Are you looking for places to watch content similar to Betterscope?

Well, you’re in luck because there are alternatives.

Betterscope was one many used since it was an extension of Periscope.

Here, we’ll go over 25 sites like Betterscope to use.


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Why Use Alternatives to Betterscope?

Betterscope is a livestream site with a lot of great content.

However, some people may want to use a different site because of the following.

  • They want an app
  • It may not work as well on their mobile devices
  • It buffers too much

Plus, you want more curated live content.

Luckily, there are tons, and we’ll discuss them here.


25 Best Sites Like Betterscope

Here are 25 alternative sites to Betterscope and why people are using these.



This is similar to Periscope, and it’s a great way to showcase different live videos.

This is great for brands, and it can be a good way for you to get to know more and more people.

For great, live content, this is one way to find it.

Click here to check out Periscopen


2. YouTube

YouTube should be obvious, but this is a good way to watch different people do things.

While it is focused on gaming, they have lives for pretty much every type of event out there.

The one catch is that it’s all safe for work, so you won’t find anything explicit on these lives.


3. Zapstream

Zapstream is a newer entry into livestreaming, which lets users add drawings and texts in order to better enhance their video, and it also lets you add filters too.

You can also send screenshots to Facebook and Twitter too.

Click here to check out Zapstream


4. Twitch

Another site famous for gaming live streams, it’s now moved into non-gaming content.

This can be a great way to really get viewers, and with a lot of content, the sky’s the limit on what you choose to do with this.


5. Liveomg

This is a site that offers live videos, both SFW and otherwise, and it broadcasts to many visitors still, and it’s a good alternative to Betterscope, especially if you want something that can handle the more spicy content as well.


6. Playlixt

This is another site that lets you play some hot and fun streams of pretty much anything.

It does mirror a lot of the major events on Twitch and whatnot, and it does come in alternative languages, including Russian, which is a nice little addition.

You can catch your favorite events on this, too, if you want.

Click here to check out PlayLixt


7. Hang/W

This is a site that lets you literally hang out as someone live streams whatever it is that they’re doing.

From bungee jumping to surfboarding to even just chilling, this is another live stream site worth looking into.


8. Meerkat

Meerkat is an app that lets you stream to Twitter, and it pretty much lets you have streams that work directly on your device.

You can watch streams, and while they aren’t rerunning, you can always have them saved in the library too, and if you choose to, viewers can look at any older stream, even interact if they choose to.


9. TikTok

This is one of the most popular apps for videos, but it also does handle live streaming quite seamlessly.

You can do TikTok lives where you talk, and that’s pretty cool.

There are tons of ways to do this and so many live videos.

With the traction that this gets, it’s worth looking into as well.



Another Russian site that’s similar to Betterscope, this one has other broadcasts that are similar to those seen on liveOMG.

From sports to even talk shows, a lot of these mirror off of there, and they’re great for if you want to watch some live broadcasts, but you end up missing them due to work and whatnot.

Again, another great live streaming alternative too.

Click here to check out


11. Instagram Live

Instagram is known for pretty pictures and videos, and it is something more and more are using.

But Instagram Live is a great way to watch, and they are archiving the old live videos which are there.

This is a great way to keep up with some of the latest content, and it’s simple to use but also quite effective too.

Click here to check out Instagram


12. Uscreen

Uscreen is a great one that offers a lot of access to live videos and even build subs.

It’s great for brand building, and it’s a popular live stream platform, offering a variety of different businesses and the like to get what they need.

It’s pretty simple to use, and it’s great to consider if you want to really take your live streaming to the next level.

Click here to check out Uscreen


13. Facebook

Facebook has some of the best live services after, and the social networking site is still pretty active.

You do need to follow specific requirements to be a partner, but those requirements are becoming easier and are a good alternative to Betterscope.

Click here to check out Facebook Live


14. LinkedIn Live

This is actually a great way to watch live business videos.

It does have the requirements of 150 connections or followers, and if you’re already using LinkedIn, you can get a lot of engagement.

There are plenty of great videos on there, and for the business side of things, which does differ from the other live social media sites, this is one to consider.

Click here to check out LinkedIn Live


15. YouNow

This is a way to find newer broadcasters, and it is great to find people all over.

The requirements and support are better than other sites, but one of the biggest downsides is that it is a little bit expensive, so it may deter a few of the people who were otherwise using this.

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Click here to check out YouNow & Sites Like Uncrate


16. Vimeo

This is a live video community that’s still going strong.

It’s cheap, and it is great at meeting the requirements compared to other sites.

The videos on this aren’t usually lives, but instead videos that you record and upload before.

But if you want to take lives and put them on there, this is an option, and for those looking for lives, this is a good one.


17. StreamYard

This is a live streaming service and studio that helps you stream to these other sites.

It’s considered a live streaming service, and while there isn’t a website and it’s more of a tool, it lets you create and post lives.

This is more for those who want to make lives than watch it, but it’s a good alternative to Betterscope.

Click here to check out StreamYard


18. Amazon Live

Amazon is even doing lives too.

They don’t really do anything like gaming or general live videos, but it’s pretty much like Twitch, but for shopping, so it’s pretty easy to use.

They even generated some significant revenue in the last year, and there are some great features.

This is good for businesses who are interested in doing lives of shopping and products, and in watching these too.

Click here to check out Amazon Live


19. Restream

This is a cool multithreading service for live videos across different platforms that are there.

This is similar to the other livestreaming that’s like Betterscope, but this has great support, and it’s pretty easy to put together.

This is good for multi-channel streaming services, which some people may want to use to stream what they want.


20. BlueJeans

Have an event that you want to broadcast around the country or world?

This is a streaming service that works well.

It is a little bit harder to put together, and it is a little more expensive, but if you have a larger gathering and Zoom isn’t cutting it, or you want it to work on a live platform that’s interactive, it’s a good way to do it.

Click here to check out Blue Jeans


21. Reddit

Reddit does have a live function, and if you want to use this for a younger audience, it’s a good option.

It also does have the chance to build real connections, and if you want to find and create great live videos, this is how.

Click here to check out Reddit Live


22. Mixcloud

This is good for watching livestreams that actually pay for the music that’s used.

So if you want to get musicians, DJs, and those who do podcasts, this is a good option.

It’s free to download, and it’s a good way to support people financially.

Click here to check out Mixcloud


23. Panopto

This is another basic streaming platform, but it’s more for business and live educational videos than other means.

This is a great way to stream lectures and conferences, so if you want to use this to stream important information, this is a good way to do it.

There are a lot of different ways to use it, which in turn does justify the price for many.

Click here to check out Panopto


24. Glide

Glide is a communication app that lets you talk to friends, followers, and the like.

It offers live streaming, and it uses cloud services in order to store everything, including your live stream videos that you’ve done or that you’ve gotten from others, and it won’t compromise your phone storage.

It also does support Apple watch, so you can use this directly on the device.

Click here to check out Glide


25. Telepathy

Finally, we have telepathy, which is an app that’s used to help with communications and the like.

This is a cool one because you can connect with your friends and interact automatically.

It does offer mostly video chatting, but they do have stream capabilities, too, especially when using the app to help you talk to others.

This is more of a video app; it is one to consider for live streaming.

Click here to check out Telepathy


Best Alternative Websites Like Betterscope FAQs


Why Should I Look for Other Sites Like Betterscope?

Betterscope is similar to Periscope, which is a good sort of app, but the one problem is that it goes down in a lot of cases quite quickly.

The problem with it going down so much is that it’s not reliable, and it isn’t fully integrated with Twitter either.

It can be good to have multiple channels, especially if you plan to do lots of live streaming anyways.


What Can I Do on These Sites?

You can usually watch and create livestreams, depending on what you want to use.

The beauty of this is that you can check out some of these alternatives, see if they’re right for you, and then make an account.

Some of them are good just for sharing previously-live videos or at-home sorts of videos, while others do thrive in the live video world.

With the many options, it also can generate an income too.


Do I Just Stream Live Videos on These?

You can make your own.

From work events to lectures to even just chatting with others, there are different ways to use these alternatives.


What’s the Best Thing to Stream on These Other Sites Like Betterscope?

This is ultimately based on the type of content that you want to put out.

For example, some people may benefit from streaming different work events or maybe work announcements for the brand.

Others may benefit from shopping experiences and making it so that you have the right products delivered.

Others may benefit from just doing live videos of events, and that, of course, can be good.

No matter what, there is a live streaming service for everything.


Can I Get Paid for Using These Sites?

It can be possible.

You just have to have the right audience and have enough of an audience in order to do this sort of thing.

For the most part, not everyone gets paid, but there are some exceptions to this as well.



When it comes to finding live streaming services for videos of all kinds, there are so many that you have a lot to choose from.

Check out these alternatives to Betterscope, and from there, see if it’s right for your streaming needs and if it’s worth using in the long haul as well.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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