Ever wondered why some bloggers are far more successful than others? You are not alone.

It’s usually because the successful bloggers know and use certain tips or even tricks that others don’t. This article shows you 15 of such tricks and tips you can use to grow your blog in record time.

Best of all, you can start implementing some of them today!

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That said, let’s get into the 15 powerful yet extremely simple blogging tricks and tips that will grow your audience in record time.


Blogging Trick # 1 – Use Yoast SEO



There are many search engine plugins that will optimize your blog posts for your keywords.  Yoast SEO is one of the best.

It is very easy to use. It will give you suggestions to improve the on page SEO of your post.

Once you complete the suggestions, a green dot will appear next the suggestion.

Here’s an example:


Try to get a “green light” for all the suggestions for you post.  Also target “highly searched but low competition keywords” for your posts.


Blogging Trick # 2 – Take Advantage Of The Comment Luv Plugin



Use Yoast SEO for your “one page” SEO.  For your backlinks, take advantage of the Comment Luv plugin.

If you have Comment Luv installed, it will work simultaneously with other blogs that also have the Comment Luv plugin installed.

When you make a comment on one of the blogs, Comment Luv will display a link to your latest blog post under your comment.

If you share your comment via one of the social media links like facebook or twitter, Comment Luv will give you more blog posts to link to.

Even though these links are not the strongest links there are, over time they will help with improving the search traffic to your posts.

Someone might also click directly to your blog post from the link in your comments.

You can get traffic just by leaving good comments on other blogs.

Here is a list of over 100 Blogs that use Comment Luv.


Blogging Trick #3 – Always Use The Active Voice



Always use the active voice vs. passive voice in your writing.  It makes it easier for your audience to read.

This sounds technical so let’s explain with an example.

This is passive voice: “You will want to write in the active voice.”

This is active voice: “Always write in the active voice.”

Notice how that is straight to the point and much easier to read?


Blogging Trick #4 – Leave Plenty Of Whitespace



Big long paragraphs are intimidating to read.  Break them up into just a few sentences.

Even have some one sentence paragraphs like this.

You might make enemies with your English teacher but you are not writing for her anymore.  Do whatever you can to make the reading easier for your audience.


Blogging Trick # 5 – Shorten Your Sentences



Here’s a long sentence:

“Here is a perfect example of a sentence that is longer than it needs to be and it makes it harder for your audience to comprehend.”

Shorten it like this:

“This is an example of a long sentence.”

It still conveys the same meaning if we cut out unnecessary words like “perfect” and change phrases like “a sentence that is longer than it needs to be.”

Also note that we’ve already talked about making the text easier to read.  This is already implied, so you can leave out phrases like “because it makes it harder for your audience to read.”

This might have been a wordy explanation but Keep It Simple and Short.

You may want to occasionally add extra words or make the paragraphs longer for a sense of flow but in general keep it as short as possible.


Blogging Trick #6 – Keep Notes On Your Phone pen-2613029_640.png

Your best blogging ideas will not come while you are at your computer.  They will happen when you are in the grocery store, while you are commuting and many other odd times during the day.

Use an app like “Evernote” to quickly note these “random” ideas during the day.

You can even have a small pocket notebook and pen but make sure you capture these random gems during the day so you don’t forget them.


Blogging Trick #7 – Spend A Lot Of Time On Your Main Picture




Always use a main picture for post sharing.  You’ve spent a lot of time creating your article, don’t skimp and just post any picture.

Find one that really stands out.  Add text to the photo.  Add a border.

You may even want to outsource and have this done by someone on Fiverr.

People will notice this when your article gets shared, so make sure it stands out!


Blogging Trick #8 – Become A Master At Writing Headlines




The headline is the most important part of your article.  It will determine whether or not someone reads your article.

Pay attention to the headlines of the articles you read and find out what grabbed your attention.

Study articles on how to write better headlines.  This is one skill that is worth learning.

One site that has great headlines to model is ViralNova.


Blogging Trick #9 – Collect Emails




You always want collect emails.  You site needs more than a “sign up for updates” link.

You want to create a lead magnet.  PLR reports are good to use but if you can create your own “freebie” it is even better.

Have an optin form in your sidebar and always have a link to your squeeze page at the bottom of every article.

Consider a popup.  Everyone hates them but they work.  You can play it safe or you can use a popup and get the most subscribers.

Every time you write an article, notify your list and get instant traffic.

To help you manage your list as well as automate the process of contacting them, Aweber and Getresponse are among the best third party autoresponders out there.

If you would rather pay once, instead of monthly, there’s a new player in town called InboxingPro.

InboxingPro helps members build their email lists and uses a special system to ensure emails get delivered to subscribers’ inboxes, rather than spam boxes.

Check it out here, before it starts charging monthly.


Blogging Trick #10 – Pick A Sub-Niche In A Niche




Being a big fish in a small pond is better to start than being a little fish in a big pond.

Don’t pick a general niche like internet marketing as there is way too much competition.

Instead pick a sub-niche.  For instance choose social media, email marketing, copywriting etc…

You could even pick a sub-niche in a sub-niche.  For instance instead of social media, you could choose twitter or facebook.

It is better to become an expert first in a sub-niche and then work your way up to becoming an expert in the general niche.


Blogging Trick #11 – Get Hosting Which Gives You More Than Hosting Each Month



Most bloggers pay for hosting with the big names like Bluehost and Hostgator and they only get hosting.

You can pay for hosting and get much more than hosting, thanks to this amazing hosting service.

And what’s best is that you can pay monthly, rather than yearly.

It even allows you to pay monthly and gives you much more than hosting.

You get hosting as well as paid traffic and many other extras as bonuses each and every month.

Blogging Tip # 12 – Be Consistent




Blogging is a relationship and every relationship thrives on consistency.  Make a commitment to the amount of times you will blog.

Even if it is just every two weeks, make a commitment to publish a new article every two weeks. Set it on your calendar and do it!


Blogging Tip #13 – Have A Template




Always have a template to follow when you write a new article.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create the best possible headline

  • Have a main image that draws people in

  • Have an opening story that encourages people to read further

  • Make sure the post is scannable… Lots of white space and bullets… Plenty of subheadings

  • Create a summary

  • Close with a great question that encourages people to comment


Blogging Trick #14 – Don’t Quit




The most important mindset in blogging is to never give up.  The gurus will make it sound a lot easier than it is because easy sells.

If you are not making $1,000 dollars a month within 30 days, don’t give up.  This is an unrealistic expectation.

However, if you are consistent you can make $1,000 a month maybe in a year.

You WILL make mistakes but they are ways of teaching you what not to do.  You might not get the results you want but keep on trying.

Eventually you WILL l get it.  Often the people that are successful are just the ones who stuck it out.

So have realistic expectations and make a commitment to yourself that no matter what you will not quit.

For more reasons why you shouldn’t give up, check out this amazing article right here on Kingged:

Rome Was Not Built In A Day. 6 Compelling Reasons Why YOUR Internet Success Won’t Be Either


Blogging Trick #15 – Start Selling From Day 1



You don’t have to wait for many months or years to start selling on your blog. If you want to achieve success in record time, it’s ideal to start selling from the first day.

Yes, I know you most probably won’t have your own product to start selling, that’s not a problem.

You can start selling PLR products as yours and take 100% of the money you make.

That’s the beauty with PLR products. They help bloggers make money quickly, without spending days, weeks or even months creating their own products.

One of the best PLR membership sites to get products from right now is This Ultimate Money Vault.

You not only get products to use and resell as yours, but you also get hosting for life and autoresponder for life, as bonuses.

Check it out today.


Now it’s your turn! What’s your best blogging trick?

Please add me as a friend and follow me here on Kingged so we can connect and network.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!



  1. Hi John,

    I have to confess I really enjoyed reading this detailed post. I didn’t expect to learn so much from this but I did.

    I also found your use of the various images really helped to make the post more interesting to read.

    I have a question though regarding your tips on using the active voice, using plenty of whitespace and using short sentences, are these not mainly for those who are native English speakers?

    If one isn’t a native English speaker and just want to write freely as they blog, does it matter?

  2. Hi Judith,

    That is an interesting question that I’m not sure I have a great answer for.

    I will say that you want to always write for your audience. If your audience speaks a different language then you have to figure out the best way to write for that specific language.

    I think it will always be good to be less “wordy.” Also I think having more white space will make reading less intimidating in any language.

    However, as far as using active voice I’m not sure if every language even has active voice… LOL…

    Write for your audience though. Just because people write a certain way to make it easier for an English speaking audience doesn’t mean that it carry over to a different culture.

    Really know you ideal prospect and write directly to them. Know their wants and desires and give them what they want.

    Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day Judith!


  3. Hi John,

    I am glad you have provided these 15 tips and tricks. They are readily powerful and can actually go a long way to help the average blogger become an expert.

    Blogging may seem simple from the outside but when we get into it, the real difficulty crops up.

    It is important to stick with ideas and tips that will provide the blogger with gradual confidence.

    Tips numbers 12 and 14 that talk about consistent and don’t quit made my day!

    Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks!

  4. Hi John,

    What a very well put together post.

    I like the juxtaposing of the almost opposite words “powerful” and “simple” in the heading. It made me click through to read the rest of the article.

    I am happy the body didn’t disappoint. The tricks and tips are indeed powerful yet simple!

    What I like best about this post was how you wrote it following your own rules.

    For example, you used the active voice all through the article, you left plenty of whitespace all through and your sentences were mostly short. making the whole article easier to read.

    Great post!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you so much for the compliments.

    Yes I try to practice what I preach. I studied a Udemy course on how to make your writing more powerful.

    Every article I write I try to make sure it meets certain standards.

    For instance, using the active voice and leaving plenty of white space. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to read my article.

    Have an awesome week!


  6. Hi John,

    Most bloggers fail before they start because they fail to plan and implement the needful. I am glad you have shared this post. It has chronicled various blogging tricks and tips that should prepare every blogger for super success.

    It is important that a blogger begins from the “end”. In doing this, he/she must have the needs of the target audience at heart so that every actions and inactions in the blogging campaigns should be geared towards fulfilling the needs of the audience.

    Your piece is worth bookmarking and I am sure many readers would this this!

  7. Hi Celine,

    Thank you for reading my article. Yes it is very important to have a strategy that works and stick to it.

    I think it is important too to realize you will make mistakes but these are just ways of learning.

    Never give up. Decide that you WILL do this and you will be successful as you learn the right strategies.

    Take care and have an awesome week!


  8. Hi James,

    Thank you for reading. I agree with you on keeping things as simple as possible.

    If an article is easy to read, it will be enjoyed more. If it is too hard to read people will get frustrated and never finish!

    We don’t want that.

    Hope you have a great day James, thank you for participating in the conversation!

    Take care,


  9. Hi John,

    Yoast SEO is an awesome plugin. I was running it on my old blog, and loved it, but ran into a problem with the plugin to my theme so had to get rid of it. But it’s outstanding for SEO optimization. And it does help with rankings.

    I’m following a lot of your suggestions and find them very helpful. Couldn’t agree more with using LOTS of spaces, and not long paragraphs at all. That’s a little trick I figured out to keep your visitor on your site.

    Sometimes I also use a bold words to keep their interest as well.

    Thanks for Sharing.

  10. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for reading and taking part in the conversation. Yes it is very important to make things easy to read.

    Using bold font is a great way to emphasize important parts of your article.

    I’ve found using Yoast SEO very easy and find the tips very helpful too.

    Have a great day Tom!

    Take care,


  11. Hi Winford,

    Thank you for reading and taking part of the conversation. Yes, we should remember that we are blogging to make extra money.

    We shouldn’t be afraid to sell.

    Kingged’s Ultimate Money Vault supplies the blogger with many products to make some money.

    Have an awesome day Winford!


  12. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article.

    Yes, shorter sentence and paragraphs are key. Be straight to the point.

    It is also true that those who succeed are usually the people who decided to stick it out and never quit.

    It is important to realize you will get frustrated in the beginning but never give up.

    Thanks again Lisa for your comments. Have a blessed day!


    • Hi Bubbie,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am so glad that you enjoyed the article.

      I am also glad that you found something new to learn too.

      Yes, everything should be short and to the point with lots of white space.

      Take care Bubbie. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.


  13. I really enjoyed your article. I have kingged the article and saved it, in my bookmarks for future reference. The ViralNova site that you recommend is great. I’ll use it to write the title of the future articles that I’ll be writing for the 30 Days To Making Money Online course. Your hosting recommendation looks very good too.

  14. Hi Christian,

    Yes Viral Nova is a great site to model headlines.

    Best of luck with the 30 Days To Making Money.

    I am glad you liked the article and found it useful.

    Have a great day!


  15. This is a nice post, but I think it takes more to create a profitable blog…

    By the way, Comment Luv plugin doesn’t seem to be working.

    One thing I want to add to your list is consistently driving traffic to your affiliate offers – this is one of the things that Kingged.com does for you.

    Also building a huge email list goes a long way towards profits.

    Good luck!

  16. Hi John,

    Another wonderful post. I see you’ve mentioned CommentLuv, which is a plugin I absolutely love but hasn’t it been abandoned? If not, how can I get a fresh copy of it? I been researching this plugin for some time now, but all fingers are pointing to it being abandoned. I know this great website uses CommentLuv, but I just don’t get how it’s working. Please help recover me from this ignorance. Lol!
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…Social Media Engagement 101: How To Increase Your Follower InteractionMy Profile

  17. Hi Artice,

    To tell you the truth I have fallen behind. The idea of CommentLuv is great but maybe it has been abandoned. I would contact Kingged Support maybe they can provide more information.