This article looks into some of the best side jobs for teachers who want to make extra money.

Some of these side hustles or side jobs can be done even from the comfort of your home, as a teacher.


Why Side Jobs for Teachers to Make Extra Money?

If you are a teacher then you could be enjoying your career. However, in most parts of the world, teachers don’t get paid well.

This has made it possible for some of them to resort to other sources of income.

Yes, apart from the pay a teacher receives for his or her services, he or she can also make money in many other ways.

A teacher can write content, teach online, sell stuff, and participate in research, and so on, to make extra money.

Also, many companies pay teachers for completing different tasks. As a teacher you can sign up with some of these legit companies and websites to make extra money, as you can see from reading the rest of this article.


15 Best Side Jobs for Teachers that Pay Very Well


1. Start a Freelance Writing Side Hustle as a Teacher

You can become a freelance writer of articles and make money as a teacher.

You can use your experience as a teacher to write content for individuals or businesses.

The stuff you write may include ebooks, articles, speeches, resumes, technical drafts, lecture notes, and curriculums for clients.

You can also make money writing, as you can see from the following:

As an writer you are an independent contractor and you can work from the comfort of your home, work at your time, and set your price.

Some of the best places to find freelance writing jobs as a teacher include:



2. Make Money as a Teacher Tutoring Online

Teachers can make money teaching online.

You don’t have to be restricted to the four corners of the classroom to make money.

Online tutoring is the in-thing for most teachers today.

With the power of the Internet, you can be connected with students in many parts of the world.

You can find such online teaching jobs easily and even get paid to teach English abroad.

You can tutor students in subjects or topics you specialized in and get paid.

Most online tutoring jobs also require you to tutor foreign students in the English language.

You may need to show your fluency and teaching experience,  and also provide your basic teaching certificate before you apply.

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How much you make with online tutoring will depend on several factors.

These may include the number of students you can tutor in a day, the amount of time you put in teach in a day or week, the platform or employer you are working with, and your location, etc.

On average, most online tutors earn from $18 to $100 per hour.

Online tutoring jobs for teachers can be accessed from companies like:

  • QKids

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3. Become a Curriculum Developer

Teachers always work with school curricular.  A curriculum is an integrated course of academic studies.

If you can develop a curriculum for other teachers or schools then you can make money.

You can develop the curriculum in an ebook format and sell it to others.

You can set your price and sell as many as you want.

A lot of factors come into play when you are developing a curriculum.

The student test scores, the standardized teaching strategies, the books, and educational materials, are considered to develop a working curriculum.

You can use self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon to publish and sell your curriculum ebook.


4. Teach English as a Second Language

If you are a teacher who is very fluent in the English language then you can focus on teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

You will make money when you help foreigners or those who are not native English speakers understand the language better.

You can teach English online or offline at designated classrooms.

Many platforms will connect you with ESL jobs. These include:

  • Magic Ears
  • EF Teach Online
  • QKids
  • English from A to Z
  • Hugo English


5. Make Money as a Teacher Selling Your Lesson Plans

If you are a teacher that can prepare lesson plans for your classroom or student, then you will find it easy.

Some teachers find it difficult or time-consuming to prepare their lesson plans.

They would prefer to source it online. You can help other teachers share your lesson plans.

One of the best websites to share your lesson plans is Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sign up to this site and share your lesson plans and other teaching materials for money.

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6. Online Adjunct Educator Side Jobs for Teachers

You can make money as an adjunct professor or instructor.

If you have great teaching experience or an advanced education degree then you can start teaching part-time at local universities.

The U.S. Department of Education revealed adjunct professors account for almost half of America University and college teaching jobs.

Your job as an adjunct professor or educator may include giving lessons, tests, and support to students, universities, or colleges during the semester.

This is another great way of making money as a teacher.

Many teachers who work as online adjunct professors use this job to make extra money.

If you are in the United States, you should consider this form of job. of the sites to get more information about Adjunct professor job. This platform reveals that the average annual salary for online adjunct professors is $20,000.

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Best Side Jobs for Teachers


7. Sell Crafts Locally or Online

You can make money as a teacher if you know how to make handcraft.

Of course, if you teach handcraft you have a natural talent for arts or craft then consider making money selling your crafts.

You can sell your handcrafts like a basket, jewelry, art, etc., to people in your locality.

You can sell to a local shop or a local craft show.

You can also sell your crafts online. Use and similar sites to upload your crafts and arts.

Check out the following for more tips on selling on Etsy:


8. Be a House Sitter

You can make money as a teacher if you become a house sitter. You can get paid by house owners to live in their homes for a specific period.

If you are working abroad, you can find lots of teaching opportunities offline or online.

For accommodation, you can find house-sitting jobs where you will take care of the home or the owners then they are away as a vacation.

Yes, you will be paid to live in the home as you also help in cleaning the home, caring for the pets, taking calls or messages, and giving the impression that the owners are still in to prevent burglars.

Teachers without accommodation can work as house sitters and get paid.

Some of the best platforms to find house sitter jobs are:



9. Sell Teaching Materials

You can sell various types of teaching materials to make extra money.

Depending on your interest and area of focus, you can offer different types of teaching materials for other teachers.

Some teaching materials are customizable and if you develop one that other teachers need then consider selling online.

There are many places to sell teaching materials include:


10. Sell Your Old Electronics

If you have some old electronics you no longer use for teaching then you should consider selling them for money.

You can sell your old computer, DVDs, CDS, Games, and other electronic gadgets you work with as a teacher.

You can sell those old gadgets to buy-back or trade-in programs offered by some of the manufacturers. Or, you can sell your wares at websites like:

The terms and what you earn from each marketplace differ.

However, if your items are still in perfect condition, then you are more likely to receive better quotes and offers.

Check out the following for more tips on selling some of your used stuff to get extra money:

Some of the websites you can use to sell your used items will provide you with a pre-labeled envelope or bag which you can use to package and send your old electronics for checking.

You are not going to pay for the shipping since the packaging item is already paid for by the buying or connecting platform.

So, if you are a teacher with lots of electronics lying down in your home then consider selling them to online marketplaces to make instant money.

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11. Rent Out Your House on Airbnb to Make Extra Money as a Teacher

If you are a teacher with extra room in your home or extra living space then you can make extra money renting it out.

You will become a host with a website called Airbnb. On this platform, you can apply as a host and list your space for rent.

Guests who need extra space but prefer not to stay in a hotel can contact you through Airbnb.

You can set your rate and set the rules for living in your space.

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If the guest likes your listing on Airbnb, he or she would be paid after meeting the conditions.

A lot of people with houses or extra rooms to rent are making huge money using Airbnb to rent their space.

Your location, the amount you set, and how long the guest is going to lodge.

Remember to read all the terms and conditions of Airbnb before you start making money.


Other ways to make money as a teacher include:

12. Work as a Virtual Assistant

13. Work as a Nanny

14. Work as a Photographer

15. Work as a Dog Walker


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As this article has shown, teachers can make extra money doing side jobs or side hustles, even from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the best side jobs you can do as a teacher to make extra money are also included in this article.

You can get started on some or just the ones you are comfortable with and start making extra money as a teacher.