform is refreshed or changed every 10 days!
  • You can post ads with pictures and videos to easily attract visitors to your ads.
  • There are many daily unique visitors worldwide
  • You can post your ads worldwide using the multiple location features

Click here to check out 10DayAds.com

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6. AdtoAd 

AdtoAd.com is another alternative free classified ads and advertising site.

It was put together by two computer technology companies known as LaHitech and US Media Publicity Inc.

It is similar to Craigslist in that it offers users the opportunity to post free ads.

You can even make money posting ads by offering products and services for sale, while paying nothing.

Residents of the USA and Canada will find AdtoAd.com useful because it focuses on delivering free classified ads for your locality.

AdtoAd.com’s categories include:

Why choose AdtoAd.com

You can choose AdtoAd.com because:

  • It offers free classifieds and free advertisements for users
  • It provides various classified categories for users to buy or sell
  • The use of this website is easy as it comes with a simplistic design.

Click here to check out AdtoAd.com


7. USA Today Classifieds

USA Today is a popular US news and information media platform. It has been around since 1982.

popular sites like craigslist in usa

This platform offers classified ads like Craigslist. This has now become one of the very popular online sources for finding listings for a variety of items and services.

Advertising in USA Today Classifieds is paid though.

The listing fee for any product/service as of 2017 is $40 per week. However, Premium listing attract an extra $25.

Companies have no problems paying such listing fees of course. That’s why one usually finds even big personal loan companies advertising on such premium listing sites.

Classified categories on this platform include:

  • Auctions
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Education
  • Careers
  • Marketplace
  • Notice
  • Real Estate
  • Services
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Travel

Why Choose USA Today Classifieds

  • This site is well categorized to easily find products and services.
  • You can leverage millions of influential American consumers each month.
  • Using the premium listing will give you ads better FrontPage exposure.

Click here to check out USA Today Classifieds


8. Locanto

Locanto is another Craigslist-like classified ads site. You can use it for buying and selling different items locally.

Whether you are looking for personal, household or business related products, this website comes in handy.

Like Craigslist, it can be used to buy and sell. Sellers can list their products/services under any of the categories.

Posting ads on this platform is free but you will pay a small fee for premium listings.

With a Premium account you can reply to reviews, and see the online status of other users.

The major classified categories of Locanto include:

  • Baby & kids
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Hobby & Leisure
  • Home & Garden
  • Multimedia & Electronics
  • Music, Movies, Books

Talking about babies and kids items that you can buy and sell, you can even use it to find books for kids for free, from people just giving them away.

Yes, it’s not uncommon for people to give away items for free on these classified ads. After all, it’s free to advertise items most times, so why not give away things for free that help other people.

Why Choose Locanto

  • Locanto is available in different countries across different continents
  • Posting an ad is free.
  • There is a Locanto app for IPhone and Android users.
  • Locanto makes it easier for sellers to post their products and users to make an offer.
  • Premium features make it easier for your ads to stand out from the crowd.

Click here to check out Locanto


9. USNetAds.com

USNetAds.com is another free classified ads website that people use instead of, or as well as, Craigslist.

As the name implies, it is based in the US and provides users with opportunity to post classified ads.

This website is 100% FREE. It also offers free web advertising and free online ad posting which makes it better for those who want other ways of making money rather than getting unsecured bad credit loans.

Like Craigslist, USNetAds.com offers classified ads to users in the USA. There are many classified categories including:

Automobiles & Vehicles, Pets & Animals, Business Opportunities, Personals, Communities, Real Estate, Computers, Shopping, Health & Beauty, Shopping, Internet, Jobs, Travel & Tickets.

Why Choose USNetAds.com

  • The site is 100% free
  • The site offers 100% free ad posting
  • You don’t have to sign up before using the website
  • No email needed to confirm
  • Your ad goes online immediately
  • It is easy to use

Click here to check out USNetAds.com

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10. Ziply Classifieds

Ziply is another website that helps to promote the buying and selling of local products. It is based in New York, USA.

This site was founded in 2013 and since then it has been dedicated to bringing people together for the purpose of promoting local businesses.

You can use this website to buy and sell different products. You can even use it to engage in flea market flipping – where you buy items at lower cost and sell at higher costs in flea market!

The ad posts and searches on this site are like Craigslist. You can access or post ads in various categories like:

Air Conditioning, Animals, Electronics, Furnishings, Furniture, Antiques, Pictures, Adoption, Artwork, Appliances, Books/Magazines, Building Materials, Games/Hobbies/Toys, Garage Equipment, and so on.

Why Choose Ziply Classifieds

  • Listing is purely for those in the USA.
  • Sellers can post items in relevant categories.
  • Items can easily be accessed using the location search.

Click here to checkout Ziply Classifieds


11. PennySaverUSA

PennySaver USA is another good website that provides classifieds ads and supports local businesses and individuals, including those doing online works or jobs from home.

man holding cup finding sites like craigslist

This company has been around for over 50 years. That’s a really long time, as you can see, and another reason why it’s high up there when it comes to reputable classified ads.

PennySaver was originally a newspaper printed in California. The website version of this company provides individuals with the opportunity to buy and sell locally.

This platform operates like Craigslist. The online classifieds facilitate the connection of buyers and sellers.

Sellers can post an ad online. The posting is free. You can start by clicking the “Place a free ad” link. This will lead you to easily become a member.

The major classified categories include: Job, Real Estate, Cars & Vehicle, Pets, Merchandise, Food & Dining, Services and Garage Sales.

Why choose PennySaverUSA

  • Searching for items on this site is easy.
  • This is “the largest direct mail shopping publication in the U.S., reaching over 11.2 million Americans every week with quality neighborhood discounts and coupons.” – as shared on the site.

Click here to check out PennySaverUSA

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12. Ads Globe

Ads Globe is a website that provides classified ads. It allows users to buy and sell products/services locally.

If you are looking for a website that has similar features to Craigslist then consider Ads Globe.

Whether you are a seller of a product/service or you want to buy products locally then Ads Globe can come to your rescue.

You don’t have to pay to post ads on this site.  Like Craigslist, it is free.

The major categories on this site include:

Merchandise, Autos, Real Estate, Rentals, Pets, Travels, Jobs, Services, Events, Personals, Community, and so on.

Why Choose Ads Globe

  • This site is free. You will get to post ads for FREE!
  • You can choose from thousands of ad categories & ad options for targeted advertising
  • According the About US section it is a: “One-stop Advertising Gateway for Individuals and Businesses alike – C2C, B2C or B2B Advertising on a single platform.”
  • The site serves over a million locations around the world.

Click here to check out Ads Globe


13. CityNews.com Classifieds

CityNews.com is a website which offers a variety of products/services in different categories.

Buyers and sellers can access this website to buy or sell items locally. You can post your product or service on this website.

The site operates like Craigslist. It is designed in a similar fashion with different categories.

The major categories visitors can browse include:

  • Antiques and Collectibles,
  • Jobs and Help Wanted
  • Astrology Holistic and Religion
  • Auto and Motor Vehicles
  • Medical Clinics and Treatments,
  • Boats and Water Sports,
  • Merchandise for Sale
  • Business Directory,
  • Business Opportunities,
  • Music Videos and Audio
  • People Connections
  • Cooking Kitchen and Food,
  • Pet Breeders and Kennels, etc.

As for the Medical Clinics and Treatments category, you can easily find medical weight loss clinics near you or even work at home nursing jobs to show you how diverse the different listings can be.

CityNews.com Classifieds can also be accessed from a selected region. These include cities located in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia and the rest of the world.

Why choose CityNews.com Classifieds

  • It is a website with an easy design.
  • It has a fast and easy-to-use listing process for sellers
  • Buyers can contact sellers directly through an on-site messaging system

Click here to check out CityNews.com Classifieds


14. AdLandPro

AdLandPro is a website that has been offering paid advertising services to businesses since 1998. It offers classified ads where visitors can buy or sell items.

This site is also a community network that offers both free and paid advertising and networking services.

use laptop to find sites like craigslist

AdLandPro is like Craigslist as it can allow sellers or service providers to advertise their products.

Buyers can access the different categories to find the product/service they want.

The classifieds provided by AdLandPro are provided within a network of community entrepreneurs and business operators. Thus, members come together to help one another, even those that want to make extra money on weekends.

The major categories that classifieds are posted in on this site include: Jobs, For Sale, Automotive, Real Estate, Announcements, Pets, EBooks, Online lessons, Business, Services, and Miscellaneous.

Why choose AdLandPro

  • You can register for Free
  • This site offers both free and paid classified ads
  • The site is well categorized for easy navigation. Thus, there are main categories and subcategories for easy access.
  • Searches can be down by location. There are links to different countries, cities and counties. So, wherever you are when you want to find available items, this site makes it easy for you.
  • Countries are arranged alphabetically for easy access.
  • You can easily visit the website of the seller and also contact the seller. These details are shared on the product or service page you are browsing.

Click here to check out AdLandPro


15. DomesticSale.com

DomesticSale.com is another alternative website that provides effective free classifieds ads for visitors. Whether you are seller or a buyer, the features of this site will come in handy to you.

This site is like Craigslist in that it offers classified ads to visitors. Sellers can advertise their products locally while buyers can easily get access to the available products.

DomesticSale.com offers free ads and premium memberships to users. Every member can still post free ads of course. For more benefits, you can sign up premium membership at the cost of $9.99 for 3 months.

The major categories on this site include:

Sale & Services, Jobs, Real Estate, Cars & Trucks, Vacation Rentals, Resume Listing, Sales Signs, Car Sticker, Make Flyers Online, Events Calendar, Print Board Ad, Homes & Gardens, etc.

You can also access classified ads by location.

Why Choose DomesticSale.com

  • This site is free to become a member.
  • You can choose premium membership to access better benefits than standard membership.
  • A variety of products and services are advertised on this site.
  • The run time for classifieds on this site is 355 days.
  • The site provides detailed information on how to prevent scams and internet fraud while using its services.
  • You can sign up with Facebook, Google or DomesticSale.com.


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