Alibaba has become a top choice for eCommerce retail sites looking to source products, suppliers, and manufacturers.

The large database and quality of products make the B2B marketplace one of the best in the world.

However, as an entrepreneur, the importance of having various options can’t be overemphasized.

Irrespective of whether or you foresee the need for it, having multiple options hurt no one.

This article brings you some of the other similar sites to Alibaba and why you should consider them an alternative.

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Perks That Comes With Having Alternative B2B Marketplace Websites

Having multiple options helps you make productive decisions most of the time.

You can always go for what you want and not what’s available.

The principle is the same for having various alternative sites to Alibaba.

You can always contrast your options and go for the most beneficial one.

With the alternative sites, you can enjoy cheaper rates, faster shipping and delivery, have large options of various high-quality products to pick from, meet numerous suppliers with better terms of the transaction, etc.

All these are what knowing other alternative sites to Alibaba, or any other B2B marketplace can offer you. Without further ado, check out some of the best similar sites to Alibaba below.


25 Best Websites Like Alibaba

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or connect with manufacturers, the following online marketplaces can always stand in for Alibaba with satisfaction.


1. DHGate

This eCommerce website can be regarded as B2B and B2C (Business 2 Consumers).

It is regarded as the closest equivalent to Alibaba, and it has a wide range of products collection and categories, including Electronics, Sports, beauty, health, etc.

One of DHGate’s most unique features is the brick-and-mortar stores in various locations.

The DTC (Digital Trend Centers) is where businesses/consumers can physically inspect their products.

It is available across Europe, in the U.S., and Australia.

Click here to check out DHGate


2. Global Sources

This Hong-kong based online marketplace is also similar to Alibaba.

Global Sources claims to serve 95% of top e-commerce retailers worldwide.

The Sourcing websites strictly target large-scale businesses, which makes minimum order quantity a bit on the high side.

Also, having a budget may not work if you are hoping to use this site, as some products do not have a price tag.

However, if you’re looking to connect with the best suppliers in the game and you don’t care about splashing the cash, it’s your best alternative to Alibaba.

Click here to check out Global Sources


3. Chinabrands

If you’re looking for a platform that supports drop shipping, Chinabrands is your best option.

Beyond that, the platform connects eCommerce retailers to trusted Chinese suppliers.

You can always find quality products and a wide array of manufacturers to connect with on the platform.

All these make it similar to Alibaba.

Click here to check out Chinabrands


4. J.D.

This is a B2C marketplace targeted at consumers rather than businesses.

However, J.D. provides wholesale for businesses, where you can buy at a lesser per-unit price and sell at a fair profit margin.

The china-based platform has a global website where you can browse in English.

It also comes with a large array of products and a comprehensive list of suppliers.

Click here to check out J.D.


5. Trade India

This India-based B2B marketplace shares close semblance to Alibaba.

It has an extensive products categories list and helps businesses connect with suppliers via its Dial B2B feature.

TradeIndia also stands out uniquely with its business loan offer that you can access on the platform.

It also has a worldwide shipping arrangement and optimized customer service.

Click here to check out Trade India


6. Made-in-China

This platform is one of the top online marketplaces in China, similar to Alibaba.

Users can access the site in 11 languages to ease trading and transactions.

Made-in-China boasts 3600+ product categories and millions of products available for purchase. It has 6+ million suppliers, a figure that keeps increasing daily.

All these make the sourcing site a big deal in the e-commerce world.

You’ll surely find any products you desire on it, from anywhere around the world.

Click here to check out Made-in-China


7. EC21

When it comes to Industrial products, EC21 is the marketplace to turn to.

The platform has some hard-to-find industrial commodities, including Agriculture equipment, electronic supplies, hardware, etc.

As an online eCommerce store, you can always purchase these goods wholesale and profit from them.

EC21 products are always in high demand, and you can never go wrong with them.

Click here to check out EC21


8. Light In The Box

While LightInTheBox may have lesser product numbers than Alibaba, they’re similar in service delivery and efficiency.

The site has an abundance of products available in top categories like beauty, toys, fashion, electronics, etc.

It comes with a user-friendly interface and has helpful product descriptions.

Navigating your way through this site shouldn’t pose much stress, and you’ll always find tons of products you desire.

Click here to check out LightInTheBox


9. GearBest

If you desire any other product categories apart from gadgets, you should consider other options apart from GearBest.

The specialized online marketplace has some of the latest and high on-demand gadgets you can ever consider.

It is home to technology, electronics, and gadgets and operates through an optimized quality control process to ensure the authenticity and quality of every product is proven without a doubt.

Click here to check out GearBest


10. ECPlaza

The B2B marketplace is a Japanese brand with thousands of verified suppliers, manufacturers, and companies.

It has an extended list of product categories including Agriculture products, automobiles, medical and health, etc.

It is a top platform with close semblance to Alibaba.

ECPlaza is easy to navigate and has top quality and affordable products in store for shopping.

Click here to check out ECPlaza



While this is a B2C marketplace, one can also liken it to Alibaba because you can get Wholesale products from it.

It’s one of the few marketplaces with locations worldwide and different sites for the U.S., Australia, and Canada markets.

While SHEIN has varieties of products ranging from accessories to personal care, it mostly deals with Women’s apparel.

It has an exhaustive collection of Clothing and Fashion accessories to buy wholesale or for personal use.

Click here to check out SHEIN


12. eWorldTrade

This platform is another global B2B marketplace like Alibaba.

It serves as a trade medium for millions of businesses irrespective of the scale (large, medium, or small).

eWorldTrade is a fast and reliable platform with tons of products and many suppliers.

It operates on advanced features and optimized systems, making it a good alternative for any top B2B marketplace.

Click here to check out eWorldTrade

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13. IndiaMart

The India-based marketplace is one the oldest B2B classified platform.

IndiaMart serves as a meeting point between suppliers, sellers, and buyers.

Its database contains millions of suppliers, and many products are available on display on the site.

The platform prioritizes customer protection, and it also has an instant payment gateway feature that makes transactions seamless.

Click here to check out IndiaMart



14. Thomas Net

This platform is one of the best sourcing websites ever existed.

The B2B marketplace has been in existence (both offline and online) for over a century, giving satisfaction to millions of users.

It boasts 500,000+ commercial suppliers and over 6 million products in various categories, including industrial products.

Thomas Net has the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional representation of more than 10 million of its products, with each product being authentic and of great quality.

It’s a similar site to Alibaba and a perfect alternative if you ever need to explore other sites.

Click here to check out Thomas Net


15. All.Biz

The All.Biz platform can be regarded as a B2B and B2C marketplace.

It is a specialized site that deals mainly in clothing products and textiles.

The 22 years old platform boasts 1.3 million companies registered on it and over 20 million products available for purchase.

Language isn’t a barrier when it comes to trading on All.Biz.

The platform supports over 26 languages, including French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

It is user-friendly and displays product prices in your local currency to help you stay within your budget and keep track of your spending.

It’s another excellent site with many similarities to Alibaba.

Click here to check out All.Biz


16. ECVV

The Business-Business marketplace is home to some of the most unique, top-quality, and trending products.

It boasts of millions of latest products and trusted suppliers throughout China.

ECVV gives quality assurance and warranty to global buyers, making it stand out as one of the few online marketplaces.

While its product categories are not as large as Alibaba’s, the platform isn’t that far off the global most popular china-based marketplace.

Click here to check out ECVV


17. ExportHub

This is another similar site to Alibaba that provides eCommerce retailers with hundreds of product suppliers and product categories.

It contains a well-arranged and detailed list of some of the latest manufacturers and companies you can explore to connect with a product supplier.

ExportHub also provides helpful B2B trends and tips to maximize productivity and achieve results.

Click here to check out ExportHub


18. China.Cn.

A Chinese telecommunication giant company sponsors this platform.

It is regarded as the third most valuable marketplace in China, only behind Alibaba and its subsidiary AliExpress.

China.Cn is a fast-growing platform where you can easily get products from Chinese suppliers.

It has millions of suppliers and plenty of products available in different categories.

It’s another excellent choice to replace Alibaba.

Click here to check out China.Cn



The YAAKU platform is a fashion-themed website for eCommerce retailers. The site contains various Clothing and Fashion accessories available.

It offers international shipment and delivery, and you can always contact suppliers directly for product specifications and negotiation on wholesale price.

Click here to check out YAAKU


20. Europages

This site is one of the few you don’t have to worry about the language barrier to access.

You can access it in 26 major languages, including the top ones like French, Espanol, Italiano, and Portuguese.

Europages contains a large database of European manufacturers and essential products available for sale. It’s a similar site to Alibaba and can be an alternative in some cases.

Click here to check out Europages


21. Chinavasion

This platform has been in existence for 17+ years.

It partners with various suppliers that offer high-quality products for eCommerce retailers.

Chinavasion allows dropshipping and links you with a supplier to directly discuss wholesale pricing.

Click here to check out Chinavasion


22. Supplier Database

While the Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database doesn’t qualify outrightly as a marketplace, its similarity to Alibaba is agreeable.

Like the top B2B marketplace site, this site also looks to connect businesses with suppliers.

It has a robust list of manufacturers businesses can access to get quality products, and you can also generate purchases directly within the site.

Click here to check out Supplier Database



The Hong Kong-based platform has various products with thousands of suppliers.

However, you can’t purchase these goods directly on the site.

Rather the site helps you link up with a supplier to complete transactions.

HKTDC is similar to Alibaba because it links you with a supplier, making a difference.

The platform doesn’t support dropshipping, and it offers you no protection during transactions with a supplier.

Click here to check out HKTDC


24. DealExtreme

This is another reliable platform like Alibaba.

DealExtreme has been in existence for over a decade, and it boasts products in nearly all categories.

The platform allows numerous options and organizes periodic discounts and flash sales you can take advantage of.

Click here to check out DealExtreme


25. Banggood

While Banggood is known for its large offering of electric scooters to the U.S. market, it can also be an excellent marketplace similar to Alibaba.

The site has varieties of products that are strictly low price consumer goods that you can trade for a higher profit margin.

It offers buyer’s protection and allows numerous payment options, thereby easing transactions.

Click here to check out Banggood


Random Tips to Remember When Trading on Any Marketplace

As an eCommerce retailer, your number one aim will always be profitability.

To ensure this, you need to apply certain tips.

They include:

  • Verify suppliers before transacting. This is why trading on platforms that offers buyer’s protection is more advisable
  • Always consider drop shipping if it’s available
  • Go for goods with a high-profit margin
  • Small and lightweight goods have a lesser shipping fee
  • Always shop for High in-demand products
  • Consider competition before purchasing a product.


Best Alibaba Alternative FAQs


What’s the Best Platform to Find Suppliers for an Ecommerce Retailer Newbie?

Alibaba is the top choice for most eCommerce retailers, but you can always consider some of the best similar sites we’ve listed above.


Is AliExpress the Same With Alibaba?

AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba, both of which are online marketplaces.

The major difference between the two is that AliExpress is open to consumers (i.e., Business-2-Consumers model) while Alibaba focuses majorly on businesses of varying scales, i.e., B2B model.



While Alibaba is the most popular B2B marketplace online, there are several other similar sites you can also consider for various reasons.

Everything you need to know about these similar sites has been discussed extensively in this article.

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