This comprehensive article reveals a lot about simple wood pallet projects.

It also reveals a lot more to help you if you are interested in the most simple wood pallet projects.


In the old Hollywood film classic, The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman has just graduated from college.

He is aimless and uncertain about his future. His neighbor and father’s business partner, Mr. McGuire, takes the young graduate aside, Benjamin Braddock, and offers some business advice.

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The business advice is encapsulated into one word. That one word is plastics. The conversation is ended as Mr. McGuire states, “There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?

Well, that ship has sailed. However, there is another word for the sake of this article.


Converting Pallets to Projects

What is that futuristic word of advice? Pallets.

Yes, pallets!

These merchandise shipping platforms are nailed together using wood and constructed specifically to easily transport durable goods from a warehouse to a truck and out to various merchandise outlets.

Those goods that are stacked and wrapped on the pallets are eventually sold to consumers.

Generally, these wooden pallets are constructed so that a fork-lift or pallet jack can easily lift and move the pallet that is stacked with the product.

They are sturdy, easily made, and easily deconstructed.

Generally, a pallet is constructed to accommodate 2,205 pounds. Incredibly, there are over a half 1 billion pallets constructed each year and it is currently estimated that there are 2 billion pallets in use across the United States.

The pallets are usually constructed through the use of three or four stringers.

These stringers are the foundation of the pallet using standard dimensions and constructed so that pallet jacks and forklifts can easily be inserted underneath to lift the whole pallet on which the product easily shipped.

The deck boards are nailed on top of the stringers with the first deck board being the length of the stringer and the second deck board measured to the same length as the deck board.

To ensure the safety of using pallets they are square in dimension to minimize tipping.

The standard constructed pallet is 40 inches in dimension with the stringers being 48 inches. Pallets are not made of raw untreated wood due to compliant standards.

Consequently, the pallet must undergo a heat treatment with the heat being raised to 232.8°F at an approximate time length of 30 minutes.

That’s why the use of pallets for various do-it-yourself construction projects provides the perfect wood material to construct simple or complex wooden projects.

To obtain the pallets needed to construct your project, the do-it-yourselfer can go to various stores that receive large quantities of shipments that are generally transported on pallets.

These pallets are very commonplace and usually can be obtained at no or minimal cost from the business.

Additionally, this type of project has become so popular that there are kits that can be purchased online that have all of the materials and instructions needed to complete the intended project.


Available Simple Wood Pallet Projects “How to” Resources

If interested, in a pallet project, the next step would be where to start. By simply typing into a search engine, the excited DIYer will be reward with various Internet sites.

Often these sites will list several simple pallet projects that even the most novice individual can begin with.

Additionally, some sites are complete with pictures and specific instructions on how to proceed with the project.

And of course, there’s always YouTube and the individual can see visually how the project is created and comes to life.


7 Top Simple Wood Pallet Projects You can Easily Build


Simple Wood Pallet Project #1: Coffee Mug Holder

What better project to start with than drinking in your first wake-me-up beverage of the day?

Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a coffee cup off of your newly built pallet coffee rack and savor the richness of your coffee and the wealth of your creativity.

A pallet coffee rack can be easily made by sanding down the wood from your pallet, nailing three to four slats horizontally onto two separate slats vertically.

Add some hooks nicely proportioned onto the horizontal slats and voila you have a simple but unique coffee mug holder.

Of course, feel free to decorate the mug holder with a variety of varnishes or paints and sayings to start your day off on the right foot.

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Project #2: Photograph Frames

Or what better way to enhance the photographs of loved ones or frame a beautiful family portrait than using a wooden pallet frame.

Simply reduce the size of the pallet wood to the picture that you wish to frame and meaningfully design or decorate the wood.

Often a beautiful varnish to the sanded would enhance the photograph and lovingly highlight the members of the photo in a caring fashion.

In joining the four corners of the wooden frame one can angle them correctly so that they join together or simply glue the pieces of wood together fastened with metal joiners.


Simple Wood Pallet Projects


Simple Wood Pallet Projects #3: Shoe Rack

How about the pairs of shoes that lie unmatched and cluttered in the hallway, garage, or hallway clothes?

An easy remedy to store shoes and keep them organized as people enter the house is through the practical construction of a pallet shoe rack.

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Different styles of racks can be made ranging anywhere from shelves where the shoes are placed horizontally or vertical type racks with the shoes being placed into the racks with the toe down and heel facing upwards.

After the pallet has been taken apart, the various slats can be joined together with the vertical slat to begin making the shelves.

These pieces can be joined at a perpendicular angle by using a hardware item known as fix-it blocks and then screwed together to hold the pieces securely.

Because it is simply a shoe rack minimal ornamentation and sanding are required.

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Project #4: Family Sign

A nice touch to one’s home is to have a sign made from the pallet that has nicely written on it the last name of the family.

This can be accomplished by simply taking apart the pallet and cutting the wood to the size of the sign that you wish to hang.

The sign can be hung on the outside of the doorway or can be placed in the den, etc.

Once the wood has been cut down to the proper size then just bind the pieces of wood together by using a long enough strip of wood to accommodate the nailing and affixing of the other slats.

Simply then sand the wood and apply varnish or paint according to your preferences on the front of the sign.

To add the family’s name simply use some vinyl lettering and adhere the lettering on the front of the sign.

Attach hanging hardware and you will be thrilled in that you have a personalized pallet sign announcing the pride of the family living within the home.


Project #5: Mattress Support

Another easy and practical use of a simple wood pallet project is to simply lay down two pallets on the bedroom floor to make a support for the mattress.

Of course, before laying the mattress on top of the pallets it’s best to lay some sort of protective sheeting so that the mattress is not damaged.

To hide the pallet base for this bed a simple bedspread of beautiful towels can be laid over the pallets.

This is truly a simple project and can be most beneficial to an individual who is on a very tight budget and or is on temporary sleeping arrangements.

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Simple Wood Pallet Project #6: Wall Decoration

Another simple project to build using pallets from wood is to create a wall wooden decor hanging.

Simply bind together two slats of the wood from the pallets and then cut out a portion of the wood to insert a large metal clamp horizontally.

The clamp will hold either a decorated tin can or glass Mason jar which can be used to hold fresh or artificial plants.

Additionally, if you want to keep the rustic look, then no preparation or finishing needs to occur with the use of the wood from the pallets.

Of course, if wanting to hang the project onto a wall a hanging wire or other hanging devices would need to be attached to the back of the project.


Project #7: Pallet Fence

If you are a gardener or want to create a fence around a certain part of your property, then a pallet fence is something that is easily built and will accomplish the trick.

In building a simple pallet fence, all one needs to do is secure one pallet to a standing wall, fence post, or to a building.

This can be accomplished by attaching some supporting boards and then piecing together the pallet with those boards.

Then add an additional pallet to that mounted pallet by screwing or nailing metal joints to attach the additional pallet.

For additional support of the pallet, small boards or other pieces of wood can be placed in the front or on the back of the pallet walls.

And so the list goes on and on…


Important Consideration

At first glance or first read one may think that doing a do-it-yourself project utilizing wooden materials from a pallet is a little bit overwhelming or an intimidating process.

It is important to realize that nothing is further from the truth and that you, despite your woodworking experience or non-woodworking experience; one can make these projects come to reality.

This is something that you can start by completing a small project and then building on your success. This assertion is true whether you have woodworking or non-woodworking experience.

Through articles such as this or looking at videos of people who have accomplished various projects, you will see step-by-step instructions on how to make your project come alive and you will be astounded and amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it.

The various projects are only limited by one’s imagination and can adorn a person’s backyard or add to the decorum in one’s home.

What a wonderful way to show off your creativity to your friends and neighbors and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Additionally, if one is so inclined, they can create and build and craft these projects and sell them at various craft shows, flea markets, or other special events that welcome handcrafted materials for sale.


My Simple Wood Pallets Personal Experience

Admittedly, I have not constructed or put together a pallet project. However, a home that I lived in, had built a pallet patio.

It appeared that this pallet patio was easily constructed beneath a large spreading and shady tree and was a perfect place for a spot of tea in the morning or enjoying an evening glass of wine in the coolness of the evening air.

An enjoyable construction project that was both durable and life-enriching as one prepared for the day or allowed the stresses of the day to be released.


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Hobbyists and those who love to indulge in a new craft or sell various craft projects are always looking for some cutting-edge hobby or practical addition to the family home that will resonate with their potential consumers. Perhaps, the new rage, in a word, is pallets.

The simplicity and beauty of creating projects from wooden pallets are that the material is natural and can be designed utilizing family member names, personalize one’s home, or other personal touches.

Added to the enjoyment of seeing one’s work and creativity take shape, it will provide the home and garden with a rustic and natural look.

By simply obtaining pallets or a pallet kit and utilizing tools that are probably already a part of the toolshed within the home, one can use their spare time to personalize a particular room in the home or their garden.

With a prybar, nails, cordless drill, and hammer many of the above do-it-yourself pallet projects can be, unlike Rome, built in a day.

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