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This article shows you up to 25 of the very best alternatives to CafePress.



Perhaps if we were to look in our kitchen cupboards, we would be treated to a vast array of personalized mugs that we received as gifts.

Each personalized mug has its own story and occasions upon which they were received.

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Some of the occasions may have been a birthday, an anniversary, holiday gift, a souvenir from an individual who traveled outside of the community, retirement, military service, etc.

The personalized gifts that we get are usually the best.

They have meaning, significance, and a message that sometimes only we and the individual who gives the gift have any knowledge about what the inscription or the saying means.

Such inscriptions can also be on T-shirts, other articles of clothing, a ball cap, etc.

Today, it is extremely easy to create these personalized gifts and use them to deliver a variety of messages.

For this writing let us reflect on those items of value in our kitchen cabinet and remember fondly all of those inscribed mugs that we received and reminisce about their special meaning.

In addition, let us look at companies that provide these services and make these nostalgic and meaningful gifts that we provide to others.

Specifically, let us look at Cafepress and other similar sites.


25 Best Sites Like Cafepress


1. Storenvy 

Storenvy provides several items that are listed for sale.

The category of items includes purses, eyeglasses, clothing, toys, etc.

Each of these items has a unique design and specialness to them.

The site allows the user to open up their store and download pictures of products that are available for sale.

The idea behind this site is to allow startups to gain exposure for their brands as they embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

Opening up a storefront is at no charge.

This site charges the store owners 10% on all items sold which includes the shipping of the sold product.

Click here to check out Storenvy


2. Bonanza

Bonanza is also an online marketplace where individuals wishing to sell a product can list those items on the website.

The price can be set or can be negotiated.

Their business tagline is “Find everything but the ordinary.”

In turn for offering this space on their website, Bonanza charges the seller of the products a small percentage of the sales.

Click here to check out Bonanza


3. Society6 

Society6 is an online marketplace that provides a platform for artists and designers to open their retail shops and sell their work.

The work can not only be on posters, canvases, and prints but other types of art as well.

Also available are items such as phone cases, clothing, furniture, and tote bags.

Monetary support is provided to Society6 based on the percentage of retail sales by the shop owner.

Click here to check out Society6


4. RubyLane 

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace but specializes in high-quality antique and vintage goods.

Some of the categories of these collectibles can include art, furniture, jewelry, dolls, fashion, silver, etc.

The site allows buyers and sellers of these items to meet together on this platform and agree upon a set price for the items to be purchased.

Ruby Lane is supported financially by receiving a commission off of each of the sales

Click here to check out Ruby Lane


5. Zazzle 

As an online retailer Zazzle allows users to upload their images and create their merchandise.

Also, other users post their creations on this website for sale.

As a user, you can review these items and purchase if you wish.

Also, you can use other images from companies that participate in this online platform.


6. Cafepress 

Cafe Press is an American-based online retailer that offers the sale of a variety of different types of merchandise.

The merchandise can be coffee mugs, hats, shirts, and much more.

The prints on these items can be created generically with a variety of sayings, stock photographs, or quotations.

Also, the customer has the option of individualizing or personalizing these items and presenting them to others.

For example, a picture can be taken on your smartphone and sent into Cafe Press and the photograph can be imprinted on any of the merchandise items that they have.

Click here to check out Cafe Press


7. Gumroad 

Gumroad is an e-commerce website that allows individuals to list just about anything that they wish to sell.

Examples of items that are listed for sale include downloadable products such as apps, graphics, videos, music, printable’s, etc.

Close to 100,000 individuals have sold their work through this marketplace that represents a variety of categories including education, sports, music, dance, comedy, etc.

The cost of listing items on Gum Road is a 9% commission off of your first transactions and then at different monetary milestones, that percentage decreases.

Click here to check out Gumroad


8. Red bubble 

Red Bubble also provided the opportunity to review what other customers have created with the option to purchase.

As an online retailer, they allow the users to upload images and create their creations.

Those creations can include clothing, posters, etc.

Click here to check out Red Bubble


9. Vacord Screen Printing 

Vacord Screen Printing offers quality custom clothes at reasonable rates.

Some of those items include shirts, hoodies, and more.

They specialize in creating artwork from an idea, do not charge fees for set up, specialize in unique ink, and other services.

Click here to check out Vacord Screen Printing


10. Easy Digital Download 

Easy Digital Download is an eCommerce plugin that is provided a no charge.

WordPress facilitates the ease of creating products.

Individuals have access to this service which provides an initial free account to have access to 1,000 credits to sample the various options.

It is billed as a complete eCommerce answer for Word Press and can be utilized as is or modified.

Click here to check out Easy Digital Download


11. Custom Ink 

Custom Ink imprints design on a variety of clothing options.

Some of that apparel includes T-shirts, hoodies & sweatshirts, hats, jackets, etc.

They also provide charitable support to various organizations that are dedicated to certain causes.

Click here to check out Custom Ink


12. UltraPress 

Ultra Press provides custom-made T-shirts along with other products available for sale.

Some of those products include electronics as well as different types of clothing.

This website also allows individuals to set up their shops.

Accomplishing this requires no registration fee and all of the production and fulfillment is handled by the site.

Click here to check out Ultra Press

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13. Gshopz

GShopz has a tagline that states, “Wear Artwork, not Names.”

The uniqueness of this site is a collection of quality clothing brands and applied prints to make them stylish and unique for the individual.

The services provided take the clothing that the site produces and packages it specifically for the individual to provide that “one of a kind” look.

Click here to check out GShopz


14. Spread Shirt 

This site provides custom-made T-shirts and other types of clothing.

Spread Shirt provides an online customization tool that the user can access to create their shirt or another clothing item.

Click here to check out Spread Shirt


15. Printify & Etsy 

The combination of Printify and Etsy allows the individual to have more control over solidifying their brand.

Printify is a print-on-demand company that facilitates the uploading of your designs to be applied to dozens of a variety of products.

Examples could be a broad selection of apparel, artwork, bags, mousepads, phone cases, etc.

Printify allows you to meld together your print-on-demand products on your website or through your marketplace if you have a registered store on Etsy.

Printify provides this service at no charge if you have five stores that are up and running.


16. Teespring 

Teespring allows an individual to custom design and sells their apparel online.

When the items are sold, the money from the sale goes towards Teespring for the production and design and then ships the design you created to all of your buyers.

With Teespring there is no need to pay any money upfront or worry about how many shirts you need or hassle people for payment.

Their tagline is zero hassle, zero upfront costs, and zero risk.

Click here to check out Teespring


17. Luulla 

Luulla is a marketplace for fashion, specifically devoted to women in mind, but does include clothing for men.

At Luulla you can buy from independent sellers or you can sell your creations.

There are three different monthly plans that a user can access.

Those three plans are basic, professional, or unlimited.

Click here to check out Luulla


18. Ecrater 

With Ecrater you can purchase or sell items on the main marketplace where you can create your store.

For each item that you wish to sell, you can upload 10 pictures to identify that item.

This website takes a 2.9% commission on every item sold if the individual utilizes the main site rather than listing their items for sale in their store.

Click here to check out Ecrater


19. Zibbet 

Handcrafted items are available on Zibbet.

The items can be either purchased or you can upload pictures of your crafts for sale.

There are a variety of search filters available that can be utilized to find discounted prices, different products, maximum and minimum price searches, and by the seller.

If an individual wish to open up a store it would cost that person $10 a month to make that happen.

Click here to check out Zibbet


20. Spoonflower 

Spoonflower is an online marketplace for purchasing wallpaper, custom designs, and purchasing fabric.

On this site, there are over 15,000 independent fabric designers.

The individual can upload their design or can utilize designs on the website.

Click here to check out Spoonflower


21. AC Moore 

This is a retail marketplace for handmade items and creations from independent artists and makers.

There are five main categories that items for sale fall under with AC Moore.

Those five categories include home and living, papercrafts, clothing, jewelry, and fine art.

If an individual wishes to open up a store on this retail platform there would be a $10 a month fee.


22. Bonfire 

Bonfire allows for the designing, selling, and ordering of premium custom shirts.

With this site, you can open a free online store and market your creations.

The process makes it makes easy for individuals who wish to browse the site to review your products.

Click here to check out Bonfire


23. Printcloud 

This website advertises itself as an online web to print provider that provides services and ships to locations in Canada and the United States.

Through this website, high-quality business cards, flyers, postcards, pop-up banners, and more can be generated.

You can fully customize your print and design through online tools or upload your file.


24. Handmade 

Amazon handmade is a platform in which a variety of handmade items are created and available.

To be a seller, there must be a submission of an artisan application with an audit process that is provided at no charge.

For each sale, there is a 15% deduction of the gross amount.

The best way to handle the orders and the shipping to the customers would be to use Fulfillment by Amazon.

Click here to check out Amazon handmade


25. Uncommongoods 

This retail website boasts of items for sale that are creative and unique.

If an individual wish to sell items of their own on this site they need to submit the product to be reviewed by the staff of Uncommongoods.

Subscription to this website is for $14.90 annually and for U.S. customers only there is the provision of free standard shipping.

Click here to check out Uncommongoods


Personal Story

When I served with a not-for-profit, my primary employment role was to raise money to ensure the provision of services that the community expected our agency to provide.

One of those services that we provided was caring for individuals during natural disasters.

Specifically, in our local community, we responded to wildfires, flooding, and house fires.

When there was a house fire we would care for the family, provide them with temporary lodging until they could find another place to move into, and also help in providing clothes for the family if their clothes were lost.

Additionally, we were sometimes called upon to respond to disasters at a national level.

On one occasion I went down to the city of New Orleans after the devastation that was created by a hurricane and the subsequent flooding.

Although the situation was not a humorous one, we always had to inject some sort of light-heartedness to help us to cope with the disaster and pain that we saw people going through.

One of the jokes was when we rotated out from our tour of service, we received a T-shirt. The standard gag was that the T-shirt indicated that we had been there, done that, and got the T-shirt


Alternative Websites like CafePress FAQs


Are You Able to Upload One Design on Multiple Sites.

Yes, this is not an issue and is permissible.


What is the Main Benefit of Utilizing an on-demand Service?

By utilizing an on-demand site it reduces significant surpluses.

This deuced the reality that by printing on demand you can quickly and cost-effectively produce additional products as needed.


You Can Do It

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts that we receive are the simplest and sincerest.

Often these gifts are not only appreciated but sometimes there is a hidden meaning behind these gifts.

That is what makes them so special.

A case in point is those specialized and personalized gifts that we receive that have a special saying, expression, or other meaningful words or symbols on them that make them so unique and appreciated.



Through the availability of websites such as Cafe Press and others, we have a greater opportunity to reflect on relationships and develop a special gift that expresses how we feel about others.

These gifts can almost be one-of-a-kind and priceless because, although they may be ordinary, the personalization of them goes beyond the gift itself and expresses a bond and appreciation of another individual.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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